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So did Claude's shake up of the Bruins lines work out for them?

Mar 26, 2013|

We discuss the Bruins win over the Maple Leafs, and whether Claude Julien's changes made a bit the difference for the Black and Gold.

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They get to watch the game last I might because I left here and immediately went to sleep -- wasn't feel well come on not less and I gave duke all count the credit for playing -- yesterday you -- -- to a three times during the show again. And our -- item count the people who. Throughout listening yesterday and rerouted to interrupt a couple of times and you -- it out -- I was it was a very gutsy performance it was in two different things in studio. -- some you know stomach issues yes you get a break yes I had to leave the studio a couple of times. But after that as well I was very impressed of Bryant by Salk. I thought you're gonna go home you know park yourself in front of the TV gives -- a -- year old little. I watched that I couldn't eat anything I crawled into bed I had four different -- Tommy had a heater turned up I I was still sharing and a 101 degree fever and I slept for fourteen certain hours but it took a -- commodity. They -- take your tempered serve -- it checked to see which -- fever was. We're going to structural thankfully -- but let alone in the basement but I woke up this morning at the game on DVR watch the whole game on DVR. They came away from -- wondering. Whether or not the the lying shifting yesterday had anything to do with what happened in the game. I think you did you think it did you that you are people up. It didn't it didn't look like a Milan -- woke up a little bit a little bit I think -- looked incredible let me put the puck in the net which certainly helps well a couple of -- -- he's been playing that -- dark it is -- common among. Over a month. It helped -- for the people will use it on the people wanted to trade. Me on the teach. And you know get get about modern theories -- before he's under achieved. You saw that goal is a man of that -- going at that speed with the ability to finish the way did. Okay that's the that is the standard for what you look for a pitcher to do that every night but a guy who can do that. A 24 years old. Now I'm not marketable I don't even know that was his most impressive play of the night I thought the -- the rush she had later in the third period where you were went around in the laps to try to powers and asked them. Man we see him do that but he still didn't do a lot of the things that people are begging of him to do which is park yourself in front of the net. And and and take on all commerce take the beating go to those difficult spots. I don't know that the Bruins. Systems specifically asks him to do that David's question we can ask of Japanese in here tomorrow and get a sense for it. But I did think it was interesting he didn't even last on that third line the entire game load Julian kind of got the theory to beat beat top six guys all back with their with their regular -- Yes you know the times they -- that period left you know who's was skating wells and -- line and you know he looked at me that little bit of chemistry is gonna make a difference and that's what you're trying to do. Put them back together and I I like that I like the idea and I do wonder whether or not the guys asked them for that. I wonder if the guys came to him at some point -- OK coach we go play with our guys. -- think going up I don't. Well it dawned on me as I was watching I wonder if guys that hey coach we appreciate what you're doing you shaken things up we've gone out there and worked her tail off in this game -- playing just as well as the other team is even if -- -- put the puck in the net. Do we go back and play with our guys who we feel comfortable where we have chemistry. -- I know where he's gonna be when I leave the hockey I know that he's going to be there -- enough of this. Thank you we get it you focus can you can you bring back some normalcy to this thing. I've got I've got an assignment for. Bruins beat writers whoever whoever covered the Bruins do and and I'll get to a defect and I'll just tell you the context -- when I was a kid I used to watch the Cleveland Indians they were terrible but I love baseball so it didn't matter that. They were you know 72 and -- was a good season or or if they if they didn't lose a hundred games out of the six successful season. A for the Indians -- one of the guys who covered the team. Used to have keep this debt. At any distorted the make fun of the team every time the pitching coach went out to say something to one of the -- what the ERA was after. That talk in the ERA it was like six and a half -- make a difference but -- somebody keeps a stat for code. -- button pushing statistics every time -- does something. What is the outcome they -- his record is pretty good here. I don't we talked about yesterday -- quoted switching up alliance apostolic they're gonna win the game and that and I didn't feel that confident when they were down two zip. But what he calls timeouts in game when he switches up the lines when somebody is a healthy scratch. When he goes with -- open instead of Tuukka. All these things that he does most of the time -- -- up pretty well form and so. If if players -- gone to him yesterday and said. -- -- you do this I don't think he would have done I think that is what I think that's something he did in his only look at instead OK this is the Milan Lucic and when I wanted to see. I've been satisfied. With his performance in the first forty minutes we need to come back and tie this thing up and -- at the summit opened back with his right. And I'm sure that's what happened I don't actually think that they went to him and passport but it didn't dawn on me as I was watching and