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Pod Man Rush: The NHL trade deadline and story time with Joe McDonald

Mar 26, 2013|

ESPN Boston's Joe McDonald joins DJ Bean to discuss what Jarome Iginla would bring to the Bruins, and whether it's worth it to trade Malcolm Subban less than a year after drafting him in the first round. Among the other things discussed: Claude Julien not making too much sense with a cryptic post game quote, past travels to Montreal and the much-anticipated Bruins media game.

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This time. He's hugged me and rush. Covering everything Boston Bruins in the NHL -- London. -- W we. I beyond might soon tie your password tie password hi welcome to odd man rush WE BI's most impressive. Hockey podcast -- just this week covers the Bruins and Red Sox serious -- Boston. He previously worked for the province journal so he's covered most of these Bruins player since there in the HL he's also in the midst of co organizing. An incredibly bad ass media game for the Bruins media with yours truly confront him on Twitter incorrectly predicting. First goal of Bruins games it's a great Joseph MacDonald Joseph -- He did a fantastic but he -- No problem so looks like Jarome Iginla is going to be traded this season -- submit -- -- teams. To whom he'd accept a trade and the flames despite kind of years of not doing logical thing appear to have gotten the hint. That movie again indicted getting something makes sense that the price tag. Is high but his suitors go it's it's the penguins the kings the Blackhawks and the Bruins. I would count Pittsburgh -- just does as far as the cap situation goes in that they brought in two guys out recently. They till seven million dollars and the Blackhawks. Probably don't wanna have to go through the same thing they went through two years ago when they get to -- all that sellers like cut the Blackhawks sodas well. You're looking at maybe the kings and the Bruins. If you're the Bruins what you give up for drama -- Well opinion what I would give up I would give up. What -- want because the Bruins are as you know are that close. To being. Serious serious cup contender I mean obviously there -- -- tennis right now but in order to get. He's been a cup playoff in the at a few peers and I think you're dealing it'd be a major could be a major part of that deal so. -- Calgary -- a guy like. Not me and I do I have it on some current Oscar. I would depending it Rick currently I would do it in more structural -- I would do now is trillion -- He's a little more you know not lay back be little more cautious when it comes these courts feel special when it comes to. The top draft -- You know. Try to -- lately Alex been. -- the top top. You know -- taken in last -- -- and the -- round and as you mentioned you're treated which is a great point. Is that point actually picked by the Bruins a year ago and they have. On beer and Coke you know maybe I kinda goes in a little bit but I think -- The Bruins there are on the verge of -- no special spring but why not go out and get back -- dole and actually get here. You know that this could be his chance and you're going to be motivated individual more so than Hilary is try to neck up. Right now -- I think the concern their Joseph is that you look at the cab early situation a couple of years ago right you know Kara relays that name that not only stands but I mean it was pretty. Well known that Peter surely was enamored with Thomas -- relate BC saw him as the guy for years there was gonna be the guy to coming here. And insult the bruins' problems on the back end is as far as that that puck moving defenseman to use a cliche. Goes no I think that. It's only natural you you find a lot of Bruins fans -- kind of skeptical. Of of the whole -- thing but 'cause. Of the cab early situation do you think that Peter surely thinks twice after kind of being burdened by the -- -- situation or. As you mentioned. It it was a different guy he's got that mindset that this is his chance to win the Stanley Cup. He's been in Calgary all those years. You Odyssey came close with Ference when they lost some lightning. But. I would think that in Jarome Iginla is mind this is something that he would get up for it wouldn't be it -- -- situation where he comes in and out kind of falls flat. I don't think it would be a Catholic a situation but hatred and -- -- as a DJ is that when 88 got -- In 2011. Peters who really had every intention of resigning. -- into being bought and obviously. That didn't. Came out the way that that you really want it and and meet the pros ought to be actually a bit dated a look at it. Because the -- guy that we want to stick on the back -- for for the foreseeable future. But I think what you didn't like it because it is a different position is a different type player. And when you look at bought the situation. I don't think Peter