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When will the Celtics pull themselves out of this mini-slump?

Mar 25, 2013|

Michael and Mike discuss the Celtics four game losing streak, and the fact that they might be without Kevin Garnett for 4-5 more games.

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This doesn't get through to rush something. This is them there. The phone signals. Chemists. And guys discover how the -- early to tell me why. Used -- interesting times signatures. -- -- he's about the -- pitching well we're at that -- lots to talk about that time -- now that's what I absolutely confident this mare air might be the most complicated than ever. And that's what makes a good part of that complicated rocketed got to get into proper. I -- -- such a big music particularly after you forgot. What Eric territory complicated relationship yes I think you do. I think it's time for. I think you've you've avoided your whole life. And now is the time for you to jump I've tried with two feet we'll do it together hold your hand rush a little Julian rush colon it's complicated. -- What's happened with the Celtics that complicated now that effort cheesy transition but regardless -- that. -- -- and those -- that you had that one on on the scorecard that's one it's easy transition. The tribe called it's referenced -- promised -- right. Bestseller worth three where it -- it I mean I'm. You're you're war is is up pretty high -- that that I was -- pretty well I -- -- needs something because I've been the ultimate bullish since arriving back in Boston just about a week ago everyone is losing some ignited the Celtics haven't won. Since I got here the Bruins have won once and while one in three it's been a brutal stretch. For the two winter Boston teams since I got by. But the record I think it's a one and one in 719. I looked at the other day it's one of seven its target regardless it's gonna turn around the -- about that's right colorful clothes couldn't shake you up when you -- -- Right he -- you look like you shook up the lines that. It is shaking me in front of the polonium on get out here. Mr. Brad sorcery losses for the Celtics look back now the trade deadline for a helmet -- -- made the right decisions. I I just you know talk I just don't look at it like that. If you tell me that they could have gotten. And a star futures star. Word for word and it's got to be for years because KG there's no way you know. KG was gonna -- victory that it even go to the callers. Now you think he would have said no monetary caps and no he didn't want it but it it it never actually came up as a legitimate thing if it'd come up you think he still says. You know -- it was for KG. It was a campaign. Albeit -- campaign manager behind the scenes or not he had a campaign he started before. What that first rumor got out. About going to Denver. Then they can't campaign season was on and he just kept doing it until the trading deadline was over. Did not wanna leave kept saying I live green I -- green wanna be very green. Love the area loved the fans love my teammates on and on was not going anywhere so what you really have to look at is. Do you like the trade that was on the table for Paul Pierce because if you wanted to smoke out KG so to speak now. And get them out of here. -- it -- like Marchand Brooks in interest Humphrey I don't know anything about marsh on -- I can't tell you I don't even know he has really I mean that's not a name that that jumps out to the casual basketball fan doesn't Joseph doesn't jump out to the Brooklyn that either -- -- buried he had a good -- promising start to his to his -- last year. You people in Providence and on big time Providence College guy. But he fell out of the rotation. Chris Humphries fell out of favor -- not one but two. Coaches not to mention the American people. Well I guess. -- can you really takes sides can you say you know now. We're four car dash I didn't say I -- I thank you city fallen out of favor they've they've both of fallen out of favor that's trying to -- are willing to make that trade probably not. Then there's really no that was the only real legitimate. You know better than I got was a deal that was there that was it that was the only good -- -- the best deal that was the best -- and it's hard and it's hard to -- it's hard to justify any other trade. Possibility is maybe. Sending peers are the three way trade you know end in Josh -- Comes back to the Celtics did so in Josh Smith -- -- centerpiece. -- sign him to a long term deal says part of your future got Smith you've got Rondo you've got Bradley that green it's all those asked in new that's the next Ericsson. All back to the same problem you run into with the with the NBA more than any other league. Is you've got to find the right people to builder on more than an August of -- the quarterback position but short of that I mean you can get away with the wrong running -- -- get away with the wrong corner or whatever as long as you build depth there's there's ways to survive the mistakes elsewhere other the quarterback. In the NBA if you don't have the store if your started if you get Josh Smith to build around and it turns out the Josh Smith. Is not one of the ten or twelve best players in the league. Get a shot. You might as well not even be playing you've got no shot to win unless you've got one of the best in the league. -- and most of the time that's true mean there are all you can only find a few exceptions. In NBA history and in the last few decades let you -- Detroit as well start -- and that's it. And that's the last Twitter dallas' close but it puts his star Emily right played absolutely -- -- a -- an absolute hall of fame player of the dark -- of -- the same way we do some of the other superstar like this but that's probably on us not or should I do their ideal means he's the man. So. Even if you look at a team like Denver this year. So Denver is is the example is the best case scenario or in -- in Africa would -- even more so because of the winning streak that they've had. You know they've had a couple of this year. Nov fifteen gamer and an earlier in the year the Celtics snapped there have