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Transgender and Down Syndrome kid both in MMA

Mar 25, 2013|

Dennis and Callahan addressed the Down Syndrome kid who is taking part in MMA, and reaction to Joe Rogan's rant on Transgender also taking part in MMA

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Our 3-D NC a fault lines opened 61777979. Victory several callers in just couple minutes as we mentioned before we went to the break. Coupled interesting stories regarding MMA -- on the forefront today on sports that are they do a very compelling very interesting. To some extent. Thought provoking piece about a young man named Garrett who has Down's syndrome. And his father who I think is a trainer in that sport works and right now. Decided that in order to improve his -- self esteem. You allow him and he used that term allow him to fight MMI. Now. I watched this this morning on 345%. Myself. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this as the peace was on pulled in front of an as it did they interview young Garrett in Garrett talks about the fact that. This makes him feel like he is it different this makes him feel like he doesn't have Down's syndrome this makes him feel like. Somebody important. And to the extent that I don't think the father shoved him into this and to the extent that the get not only went willingly. But loves doing and that you'll never quit you will never stop he's that I love this I'd like to fight it makes me feel good. Then that's sort of sways the -- for me over the side say I think it's okay. Now the father of one of these kind of you know stage moms who shoved him into a kid didn't wanna do it and obviously it's a bad thing. I think the over in this particular case situationally. I think it's OK even -- the kids interviewed his face is pretty banged up during -- it's like he's taken a beating from time to time. And I. Don't know what's what's harder you know. Peaking at Kidder or lose and delicate if you're India a it says in the stories -- trouble lining up matches right. Which I understand. I don't think too many people are clamoring to get in the ring right. With with Garrett and there are people as you point out gorgeous but disgusted. With -- with his father father including an aunt and uncle you are dead set against his but he is you know he's 23. And he says he loves it says that makes him feel good and and he's in shape but he works out it works hard and is. Highly functional lately pointed out that he has he has the the reading capability of a third or fourth grader Andy cognitive ability. Of like via a nine year old now I understand that's diminished from under 23 but the fact of the matter should be about the average for an MMA -- right. Out -- probably what's -- our -- SNL after the Braves defeated for a couple of years that was just a joke Kirk. Erickson. Oh I make some amount makes but I wasn't on a good line to cut cut cut destroy us. I said he -- that the -- grass or producer here but only that's -- like -- all we can't teach her kind of put his -- -- it's on its it was on -- on and we learn math and leave it on. For him yet occasionally we'll get him in there you know like (%expletive) themselves talk cell phone somebody Colin Colin has holes. John may make them all it. It's on to her direct message here on -- well what's so if -- like veterans say the have a son who's who's it that. I guess I -- level that would control you have over him doing that not to question the curious. Curious. Co writes -- custody. Right Hampshire areas control yeah it can't make his own decisions. And dad and mom is mom -- there. So she's on board yes she said that they don't call and they interviewed her she said she created the very first fight back -- showed his very first -- you're right he's having a hard time finding fighters to fight him. But they did find one who was about his size about his -- about his weight. Dubious spot in fact that's the fight that they show and it was his first fight they walked this entering this -- punched him squarely. In the face I mean like 88 maker. Right in this -- face of the mom said I said to myself oh honey please just go down and don't get up don't do this anymore and the kid got up and acquitted himself well it was. Fired this get around the ring like a rag doll at the end when the decision was. Ready to be made to put both hands up in the air now -- -- us. -- the winner not it's it's it's kind of seemed to be a draw and and I guess they thought the right thing to do was reward the Q agreed to fight and reward the kid who who decides it that was goes against all the principles of the Special Olympics. They do not in and give him moral victory was at the middle type of thing now no they don't believe in that yeah winners you have loses you have the thrill of victory -- the agony and defeat yes I know I went special that's one time and it was and that was blind. Runner and they have a public string that rope that they hold on to in the and can get confused and was like in the lead in and then of course of course a little bit. And I that was my first time covered it and I thought you know that give you something now I don't know you don't win. Someone else -- by -- that kid gets the metal it's the ribbon whatever was. You you learn what their lies the difference between the Special Olympics and our schools right days right -- that I think our schools these days could learn some from the special it's that. And apart life is losing and learning that to handle it. And and they do that quite well was to me it was it's an awesome thing to see this yet he never seen the Special Olympics. Just go and watch him is just so emotional so intense and so exciting and and you do see the great benefit of the competition. And I'm I'd love the fact of the guys competing sport but. I don't know how mom and dad