applicant for -- I really don't I think Peter is looking to bring him a player like get a lot. Hopefully make a serious threat they -- up. This season in it for some reason it doesn't work. Maybe you can restart because that brought our resources to do that maybe you do resigning because regulators blocked I spend endlessly long time in -- -- look at the core. Group of guys that are involved in in -- quickly realized that. -- talent level isn't going anywhere and there was a reason why do two years ago and they have a strong belief in winning their feet and get some reason they don't. They'd -- -- cup contenders for the next couple years. Given the fact that they have a good core group of young players in this organization not just -- The Bruins and bought rebuttal but also the American League with problems. So I think it in the look at that. And intrigue and maybe. It should go to work out and made every item we have a note here and I don't this morning I would compare -- to a rate balk situation we re all want it's what do cops. Okay we -- will be able to Colorado. And their first -- you can do. And then came back the following year -- -- -- the -- -- all the Stanley Cup and that we are so I figured it could be more of a situation. More than apple situation as far as -- do is concerned because. I want to -- there to win and become the ball and it doesn't happen this year. There's always Utley that he could sign into. Longer and longer term deal. And maybe you don't realize their dream of -- beer cup with the Bruins sort of war. Right now I think the interest there is mutual to write because. Surely isn't gonna give up a ton which they they say that the flames are asking for the moon Charlie's gonna give up a -- if he is gonna keep this guy. Anyway now -- -- see that I tablets tuition could play out and he could be so awful. And it's proved so much that. He's got nothing left in the tank the Bruins are forced to I mean the American -- screw up their salary cap just. Kind of -- defended -- they made but I mean again life he's only submitting Alyssa for teams. I don't think that he's at the type a guy that wants to go out. In test the waters right now so my question there is again has seven million dollar kept it right now the Bruins can afford that for this season. But next year. The cap situation gets a little shady year because you have to grass -- sign it ferrets is up -- horns up. If they get if they do acquired Jarome Iginla in their intention is to resign him. Is the writing on the wall for Nathan Horton I would think that that it would be overwhelmingly yes. Well and then hit in the -- with to Egypt that it's. -- trailing Hillary at this season that you want resigned to correct and they -- -- discussion and at some point I'm like -- darn well. They haven't Bruins -- they haven't had discussions yet with eight or I think that would do away kind of set a flag saying OK well. I maybe an hour here's what you need but I think that there waiting and it ought to see if we come around and he did. Basically get back to where he was. In 2011. Or you suck a concussion. And I missed a final few games well the final. By. I think that waiting and -- what it -- there and it in the -- it will already very skilled guy and and we showed that any. And the by. This is going to be here in -- contracts and you know he's probably should move it to appear in this. If my opportunity to sign a long term deals wherein I would get a huge -- But you're -- is it. The Bruins. Do quiet in law and they don't happen to win it this year in regular besides the resigning. With the Bruins I don't think he's going to be looking for that you'd Patriot Act and million dollar -- I think you realize that it may -- -- take a step back. So you can go in front -- Beagle plays repeated this group in order when it cup because we've seen better players who are still. Is that -- take a pay cut. In order staying in the wind and I think it is that. And it doesn't have to -- There a possibility could happen in bought in and I think he's so it'll do what. Whatever -- do in order to get an apple. Get to that point in the clear. As far as what is art or is concerned. I think that just -- be seen in how he plays for the remainder of the year in the playoffs. And pro -- -- talked to guy I really think it is surely waiting to what happened. Right now I don't blame Peter -- that approach either I think that would add that when you look get -- the Nathan -- situation. I think that it's just naturally gonna be a lot like it was what Michael Ryder. After the Tony eleven season. Where it's basically you don't. We will make no lie about it you're not a priority right now go to free agent CC which you can get don't lose our number. And -- depending on what happens we'll have you back obviously. Ryder went out he got a really good deal pretty quickly so they could lose and there but if you do -- again let