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Claude Julien lays down the law: changes lines, doesn't feel need to explain it

Mar 25, 2013|

After a disappointing performance in Toronto, Claude Julien has shaken up the Bruins lines. When asked to comment, Julien basically told the assembled media that he's the coach, he'll do what he sees fit. He also bailed out Milan Lucic, and said Looch is far from the only problem. We discuss.

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-- can do whatever the heck he wants. A lot better answer whatever wants amid averages were those answers -- So why Jamaica -- what Rick the switch because I can't code is so confident right now. Look this is John humidity on the voice of god at the quote it's just playing got to do whatever the heck out that's -- I'll do whatever from the coach. And I I totally agree the eight he's writing does have the right to do this whenever Bernanke once but beyond that. He's trying everything before you just a matter meanwhile Lucic trade and get rid of them. I don't have a try another way to motivate him make Eagles over the third line tonight if you missed it over the weekend that it can happen reshuffling in the lines that leads to him dropping down to a third line position. With hiding moving up to a second line to play with Bergeron. And with say again and then marsh and moving up to the first line to replace -- -- If this motivates -- Michael. And he goes out there in his rushing dudes and quarters and it and is playing that big locomotive game that it makes him so effective -- Pete does all those things does it for the next couple days and is a a huge. Positive for this team instead of the the desire to -- the object of -- for everybody operator. Will them what the heck can you wanna trade him for when your back to having -- 24 year old star. Who who does for your team what you need him to do -- let me ask you are lower civil war or you know about this. If we had mentioned this last week because we were talking about different guy -- similar move Nathan Horton Nathan -- it was before the Toronto games I hadn't seen the just how -- or check the whole team looked. I don't know that I want Milan Lucic on the third line for the rest of the year that is not the best use of that resource for me I don't know -- I don't know I don't think it is. Think that this is why -- like this move from -- first I have been telling you guys all year I loved that quote it is means what he says says what he means calls people out and they week. He attaches a specific names -- with the two specific situations. Whether it's Tuukka. -- changed. Earlier about the third line called out pork and everybody else in the work with put on waivers that's 120. The criticism of globe in the past has been that he has been too attached to his system he will not switch it up while he's switching it up here. And this opened that up. If if you're afraid of getting. Jerome again because you're not sure where he fits in cloud system don't worry about -- -- don't worry you know -- because he will do anything it's beyond that. You mean Michael this is looking at co Ed Ed -- at this team and saying it's a bad market out there to acquire talent right if we wanna go acquired -- McGinley it's going to be really hard to do so because so many team thinks there and we talked about the threat that our prices sky high. So before we making drastic move and give up a lot of resources in order to go get this guy. Let's make sure we've tried everything under the sun to get our product as it currently stands turned around spend everything that you could spend on a gamma. Why not shuffled line except why not try to motivate you got. -- you don't have to. You don't have to what I don't I don't count teams always it always in its mark. If your team you say well this is what is gonna take it's gonna -- when you're young players gonna take heart dropped it is gonna pick somebody from your roster but Jarome Iginla god bless him. Just help the blog that the Boston Bruins by saying when I go to fourteen absolute one of those teams is out of it acquired two players in the last two days. So the Bruins are one of three teams of Calgary is motivated to trade to rob again -- or not. But there's -- depression tied because they don't want to trade a player that -- -- -- free agent he's a great player. Like 82 games the last five consecutive years. Durable even at the age of 35 but I think I'm sorry what it's not gonna trade -- but don't tell our fans. What the price is and we know nobody we don't you are but if you're the brutal war but collectively -- Or the flip side -- They're they're setting the bar high they're saying it but in actuality. -- -- limited market data that has happened -- -- they're open themselves even more if if if if this helps them get back on track and there are no longer desperate to make a move. Doesn't that also help their bargaining position. What you whether you're in trouble when -- desperate team house to make a move. Because your team's not playing well enough that these and you get that's when you get stretched out right