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Bruins come away with a shootout win

Mar 26, 2013|

Dennis and Callahan talked about the shootout win for the Bruins and how they can change the way overtime is played.

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Doesn't tell I got out of Tuesday it would refrain from traffic temperature and time here are 61777979. B 37. We will as -- going forward continue to look for as -- mind that -- her gold. On D&C. Shell. Gerry Callahan and John Dennis WEEI will be out mining Twitter gold all morning long you're looking for that epic text before 10 o'clock you know. Oh you know Jack went around the bend on that one recent warm up the water the spaghetti is ready to go I'll bet now eventually regrets the -- thing of its fullest which is okay yeah -- don't -- think and then. And choreographed and everything and he said it a bit she says what. Yeah its spoke stupid. But do that in Korea I was of its. Anthony spontaneous short -- he was looking for something to advance of the knows right know is basically killer in his brain went to those laws that blows -- over the leaps and yet many becomes one of those guys who becomes like the Internet. Sensation for a day around the country around the world go ago he blues not. On the Maple Leafs. Little space -- Good. It's all over the league like the fight and the fact is that those -- -- still -- -- leafs. And yes. All of the Maple Leafs -- leaf is leafs in this context obviously pleased that leaves. And it's not scripted. Well that's good thing that's good outcome and people attack communities that point that I came around on him who's attacking. Text as well as the article and the usual Jack Edwards. What happens you know every time -- criticized jacket -- hard core. Edwards in the orders between the new -- you higher and higher here I did yelled at by management and -- -- yes like he's not an employee year anything can see what we relationship with -- -- -- -- -- -- not supposed to -- -- spoken to I've spoken -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- somebody looked up. And told me -- do name. Well there was -- video pessimists are Toobin here with us the coaches and he pulled aside and said crossed the line at all. But anyone think there would be kinda I think to be more comfortable where -- a little more publicly supportive of the gentleman hosting afternoon show is -- I mean I'm having fun it's not real well. You should spend some time with them at the that the morning skates when it's going to be hard -- doing our podcast together a couple of days they are so elderly -- -- to America from -- to show. Took its regular press was a restaurant and Roger what do you respond though it's more excuse is canceled practice canceled today. Yeah rest day Thursday. An old saying he's it is not for lack of effort this this the circling of the -- not been for lack of effort it's lack of speed -- lack of speed because they're tired. And this compressed schedule is finally coming home remedies that do -- -- practiced at all and -- that quote and this is after a win I believe again. Julian -- blue this is from a Cuban DuPont's during the -- as we've lost our speed and everything else that comes with it. Nothing is as quick as it has -- and we're trying to figured out if there's if fatigue factor. We are little tired and we have to look into that we are a little tired now that's our assessment yeah. That's sounds bad and you're talking about 48 -- -- -- game the real date back to backs and then right in the playoffs. Is if it takes a factor. You don't recharge on the -- this if you canceled morning skate yesterday at practice today and give guys some time off their feet it might have something more easily correcting predictable on the power play -- to agree. Yeah yeah yeah I don't think. I suppose and opens and they have depth we believe. And depth is -- he is not depth and tossed them away from too many injuries the bad injuries but -- just say. Any of them is a devastating devastating. In this know Garnett down -- devastating. What will be for two weeks the reality is all these changes can be. Rundown by the plants this year -- just out is just to -- -- something like admiral. Is their solution here Red Bull. Read that's enough now on that. You write me it feels. Last night and feel like playoff hockey like as much of the season what was -- it was great to step -- -- two previous four games would shoot in terms of energy and effort in not so much effort but speed. I mean there was a section of that second period where they go back and forth and say this is that a -- it was third. And there was -- section six section in the third where it felt like they were drained right. Six shots in the third yeah yeah. And that and that playing desperate hockey and there are that article that they're tied and -- six appears close view from 30000 feet well you know that's torture. I do Kevin I was had an answer because it. You know I don't you know right now what I see is thirteen. That we need to fight through it and and -- through this I guess it's tough stretch. And we did tonight and at the