that. I mean. That's a bit more of a dependable power forward then Nathan Horton -- you anyway you mentioned the two -- Rask situation. And the fact that the Bruins have had talks with his agent. I for one in surprise that they haven't gotten that deal done by now obviously it's been very limited time. To see what he kind of brings you is an -- goaltender and we'll get into that a bit but I would think that. From Peter surely -- employees are very Smart guy with the way that he works the cap. In you mentioned that yet at the trade deadline likes to get guys that he can keep around like he did. With with Kelly and her release those guys both had additional years and their contract I would think that he would want to have to -- deal done. Heading into the trade deadline so when he goes about acquiring guys he knows. What the future cap situation looks like are you surprised that hasn't gotten done yet do you think still try to get it done before the deadline. IP to pay them Peter's comments earlier this year and how he said that. You -- only doesn't like to do deals during. -- and and you want to wait till the summer to get those done. But tree and make a comment that yeah I'm there -- mind my lease and we'll probably get it it has done so I am a little surprised that it hasn't happened. Yeah everything that you just mentioned with trade deadline coming out with a salary cap situation. The one -- that. I think maybe where it took advantage in the situation is that the longer the Bruins we get it done. Or when they get in the playoff. And it could stand -- head and had a great playoff run -- gets into your cup. Now we're gonna you know rate hit it right back to come back but Pete surely in the -- but a little bit. Because there are so that's why animals -- -- they haven't got it done now because I get it done in that you proving that your don't want goaltenders go far. -- in the condensed schedule we still hadn't seen you do it in the in the play out yet we still -- to apple what it from now and in this way we don't have to worry at all so. I agree with you I'm actually. Surprised it happened. And then finalize -- Reading between the alliance took -- was -- snow with Judas for the way he was. Treat it last week -- I don't I personally don't think. It's something worth getting too hot and bothered about but that nobody gets back to back starts after Julian headed -- called him out. Today it. Would you agree just sort -- woo -- we both dealt with -- throughout this week and he. Seems noticeably irked by what happened last week. And daddy thing that's warranted. And yet it's illegal and that wasn't are up. -- is the outright yet Tim Thomas when he was in I thought that Thomas was and a better got to deal with that. A lot of people are giving him credit for now because once -- You know one went off the deep and like crazy. Arab boycott solely his name he was a nice got to deal with but I mean. He could be in the midst of a ten game shut out streak and he still have some sort of chip on the shoulder so sought to fair point. And and that's what made him he's so good I mean and everybody thinks that this awake any all the -- what you just. Mean it's a personal appearance as a goaltender. He's always been that way I covered him in the very first time he he sidled root organization who played improper -- and only then that way. Most goaltenders are and I think that we -- and play yeah he was its body and you detect because the more he played the better he wants and we saw that. In the playoff 201120. I think. Almost wants to get acting like no you know what did. Workload you know let me play you know the majority gains this year get you know -- given him back to back or whatever it is. You know so I think -- is you know you want. That ability signal. I can be realized that rely -- I can play all the games I think unquote decided look over and play well -- got it back to back games so. One. He could have been sending a message to go but true I really believe that. The way that -- and been dealing with the workload of partnership between the two goalies. He realized that in -- that you'd be successful or else it'll prefer -- deep run in the spring is that to get it trash. Mean it learned that about him in 2000 at what you're probably ready for that situation they'll be in the more mature player on the right now. Of course -- But they'll do what they're ready for that. 2010. I think close -- saying look what we need this guy if we gonna win in the playoffs he is the number one -- and you know what. We're gonna make sure that. We give a little bit of motivation we also give him but perhaps we get to that point. He's got to get up -- aren't really think that when it really comes out. And also do you look at includes billions track record a lot of times when when people act all surprised by things that Julian does. You can have two or three examples of him doing