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Red Sox offer fans discounts on concessions in April: Fans react with venom

Mar 26, 2013|

We discuss the hot topic of the day - the Sox decided to extend a promotion to fans in April for discounted concessions at Fenway. That went over with our listeners like a lead balloon... Michael and Mike discuss it and take your calls.

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I guess I have -- too long Michael I guess. I don't know maybe it's I mean maybe it's not mean you can help me figure out whether or not I'm crazy was it well what's the problem got a problem. -- -- little annoyed today without the Illinois and I just. How do you complain about paying -- Only Red Sox fans man I don't know if it gets it gets better net polished electors. Are electors. If it's three painless. If it's for me. I'm -- with it it's -- image if it's free it's from -- I'll -- -- absolute sometimes at the station here we give way to. -- particular -- is a few years ago. It free tickets. And it got he brought you know who you are who you are. Celtics tickets -- one protect. Any called the station and said well where this week. -- matter where the seats are cool I think that tickets are free I don't care where they are you didn't pay anything for a -- take the train you have to pay for parking. This league again it was you work in Sports Radio has its tickets. And get -- that you are going to -- six. -- -- -- -- Well at the Red Sox and as far as I'm concerned. Have done something nice now claiming that they -- -- recent that this is the ultimate sacrifice that Larry Lucchino and the Red Sox may. But they're gonna -- the price of beer in April gonna go from 758. To five dollars. For radio for twelve ounces of -- I thought the one adjustment to get -- -- one Fenway franks. -- get hot chocolate for less than. And then the kids get -- -- like you like it's under fourteen. It would have been quite frank hot dog the jukebox -- -- the gulf on our local. They're now to claim that he's at at and the golfers to crack it open. Thirteen Euro a goal but I think ultimately better repeat for its negative but it -- me -- it's -- I mean they have to do this. The Red Sox are are lowering prices for the month of April. And and and data and of itself not necessarily be deal. What I find hysterical. The react and the reactions from Red Sox all the Red Sox fans could react this way I just grabbed from the first each of the 250 you're -- comments namely Benjamin's story. Today in the globe now you know Internet com enters aren't necessarily. Representative Robert -- at all our diet. Let me read you some of the comments on the brits -- doing some consider to be a nice thing. What -- dis gusting greedy bunch they are signed another ought to do with. Lever by reducing the price of their awful draft -- for 85. -- nearly two -- myself after reading this their generosity is just oh well. Possibly work out that much anger or cheaper beer -- me once shame on you fool me twice -- -- me. -- to counter what an amazing gesture years down from seven if the crappy hot dogs two for one and add insult to injury. These cheesy promotions for one month only. Mean insult to injury wears. -- org the injury what you're okay offered cheaper food and beer I cannot lift that goes back we don't know where it starts. Appreciate it Michael. Apparently not -- that -- -- -- -- time I hear so here's the anger that time line this story our story begins boys and girls September 2011. That's -- the story begins I know seven and twenty month. Anger makes you very much once upon a time to get -- here. And the biggest collapse from a contending team in Major League history on and on in the the dismissal Terry Francona and all that often in October the big Bobble restored to a starts there and -- it connects to right here in March 2013. But all the things that a lot of you were asking for. Are not realistic you're asking for an apology you want the Red Sox players -- I'm sorry for all the things that I've done. That's not realistic but this is as close as you won't get to the apology that you were looking for they have acknowledged. That the sellout streak is going to end so a lot of people say stop the pony sellout streak well guess what. -- stop it it's over. Article so why aren't the ticket so high. The tickets are high. But letting go up this year and they are giving you something. It is not perfect. The perfect scenario would be three concessions for all year the entire year the perfect scenario would be. 171000. Of those seats are free and you get in first come. First -- antibodies that's given to second half right. What what you're seeing what my better what would be a better I don't know I think the problem is people don't want to be satisfied by anything they are still so mad about what happened now a year and a half ago. They -- even steps taken to erase those problems steps taken. To make things better. People don't wanna hear