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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 03/25/13

Mar 25, 2013|

Nascar fights are fun. Yankees fans, not so much.

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Mean it's so rude I can't believe that sets so goddamn. Games now this is around. You are friends. -- -- In -- unfortunately all good things come to an end -- -- job with songs can holly I have. And under the influence. OK okay all the mounds view high right now you guys. Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't Clark. I go to. A floor for birth certificate in down and Mike Dunn you have a problem turn off his nation. Along with -- cannot. Answer the question -- cared about 1015 minutes any question text it HTT -- like 37. 937. For so Mike -- brought you by AT&T. WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought you by eighteenth -- AT&T is the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins for the most four G coverage. In new England and when we got that. Talk about -- like that line. It shouldn't have to worry it -- -- -- breaks out. And you see any yeah Tony Stewart and -- O'Donnell. And they aren't always going at a NASCAR lately bush history as an 02 bullet -- -- took over the number twenty car the Tonys. -- -- -- I like NASCAR but I'm not sure I could call myself like -- knowledgeable man well you knew that I came to change tires on the last -- and understand what they're doing. What is the wash -- enough to allow I have fun. A time. Because. A. -- -- -- -- -- -- To take that back pay only car I've been on -- don't -- -- -- White House. Don't hurt racing in 1990. Little closing probably -- Picked up the -- -- how the -- up that. And just how much would you bet that the first two calls of Mike -- today it would we're not NASCAR as far as I'm shocked by the the bigger upset of Florida gulf go out there -- bigger upset. If we have a third. Referring to NASCAR. Well let me get this straight right. And minority Ali that the debt. -- -- -- -- I had a diplomatic history book correctly. But it -- polio. But -- -- do holly that that this team isn't purple let me remind you. It is the -- -- do get the scratched out of the key invented holy hope not back. Taxing the deal with curable but this is like a great grandfather grew. That's probably closer than he does it like granola and all around great grandfather sport does. Does that give accounts accounts aren't I'll take it a beginning of the smarts much. I always thought yes might help my. But it doesn't stop anybody that goes through the but there are commercial but don't nobody -- the personality that's -- Only born though that is I think so that's our board Leo and Kate Dominic from where I park. And our dominance from but he he got he was offended when -- cities -- -- on your US Curb Your Enthusiasm. Now and what you and what's not so much off shocked this the unsteady camera makes me nauseous. It's about the fact Butler Davidson. And in the solution. Watch it to Dodgers don't want that it can watch it and small though aren't I can -- get through like two offices for an Indian lives of surprisingly similar tastes rush. And no -- in this a couple of others know her Family Guy right now Seth MacFarlane we're not that big and and any pressure or some some takes. -- Eight ball. I admit that I didn't cut back I admit I didn't get the benefit of the doubt but rice is the greatest rock band ever. -- -- -- -- Earlier sent letters this is as the confession hey. I'd -- your chair now I get -- now what drives that felt pretty bold statement. Now if you say they are underrated man. -- their top ten top fifteen band. I think I think you'd have some support that you did your -- band is the greatest and well I'll really tall order of greatest of all -- Hi there my favorite band that makes them the greatest to me okay. And you have to agree with me on that I don't expect you know. Ultimate. I don't expect everybody to come together is no no agreement there. But they're my favorite but the band that may come together Beatles. Might. Might have some something to say about being the -- of all of that. Got good. -- the I would use. -- -- If it can happen. There are no words that were belittle -- high minded review itself though. Everybody here we raise the bar on this and listen to it happened right. Listen to that names signatures. There's no complete bust out thirteen four times they don't you all allocated that doesn't get you gone -- Detectives visas -- case right read most of the electoral music out there where every musician. Worth something I have to say that Russia is great. If your position you can't say that. -- I'd be pretty surprised that any real musician that. And it sure is considered the best for visible on all these guys are considered to be at or near the top of their respective it can't. There's never been a collection of talent ones and Michael -- Michael let's just leave them be. We'll take Pearl Jam over here Russia over there -- real musician how about that album and how proud are glad that aren't a lot of subjective ultimately -- -- -- and tons of money it would do believe those -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My