in previous years remember during the year they won the cup and try to eleven. Thomas had a bit of you know out of the rough Goldman -- let's say to this had a rough go of it but. Thomas kind of took a bit of a step back from the otherworldly numbers that he was. Putting up and it was in the mid the middle of the season they probably want to keep them fresh so they gave took a few more starts and then Kim -- came out and said you know at this point we're waiting to see which guys gonna be the number one goalie going forward. To cut it even thought that was laughable that there was any chance that anyone but Tim Thomas will be the starting goalie their but you know. Julian -- done this before so whether it's keeping a guy fresher keeping him on their toes. It's it's it's one of its tactics and I mean why not do it if it's if it's working the past. And -- right and the one thing that close at done is that any time. Approach or he'd done something during his his opinion here Boston. Utility -- time it's always where no matter how bored we it will hurt our decision that he made -- our lineup. It's always -- the other players happy about it -- not necessarily our example of that is Bergeron on the season it's been the most consistent line the only. By that I mean envelope and -- is only a. I don't let you guys are scoring like goes though yeah. But the garlic guarded its old guy and and any human error I think you could tell her what's. Happy with situation you know it looked coach's code gonna do what you want -- it certainly is better. Did it worked yeah it didn't work and an -- back or the original line late in the game again and they police yet but I think what he got a one across. And it worked and in the hat quote has always under and it worked and played respect that. Don't think -- probably wanted to and on and -- -- watching it mark now what he'd probably needed it. Tickets are back in he's put -- better since that night but you can help scratch and the recent -- well you know quote currently at doing things. And that's our goal tenders are concerned. You know stuck an adult -- what can remember is that -- -- her. -- -- So I mean that's probably one of the real reason why they decided to go later and she's in it to the playoffs. Was because -- that bomb at the end of patent surrogate and sell. You know you could go away with well the one thing that quote -- -- -- dude with goaltending -- that. -- -- Because he doesn't know what he's going get computer guy come with it because it's all local level -- -- vehicle they are. Thomas actually came up last night and I was wondering if you know what the health club was talking about may be the weirdest quote of the season to include -- any -- he was asked about. How to. Handled. The message that was sent to -- when he sat on those two games -- we call them on after it pagan he said quote it's one of those things where everybody reads into it. Whichever way they can and you know that from the goaltender last year I assume he was not talking about Marty Turco but I have no idea how in the Christ. That applies to Tim Thomas to Jews didn't get any of that. Yeah what are the one thing. I think what they're a little bit of shot here you know I I really think it's a matter of look. Go. I think it was getting back what goaltenders -- -- in big. While not wearing an act. Looked out what -- number one -- or Europe act. You wanna play you want to help when in fact getting their you'd be accurate and Andy he would always drop wine. -- technical sort of media or are you on a book or you know whatever he was doing in the social media world. You know -- a little note he would have little shot quote unquote. Let it roll back at least publicly. But I think that now to goods like okay we'll make a comment about I -- days which. OK eighty currently say I mean that was a -- examples. Last year it was the also -- thirty to go when leading going into the third period and 24 of those games. And Thomas what is. You know between a -- end -- here -- Had been get it done in the third period so yeah local bounces look -- -- It's not out of it we're being real it's like. We in New York goaltender and quote -- -- -- -- it's good I'm good now we need to arrested. So I think to be near earth. You know -- conference. You know a good game do you and -- but. Code below the right pushing buttons to push and I just think lastly it would -- and I think it was a carnival like mortgage you'll real. Kind of a continent and -- whether it was to Colorado and mountains but. I never vote laughed at act straight APEC on -- and it shall losers eight and then you look around -- in -- action that would. Yeah I mean I always think of I mean. Close close presses are always so fun because sometimes he's in a joking mood and sometimes the isn't and I kind of cracked myself up just thinking of the comments and it's only natural what you could say back