because they they prefer to still be mad about what happened a couple of years ago and while I understand that it was an infuriating thing and the team was just likable and the way everything collapsed was difficult and you see this. Is difficult. Juxtaposition. Of the baseball ops department. With the making money departments of the -- -- get why there would be some irritation. But you can't still be magic would they listen to you and try to do right by. Taunts and you'll be mad about chicken and -- still finding that about chicken and beer you're having not about the collapse of this likable team or hiring Bobby Valentine that he got every right to be mad about the hiring -- -- time -- a disastrous decision. But opinion -- be mad and so mad when they take steps to correct. Their problems to right their wrongs but you're mad about the steps they've taken to correct things that I don't undersea well we Richard. -- you mentioned off the top are are these comments. Are these people. Were upward. Posting on Emily Benjamin's story are these representative of the hole and if they are. I I'm dead serious help me out here gimme gimme the counterargument is the counterargument that. The beer is not quality beer that you got something else then now you're talking about a completely different story that you don't like the beer anyway so now. What you want is you don't want cheaper beer. You want different do you -- better -- okay so that's something that you know would bring instant Sam Adams we get them in the office today maybe he wants Sam Adams instead of what. What they haven't been way if you don't like the hot dogs you're not talking about the price of the hot -- you want better but it may be a better hot dog. But in terms of the prices on these things. And you get this for free you get appropriate I just don't see what the problem is with that I'm trying to find out what the issue is some get it if it's for. Especially priest I'm I'm I'm -- and under fourteen area. You know what kids freaked out for -- anything anything for your kids for -- My secret that that's gonna work for you board anyone has -- are really worth paying a lot of money to you what did you like it I haven't had a problem my fourteen month earlier. My wife's got all the take your hero get a summed it up the kids menu migration and she doesn't care whether -- -- can't deny it's. Russert it's something from home have physical and -- or something different. One. In those first two years and her first to use kids. At Christmas time. I'm a wrap and -- that his rep is rational bar about giver of whoa she's at -- ahead. They don't they don't care about what your cute it's been it's been -- money to spend money is there anything Red Sox fans will not bitch about. I mean is that as well we've -- -- we got to the point where there is no nothing you'll not bitch about if somebody gives you monster seats you complain -- because there's a green monster seats. My dad never send her. What are what are you free seats and a monster you did you -- to make money if you don't have a nice fence up here with a people have to climb up its gains these kind of monster seats. Meet and greet with club executives. A game on of course on -- terms. -- -- be somewhere else of course Jamont getting all the way he would defend weigh in order to meet with a wanted to meet me at my place and Randall. Overseers I really have won here if you got a problem with this -- and -- -- 77979237. I've been thinking about a Michael and and I I do think I understand where some of this irritation comes from I don't think it has anything to do with people truly complaining. About free stuff I don't think he even has to do with 2011. That the way you said it. But I do think that there's one thing that does truly bother Red Sox fans what's that and I think it makes cents a tie in ninety seconds rockaholic W media. I don't think it's so much as winning the fans that I think is that is winning. For me the question is how long's it going to take is to get back on the winning track back play some. And I there's no doubt in my mind that we. We had a core philosophy. For a lot of years and we moved away from that philosophy and it's it's hurts. Bruins get back on track last night will discuss here just a couple of minutes alcoholic WEEI WEEI dot com as well. Red Sox -- lower prices on some concessions for the month of April that apparently has enraged at a certain group of Red Sox fans who want things to be more expensive. Well that's masters Augusta -- here in the AT&T -- -- -- gospel. Some people say leave it there. What I believe the prices there now if that that's the case. -- really have a problem with I think that is realistic if you wanted to lower beer from four a year. From eight dollars to five jobs and buy beer from I'm among the Bob Bryan program there get a cheaper somewhere hostess gives it cheaper to browse wannabe. Low buzz going into Fenway Park -- a bus. Going before you get in there