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Nailed, the Lenny Dykstra story

Mar 26, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk discuss the article in the New York Post about Lenny Dykstra and how he treated his employees and maids.

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-- say the allure of soap operas daytime soap operas. Much of it has to do with people looking at other people and say wow. As screwed up as they are. This makes my life seemed pretty normal but not soap operas but definitely. Doctor Phil's back to and Jerry Springer -- everybody a soap operas -- you know screw up drugs -- barrel handsome. That's true and and crede and -- -- jet destroyed well as messed up as my life is it's not as bad as there's they have nice hair -- well I think this qualifies. You know political -- store where -- notes. Early in the morning people get sick here and about sandusky again I think it's time the move on some I don't know of a better quality human -- -- -- -- like Lenny Dykstra. This if there was a dramatic the F pyramid now that the media of evolution oh yes you go from the -- in the new code that. This would be just one step up from sandusky Gregory right you go from that. That monster. -- to this Hague she's exits you know what they have in common they both. Fooled people for a good long a long period of time. A new book out called nailed the improbable rise and spectacular fall Lenny Dykstra by Christopher Frankie and I treasurer called debuted on the Mets in 1985. After baseball dykstra built three luxury car wash businesses. But he eventually sold for 55. Million dollars let me say that number again 55 million dollars. He had sold much freestanding cash. He purchased Wayne Gretzky mentioned for eighteen million. You flew in private jets he lived like -- king. Until last decade stock market crash and violated much of his money didn't stop him I find this the only funny portion of the entire story. Mostly toothless dykstra was mostly toothless thanks to chewing tobacco and ex athlete who almost never slept. Would -- -- that would be the author of the story Christopher Franklin worked forum who worked for him. To his hotel for work at all hours and rarely paid his employees. Despite his luxurious lifestyle. -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- night story now we're back on money yes his employees were afraid to quit for fear they would never see any of their money. Dykstra is company was constantly broke and -- checks came -- intended for payroll. He would immediately take the cash for his own personal use in that chatroom sometimes when you quit you don't get any month after that I heard that and a penniless or just get warmed up but dykstra whose idea of fun. Was to leave large amounts of feces in the toilet and so he could hear the shrieks of the hotels grossed out -- a lot of friends down in heaped abuse on people far beyond the financial -- It sounds like a lot of fun you guys agree well man. What qualifies for size for him and he -- in Blair in the hallway I suppose he sat in the -- other -- came in with a put the bowl full of I'm going to be ill I don't think that's the only that sounds like. But you -- and again we're just getting warmed up -- this is the stuff is good dignity of this stuff yeah except -- to -- all male. This this is mild compared to where we're Golan. His treatment of women -- was -- He claims and brags that he impregnated three different women in the same night. And made all three get abortions now now now we're talking about a lot of -- I asked him. Good for you his attitude toward non whites was no better behind their backs baseball legend Willie Mays a player's club partner was referred to as -- -- dykstra is field. In word. Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods were called and said that -- dark -- quotation fingers. And witty -- bill passed that probably can't say when he called now Venus and so now we William and I figured yeah. There was no question there was a method to dykstra is madness. Quote he would hire someone. Ride him or her as far and as long as possible and that discard that individual paying little or none of what he promised like a parasite. Dykstra would latch on to a host suck it dry and then move on to the next victim. -- got to read access. This is that this is worse than. This extended -- -- family according to his brother Kevin Lenny Dykstra asked their mother. To put 23000. Dollars on her credit card -- private jet flight. -- never repay the money right so -- Flacco is ripped off his mom -- all thousands. When his -- cutter. Received a signing bonus from the brewers dykstra scheme -- several ways including trying to pressure an employee to bribe a notary. The falsified documents giving him access to the bonus. Take it for yourself. Dykstra ex wife and several former -- employees and business associates confirmed that dykstra eventually took six. Figures worth of his son as -- money -- So we're at least daughter 23000 dollars it's on and his mother. Behind on payments for his 400000 dollar may balk at the car. Dykstra instructed his driver two hybrid car and pressured him to find a way to secure dykstra a new Rolls Royce. Dykstra then told him to sell the mailbox on the black market giving him the number of someone in the Russian mafia. Dykstra has been sued 24 times in the previous two years and a whopping eighteen times in the previous six months claiming 31 million in debt. Vs 50000 in assets he filed Chapter Eleven. He also slot ten million dollars from his insurance company. Were supposed water damage to his mansion but it was -- reported that dykstra had vandalized his own all. I guess starting on the taps and damaging itself with the water situation. