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We're all rooting for Florida Gulf Coast University, right?

Mar 25, 2013|

Gerry and Kirk agree. Once the underdogs start coming to play in the tournament, it's not about your bracket, it's about the story. The guys discuss all the great things FGCU has going for it, including the coach's wife.

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If. Florida Gulf Coast wins against Florida and I don't longshot. Along with here play along with me here in terms of epic sports upsets of all time. If somehow some way -- and failed Eagles win the national championship. Did you think of any event whether it's 1980 Lake Placid or Buster Douglas and Mike Tyson being a bigger surprise a bigger long shot -- bigger upset than that. No I can't camp because a fifteen seed is never made the sweet 16 am pretty sure. A sweep of a fifteen teens that remain the leading that would fall. That's true that a ball. And that and I don't think -- made that oh Lorena and I don't think it would what -- one don't know one at all known but that no seriously I don't want to -- shots even at this point but if they win the national championship. I can't -- it in the comes close to that. At the points here a pretty beat up I got the other Ohio State's five over Arizona lose an organ. That's important by an appointment on that -- GO. Probably double digit potential drugs when you are hot Cinderella team. I think the oddsmakers you know fans generally say they're gonna come crashing down and is not going to be pretty right at some point like poverty. Did item. That's what we expect from next game and say nice try guys and they have that mentality after like we've already exceeded all expectations plus. I would think that the phenomena on the took place in the San Diego State lockers -- all of they had their moment of glory that's about as good as they can do. We're San Diego State -- by tells it we are more athletic we have better guard play we are this we are that hurdle that. They must look at that -- that -- than Florida and those of you guys talk about let systems public constantly that Brett homers good passers and I don't see I agree I agree I mean it's. First instinct is to find the open Manning has a great job of San Diego State to really athletic team no question but they seem more more athletic. Lastly no I did not name no I don't -- not a and they -- a lot -- what they say doesn't every team seem athletic now nowadays that all of these wing play. And play above the rim that I mean -- jam through. Kansas mean -- you guys -- taken a bathroom break in Kansas won that game with the game last two minutes the game was two minutes long. You know North Carolina correctly in the first. And you say okay -- gonna come out strong became a strong game was over over. Within -- note that in real time it was like ten minutes of the game was over because there was so explosive so fast. And I mean there was nothing North Carolina can do about it they discussed the back. Well these -- we just rule who would you say right now after the first week and is the favorite doesn't have to be Kansas or legal blood clot removal Indian in Kansas notes. He knows that I'll give -- to a top seeds but there's no you -- -- Gonzaga out than right. They're not there -- term yeah they're materially now. Now now mr. right now they're just so many good players and I mean so much -- witnesses out there and now it's it's. Again next year I'm not doing a bracket -- who the hell knows which twelve is going to be more importantly when your. Do you pay any attention I'm just rooting for the upset I don't care -- bracket just has much more over hyped up match I don't would never root for my bracket if I'm -- -- people -- 55 Florida in my bracket. And hopefully do. Are you I am rooting against of course I'm rooting against them and two in the standings here -- -- is -- 10. Yeah. And here but I think. Stich and and friends from Ira. Our guys from Ira did you look at the remote group put in a bracket without us they winning. Pitch there on top of the WEI. Staff. Is ego here it is yes they've scored 92 Mikey adams' seconds of the Oregon as the first. -- second. Jason wolf as there is at a point for every win or is it waited so you get one point for the first round two points for the second -- and it just two points -- win. Two points per win. And little Maloney middle of the pack which is good he paid his dues out ceemea rob Bradford. Mike Salk. Is next my betrayal -- the John Ryder with a wave over. Gerry Callahan is next with them middle then John Dennis summit units -- matters. And then. It -- Lansky. And that the bottom Michael hall. -- all at last but he's kicking ass and in the hockey pool yeah yeah. Com -- -- there in line pool he sees first if I -- guys have a slightly two point -- Mikey. My keys is now you know fields of the drug testing for -- tomorrow. It BDQ -- he's UB. Eleven and half points -- -- Florida although Florida Gulf Coast -- Eagles. You know you were talking about Kansas blown out North Carolina and not all games like this but those runs that happened this is a Florida Gulf Coast is. They knocked out George that the 22. 