not. Not advocating smuggling beer into the park but it could get away with -- so pay. So I went -- -- by beer at that point. But if they had they made -- five dollars -- that's realistic free tickets that's does that happen. That's 11 person says that leave it there at all year the other person says another person here making -- -- says. I don't want lower prices give me a better team. While I think that's what this is somewhat about Michael and that's what I was gonna say is that I think that. Red Sox fans complained about high ticket prices for ever complained about how expensive the concessions were forever. But but at the heart of it was okay. That's what that's the cost of doing business when you're one of the most successful franchises on the planet when you or fan base is as. As wild about its team -- any other fan base in the entire country and I think upon a Red Sox -- the only thing I'm upset about here. Is that my team has finally been forced to to play ball like everyone else that we've got to do minor league promotion ideals cheaper beer and cheaper franks and cheaper hot chocolate. Because unfortunately. That passion this yield the obsession with the Red Sox has dropped off in the last couple years it is no longer the way it was right up until that moment there. 50000 people are in. It dropped out but not gone now it is dropping it never goes where you don't hear a lot of people out and we we -- but this yesterday short of a guy who was in junior and a -- name now but. He loves his -- a lot and he he doesn't mind if you call him. Something something Jordan. Short of that hasn't been a lot of discussion. About the block threats nevermind that their two top pitchers -- areas under one for the spring training don't worry about don't care is Dodi and bring it up there they're not thinking about have Red Sox fans become cubs fans. -- the one thing you know did you read that book score casting. Score -- right up here how he would love -- great book and really -- like delves into all these myths about sports and what's true and they go through cubs games and the only indicator. Of columns ticket sales over the years has nothing to do winning. The only indicator positively of cubs tickets sales over the years is the price of here. When the price of beer goes down at Wrigley ticket sales go up for for the cubs when the price of your goes up tickets as good that's. -- ever done a lot of winning over the years and all those in and for many years all those afternoon games. And again -- they -- an afternoon. Made. What are you looking for your earlier report of this -- -- where do you draw or exactly but I think that question I would ask is a Red Sox fan -- the reason that I might be upset about this is. We know being forced into that type situation where that's what's cool about Fenway getting cheaper food getting cheaper -- year getting cheaper hotshot will hold on. I go to Fredricka is that once the Red Sox win I don't really care. How much the concessions costs don't care how much the tickets cost for years I've gone to -- -- for one reason and one reason only and that's the watch one of the best teams in the league and don't try to distract me with anything else other than putting the best product on the field. Don't flip side flip side let's see if if they do this if they have instead of having. Iraq and Ryan Gomes instead of having Jonny Gomes is what happens to your sports for a long time. Your sport you've just got to get a mix up the names I just haven't. But if you have instead of Jonny Gomes you have. Josh Hamilton. And instead of instead of Mike Napoli at first you have Adam LaRoche. And you lower ticket prices or or you lower concession prices is that good enough so you -- -- getting what you want people to get a better team. It got bigger things. Or better available names on your roster are you still pissed off that the Red Sox have lowered the concession prices or is it just. No matter what don't don't come to meet with lowered concession price I don't understand that logic but is that what people feel 61777979837. Ralph losing Cranston -- Hey I saw welcome to -- welcome back to northern thanks on without. I graduate Spiegel article alleges that the that your and there are alternate -- Hamilton roads. Michael electric that's quite -- and election would it won't -- order Gardner well you would have had or poster equal weren't adding to it. -- it's a great vehicle and -- quote for extra people they don't have either position for all of their talent will need. Victory though not aware field a ball a -- feel in actual -- and late in English political pressure or put money to expand. Open position. Where -- -- -- -- order all -- here that Michael you've been around and people. Always -- In this area we all related to our actual. The one thing -- fight here I am open it was a little. I'll grow my whole league -- -- -- -- -- deal would have been a disaster in Boston is -- him I don't know -- a lot