that's another team has you by the short -- and says hey. -- validity to power forward not me man. -- am -- -- which isn't playing well but if you want -- again this is what can cost if you don't want to deal with your team it's not very good right now. But it once your team starts playing well once Dellucci to get back into the -- does he supposed to do. And they go back and forth Calgary Calgary says well do you want overnights at what we want we're told her yet probably don't need him after after that Lucic is actually well. And again I'll keep coming back to this grab some calls in just a minute. Michael is 24 usable. I did I get it it is not a swap of again offer for -- to not just talking about it would. What type of thing it would make -- -- but did you see everybody who was ranting and raving wanted to get rid of which each. All throughout this weekend that's the most -- is it just emotional emotional of course I hope it's just demotion because it 241. Year older than Jackie Bradley junior. Doesn't seem that the time to be giving up on the I realized I can't. Because it -- That. Religious -- -- Julianne this morning Michael. As he. As he's continually asked about Lucci continually asked about changing up the lines because of the stories twin stories for the Bruins and on change of the lines. You heard his answer he -- it -- reiterated I did it because I -- but. Be there you could see the smile on a space just this huge Cheshire cat smile and talking about it how do you read into that. He's probably. Amused that. He just said what he says what he meant and that is getting a great reaction from people but. He's not ready to give up on the player he's probably been busted about it by his players. What he's not willing to go as far as everybody else's. It's it's pretty I'd like about -- I think he sees what the problems are with the team. But he's not overreacting to anything. And I don't think the players get the sense that he's gonna go out and or or go to management and say I give this guy out here. You know he's not performing theology is not performing and nor should it is probably probably talked to him about it but does he want the -- -- the team I don't think so. On intact and in fact Michael when asked about Lucic today two or three times reporters tried to pin among Lucci to why was he the one to be moved down he was not taken habit. -- -- -- -- That's pretty simple when you don't play well you know -- guys just when I don't know one line. Political team right now I don't know one individualism local team. And we had better. Right now there is a lot of guys found each that is not Christie is not. Burn your -- and this whole team has to be better. Are no we had we had -- -- last that was a direct question of -- jealousy and he just kind of just now on the Internet Buddy Guy and I'm not looking to trade him on the -- gonna get rid of any mention other guys -- -- I just want everybody to play better in this may help all of them play better like that we had Jack -- on last. And Jack -- -- got your attention by uttering the phrase or Duchscherer. So maybe bridge here is not the way he wanted to put. -- here is not. Is that not quite the phrase because bridge year you think about eight team that's not quite prepared and have the talent or something is missing from that team you look at the Bruins team. Other that there two years removed from winning a championship so nobody out here. Look at this team is as they have no chance. Of winning another title. But maybe what it is with the Bruins maybe there at their front office in their management -- front office and ownership Le Petit and said. -- this is an unusual season 48 game season. Of the lockout went much longer than any of us expect we weren't able to. Put our fingerprints on this team the way we thought we would weren't able to train the way we thought we would some players kind of relax a better phrase that got away from us we wanted to have them. Right in front of -- not playing overseas. 443 weeks. Two months. And so if not this season. This season may not turn out the way we wanted to just because we never quite got to handle. I get that but there wide at its start off so well. Like I don't think that's a crazy says it's not a crazy suggestion but that's the case why did start off as well as it did. And that's the frustrating thing for me but the Bruins right now is. It's not just that they dropped a couple games in a row looked dead against Winnipeg didn't really look all that good in the win over Ottawa ought to walk. And I don't know I looked awful. On Saturday night against Toronto. It's not just that those three things happened is that those three things happened on the heels. Of a team that came out like gangbusters all right Jack Anderson edit the haven't scored five goals in the single game but that's not who they are there they don't have snipers the Bruins haven't had a true goal scoring sniper -- him nearly retired back up. The bad guys who can score goals are guys who look like they might develop into it to come out of the year scoring really feared score they really haven't had that. Since -- in the Glen Murray a guess at times looks sort of like that -- -- was supposed to develop and what he wasn't they have not had that since Neil. And they they showed two years ago they don't need that in order to win in this system with the right defenders with with that -- with a perennial Norris trophy candidate. In -- Chara -- with -- guys like Lucci took an important who can create space and two way players like Patrice Bergeron they don't need to half. The sniper in order to. What they don't need to have a sniper but and this is part of the reason for the shake up with -- right now -- we'll see. -- what happens tonight vs that the Maple Leafs and play him again that you should play the Maple -- extremely well and Phil Kessel is usually not a factor against his former team. But the reason they shake up is happening of the guys that they do have they count for scoring are getting it done Marchand and up to great start this year this year. He's slumping a bit of -- talked about Milan Lucic on Nathan Horton another disappearing act for him. Q and then the third line guys -- gets hurt Beverly has not don't would you expect the Bruins are not supposed to get a fifty goal effort from anybody obviously not shorten your you know what I mean. What they are supposed to get our bunching guys who can score. Eighteen to 25 goals and have a balanced scoring attack and to me that's white cloud workload. Rips the entire team not just me La Lucci what. If they don't have that so those guys don't get it going those guys do get ago so they come out of the slump. What we what was what we've identified. Is the team that still needs. An extra scoring -- And that's why I'm so intrigued by again and -- called a BS I Calgary that is not the price form. It's like you that you go to the store in your waiting for the price to come down on the Coca compact Tamar. It's if you -- that thing by 20/20 5%. Believed Calgary. Don't believe that they are asking. That for an unrestricted free agent only texture to them no I know you said it's only for now have a three but it only take a bidding war between two teams yeah drive that price what two teams. What do routine -- as the kings in the -- I don't think so why not. He's not receive -- free agent next year. And there's no way you would give up and less and less and it just isn't there. You've got assurances. McGinley as agent. That now is gonna come. It got to waive his no trade agreement that to come to your team he's got -- sign review. Forward to with for years going forward and I got a possible -- let that -- why would not be a possibility guess what if if that's the case Scott -- intelligent. I would go I give them two out of three what they were looking for Republican for top prospect -- if -- -- looking -- -- -- -- -- are very. A -- in three out of three unless unless. There's a crime under the contract agreement makes seven million dollars this year and I know -- 35. But you look at the durability. Of -- again and just look at the ears that guy -- talking about you talk until it was -- diaper -- the guy. At this text message eighteen -- like come on salt for seven straight seven point seasons after he left not a slouch. Didn't say wasn't very good offensive players that he wasn't a sniper points at Le point both goals in a sense that you are either very he's a great sediment. He sets people up I didn't think he's ever gonna develop and their players here and I think they made the right move and ultimately winning the cup. While Thornton has zero -- I think I think that that proof that. Points and are not really a -- out there right now. They made the they were great when in the cup but that trade had nothing to do when and that it absolutely had something to do with winning. -- whom they get so tired that it didn't matter you got that they needed to start over I think we need to do that we need to do the anatomy of of that and -- I doubt it's not you are not about the players it's it's the -- it. When Roger Clemens left Boston he wasn't traded for Pedro Martinez right right Roger Clemens left than they brought -- Pedro Martinez. The same thing is true that Joseph Thornton wasn't just that they need to get Marco Sturm Brad Stuart. That was and don't -- -- ticket or pray about -- part of I decided they needed to clear the captaincy they needed to clear away the best player to bring in a new captain to bring in a new regime that did not have Joseph Thornton at the top I'll stand by -- it was a great. They were the only team you realize the only team. In the history of major professional sports not just talking. Only to the history -- make a professional sport -- raid a guy. -- trade and MVP in season you know that's never happened still the right mortgage -- the guy he's the MVP of the league the savior it's never happened in season. They needed to do it -- I don't know I had to do it don't know rebuild with the right guy at the top. They needed to have that had alpha dog at the top and I don't think they have the money to make people Morton in char. They needed to clear out the Orton and his whole gang with -- and Marie and Nick Boynton