when that he's not in the mood for that. But he kept. How great would it didn't have clothes that that comment and there was like a pregnant pause for like. Five seconds in just one of us like what the hell you talking and vote. -- coach can you explain what. -- -- -- -- Right what any of that -- insulation if I don't think any of us get a guide you and you met Tim Thomas. And FaceBook I I just quickly. To good -- on to FaceBook and on the shocker of all shocker is. Tim Thomas has not changed is profile picture to the are ready equal sign. Symbol for marriage equality today so that's that's bidder of a bomber. From Tim Thomas today putt. What he would do. For switching gears a little bit it. It's it's Tuesday today. For those you following along at home in Wednesday the Bruins play the Canadians. Depending on what happens against that the penguins on Tuesday night. This deal will be in first place in some way or another either the Bruins will be two points behind to have -- they'll be tied with. 45 points -- Let us discuss. The magic man that -- a shelter area is for turning things around as good as quickly. As he did. I is such a cliche we -- we've been talking about since like two weeks into the season through weeks of the season every week now that. That were so surprised that they were able to do this because you would think that with the new coach new GM new players to case to been missing training camp missing the first week of the season. That it would take them forever to hit their stride but if there's three teams that I fear in the Eastern Conference right now it's the penguins so Rangers even though they've sucked all season. And and it's like the Canadians do you see the to have is a legitimate cup contender. I actually you do and what they've done this season. The other resurgence has been tricked out not only for the Montreal Canadians put any show courts can't. Michael Canadians ought to Bruins war that rivalries in all of sports. Especially this time mayors especially in a bit. -- -- Especially with you know Balkans it's opted to -- the -- conference. So you know with very means that this thing about it in the -- realized. You know he's been near record you know he knows when it's it. Went to Montreal in basically brought that activate an AD and and it's great. And I mean coach -- and he certainly is a guy who note that opened the -- McCain's pick what you broad -- I think they are legit. Cup contenders. Happy opening -- Carey Price has been fantastic to -- You know you really see no no typical in his performance on a consistent basis I saw how great would it be. You know to see these two teams again you know in the player and maybe not necessarily. A first round -- You know later you know in there and play our defense tactic actually means you and I Koppel are not much you all again you know look at -- Iraq appellate. You're gonna -- so much are cappella in that damn car can be unbelievable we're gonna pull -- Couldn't have looked so we pulled up to flu though. At one point from the highway or something -- and flew to -- oceans -- in Boston -- and -- it looks over -- -- -- -- and doing back -- we are just like. Bump and Lady Gaga is as loud as we possibly reach verdicts. That we would open correct constantly are holing a belt better. And we don't go to go -- -- you know I think like that apparently. Right yeah I was the value we turn to right and I was a member. That was my first year on the beat and I mean that there are moments every day on this job for you think while -- the coolest job in the world that equals life in the world. And it was like. Today I'm gonna drive up to Montreal and then see Lady Gaga in concert. Called life -- the arts. As -- that right there would be in that pick up at 2 o'clock here but talk about your efforts here would be. You made a great great name and lax during the playoffs we were in Washington. And -- we've actually impressed by election turned me. Hey what you like to rule when it -- Strategy. Anglia because it covered the girl over it now and doubt the first time I ever covered up files and 2000. And you you were a year current the Bruins the beat writer -- -- up -- -- you're wondering what I like it on. -- Well yeah I gonna do going to break up that last year it was like. So. So let me get this straight they're gonna be upset in somber and Brad marsh -- gonna be so eager and display what sets what I'd opened well at even for one nation even when they lost cost. Yeah may be at to drink off that loss. But I got at the break up days but between my first year on the job and my second year in the job we're vastly. We're vastly different. -- you know also with Beverly wasn't happy at the first pushed updates so that. -- well let the record reflects that he was like the nicest guy in the world ends. One of the easiest guys to deal with I remembered during. The Tampa series. I can't really always made