of auto -- Warsaw have been in -- one coming blaster coming right personality -- -- -- Carl Crawford couldn't handle it here. Josh Hamilton is Carl Crawford multiplied by a million that I make an excuse for everything. He is -- -- -- people here would have hated him within six months. Well -- -- -- -- it was common then with what it will be well I mean it the next day to welcome to the electric vehicle it is speed it will. The dial left field I mean he had a Cory he'll pull it wise what's gonna it yet but it won't pick notre speaker accumulate some of the biggest mistake. With the money -- back at the end and oral oral reports that it. The -- a little bit by a Skype you go to work out I think you have that no that we get. He wouldn't work out here out first of all he was getting up there NH he's already into his thirties. I don't really have a major problem with we've we've we've Hamilton in terms of what went on early in his career off the field and he seems to have cleaned up his -- to the point where it doesn't affect him what got a little bit he's got a couple -- governor has affected his ability to play I mean you know the -- fight demons amok and a judge in -- and that's really not my issue with him my -- with him is he's an excuse maker. A -- -- during the day can they blue eyes so. That can't hit a lot of hurt my arm because my third base coach weaved in and and you something that was that was down river ran -- -- -- -- a Texas man. Josh Hamilton in this market would have been an epic disaster epic. -- got the best -- the Red Sox did was to stay away from an aging player. Yeah -- it would -- it wrong we're personality it now now the personality thing. I might be able to feel on the personality thing but don't don't go aging player at me when you have. You -- victory you know you said when you're not -- -- seven million dollars a year. But still yeah -- the three years studying nine million dollar thirteen million or David and yet they overpaid Victor okay Victor -- Mike Napoli. Joshua -- I think. One year deal -- -- got to be a five year deal only talking about it in BP you to automatic guy with a great player and player are cross that barrier -- -- or not you know he was the most well know the same realm not even just got respect I've -- export now. Robert -- in the same ballpark. Makes you think Carl Crawford talked about it with Josh yeah no no I don't think any isms is Josh Hamilton legitimate great player Josh at all -- editing a blundering mess. In the city of Boston 617779. 7937. James in Hartford -- You're allowed -- and they're looking guys. Until I hit it doesn't the there -- no good way to achieve performance and -- -- -- eleven. It about the quality of the beer and the way the ownership has won the payment for the past several years. And a place like no one. See our economy and the unemployment unable to go to the I don't watch it PI and the goalie engaged in the past several years -- -- -- -- restricted tickets they'll provide a bit harder -- a ticket. Became a -- Namely a father mother and your kids putting go to. The game watching game. Exactly ignore your germs are everywhere I just know no import to Welch are gonna wanna get I want to get to that of the personal and ask you is if you. By any chance are you on speakerphone or anything like that that really wanna hear you on this. I don't think -- It might be able to pull out. Aren't yet because as you're adjusting that I while what did you think about this if you can still hear. I want to article that's -- that's much better what to think about that everything is at about ownership art that's fair. In this case. What would you have done differently in the case OK we'll have five dollar beer out there would have. Under fourteen free with the juice boxes in the goldfish. And Fenway frank. We we will do all these things what would you have done. You know I'd look at the -- solution and the solution that -- like to see is that realistic but it will lower the ticket price ticket prices that. Apart our way to a lot just a -- content didn't they wanted to parked where you get underway between field -- -- get a second and third act. The tickets cost more outstanding forty acres in the grand -- I don't see what the second -- -- ninety -- Here's the deal here here's the problem the Red Sox owners haven't and no one else has this problem. The Red Sox are in obsession right it for years and years 88 local obsession for Red Sox fans they wanna play big market. Like the Yankees like the Phillies but let's face it. Even though we complain about the ownership saying oh we're not as big -- market is that Boston isn't as day. This is this the only about a million people -- -- live in Boston it's it's that the ten biggest media market depending on what you look at TV or radio it's not merely the size of New York or Philadelphia or some of the other teams that they have to compete with the what do they -- they have a smaller ballpark and any of those teams