Andrew -- croft has all four of them were boys hanging out together are covering the team. I mean I -- those guys were a problem together they were click. And in order to bring in a whole new group you needed to clear out the guy at the top I'll stand by now and forever. You like the -- again in another matter what -- a pleasant about who you got back it was about what you were able to bring back in and they signs and a -- and next off season maybe was one later. And he'd be Charlie your leader hard right. Out of our leaders surely there was an upgrade because you you cleared the space to bring those guys in now I don't think if you were to get rid of meanwhile Lucic now if you were to get rid of an -- report now although I guess that's a different conversation. I don't think you you do the same thing by treating a 24 year old kid with a Honda. A heart of upside in front of him and again that's right make comparison with him and Jackie Bradley junior. 2324. Years old one kid we wanna coddle and protect the other guy we wanna run -- run at -- -- let me ask. -- it's a fair point though it is something that Jackie Bradley can look forward to. When he comes to when he eventually makes the Boston because everybody. Out here in New York. Everybody who plays for the Red Sox or in this town that should make a Red Sox stories just of a professional sports story in Boston. There there's some -- there's some excitement about you you're fresh you're the new thing and eventually we find something Q to bitch about -- you. And it happened with Dustin Pedroia last year it happened Jacoby Ellsbury in 2000 -- -- come back -- and up from the broken -- apple would Nomar happily and wherever it is so. It's not happening with Jackie Bradley right. Now yet -- a couple of -- fine. And I don't mind is bitching and your bitch about about a mile Lucci to lack of scoring lack of production lack of grit lack of ability to go in front of the net by no means column folks. -- a guy out I got no problems all the guys out. But there's a huge difference between saying I'm not that this guy and I want him to play better and saying I'm mad at him and I wanna run -- at -- because it 24 years old. He still has so much grown up to. 61777979837. Turn over you guys teams and so dark side I tip. Hey guys how's it going was a man just just a -- perspective -- get a two part question because I want a -- truthful person -- at a Seattle. The just a little different perspective that I have on this Bradley's situation I've been listening to story opportunities now well number eight goals. In -- Internet don't hear I haven't heard anybody really comment on is we're management's thinking. In order ships thinking yes. Buddy young man and we -- you want him. What part of his career depending on the individual. You want him -- big money I mean let's face it you. You don't get. You don't get if you don't get your opportunities. You can't prove yourself in in to meet. I would think. The earliest years of these young men. It's a time you want amount or when they're hungry -- I understand the little analogy you know one of Russia. They have to be ready if they're not ready for a number of different reasons I might not be aware. But my god beat dual sport -- pick -- where they actually push this a little bit. It certainly basketball. Possibly hockey. Between pro football and baseball. I think there's a lot of value lost in the young man's career. So. I guess my question is alternate arms that the value Bradley could be. On -- trying to earn a big contract I mean. Lot well don't think we're there yet Tim. Don't count the contract we're due for Jackie Bradley down the road not -- -- -- -- the all the we're Bradley debate is that Michael we're talking about it twenty days. No one is saying I don't want this -- in the big league club this year he's not ready he has an -- were literally talking about you -- -- April 1 or whatever week from today is when they start the regular season a week from today by four or 41 -- up by the end of April maybe. Maybe we are seeing that -- I think we all assume. That he's gonna go to AAA. He's gonna continue to -- like he has in spring training. And then he difficult in the major leagues would he get his in his first 75 at -- an idea bet on AAA he hits two for 215. 235. Analysts -- short sample size the source spring training. It really comes to -- had three training he didn't 400 something so we say he's got to be up. So do we continue to feel that way he shouldn't hit and 235. AAA now that's what he shortly. Nor do we feel the way these -- if you can send him down if he's doing that at the big league level -- let's see what he can do -- as it occasionally we'll have elected to start the season -- I got a reason why don't wanna -- AAA I don't I'd rather -- NCAA. -- -- in the pros will tell you about that here in a moment plus calls on both of these subjects. One kids 23 years old we wanna protect him Milan Lucic is 24 years old and people wanna run about a talent he's not mature enough. I don't get it 61777. On 7937. Soccer hall at W yet.

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