himself available there if you guys who just always always always make themselves available to the media and Davos that's a good way to it to win over the media. And no one was talking to cover only one day was when they're heading into lighting series. And I think we -- to stalled. Tired of having to go to cleverly and being like so. You've been terrible do you feel bad about that and then we have to register with forgot to you to sit around but I went up to him and I was like K can you explain the 131 to me. In truth his English wasn't great but like you -- took my pad and paper and everything and like drew up plays and everything -- nicest guy in the world. You -- you know I really like he does -- and you know you just what net perfectly bought me. Did almost what you -- -- -- altitudes. You know a cup finals -- and 2011 by. You know I think Israel in coming out of the trade deadline -- I can -- -- a little more cautious and in. I'm pretty accurate you are and you know the united be reactionary. Anything that it was a done so far but. Yeah I can relate areas of interest in and out of other. Any -- with the guys too so I mean it. It was just a general. Shame I mean it's with it's it's weird to be like -- I feel bad for this guy because he didn't stay in shape then it's for you still probably got a few years left in -- -- It is kind of passed on that but doubts that gets the real issue it -- talked about the -- game now for years. Joseph it's synthetics probably since I was first on the speed we've talked to a getting immediate game going because. You played hockey. I played hockey I kind of OK until chicken got introduced. That like aged thirteen or whatever and that I became less good. But you know we got so many people on the media. Who have played before -- foot -- plays hockey. -- Gleason from Comcast sports that we we just realized so many of us skate and have played Kevin Walsh from Comcast plays. What you expect out of this game if and when we get it going and who are you most looking forward to seeing on skates. I don't I want as CE you know a guy on its agony and did a lot of in between the -- we called a slap shot in our reacts you know and are expected them on thinking you know get that we can knock -- out -- guys with a few elbows you know independent lot. The -- and you know chart style and am get -- and you know we take we -- up our act and -- on their. What do world's DRG guardian Hagerty that would have to be like I would ask the people with Comcast to be like. Can you would just do like a special edition of the great American hockey show and put a camera on these two guys. At all times because it's it's gonna be comical either way either so if you if you have. Hagerty in net then like we can run the Tim Thomas smear campaign against him that that he ran against Thomas. And like a lie and say that he was stepping on the -- what he wasn't. And then like. Gee Artie you will only Wear like flattering skates -- if if the -- since he would here's. Aren't like -- that he's not gonna do it so we would have so much thought those deficits. What you're you're you're probably agree that does but. The big thing when I was drawn out and you are you. All over here but I'll probably that it can regret he could speak it aren't we know that -- an. You know that order he reviewed capital equipment you'd and it would be like one big all of our. Right rule we death -- and then if we if we get Mac come in from the Bruins blog and CBS Boston. Involved I mean what what sucks is I would. What I would want is to get like who the players for the Bruins that are on Twitter get Sagan. -- -- -- each. He's on there I don't know if anyone. Else is on Twitter I don't think but really what we'd have to do is have them in the stands and just like. Talk -- all right like talk password about us the whole time that this -- that we're playing as it would only be fair. -- critical that him. And until they incumbent they can cover note in your room afterwards I asked this question -- You know we can. And such there's always. You know we could have Latif who could we have media our troops public -- and pulled apart possible standing in the corner. And then after a couple questions you can yell -- -- Boris brought two more -- this could be a little map to merit Eric. See you know post game. Pressed pressed or what -- it we cannot and do we used to do -- -- A few years ago -- -- -- guard nor we skated -- -- arena in the not gonna Boston and we got to it's gonna get out parents. You know get a good work on the an -- you know. Did he chose some some crap in the amendment that would call through auditions so hopefully we'll be able to get that done and no doubt be a lot on. Yeah I'd be pumped for it wolf thanks for joining me Larry -- better prepare him. All right thanks Joseph McDonald then they'll talk to next week.

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