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Tiger Woods is back on top - are you rooting for him?

Mar 26, 2013|

Tiger Woods won another tournament and the guys talk about his rise back to number one in the golf world.

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Our 3-D NC Poland's opened 6177797937. To mark up Mike Freeman from the national NFL insider. In just -- second. Detectors and other made a point it's not just the Tiger Woods. Rising like the Phoenix from the ashes there are others that I could. Suspect would compare. Josh -- fall. And rise to prominence. Michael Vick is still in the process we mentioned Lance earlier about -- It was a good one but he was not convicted of right. And I convicted. He sure wasn't the court -- -- and that. I mean but nothing was as embarrassing tigers there was just humiliating. But don't just a bit don't look at what Kobe did as worse if not. You know if he's guilty yes yes of course sure. But nothing is sorted this tawdry. It's as tiger's. Scandal every day it was another porn star on the strip. Hill and -- is -- is Kobe was is -- Hamilton is -- tiger does peak it is the best ever. Hamilton never hit rock bottom public you know he knows he's with Tampa Bay -- he was saying and under the bridge. Drug you know the -- -- as the bad place when you're on drugs and oh yeah because when you got a -- budgets have found -- spot and it -- -- there -- up -- the -- I know. Analogous. -- and avoid having them removed but Kobe's that good when I put him on the list the tiger. Went from being the best -- of the greatest ever and his image was intact it was like he never said -- did the wrong thing yes ever. It was a process until since the day Eaton was in the limo on the that the jokes that Jolie appears. A boat that buckwheat. From that today until the day he drove the escalator into the tree it was virtually spotless yes this record. Publicly and privately he would not in the picture of him with Evelyn in the dog and the kids and on his FaceBook page and we boring -- eat popcorn and watch movies and you know what we mostly -- And we all bought even guys who were on the beat all right call. Reporters who there every day on around bought in to the the the narrative that he told. There was nothing he did that wasn't pre packaged and processed and vetted and thought about and turned over a couple of times reports presented publicly. For that reason I find it unusual. But -- skeptical sides says there's a reason for it. That a week ago he Lindsey Vonn both came out simultaneously. On social media and said were dating. Doesn't seem out of character for whatever that we knew about tiger and I came out and told is like ten million followers that that were dating and would you please respect the privacy yes yes but at a blue in the face of of the tiger before the nine iron to the escalate I think he still. Wants to be back in the good graces of Madison avenue you know he still wants to be a spokesman -- salesman. He got up by everybody but Nike right right pretty much tag dumped him I think in the might have been like some some. Company amiss in the Buick dumped them -- -- them all the big ones AT&T dump -- and he unit that bothers him and he he has a list somewhere people who turned on him it was a part of the rehab of the image that comes settling down with this person yeah yeah and I mean you said the pictures it it. And by the way she looks a lot like eat and but the pictures couldn't be more and hole some and rise it just looks like these two kids it just so and lo at yo U think those are staged you think it was just a natural walking -- You know what should've released. I saw them them six they've done now he should've released one of those. Things that you get the you know the current levels we go in the -- -- -- -- and you make faces and is four pitches and you have when you're an idea -- -- first -- he -- released and of the two of them make it faces us in black and white one of those -- three years later. I'm still astonished how little came with all these girls that we made the list you know and we will -- -- on the wall. Of the next shoe to fall and it was always -- video texted Brett a baby you know a kid. Which them that still happens -- just Michael Jordan gets like thirty years old she went through that suit. That's me on skid. But anyway. It was that in the video of the still photos that the kid's a man. Not a third party sale yet. All kinds of theories of what was the next thing what their -- number if you were called there were some sordid details the one woman I forget which one was that he liked it rough sex and a Joker joking ya ya gotta -- and it's pretty bad ATM which is his year. Let me dikes to think that things that just gas from the ATM. That that's -- But he was just out of control and you know why it seemed unlikely that it come back. Not only because it's not here he's more under the scrutiny and more scrutinized than any athlete ever in any sport anywhere and this year alone out there you can align your teammate Trevor helmet and -- on you just. You and the pressure's on and eyeballs on you when the cameras are on -- every move you made make is under great pressure it's also this change of you know his life for me he was successful. Well -- -- that went to -- note to escorts hookers to the right. Drinking grey -- every night sleep and about an hour and a half I mean that was his life Ambien sex when he was kicking ass and taken names and change oh you know to go and hiding it to pretend we care about -- kids. But I still think it's a largely an act but yet. This is a whole different life he leaves no caddies gone coach is gone wife has gone kids are gone. Advertises are gone and images images and chat and in tatters we've seen golfers. Lose it because they. Gain weight lose weight because they get -- smoke and quick -- -- -- equipped because they'd changed the grip on their right you know because you and we seeing guys you know -- -- because they get a little -- the knives and their albums guys had four knee surgeries. Blood is ACL. On top of all those other changes usually when you change things on these guys look good. Is not good and how big surprise having got that when he in the world ten in the world the V one. One or two times he's won six of his last when he starts. Don't do it to double back to Europe scrutiny situation. And annually need to go do you know any golf course any tournament any place. And stand inside a stand at the ropes and watched the number of eyeballs. That are on just generic golfer Jack just another guy. Most recently. We were down in