been indicted and gamer. The Celtics got to hear you look at Denver and you got to look at -- Gallinari. As one of their great players -- won their bestsellers she's not great. You look at him I mean laws that you could talk about ten -- in which Roger Miller and whichever you're not. And that's fair shot at winning a championship probably not they are shot at winning a championship they might win if you game when a few series but they're not going to win a championship. They're not gonna come out of the -- -- and get it doesn't even if they did it they still analyst for the heat but the problem the problem we have is that. You've got to find a way to get to that incredible league level. The way you did when you traded for Kevin Garnett which is still one of the biggest miracle hail Mary amazing trade. I'd seen Danny Ainge on how we pulled that off but it's fantastic that he did. Was so amazing that happened in the same offseason did you think you got. What are those moves in -- not two but. You're able to trade that pick which became Jeff Green you're able to trade Jeff Green for Ray Allen and and that's why is now that I you're able to get KG was -- you're able to get Garnett has -- that's right -- -- -- -- -- we -- about what one thing we know -- the NBA. Is that talent he gets town once you have talent once you have one of those guys that everybody wants to come play with. You have the ability to go find more of those guys and it pierce and Garnett are no longer than -- I'm asking you whether or not they are. Where else do you find somebody that other superstars want to come play with -- well. At the -- for the Celtics nordic comes down to. You're competing with -- -- a -- question -- competing with teams that have -- big time stars. Like. The clippers -- With Chris Paul that's why the Celtics tournament perspective the pied piper. Okay he he comes here that he's he's able to draw people source Miami for obvious reasons the lakers for obvious reasons that -- The location. And you still have stars are like Kobe. Even that toward the end of his career. What you're doing if you're the Celtics without those stars. You're really relying on your head coach. Who was probably the most popular head coach with players in the league his older player clearly there's a lot of late it'll go to the northeast roster is very rare in the. Need the New York. Maybe may be the right guy would decide you know what I wanna play in New York but it's not warm here as I think we don't know especially in the winter to spring though isn't it -- now -- -- is the first clinical whatever you say here's here's something else -- and I don't know if this is just. Popovic treatment right now the -- is going through. Or if it's just the obvious thing right now. -- -- -- Scale back the minutes as we get closer to the playoffs thirteen fourteen games left in the regular season. It doesn't matter I don't care about the seating the positioning -- my guys fresh for the playoffs. War. Are they truly just breaking down is it just an age thing with with KG now KG out possibly for four or five games. Paul Pierce who has been out of who has missed a couple of games. Who's been arrested for a couple of games and we've heard about the pinched nerve. Jason Terry has lived in the same consistently all year is it because of his age. In the late start to go when you're shooting guard especially -- to shooting guard. Is that was happening to the Celtics or are they resting up for -- -- the big question. And it's when you always ask in the NBA where taking nights off or even taking weeks off is not out of the question -- it happens all the time there's a fine line. You can't turning to Andrew Bynum were you start off take a few days off and the next thing you know. You've taken the entire season off had double knee surgery to finish this thing out. But I agree I mean that within 82 game season that's that's what. Dirty games too long. I -- an ideal world where money didn't matter along with the NBC's in the fifty games blasters 60s66. Games OK so let's say sixteen to twenty games too long and you know and I think that's the case in all the sports that's different discussion probably true although I like what I like Jeffrey bubble now. It's ever football baseball is meant to be played over want to hear it and I like it -- -- old school knock -- down by eight to tape -- said -- would wants it before it went cold when you're in the play offs in the World Series a -- But but basketball I think more than any other these guys have to take nights off. They allow their specially PH that the Celtics have guys and the stars and they go out -- play on a percent every night. There is no way they have anything left a couple of I no problems with what Popovich gave earlier in the year zero. What do you know you may have a problem with them on this bears watching you might think I'm crazy on this. The Miami Heat and one was it now 26 it's ridiculous streak they have going imminent so damn good and you hate to give credit to do so. They've won 26 straight and win number 31. Would be if they get that point that would be a game against San Antonio. I'm telling don't count on the regular -- into the San Antonio Spurs. In that game would be shocked Popovich says Angela. The Miami Heat had this historic streak going. I'm not I'm not coaching against a streak I'm trying to get my team ready should -- right and maybe what you care about the bury those guys played 45 minutes maybe one of them. At all you know what in his view you can have the streak but if I go win the the championship and you don't who really don't care what -- -- -- during the regular season it's the NBA regular season doesn't mean anything. It -- immediately pull. In the words of the great Jim Mora senior. Done done policy that's going to Italy -- to why I like which of course it does immediately -- -- -- -- like all right. Like the truck across thank you stickers that -- -- then answer me this the voice of god appears to have spoken this morning and made his determination. On the future of the Red Sox is that the right one that's axle and -- WEEI.

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