pass that they've got to raise prices in order to stay with the monetarily. And no -- and Boston is okay with them just not spending the money we all want them to spend enough money to compete Jiri in year out what to what you want them to -- a -- that -- or something ST dew on one of those departments right. He said he James has James -- something that at some that I've said before. And we were both be terrible businessman and that is lowering ticket prices that can happen I would do it but. And that's why I'm not the -- that's one of the many reasons I'm not. Of the owner of the Red Sox or the owner of the business -- just a bad business plan that he's right. He's righted the ticket to too high if it's just a bad scene at Fenway Park the market will tell you that. The ticket to do I average about 191000 fans this year or 22000 fans. You can't. When when that if you gonna talk about the price of the tickets over the years. They have been justified with their prices. Whether we like you are not very simply we're going to run that whether we like it -- not immediately by hi experts I usually go all right that that they had that they got what they could and now. If you're if James is right and people think like him if you guys are right. You won't have to worry about fighting for tickets gonna have to worry about the secondary market promise that you'll be able to walk up to get on that -- at the game. An hour before the games that are going to be like when I was a -- yet to be able to walk up and get any secure and why are you so angry what why are people so angry to hear that prices for concessions. Are going to be less. In the month of April explain to me 61777979837. -- and -- W the you volunteer for their -- yes. At -- and let -- have you guys don't be ashamed. Army game. Other website and got it up it escaped this -- is stalled dot com that is escape the stall hole. Dot com and if you remember. If you check out the website I've not met Judith Hope. I don't know what the guys that are you guys have been hacking around -- assault. Throughout two or three times during the show yesterday at a rough day yesterday -- for fourteen hours last night that's -- you get free -- the -- It wasn't that man I had the flu. I could regulate my our temperature Indian food followed by -- For lunch I was in the -- accommodation Dallas in the -- escaped the stall salt escaped the stalled accounts of beer prices have gone down. At least in in April Fenway franks two for one hot chocolate is is half price or -- Kids get a whole free kids mailing it Red Sox fans are furious explain it to -- in the -- water time ago. Miguel. Miguel no one's going to also sells. And the like you had a good today than so Miguel we'll try Sharon and Rhode Island -- share. Yeah there was. You don't want to address that there at that spot by that one quick question based on the color do you know what that percentage. Public revenue into the box actually get from ticket prices. I don't. Yet know -- you know like ticket prices that are and it -- supply demand that the direction the pilot on him because. -- it yeah I admit that it -- shot I don't know what I get up by the public chalk it up but is it. Ears up and I don't see that as Alec and appreciation and Europe -- -- you do whatever you your you share your. -- -- -- -- -- -- I start it early and that -- get. It to get people in the door it's not for me. Think technique by our. So what -- but no I would say so what no I'm not think that's okay that's a legitimate OK you know you don't like fan appreciation what would be well in your mind what would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think that's something -- -- with -- you know maybe in part because there's somebody and economic or -- like twenty years -- open again or get tickets. I don't know omitted -- opened up that you know and play a couple of times -- you know let. And then come and then candidate -- but I don't out of the picnic that. Well I don't simply you know you may not give they give big picture just for you okay you're a fan. And for you know in your friends you when your family whatever it is what what would be a gesture from the Red Sox and and and Sharon don't dismissed the question because they're so -- -- PR. If you come up with something good. I'm telling you they just might implement what what what what would be appropriate gesture. -- random -- are you sir Alex and and Xstrata and any public view they kept fox but -- you practice something like that any output at the box seat -- something. All these none of these are bad idea -- I think the problem though is that no one ever wanted to Red Sox to be like everybody else that's supposed to be the team that was different. Because the fan base -- different -- the fan base was so obsessed with just baseball. We just baseball right that's what's supposed to sits at Red Sox fans apart from all the other baseball fans out there is that is wanted to see a winner every