may be was just his own thinking -- aren't enough of this. -- on the account lost I thought playing with that line not that. The company had a bad game he just didn't look as comfortable as he does playing with the two guys who plays with -- every game right. With when you see those three together and maybe it's not an accident and the goal that. Bergeron score wasn't really a line thing that was sort of a weird day. Wind changing Doug Hamilton were indeed Hamilton passed in the park sort of a strange type of gold to wasn't. It wasn't in the normal flow of the game I get on trying to. I got -- but okay I I. I agree with that it was -- -- it was I cannot get an effort goal but isn't that that goal and I agree that that's exactly what was the that goal was really. -- represented of what the game was her -- after the game saying it wasn't pretty was gutsy. So is more electric got to go economic Patrice Bergeron thing one of those. One of those goals that you don't necessarily appreciate at the time but if you look at Patrice Bergeron. If his game he's always doing things that go under the radar will be you look at it when it's all over you -- may have. I was pretty impressed of the guy played a great game. Probably not the first -- on it to me was a gutsy effort not a pretty effort but it got to one and you know until they scored her second goal we released. Weren't accurate -- -- I don't think to will and desire. Is not there -- more and it's I think we where little. Heavy right now in our play and you know we've lost some speed and and everything else that comes with its. I love the quote. I love watching it I think if you if you watch close. On the bench and watched KG during the game. -- -- more. -- -- -- If required of gases as always drop and something I never satisfied during the game oh absolutely AG -- Internet decades if -- -- gonna go with aging worker quoted I like that you think you give a run for a lot of close second to close doesn't bilingual. It does -- France. Always adored by something his players. The officials something the music I don't know what adelphia had a camera Belichick the entire -- -- is the end -- -- -- -- -- -- right are easily -- sort of a right of coaching right especially if you're -- type of a coach like both -- and Belichick are. I think that's part of your rights -- 77797937. Rogers in here Ira. -- -- -- Roger as -- than before we quote it would help called what I look for -- What went -- and then pop back okay. Quite a bit out it'll. But he played well and I can't pretend like wow like -- Okay. Committee. And then yeah I mean -- cannot vote. Would -- -- on the trading block lean. Corporate cold although men's tournament out of. And low. Low Roger. In -- Jewish who has who has the world's I'll just because they had -- it. And I mean. I made it he quote trick or eat my anger corporate simulate. And there's there's a lot of there's a lot of ice between those guys lot of ice between -- behind and can't neatly. In -- I would guess. Me closer especially close to camp I don't think me on Lou -- Is on his way to the hall of fame. Thank you cells help a lot better -- -- -- and he just hasn't had a unique body just don't find them every day. Steve Heinze plucky player enjoyed watching -- came -- talking about -- and possible. That's that I can't believe we're even close to these tasty minds and who are heading cannot read about a lot of Iowa State. I got out and about it -- Roger -- Eddie and that Roger from -- Who's got a problem with Ted Donato is that the guy he said he beat up one time. In his club hockey game followed much of the parking lot -- kept him out of it yet now know he followed -- got -- -- -- -- -- coming out tough to. Teddy and I will go to Clinton cards that high -- It was a little class. It looked up and just what they keep you agree not being -- Went out there aren't always a little bit about it that. And I'll try to look like that -- the pulpit you know. Always talked about a Clinton and it's one of the things that they're dead who said Pierre McGuire senate to -- Lou the other day that we they shortened season. The teams that are super physical like the Bruins just can't play that game every single night given the shortened schedule given how compressed everything in other words are -- -- No just that if you're if you're going to give -- gonna rely on your musicality. As opposed to being a speed and finesse team you just can't play that game when you're playing as often as they are right now. Nothing to do the united shape just the physical role that that kind of gives a quick just too many games -- aims to -- -- I can't really trying to. Do. It pay out the pit -- it every night I guess or try to -- his old. Whole little epic or. You know. Beat top accurately. What went article after it pretty cheap and you auction in AP call. Give up all come on each other's -- did you did you got it caught the last especially the last nine or ten minutes of that game last night. You saw that where it is start it will probably start much earlier but you remember -- for enough. Going at marsh on a couple of up against the boards tonight martial artist is there an infant up just wanted to. Get his attention. Actually turn out to be a pretty silly play by if not made for people parents both got sent off -- the -- the game happier for -- -- situation but every time. Every time the the Maple Leafs tried to do something try to impose their will and -- not the most physical team in the open in the league. Try to impose their will liberal with a broad and. I haven't got a raw emotion today in the Red Sox wanna give back to your calls on this concession deal here in about fifteen minutes before we do though. Celtics at a crossroads that begins tonight. What happens next for them Michael -- into an ex alcoholic WE.

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