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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Crawford shouldn't get the "selfish" tag

Mar 26, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Crawford shouldn't get the "selfish" tag

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Celtics that I presented by Lexus continues from the garden that would be TD garden -- the other garden on Sunday night for the second half for the Celtics -- series this week our final piece of this -- is our conversation with a head coach. Rusty is always by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Countenance in game like Saturday -- even tonight. Are you thinking even though mindset going into warlike you know what our best chance to win is 151 cannot eat by the -- there are with what they have right now you're almost going into with them active but understand you would be willing to change you just got to figure out. With his group a way to win this day and and maybe that may -- for every day while we have guys out. What couple things on Saturday -- who's really. This is just fascinating to us because it's never really happened before so evident to -- the coverage that you haven't you remind -- time and score for Paul to come back in the game. Now I did not. I mean obviously one. It clear it would be at some point but that the other group was playing so well that. I wouldn't or to bring them back I just thought. You know you can explain sometimes large groups sporting world but the one thing I've learned the coach you don't Maceda. -- -- In that case they had their run going and they became garbled. All it. And even a guy is -- Paul. Kind of upset that that's why I'd I'd left a mountain to go I knew if it came down to beat shields out of sight out of bounds. And that's basically what we do. Has Jordan been more. We know offensively what he is out of control as effective as he has some times but in terms of rebounding -- if -- been more than you thought you'd make a passing polar. He's so much better -- than any of us thought he would be. You know or you heard about Georgia's typical for guided got into trouble. And been on the bad change they get that selfless. And the fact they never -- When you watch him play that's could be further from the truth. And that's another reason why you have to go to guy for -- -- of a guy. Before you actually though and -- that's sort the turnover numbers were high the of the night humidity fifty point it's rare and make you know that would actually make them that this was one. When can they shot. Really be -- When it's quick you don't have balance and what it's a shot at the one -- occupant. Or shot and the reason that you're protected because of what your shot. If you norms Reagan's so. Those are times where you are prepared to rebound. Your wrongs but it makes you know the team's got to rebound and break out of the way. Selig your my what's -- would have a lot talk about they're pretty similar seasons trying to navigate guys in and out of line up which are supposed. In theory -- younger guys that have gotten hurt the risk of any protests -- -- two game season you gonna be a patchwork team at times but it seems like you've been. Very similar seasons that you two don't yet it really. A lot of change. You know which is gonna make you went through and I think would use that is good jobs in one. Announcement being the coach in New York under extreme pressure. How hard did you did you look at Kenyon Martin. Eric Berry the problem was we were still kind of went around and look at other guys -- -- -- it's gone. You were 34 when you finished playing tonight while not everyone is obviously in the lineup. KG guys like that there had been seven guys older than you were. You stop point -- made significant contributions to these two teams over the course of the year clearly in a new age in the Indian guys are playing. Much deeper and authorities what is the biggest factors and as simple as conditioning yes I just think. Technology. Issues. They're worse you know we play. On wood floors that were laying out -- men now they have the courage awards are -- is that there's a lot of and it's that one thing that you almost. And apparently coach. That -- The Celtics in the next next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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