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Julien switches up lines, Lucic drops to the third line

Mar 25, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss Claude Julien's decision to switch up all four of the Bruins lines.

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-- who lost that game three to. Down three zip Dennis Seidenberg got a goal on a -- Boston when it with the the six on five they get 32 situation couldn't quite close the deal. A night. The Bruins were stale I mean they had a ton of shots on net but I wouldn't call them necessarily great scoring opportunities they outscored -- -- -- big time in that game. But there were a ton of turnovers again there -- these lapses and there was just this feeling of something's got to change that's how I felt watching that game is good -- was an effort -- only feeling was a -- this is gonna. Facilitate more trade talk this can facilitate -- and give -- Boston this is going to mean something for the Bruins. Well turns out it did graduation of a practice yesterday search -- and things around. He moved -- cheats down of the third line he's got high EA on a second line Brad Marchand is now skating with David creature Nathan Horton the first line. I gotta tell you I love I love that Claude is willing did recognize that we scored six goals in four games. We are struggling offensively to find any sort of rhythm. And I've got to get my guys playing the best playing together and Daniel Pipes think what you want about as a player he is -- like top six forward on this current Bruins team. He's a top six -- given his effort and a speed. And Hughes out of his -- but just get after it -- he has that right now. It is there's deployment -- six grouping and meanwhile Lucci to defend a big kind of start the year the wee ball it. Like crap and there's got to be a message sent there and Claude sensed that but drop and a third line elevate part of our -- I don't question the messages sent you -- -- with a healthy scratch. Talk about the next day you know army do you go that far Google that drastic and make me Dellucci to help the stress to alone reading go there -- -- do -- struck down a third line. And the messages sent. Period I mean. With all the talk of -- going into that game on Saturday. That that was one of the worst games he's played all year with some eyes on him because he's been talked about recently about how we played turnovers. A man with a fifteen games now without a goal at that he said. Three shots -- thing. From him now I think is in general I think the team is just. Hitting that lol you know we talked appear about a -- LB about it you know where we are right now in March is kind of like February or January rather regular season where. That's it's a little bit and I go boy chuckle missed last -- what's -- gonna miss this next game injury start and rack up a little bit. Lot of games. Lot of games three look at the schedule now. Set up will be easy for them and not play many games. That one rate and there's no law rather against Tampa so you with what the lines that he is right now. In a Nazi -- trade these guys relatives of get rid Orton get rid of Lucic all everything else now. They're good players. Rewards the walls a coaching at a got a kick in and bought a little bit I think that's restore there's only so -- to do now until they make sums of roster. Right off the roster they tried to get Ryan -- -- great she went down. He was okay have a clue it was not the answer easily tell the player. I think -- -- loves -- -- like his energy but for this team right now they need something more than that so until they make that deal. All I can do is sort of move guys around you top goals are -- Brad -- You know I know early in the year once and I thought the biggest surprise. We're now into march and -- a top goal score that's a major surprise to me so hot like how to why. Yet Daniel hi appear may mix up. Mix up a couple different things at once this is although it will mean -- -- and try to send a message that this isn't about. They'll pies played well there's -- letting a lot of it's about pie get on top six -- he's played well in the would -- the top six if Lou which was planned. We would this be happy to be an illusion has complained always complain the last two weeks given away pies played a much -- they mutually exclusive blog you -- a -- I that there are around making plays -- and I -- there were times during that game on Saturday night or why is I was the only line to -- Actually you make this go ask why is playing so well. You think that's the reason why the minimal Divx will be easier for clawed because you try to -- Dellucci channel by the way pies played well enough to get jump bump up there. Be hard to make you gain applies not play and always. Harder to send that message because he's playing always playing it allows -- and flexibility they sell them out of rich Beverly wasn't because the way -- on golf balls and play -- They sent the message to the player the one it's not performing at the level that they expect. This move the motivation was all about mile -- that it. They're not happy with the way he's playing right now is trying to light a fire that's at. When you when line. So we're trying to get you know spark kind of our team. Don't sometimes like I said as a -- you make a change in the and that's what I am able to do. Because on the coach and that was -- answer is asked about why he's making this movement the great. Answer from clone. Instead of sitting back and doing what he's done before we criticize the fourth and the power play when it's come to the offense when it's come to whatever. He sits back and -- -- my guys are good enough they'll find a way to make it happen the power plays good up we enough skill players on this team. We can work with this power play doesn't do that. He recognizes that six goals in four games is not gonna get it done in this condensed schedule. You know I've Tim Thomas back -- back stopping you on his head night in and night out whether it's who don't open got a -- consecutive start -- Rask. These guys aren't Tim Thomas and nobody should be expected to be Tim Thomas so I gotta get -- score. It's why we came in here the other day right and what's hammering ever in the Bruins about their playing a third period fallen apart. It turns out he dig a little deeper it's been about their scoring up Google pile on to leads. Ending up one upping your tuna and nothing and never getting that finishing goal. It's a lot about offense. And I don't know what it's kind of -- who teach I don't know what that -- line assignment that's our thereby sending a message she's going to do for him but that's all it is I hope it does something that's all that is secrecy was brutal Saturday -- think. Like -- on their first line. Which is the guide it's around the net on the best job it's sort of get knows. I called dirty goals this year right in around the net rebounds. Put him with -- she -- with -- OK with that. It was a split second line. I hope high just opened the first one important and great. And to say of the second line has been the one that's been working we've been