single time. And and and we knew now are forced to see to see special deals and concessions or little tricks to get people in the gate. Bet that feels like minor league kind of crap. -- it feels like something they'd be doing like when some rain and team -- LeBron -- once and in their baseball team in the minors -- you know early -- like these weird little gags and things that they're minor league teams have. And I'd just like he has where talks are supposed to do. The Red Sox people are supposed to just come I don't care whether they appreciate me I don't care about in appreciation stuff I care about them winning. Yeah I got this help some fans come in the door great if it helped bring people into the they have enough money to go out by the best players that they need to buy or read -- the best players on their team. I'm fine without Michael but I don't really need any -- appreciation. Well soccer here you on the Minor League Baseball thing it sounds like something that. They would do in another market but. You're getting a little closer to what you want. Everybody not just you just Red Sox. I think most Red Sox fans have talked to over the years. Have no interest in this streak. It's not a badge of honor to them no -- You know who's who's in the lead whether it's Portland still in the lead with this team's streak -- really pass Cleveland with the street. So what so. I think most -- expansive -- over the years. To stop this nonsense with the streak. We don't care anymore. They're coming out and they're telling the streak is over right it's going to end. And it's it they don't have we don't have -- and we don't have. The demand people knocking at the door like we did five years ago or even three years ago. You know what do you want him to admit that word you want them to go go about business as usual. Of course I don't. I don't care what any of us who don't want them to go put a product on the field and win baseball games don't care what the -- I don't really care about -- nice you wanna offer me free stuff I'm not gonna say no active and I'm -- not gonna be the person complaining a Boston outcomes comments section calling them the disgusting Greek bonds because they're lowering. Stuff like if your flight. You lose your news. An hourly home. Where somebody somebody and our plans. -- an hour away. Come on everybody I'm going to be like I'm about free trip. A free trip did not have to take a free little bottle of Finley and the nobody -- their bloody Mary there's an all right how about an upgrade yeah. Al economic hard freeze up everybody go out what's going on. I'm -- bit -- today. I think I think you're starting to quote -- to what people are so angry when you start talking about the streak. The street is is a buzz word just that that word alone. Get so people angry because of what it represents. If it's this whole. Notion of marketing old horror. You know putting a product and that can't really be proud to be represented. Disconnect between what fans really want and one ownership thought they -- But it's more than that because. If you look at it now. And you know some sort of popularity poll of Larry Lucchino John Kerry. Or you know sort of it's more qualitative information people don't trust them. And I don't care that much money they wanna make it's not about that it's coming don't say anything they think that people believe that -- you know. We're just -- that are gonna believe anything that fixated and it's just. Becomes so that aren't in you know the windy. The lady and it seems that Francona of people that really all the key people that really respected team. That left such a sour taste in your mouth that you know what that's great that you want your vote at strikes whatever but it probably hit sixteen home games. Probably hit 3040000 people at each of them. And you know you're without hitting it very very small populate some of the and that really care about that we're here but it. They get irresponsible going forward he's gonna be aren't going. Yeah -- you -- -- -- I think you're right I think people don't trust them but my question is when did that start was it September 2011 or was -- October when the story came out. -- -- -- Last year what he came out and he said you know they haven't returned my calls was at the hiring of Bobby Valentine but when did that lack of what does that lack of trust become apparent to you with that Red Sox ownership because I don't think. Was he when the story. Say -- August when he eleven. No I I think it's the the group that came in with a little bit different than maybe what the options and peace. We're used to and it hurt -- the -- of our professional sweat and you'll always see you know waiting to happen. But -- make it work couple critical moments that I think they just went in the complete wrong direction. In the ultimate thing you'll a couple of so many different things on Sports Radio but then I'm wanting -- -- and it's they started to lose you know people started