same time we're gonna triangular our guys some rest here moving forward so we can get her second win and we're not only is it -- tonight we just came -- for road trip. You know. On Saturday night -- we practice yesterday. And kept guys a wave it through that whole week was a pretty tough week but it with -- or deems. And that Strachan and travel in between so you know it's cut up to us and I think it. If things a little -- -- will be better. If what -- says is true and have no reason adult that he has an endless finger on the pulse of this team but less concern. As a -- somehow the system breaking down. Or Lucic you know beautiful -- shadow of his former self if this is a matter fatigue they can fix that they can get these guys some time off their -- come after -- I think the correct itself. Does that Revere your first of the NC good morning right. I. I don't. Want a -- I actually. Got a -- to act before. So I don't all that helped. Early given the death camp out of shape. I don't know I don't -- Because he thought they accomplished. It's -- -- -- out of shape it a bunch of guys Roger who were living up to their capabilities not just Lucic. But Lucic is focus and and and somebody points -- it was DJ being the highest -- forward. How is it and we did this couple weeks ago some caller who was on -- that chooses the best player. When we list. Guys would put that of them guys with better drivers like five cents or five or just -- forward alone is three for at least right. So that your highest paid biggest toughest guy. Around for a little. Is under achieving he becomes the focus. That's that's fair and -- you can make more money -- It's -- Those -- Look at -- -- senators this is in outlook. I mean. Obviously more than say the martian. -- little by Harry's in Quincy talking to somebody Terry what's up. I'm -- that. Dislike as they -- a growing. A 48 in I don't like OK well like -- but they did -- -- great hockey or edit catching up. And -- have -- last -- -- -- Go to actors are like a light and birds like a lot like we for a fight well. I think everybody and doubt in the black caught him. I agree I like oh I'm. I doubt he would not I mean regular ballot and I hang up and let them. What would you do Larry would you do what's your solution we believe that we know but the problem -- solution. I can call 08 a now recalled and it it was apparent failure I you know well hairy carry you would be -- the -- or. Because the National Hockey League that extensive extensive research center in terms of what -- liked and they didn't like the hard fought -- -- solution to the problem solution of the game I think I agree I just think we should go to plates cups in a shootout yeah embassy break plates. Cone drills I -- -- the different public just races goalie races. Mascot races about two guys and you do pairs dancing with the dance -- you don't want to take your three favorite skill. Sets from the all star game. And one would be speed around the the rink look at time the two goaltenders that the good that I get him at -- how accurate their goalie fights school -- is good. Every good I think you should have the shoot out but you know put your three best players they pick like when the free -- It's certainly got to -- ago Jeffrey Jack the worst retro shooter. They would pick like the worst players that you know and defenseman. Into the bench defenseman -- to go out there and beat the goal. Or the goalie does the actual shooting a regular player goes net. That's Michael -- -- not at all watch out what video of the scope competitions there's the plates there's the speed. So what else do we do. Jeff thank you ticket to fastest guys in titled what's around the rink that's that's one point two best of three. A country available point -- to -- Italy can win two nothing. You do the plates. Dan -- tiebreaker you're 11 best political fight takes place -- okay I bought like that your amendment. Nothing DJ being points -- the mile and who -- atypical pace on the screen that's probably not go shortened season and arts and but but on a regular season said to be a fourteen game Bergeron makes four point five million hasn't just makes four point two that we -- because before or its wings not not months but still is a high speed four to forty -- want. Four point 25 this year that's like twice what the it is one of -- it was well five point five and Syria took place point five next to next year -- Milan Lucic five point -- that's the Bruins fall wouldn't agree -- we I think fans overeat imports sodas so to keep an ultimatum comfortable. Do you look at him a series of five million -- yeah absolutely not although that hard rush to put the Bruins on. The board last night. Look like the Lucic you're looking for right first time in how many game long time. Fourteen to 1018 games was time that -- -- -- -- our fault lines opened six -- -- have a -- seven -- -- seven you can join us on the AT&T -- 37937. Jobs -- the man who went to Wayne is -- state penitentiary in Pennsylvania to talk to Jerry sandusky will join -- it's a little five. Your phone calls next with the NC.

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