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in 2009 report that dykstra is mansion was under Schobel. As it was littered throughout with empty beer bottles trash. Dog feces. Urine among other unmentioned couples so we'll be. Beyond feces and urine and beer bottles. Roam beyond I guess them blood. Did DNA -- -- such. Dykstra was bloody. From the hole and barred from the exclusive gated community. Dykstra is most to -- behavior was yet to come. Take a break and we'll share that with you when we get back -- Lenny Dykstra -- to make sure looking at three years in jail doesn't seem like enough to measles so far we've covered. Bloom -- amounts of fecal material in the hotel -- over the left for the -- defied. Stealing at least a 125000. Dollars from his mom and his son. And swindling everybody who ever worked for him by not paying them until they finally had had enough and left but the worst is yet to come. By the way protect the kids in the car to school. Give me five minutes. Turn it off five minutes it got kids in the car. Dykstra is most despicable behavior was yet to come. He began placing ads on Craig list Craig's list using fake names such as mr. Tod hale which was his middle name. And the list we're seeking personal assistants. Another assistant went for the interviewees mr. Kyl didn't like to drink alone. And he was an ex athlete with a bothersome injuries so they should bring massage oil and offered him a massage if they wanted to get a job. You'd generally recommend a new producer yes exactly and massage oil die within could boldly applicants into giving him massages while he was naked. War if that didn't work just brazenly ask for oral sex. At a certain point dykstra stopped asking. He gave applicants tours of his apartment that always ended in his bedroom. And win one executive assistant applicant. Quote emerged from his bedroom yelling that dykstra was a sick bastard. Dykstra turned to his maid who was standing nearby and allegedly demanded that she. Finish him off. It sets the worth animal. Dykstra -- -- due to his pants and demanded oral sex from the made. Quote he grabbed it by the neck and pulled me down. I told him Noll and I started crying. He pushed my head down and he kept telling me that I'm going to seek god. My line. It did not assume -- But little -- and while she fled. Right after she returned the following week to try to get back all the pay that dykstra odor and a possibly collect evidence. But because she returned. Prosecutors refused to press charges. -- Dykstra strait of terror finally ended when he was busted for buying cars using forged financial documents. He was sentenced to three years in prison although his sentence has since been extended. Due to additional arch in -- and how he's toothless I -- he seemed god yeah instant yes he's pocketed a -- -- -- gone flat go to actually and we end with this Los Angeles Police detective wanna contreras who arrested dykstra. The ministry cup during the LA riots and encountered many members of notorious gangs in LA. If he said that dykstra was quote eight total socio path. It was among the top three most egregious criminals he come across in 24. Years on the force. I've met a lot of gang members contreras said that have more ethics than Lenny Dykstra. And in the sky was like pop. Fifty million dollars he sold this car -- bought. Gretzky house for eighteen million I think -- came with a yes it was just live in the life. And now he's just the lowest form how how would it be your read this he's told he broke you know for great part of it but yet he still has means. And a he -- assistants like I was just he was -- would guess he was charming and I guess what I'm struck with -- -- I mean. How would you hire people -- get people to do what you -- if you don't get any easier call you'll get paid on Friday and most important shall the next month well noted that up hoping hoping to get paid and they -- -- -- -- long way to get nothing we don't want it you know -- give me a few more days and got the steal and put this deal together and millions don't worry about it I will -- areas just like. We -- a -- few more days we'll take Arabic. And we're just -- along and eventually you know who say yeah he -- the door but. It's hard to believe that. -- -- Jim Cramer. Radiate from CNBC yes but he he praised him he he said he was -- The key public -- -- -- early April while he is seventeen correct stock picks vs two losers. -- while he was spot in the financial our guests and that that wasn't on the -- -- -- Bernard Goldberg did a real. Soft story on the right Bryan Thomas is probably fibers -- -- -- -- -- right later on this and I was full -- a lot of people -- When you open up your mother in this. And -- you know moderate made. I mean that you eventually say I've hit rock bottom I mean to see that this never an ounce of remorse no aggression no. And and I was trying to think of yesterday because I was right about tiger. The greatest comeback stories in American sports and you can't BOJ. Rate roof or some but he -- the -- you know a guy who's just had the most. Dramatic and most profound downfall the most. Embarrassing the second -- the second most precipitous fall from grace -- the greatest ascension orthopedics out of the ashes and anybody. Yes they returned to number one I don't think anything comes close I do not think any athlete has -- Come back from rock bottom athletically yes. It was a national joke for more than them a year and he was problem on one because -- of these knee surgery and he was. 3637. Sponsorship ban or hundreds of players in on is the Panetta's heels. It seemed highly unlikely that he was ever gonna get back to number one the only person who has the potential because the crime sort of aligns itself -- didn't murder anybody didn't kill anybody didn't rape anybody. But his fall from grace was just precipitous will be Lance Armstrong if somehow he comes back and a -- outlook for that -- -- I don't think the opportunity is there that was -- for tiger but -- -- races again and and Iraq raises his profile to the positive thing that was before but isn't that sort of the same kind of fall from -- yes and I always said the as the two most mentally tough athletes. Go -- and as it -- -- one album -- line and -- all time in his sport. No one's ever accused tiger I don't think of cheating in golf all I mean he was linked to via. -- doping doctor yes and Tron he certainly is using his yes this right orderly. For -- still to come our 3-D and seek KG out two weeks what does that mean for the Boston Celtics was load line juggling the difference last night in the game. And not can all the anti JBJ's. That's Jackie Bradley junior haters just ray waved the white flag and say. I surrender he deserves to be on the team opening NFL player according to Mike Freeman is the -- common out of the closet that's still to come on this edition of dollars and Kelly.

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