fault I checked my WEP guys on board. I think we thought I thought name stop the debate. Then it'd -- pretty good go. Just pick it up to get these guys to get a -- It's an -- look pretty good profile would it would happen. Openings open it's better than it from all. Yeah. -- a -- have a problem with the foxy lady announced just leaving the foxy lady was a problem so why not just get a driver. Go to the fluctuating a lot of time. And -- into -- family's not here yet and you've been that popular yet have you gotten around town never to the fox Italy where the president's right. To access to the Boston residents told me. It's a province ride takes about 1243 and a half minutes to get there it is there you go a lot about the -- there. Think you have been. Yeah I don't know that it probably has got an -- a -- about it I was always -- -- that I don't. You know it's a bit of what -- -- -- the global I'll always probably a bit what bed together. It. So I don't know if you get the reference series you're being called a no go. And I know it. No it isn't perfect that's a perfect description says Lou Louis is that knowing all too and you and Lou. Don't know what I'd give them -- wrong about everything but I do my best looking at what -- -- -- it -- -- isn't it now got according to Alexa played the game he's got that right. They expect. Hey heck I am expecting Padilla you know you're up you know. There is some -- I think Erica. I thought would give America when he played poor science -- And I thought we Jackie Bradley when he played for the Hyannis -- And it would be great progress but I I would like everybody in the big tactic that. -- -- -- You're. Our big guys six it did hit in the gut. So first very cat and now Bradley yes Anderson this -- -- kids. -- want to measure. This -- -- together. It. -- -- -- -- -- And you think -- the name Jackie gives them a little bit at our does it does get that that -- Jackie and that and that name just means so much in base right that it just gives them a little extra -- can only -- we. To a petition the league and have Wear number 42 as well is that as good luck with a hat and no pressure there right. And now batting. Opening days. But -- -- Bill decades -- certain days Aaron Bartley -- Bradley. -- But to take bonds out you're close to fake bombs out of that whole thing and they got something that -- -- -- the but Perry's now what I asked if I hear -- is going to be the tee again -- -- up for. If you wanted to candidate. Red Sox being -- it accurate turkeys. And -- US all the bells they must so what Henry -- -- on there right there were more. That was another thing. Three guys BA guys for -- report. Oh -- so Greinke who. -- getting here. I think about it. Yeah I had that thought the same way that -- of the greatest thing I read. And that's the end of his client did not even got to make the playoffs OK and I can make and yet Bradley. You'd think that was captain well it's been hit a -- He's got a bad mistake. -- not going to be that good he's going to be about that that helped map he's gonna hit a home -- and the rest probably that I could have -- up but opening day. And pac ten people. And get them. We do good but -- And come down. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I thought -- noticed I thought he might -- -- -- this yet so -- open. Your whole teams on the disabled list what he thought clothing and Vernon Wells and they're spending more money to get it. One of the -- -- says there -- -- you just give you used immediately to the rest of that -- assume they have no idea what they're talking about what the fact that she's called the -- -- the net against -- I think we know where she's coming that's might dump its power by eighteenth -- the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins of the most or G coverage. In New England before we do it the question -- -- couple minutes Michael -- and -- as. Any question eighteen detects -- 37937. Any question Bruins get back to it tonight now the juggled lines we talked on about -- each. The other two guys who get sort of maneuvered around -- up to the second line martian now plays for the first line that it's it's a it's a risk for club. Yeah it's a risk for called but I think this thing if it worked tonight in my prediction is that will. And that does give code a lot of credibility I mean everybody's saying. He's. Will not everybody's within a couple of callers today's. It -- -- -- he's not really going after the real problem. He's protecting certain guys it's easier easy to column -- and so the spotlight is on him. But the spotlight also won the guy who made the moves. The move backfires. It makes public but that's right if the went back tires then they really need to go make a -- right but if it turns out. It turned out to be a pretty good thing. -- gives code a -- warned not to -- had to do something Michael he had to do something so credit to him he saw the situation he made a determination on what he wanted to do and now we -- by Disney to explain it to anybody we'll find out tonight whether or not it works it's the question -- next rockaholic WEEI.

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