Florida at spring training that we went to a senior. At the US open this is the masters this is that even the PGA tour. It's a senior event or following facts and they played pretty well these within the bureau few shots -- the -- becomes the eighteenth hole he's got this ridiculously hard shot. Completely over water to almost island green. Dead and it was swirling wind under 85 yards were sit there watching this again a Champions Tour event -- Brad Faxon Tiger Woods at a gust of national. And the whole place is lined ten deep with people watching this thing of mobile service for -- -- action like god. Every set of eyeballs is on this guy. And and and if nobody were there would be a difficult thing to do and now you're being watched in the right on top of the mimic the can reach out touch shoots eight fax eight migrate whatever. Multiply that by a factor of 1000. If you're Tiger Woods yet and that add to that. The idea that tiger knows every single one of those eyeballs is connected to a brain that knows exactly what tiger did on the -- but here's. The -- look at it now. He's gotten through the hard part he's with the white audience I watched this yesterday and focused on the crowd as we did this when first you know came back. And he struggled. It is you'd see him hit a putt and that'd be two or three people cheer and and the rest just look at yeah I mean is there. People that know a mean golf fans that know what he did and people to meet in people he lied to for four years and no one was for nobody that he first masters from the -- -- yes and they had the stripper around around I mean it he was a joke. And people were not. I mean I was I was -- hope he's there on Sunday but it was wrote form. Everybody's reform that's unbelievable and Justin Rose who by all accounts is a nice guy. Was getting annoyed the first two days because people were -- wrote against him and Ernie and rooting for tiger. And yesterday it was not even close to people thrilled when. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Root for tiger even though they all know what he did and do you think there rooting for tiger because he he he pulled himself up by the bootstraps -- hate that cliche -- and take -- back. I -- because he started to win again yes he did the right way CI. I disagree -- notion that America loves a comeback story. They like it if you earned it and I mean you like it like -- close -- look at Bill Clinton beat duke did this I don't think he really stopped -- -- well -- have peace but didn't get thrown out it does anyone think he stopped she knows what settled island and learned this lesson. That kind of thing or do you think he's the same -- that he always was I mean. Comeback stories are great if you -- if you pay a price. And you fight your way back and you earn it that's what tiger that's I think what people appreciate what tiger did they watched him at his lowest. And he he likes what you want about him he works is asks yeah. Got a new coach got a new. New caddie got a new girlfriend and just worked his ass out worked everybody. I think what do you think response would be had he failed miserably there would be the sympathy factor there right. Yeah and it would be sort of useless to root for a bit he or wallowing in the world of David -- at this point right right. But he did we had to file a demo for him I mean he had them mommy's down to 58 or sixty whatever was -- world after after having his face to put in the mud for. Years a year to publicly so you know he went through. And they was here in the Snickers and they were on the little boo was -- -- in the media was kill them. You know how hard it is mentally to play that game he. Weathered the storm he persevered. And I think people respect that and they know. That he is the sport he is all that matters right now tiger. Is in the hunt Sunday in the masters. It's one of the biggest sport events sporting events of the year has he come back so far that we are willing to say I'll take tiger and you take the field. Yes I gets close he's for it once so it's close that we -- dogs. -- under the shield I would take the field too but if you gave me one other guy at -- can be fair tiger and Rory tiger Phil cycling -- thagard Keegan and it would. I counted the guys who missed the cut at bay hill yeah who -- man. Eight major winners missed the cut missed the cut it is so ephemeral and so whatever random I mean it's so difficult. Just to be one of the good ones just to be one of the guys who makes the cut make some money. It is finishes in the top ten here and there was actually 27% of the -- in the PGA of dominance to win 77. Times. And he's easily in the past you know Sam Snead and once they have seen David there was like twelve guys on the -- yes -- and he asked the question is he back lol I guess you couldn't you couldn't answer that two ways he's really not back in Italy wins his next major and I think you will but how about this. He's won six tournaments in his last when he start -- 66 tournaments bloody start is nothing is amazing as what he's done at bay -- he's won eight times. And I looked this up a preclude some of the guys in my column. Geoff Ogilvy Tom Lehman Retief Goosen. -- women that they haven't these are really good players. Major winners and they haven't won eight times period period on the -- he's won eight times in the same tournament. He's only stock at seventeen times he's won almost half his starts at bay hill and again in included all kinds of -- -- all kinds of major winners. And he just goes out there and kick their ass as a matter he cannot slow him down. There is a point we just respect you know greatness and you say in my opinion they're all bad father better husband is get it -- but you know bad tipper. But he is -- one and -- his job and doing better than anyone I've ever seen that Sam Snead. 182 times and pretty amazing idea the last time he won Greensboro if history he was 5253. Right oldest winner of tiger's 37. He's an English shape he's in right now with -- and always work and how many more uses a viable. One important one masters at forty minutes or ten years call at ten Tennessee wins twice a year he's gonna win a hundred times -- -- Yeah at least at that means yes. Dexter pay attention we're not talking about golf. We're talking about the human condition. We're talking about down falls and uprisings and rising out of the ashes like Phoenix this has nothing to do -- -- baker Lenny Dykstra my -- like a tiger like come. Critical think that -- -- a lot of -- in de ski in he'll learn to flush that he'll learn to flush.

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