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Kevin Garnett to miss 4-5 games due to ankle injury

Mar 25, 2013|

Doc Rivers said at Monday morning's Celtics practice that KG will miss some time due to an ankle injury. Mut and Merloni react.

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Kevin I think we'll know more. Later. I would say doubtful for tomorrow. A little more -- the that is just didn't. Didn't think it would -- I don't think -- -- -- play tomorrow. I'm almost positive -- But there and what we want a marriage jurors. That is going to be good so. Doc Rivers earlier today talking about Kevin Garnett it's not -- 937. WEEI. A last minute things Saturday afternoon you find out the cage he's not gonna play injured left foot. Happening at the mavericks was not gonna play against the Memphis Grizzlies. Sit back to Boston for MRI and rivers talked about it. Fortify games is the likelihood of games missed for Kevin Garnett but as you heard there. I can't get the results back until this afternoon so he says it's nothing too crazy. We'll know more later on today. It is spelled out we've lost Rondo he'll -- sellinger. And you wash your boy Barbosa. A year so little injury wiggle -- with this team if Garnett -- to miss any significant amount of time. I'm not just the regular season but if you got to the playoffs and not the same guy. And that idea of they can beat any team but the heat and I hammered that point. Goes out the window in the KG 100% -- close to it and disaffection from the playoffs. I I don't pay gaining outside of a first round -- first round win our first round scare some team. Is real confident if yourself -- fan of cage he's effective long. Yeah -- on -- -- through good about it you know isn't near as at the time of year where it's nothing serious that he could use for five games often. Gotta give back into the last week 1010 days and feel better about it okay. But is this open itself for five days off and and play the rest a year banged up nicked up not a percent I mean they need. Kevin Garnett in the -- Paul Pierce at a 100% this is something we talked about. During the year we know earlier when Rondo went down it was you know they can still win without on the go off that 70 start without him. And what do they since 910 right around there under a 500 united tense since that 70 start and said well. A -- for awhile -- guys pick it up and he played a very high level and after Weis or missed the superstar. And we also you know guys that pierce and Garnett hurt banged up maybe get a -- they're all economic. -- the one bright along -- these things can be helped the whole time. That's the question of how long it is this -- by -- skip back do you find that's fine no big deal. But I still have a certain feeling about this -- how -- they can go anyways of cages unable the player not a 100% but a must assure anybody that feels good about our guy Scott. On Twitter contribute TW EEI some worried about cagey -- 2009. Shack in 2011 Leon post -- on and on. They have suffered some pretty big injuries that affected and down the stretch and it just guessing at this point that we all admit that Kevin Garnett defensively -- the key to this can anybody. It's about KG on defense you know it's about his intensity about him. Setting up the guys around him you know it's it's given them confidence that you know -- he's gonna be their pick and roll -- he's going to be their pick and -- -- he's going to be their. On the help side. He's not parity up with a guys them in this roster forget about it just the way it is quite frankly. With thirteen games to go. -- feel great about this in terms of the big picture between now on the in the regular season. I am absolutely hammered the idea that they can make a run into that top for the Eastern Conference. I think that now goes out the window of the ramifications of a KG injuries sip today. You won nineteen games back of Miami and currently in seventh place. You're two games up on the walking who's not gonna let you get that eighth spot apparently these people lose in with -- that's helped out the other what it's at seven in nine now division four and six of their last ten they have what. Milwaukee's lost three in a row you've lost for a so they want a candidate at 21 nobody else -- a factor. Celtics two games up. They're two games back of Chicago. Was -- Derrick Rose news coming this week. They are now two and a half back of Atlanta. They are four and a half back my math is right a Brooklyn. That's get up to four. -- Kevin Garnett gonna miss four to six games. They did it feel pretty locked enemy to six or seven now all of a sudden right. I mean I can't see them make any sort Iran if you're -- you're two games back to Chicago. I don't see them moving up you know losing KG for awhile not at all how bush -- When walking -- continued to -- Games don't you look at their. The sell the schemes coming up get a couple of the knicks in -- the game with the hawks. And get Cleveland a couple times you get Detroit to mean Washington Minnesota. So I had the schedules not. Not overly difficult -- a Miami and Indian in Indiana last best week of the season or so but. You know we've already seen -- I mean that's the -- lost four straight and lost the hornets. Lost to Charlotte I mean. Couple of game site that already this year Dallas teammate Robert -- abuse who like to see a better effort from team that struggled a little bit so. The mean now that seven spots in jeopardy let's see what happens in Milwaukee you don't play Milwaukee and rest of the year but that team continues to loosen. There's a very good chance they can be that number eight C still the to make the playoffs. But it's not what you wanna -- The eight that are currently in the eight the Caribbean in Philadelphia losing any shot and injured by and they are seven games back in Milwaukee -- not gonna get a sniff. Do you know it's going to be it's a matter of you know what order and if you're the Celtics. There are worse things to be the six or seven seed and avoiding Miami if you're if you're KG held at the way it matters. Avoiding Miami into the Eastern Conference final now without KG a much of the B New York or Indiana where they play in that first round. The the the weekend itself go back to Wednesday it was say it was brutal was brutal as a Celtic fan. Because and let that wants to play against the hornets I felt like the air was