turnarounds. -- Brodeur started 2012 but I think what else it is is kind of an interesting point which is this was always lurking. With this ownership group but for a long time we just kind of ignored a lot of these little things because at the end of the day they were winning more games than anybody never won his Red Sox owners before and in fact it won two championships so when they need everybody come in every time it was raining and and and didn't -- didn't actually -- the game until right at 7 o'clock or even afterwards -- everybody knew the game is gonna get canceled because -- -- -- -- -- concessions -- just sort of shrugged and said well. That's the price of doing business when you're winning championships. And I will to put up with some of that garbage now because of all four because of 07 because this team is gonna put competitive product on the field every year and actually go over that at it and win championships when World Series so -- an -- and you don't -- then all of a sudden everything you were willing to put aside for the last Iverson each year I know injured now now starts to. Really get on the years which. Includes. Sox appeal. Which includes. Buying a brick. Which includes. You know that the -- -- at Fenway Park or opening up for in a way before the game in the -- Every everywhere you look around there is something. Being sold. That's run by you wanna get upset at the Italian wedding that's fine you wanna be upset about that now fine but you're really gonna be upset about things being cheaper. Can't have it both ways you can't be upset about the trying to make money on everything and then thing -- we don't need to make as much money on this right now you go ahead and take it can't. Have it both ways right. At some point don't you feel little foolish complaining about cheaper beer. Well at this. Maybe -- your husband called Howard obviously he's got that to say and I'll say it out loud I can't believe the Red Sox are gonna offer cheaper the year. It out loud and tell me how you can be sent. We are concerned about generating revenues make no mistake. I'm embarrassed and apologetic for. But the revenue goes into the ballclub goes into the payroll goes in the and after signing bonuses that goes into the machinery of the club that doesn't go out. In the private bank accounts. I was Larry -- They were Dennis and Callahan during spring training. We were talking about this today the Red Sox have lowered some concession prices. Five dollar and everybody. Got kids of fourteen all its boxes for an -- I don't forgot. I had some fruit snacks and now we got Astoria -- -- -- guys. At 530 might go up 6177793535. You can say anything you want bit about anything that you want praise anything that you want although that didn't happen very often. And one of things to talk about today have been asking people about these concessions people were upset about these concession prices these the lowering of the prices what would you do. If if this is not good enough I tell us what would be good and what would you do what would you say Larry Lucchino John Henry behind him one on my. It's a win I don't care what to do with concessions I'm glad they're better I mean I thought -- this ownership group first took over what was that no one or so. Everything got better at the ballpark around you remember how bad concessions were Fenway before that he'd be here really was incredibly watered down taste that bad the lines bird bath armory norm is that the food was terrible. They did do a good job when they first took over or. This area was a -- laws they started with the with the 02 season. And everything before with the you know that the 2001 Red Sox who won angriest teams. Oh that's that it couldn't get to get to that to honor the victims of September exactly was discussed it was Manny ripping off his Jersey paper ripping up his Jersey with the Joseph Kerrigan Fiat until everything. At the time at Fenway Park that the -- around there was. Don't even ask because the answer probably no. That's that's what what it was like with the players that's what it was like with the management. And the I guess the silhouettes of ownership because it was the yawkey trust and John Harrington and Duquette almost pavlik ownership power there. Under Harrington so they needed to come and the reason they came in with a lot of this PR stuff is because it was necessary have to -- it was the opposite of what their predecessors have done. But now. They find themselves in a different spot now all of -- sudden they've gone from being the saviors to being in some regard the enemy and I'm not I'm not sure that it's unfair but I'm also not sure it's fair either Paul's in Abington high -- And -- cattlemen the so they keep in mind actually getting out and sports. Winning breeds -- -- -- -- -- collapse and -- 2011 -- playoff run or they make a play capsule actually got they would at all or not. Went -- in this discussion obviously a lot in tackling line but