harping on it and we've been talking about we don't wanna mess with that line they just broke up the line. It odd to me it's -- send a message you think by pulling that put put him on a first like it's almost send messages to them it's gonna stick. It the second line that and -- best best line it on your team. For the last I don't know how long except maybe the first five games at first I was actually playing well but for the most -- Bergeron Marchand Sagan then your best line the white UMass what that line. Just send your message to me a Lucic then down at third line put -- up -- always played fine put him in the first leave it alone. I think the best chance to get back mind goal that first line going into the goal and the guy gives the best chance to get a goal or -- -- course couple games at Brad marsh. He's getting -- bad bad analogy that -- -- their nose for the goal right now if it as it's terrible does say that but he does. He is then got in and around the net when Zito last. Week ten games and you want without it is -- for our high six game I would agree what do you wanna say there is also acutely of this I -- two weeks ago it's got -- Nose for -- fine but lately he hasn't been put an area that is the leading goal scorer on the schemes. He has that line that second line is the best line they have. And they've broken it up when you send a message to -- -- Lucic I -- bricks at pretty strongly last week when he sat stunned I was. -- about lines at about -- And they keep the Bergeron Sagan paired together were Sega is -- often -- drugs and get back defensively. And that high is gonna buzz around a ski route that's speed. And and and not be a detriment -- -- -- speed and outlines gonna stick his pies good skater. He's a pretty fast skater at that group I don't love it. But I likened to a colts try to do in addition to I had trying to wake -- Jarvis made season's number. Not puts on the first lines got a chance that not one and get -- in terms of the day you're right the biggest thing is -- usual leading goal score two years ago he's now -- fifteen games not a goal. The that they that's discouraging if -- Bruins -- and Arnold what they're gonna do between now and April 3. But they have to be looking and every single possibility now. And if you're to be believed the Matthew -- to the world. -- tweeted out earlier this morning he of yes and said he talked to a GM about the cost for Jarome Iginla. -- draft pick is in a first round pick. Top prospect. Any secondary prospect that's the asking price -- forgery -- again. I know guys like Hagerty and others have reported on a panel that he is in their right about that that is hefty price move for -- the player a hefty price. Of a number one overall number one and then. And two prospects one suspect once -- get there. A discussion we had on on on Friday to where you know. Come trade deadline baseball only sort sit there and saying well you know you need to -- when a third line guy and all right third line Winger the Bruins need meets in depth. ABA for the fifth defenseman that type of thing. And of we don't care right just make the trade a player in here regularly in here. -- we don't know what they've given up. You know it's you're gonna give up 88 prospect or two prospects in the first round pick for rent a player firm for a oh a month and a half two months depending on how far they go maybe three. They go far enough I think that's a huge asking price. Huge asking price is a reason why I think we look at this team over the years. Did they really haven't dealt going the other way. Right I mean they brought in some role players but evident to give up two slot this year is the best thing for this team. Well they dealt away Wideman righty went on him pretty good year too after that we just saw the kid that date the only dealt away couple years ago was a raw talent but is now. Performing pretty well but it terms a young guys like -- Providence -- dedicate cocoa. And don't one of those guys I don't think -- away with talking most Roma -- get to your phone calls -- John. Well John. Yeah. I think the word of regret from the gentleman what's up. Okay. They ever get it don't everybody else. -- -- -- -- -- -- Suddenly erupt. -- -- The plant everybody else after all -- -- and everybody else so they can get up. It got well other players updated trait for. Other prospect beside her on the gimmick -- for. They went through holistic immoral we -- over the weekend. Was that guys you know they target for the Bruins the report for the Bruins sniffed around him. Before he got well and he got dealt for a player. And a prospector player -- pick and that's considered a morals -- talk about him on the broadcast yesterday -- a third and third line guy. -- -- again was gonna committees better than that. At the asking price is. Obscene. As a Bruins fan -- always good -- -- flash of the question are you will want to do that and I am. And and we would the slot it's Friday -- the figure out what the prospect news you know who that is. Who was that top guy province because you know the baseball prospects lot better. Valuable football prospects. Lot better and that's not you can transfer -- prospect of football baseball got a minor league system right -- got my sister -- that compare. Echoes the Bruins profitable wants and it has been a first round pick on and on Malcolm's who bought. -- trade him in a in a deal for Jarome Iginla. Given the you have Rask who golden NS and the Swede doubted that a province and -- -- -- depth. Just try to guy Coco who curt Kirkwood a key says is in top one or two full court top one or two guy. Pops export a couple years would you deal that for rental in again. -- -- Claus doing for now try to shake his guys up and try to get -- -- the play like Lucic we saw. Beginning of the year -- as a thing other than the moral thing right -- -- are in a second round pick that was -- stating off that they had. And you know second line score top six forward. For a rental player for a few months so this the whole thing we just want to nibble and get these players. And as a matter who they give up an assistant who cares to -- player. You don't. Why why the -- beat writers reporters runner for the Bruins don't ever talk about the prospect I don't know. Definitely no but their guys but if you -- means that -- give a -- as an elected about the bench and see you're insane and most people would know that. Police are here and some of these people talk about this kid nineteen year old kid. Alex Coca what Jeff whatever item putts -- chemical -- the -- -- I give them up for rent the Blair government and not given up for rent the player. We don't care right near third line guy -- some experience Phelps steamed over the hump -- the break Kyle Lohse has a deal on John payments is a three year deal with the brewers. So Kyle -- a longer unemployed or go to Milwaukee they'll give up panic. 61777979837. We see your hockey calls we get to and a Claude Julien updated the media today on the state Adam aquae bull that change what the Bruins look or between now on the trading deadline that's --

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