22 to two run in the second half they knocked out San Diego State with a 23 to eleven. So this is an explosive team that sort of starts feel their shore doesn't seem like it all too racy every team is explosive because they're fast they're there they shoot threes. When you -- -- team come back as gently they -- on the floor of the -- those entries. And end this -- market is grated fine and in his wing guys and they won big guy he throws Alley -- to the other guys are set up on the strike -- -- them. I mean it's a blast to watch -- like to see them in the back seat film of lipscomb. Lipscomb and scale. Knock them off twice. As possible in areas coach I'm mad -- -- talking about his. His FG as few Eagles. We understand that mid majors and two way game because we are in the ACC they were. And colonial and they beat us so real and ended Alastair. Oregon. Arlington close enough so we're going on in China the -- gators. Florida Gulf Coast apparently bettors don't necessarily bet with their hearts yeah yeah. Because the whole world -- betting and putting money on Florida Gulf Coast line be going the other way -- went from eleven and after thirteen yes that was him -- say well that's it that's that. What is the problem I think which again as you get teams that Cuba mean not intentionally deliberately said we give up but as a -- you know and it's ten becomes fifteen -- -- -- -- real quick in the -- gets away from here in the and you just know you're going home and any sort Jack up threes and try to get back into it you sort eight Kansas and to beat North Carolina by twelve what was that happens. Scores 3021. Carolina. Second half. Kansas wins 4920. Over North Carolina yeah discussed explode. In the ceremonies because Al's run on the board. And Duncan or kicking for threes it's real easy for a team explode in their kids a lot of 1920s in the run on emotion encouraged them as it. Motion both ways and when you start when teams that's running up the floor. -- strategists say well it's over here we go home now before -- Mike is up people like good morning. Morning Joseph Louis area for all of your article so I'm always you -- get a dog ate it. But what kind of blew me away yesterday during the Florida Gulf Coast game is right now. Secure with the dreaded Sherman grounds Sherman brown sure sure would brown sure it would brown. That he didn't sleep that -- before because one of his kid is too old son. Kept my ball my I'm not mistaken this is a freshman. Brown I don't think so shouldn't. -- soft -- it's still this kid focused enough. Basketball. And do whatever else he has to do in school and he's got against two kids. This -- remind everybody thought what would be the US. And this team. They're big into this team up -- chance against Florida and I hope big goal of the elite eight because. You know it's fun to watch what you -- says it's fun to -- You put your chances it's the same thing as saying I got a vote of confidence revealed right it means you got no shot Francis senior analyst is this. I like his exuberance but he goes a little too far -- The tongue and shaken hands and went Elmore and Reggie ball game is still going on aren't like he was -- was -- he was very aware of where the camera was because they had a lot of low angle on court shots of him you know blowing kisses for the fans putting their arms out like saying you know lovely lovely lovely. They -- over toward the sideline. Now that Elmore and Reggie and -- reached their hands out to him he try to shake their hands first. Its goal of recoverable on both sides right that the announcers -- -- with its hand -- He says that says it. He's a junior -- senior market news opinion. And he was the players a year in the -- sun. Well let's see some. -- so I'm happy not a state got. The teams in their conference. I haven't even heard half the teams in their conference -- did you know that was in north Florida. Northern Kentucky east ten ST state Kennesaw State. Kennesaw outlet Mercer Stetson. USC. Upstate that's in the school USC upstate. That the the University of Southern California upstate upstate -- it. I don't think they lost the USC upstate. But. -- can double checked that they might look at him Stetson lipscomb. Lipscomb again. -- -- more about let's just be proud of -- they went seven and eleven. They finished second to last in this conference they beat. Florida Gulf Coast twice the lipscomb lipscomb. And it's. Lip -- -- License. You know when they are now -- university of so South Carolina upstate is what is it's in in Spartanburg. Of South Carolina upstate. And but and -- I guess all the schools. -- cannot be in the Olympics on Google and lost to lost him yeah. And they you know I guess they handled Kennesaw OK yeah no problem in this -- -- just the right time as they have.

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