but back to my wife called and in -- salt immediate comment about. You know all direct talks disposed to be different -- that case you were getting act like called in because. Went went out and you know when inning Ramirez came -- even people that Pedro came inside that the deal. And it started attracting other athletes that there were never able to attract in their prime years and years ago. -- all the there over the celtics' hundreds. That that date they -- -- changed and in this whole nation any man. The executives since came -- local Red Sox in the recent go to game -- he got here. A crowd in in suits and type in the region is it because nobody else can afford to go to get right to be able ago. An average of art -- end -- -- that. The fan base it's a -- and are not Red Sox and they -- will be at the end of the of the Red Sox it's it would be impacted due. Pirates -- that's true throughout sports that does not just a Red Sox Phnom economy that is true throughout sports everywhere in every city. Especially when there is a for -- -- everywhere when there's. The a phenomenon. Went with the Red Sox had going for close to a decade there. Regular fans can't afford that they can't afford to go to the Staples Center watch lakers. They can't think though that happens all over the place the advantage of it though is -- a whole lot more money gets spent on the T what I was gonna get that we all got to watch the and then a couple of champion. And auto sector on on a second ball I wanted to piggyback on that and to say this it's a very tricky thing. To break down exactly what you're saying there are there of a 5560%. Of people out there. Who agree with you completely there the other 40% we're saying. Or what's wrong with that. -- yet we are casual fans and then there is more money being put into the ballpark there's been more money being put into the team. And you really can't have. You can't have all of this revenue up and I expect it puts it six. -- a simple question Paul let me ask you questions which would you rather have would you rather have the ability to go to five to ten Red Sox games a year and pay forward at a fairly reasonable price or would you rather of had the two championships in a -- seven. But the two championships are obvious he had right. But the fact is -- -- it is in the. But Michael you ask a question about what else you do besides lower. Concessions I'm not even concerned about the concession think. Called vendor and the Nazis Lincoln's first -- -- that -- street thing as a -- that streak ended. We let you reckon that the number continue to because it's a little bit there or not they were all preached all ticket. Energy and -- until. That being that when you watch the game ought -- but there was a sign that he's stadium that you that shot. Couple the second game isn't all that being said I think it's like called in during Nazis and -- that. Is that one and the situation that they end. It's not a matter static are coming to get the -- it's a matter you to whatever ticket -- revenue dropped to 25% -- an example. He's not gonna have a ball Paul the second happen. And candlelight nobody's gonna do that I don't forget the city doesn't. Likely to Philadelphia this topic and dole or each you don't. -- ten dollars he took it that's one thing and how much bigger is their ballpark and where those that you look at where those ten dollars see. Where those ten dollars seats. And how many how many are available. You that you wrote in the bleak as it looked -- at the other Michael you -- twenty to all the bleacher seats. The cheapest seats at ten -- the last two rows. There are I hear you Paul but I don't think I'm. I don't aggregate at a point where all across the -- at a drop ticket price of -- everybody wants on -- a team that spends gazillion dollars every year with incredibly cheap prices. And it's easy for me to get into the ballpark and the concessions they're cheap and it's the perfect winning invite you can't -- at all. I get some point you've got to make some level of sacrifice the question is which sacrifice do you wanna make in order for the Red Sox to win it winning major ultimate goal if the if the ultimate is winning don't you know you've got to make some other sacrifices if that means that. What -- -- a higher fine result is not just fans who feel that way and you read the the digital book with Shaughnessy. And Tito is talking about -- it's bigger than baseball. They want -- they're they're concerned about other things like marketing potential are just want that's why you pay four million dollars -- year. That's why you're around for a long time because they all are thinking about things off the field and you're not gonna be that well compensated. If you're just in an area. Like Cleveland or Pittsburgh or Kansas City were all you wanna think about his baseball and the fans are coming through guess what not gonna get the money that got Boston.

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