taken out of the tire trip. And they went to Dallas a team that's nine a playoff team right now they are what -- games back with the eight spot. They beat two pretty good on Friday night into Saturday go to Memphis vote KG. It's -- L city and its Terrence Williams in your guide Jordan Crawford. Lee -- what a 21 a four run to make a respectable. Perfect game for Jordan Crawford but they -- can blow out of money here and go praising its shot perfect game for him is used in Washington. But it's aggregate Greg you want to spark among their do you thing -- a great -- it. It's when it's when he won four and that's not -- looking for -- In playoff type atmosphere like you got the other night not not -- And it just. It was brutal from there of the entire stretch and and I hope for now. I hope now the people that called in. It's of their better team without Rajon Rondo. I didn't pulls the -- Africa I were done get most phone calls the rest the which is the only positive of the streak for the Celtics. Because for awhile -- you talked about this would -- all related back to baseball for second. US Pedroia for two weeks was very tech for a couple weeks and that a couple Summers ago late in the year are fine. And Victor goes down a whole thing falls apart and -- can't account for that many losses. With this team Rondo what he does for their offense is just so big. Then all along all were going to be better. You might be close to a slight. Facsimile of what you war we were gonna be a better team without Rajon Rondo I think this stretch there on since the six and 07 at all Ron that's kind of and Ibekwe. That I was in a -- ball you know take care of the ball league games it's just you know. KG is out who's gonna step up we still had Rondo can step up giving that big game Paul Pierce is nicked up who can step up. Rondell we KG goes -- steps up you know Woolsey PG goes down Jeff Green usually does so you know maybe steps appear next 45 days. -- games whatever it is. But the long -- -- season. Now all that talk about it you know and no trade deadline stuff you know aid on the give this team another chance we talked about all the injuries haven't really kicked in yet you know balls not to be 100% he was nurses of things back and KG wasn't injured yet. You know just the idea that what this team was capable of I don't ever traded up then and only they'd look good for awhile but you had the figures could be. Some injuries along the way us sports Sunday last than on Comcast Cedric Maxwell on there he gets inside on. What he saw after the game from Kevin Garnett -- you worry about KG. Net and what's the global concern their backs -- -- time well I think -- losses and we think about what Kevin Garnett did was essentially right heard this but they're doing doing it in -- I wanted to see exactly what's going on with it. Last night got on the bus to -- recount limping in so. I was very concerned right now look at him last night. You cannot talk about that boat in limping in and maxis and very concerning max's. He's not always plaza about them but I don't think he just says stuff to say it when he says I'm very concerned about KG. I Dirk can be very concerned your -- today saying we don't think it's -- scary but can be fortified games. And I got to take a look at that and yet to be continued on how effects that injury. Home Friday NC Jason Terry Oliver ESP and for what he -- on our show. That's pretty good how can text all over -- but there's Jason Terry's interviews all over ESPN and ESP. I called -- could some of my he'd been nice so. I mean -- and Terry is a good I had never been what they eat they eat -- velocity it was a pretty clutch guy let's face. He's the man -- -- -- It is that is that sports is not keep out buddy that close and a piece that was outrageous. And -- a broad public -- -- conversation. I don't don't use the idea of prayer and now you're you're at the opera about like your play your sex and there won't apply to since that since that epic into dynamic at all. LA has asserted that he's did its. I mean LeBron was the one that spoke on the first about it right correct. When people asked about it and he kind of symbols -- talks like trash hosted its own Jason Terry disorder responded. What are your LeBron said. And it -- -- and -- do about apple brought back because he's on fire and then Jason Terry and the sixth man on an average data. Think anybody on that Jason Terry pigs on the even playing field LeBron James don't think anybody does or as. Well he could say that the added veteran he's underground -- He talks trash it's okay it's Toledo. What he does. You can hide it voice are you not as good as somebody can't talk trash at the rule now you got to decide by. White panel that in my hand the hall of fame track the bronze on. -- bring up all this hate to those two going back through. The heat. Mass finals couple years ago before O'Brien got there thank. We Dwyane Wade and company I thought brat that -- was great prize was there was so much senior LeBron. Always always not not not even LeBron. Know personally. Is just that my MDC is that the red and black maybe I hate that color. Just -- -- like an old. How old Odyssey you say not about LeBron go back to those MBA -- there are some great stories about -- talk to those players and you'll LeBron go back and fort don't act like it's not about LeBron Jason Terry. What do material like if it goes back to all -- -- -- an -- matter who -- Miami Heat uniform but not chip let's just be. You're up 20 they come back -- four straight games and that you know look the NBA finals so abroad and here it's bigger than matchup looking. -- it is about the -- organization. And I eat breakfast will not play football league certainly down in the it BA -- 2011 and he couldn't get the job. And great stuff -- -- missed that Jason Terry on demand. It WEEI dot com Steve -- -- just weeded out inside a minute that the bottom line from Danny Ainge and Kevin Garnett as the injury is not serious. Sell this one given time to get ready for the post seasons maybe we see him. -- bunch of games between now on the playoff might be interest and Odyssey of the tree Kevin Garnett quick break we'll come back recap over under its offer Friday show and talk about the story the weekend. And the early favorite for sports story of the year 2013. As Florida Gulf Coast don't go anywhere.

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