can handle watching his face. Just -- -- just feels wrong would have to ask -- okay with -- -- obviously is is not and and talk about the perseverance this kid has to go train five or six days a week and he does and the perseverance to stand in there in the in the space of you know get disaster from time to time and he does. There's also a certain amount of mental toughness -- -- you can call -- father crazier or or misguided. But as Jerry said relatives -- won't talk to him he's he's got he's heard from relatives that what you just grab a lamb. And taken on your backyard and slaughtered -- that's a little hype hype yet that's Rami if you're playing basketball. If you plan on -- it. They -- in you'd be applauding him saying. Good get a -- their contact sports you'd say get him in cobalt and competition makes them feel good -- right that. Even wrestling but getting punched in the face victim -- -- -- again do you think people in theory even the most. Open minded. Progressive. In theory says oh good they let transgendered individuals compete in -- today. If that they see this guy turned girl Fallon fox. Pounding away like on top. Female. A real females the most pornography milk she's got a man hands -- man's shoulders and a man muscles that she's found in the in the female on the face of people elicit a that's good. It's about time we allowed transgendered individuals to compete. In this in this sport those who would say yes we have to break it down to this basically did not -- she doesn't have a pain because she doesn't have a penis it's okay. Yeah that's the only difference is between you know her and -- other 135 pound male fighter is ballot box does not have a penis. It's almost like columnist calling out the unity. In the open minded progressives that. Think you know that this is a good idea says OK now watch watch. Because this person had the operation Alitalia no -- everything else the same right. It went Scioscia and he -- it it -- hormone whatever yemen's what you got hands you get muscles the arms shoulders. Legs all these things that you're born with that don't change. As she uses those arms and hands and to beat the crap out of some female Wright is an opponent defend that. Yes I'm sure there will be people even I mean if this -- tennis at this Renee Richards as an example and Apple's much controversy back in the that -- in the late seventies. That was just hitting a tennis ball back and forth. This is where physical dominance were bone density were big fans -- you know large muscle groups coming to play. But Joseph Rogan who is very much involved with MMA weighed in on this -- what Joseph Rogan had to say about ballot box -- former man. No longer has a pianist beating the hell out of women in the 135. Pound weight class in MM. I say no way. I say if you had at and one point in time you also have all the bone structure that comes with them. You have bigger hands of bigger shoulder joints your and man in there that's her right there that's a man okay. He can't -- that's I don't care if you don't have. -- that looks like that looks like guys carriage there right. The you can't fight win and that's. Cores I don't know why she thinks she's going to be it would do that. You if you wannabe. A woman in the bedroom and you know you want -- house and all of the and you know you feel like you're Novo your your body is really below woman's body trapped inside a man's -- got an operation that's -- But what you can't fight chicks get to. You're on your mind you need to fight man you know -- you need to fight man your size as your man your man -- and I don't know what to -- look at the other left I don't know what that he's trying to convince himself. I don't know what he's saying right now I don't need to hear it I'm looking at a man -- a -- OK and you know. You can act as a woman I will call you her I will retreat -- will call you ma'am I'll be respectful but you can't fight. Women when you have a man's frame. Period women aren't that why did that generates to increase punching power women don't have that sort of muscle structure. I don't know what you're Dylan I don't know you mean obviously if you trans operational means you remove your testicles -- your body's not producing testosterone anymore. I don't know if -- supplement they test roster wise if you haven't if you buyers are producing testosterone warrior -- of what's going on here. You know as old -- a lot of and one on there and he can't fight where no. I'm pretty sure that wasn't over the air broadcast I think that was it was he was doing either a podcaster something on. Called fight opinion and I'm not exactly sure where that's broadcaster were where you can hear that but other NFL on fox agreed -- -- men that have no trouble finding -- -- But. He she wants to fight women and women don't want a fighter for obvious reasons because. She -- strong and without a penis. And again this is different I ask -- this the that they -- -- about you know. Equal women in sports and equality in sports. Is America ready everyone loves MMA it's very trendy very hip right now. If we get the transgender just two women and one of the women. Is just pound the other -- -- and the bloods. A room and one cool with that one ready for that every -- mean. You know we all think the people who follow MMA would be. I don't think the general population would be but don't you see -- and I understand what you're saying having seeing a woman beat the hell of another woman is different thing a man beat to hell album another man. But I think the fans of MMA it was say. It's even as you know it you'll get. Stop them from scoring machine running -- yeah I dropped them from getting into the -- next question and it is the same size and weight yeah. A man and a woman getting in the mall where -- 140 pounds. Whether it's probably run the rounds name is or -- -- -- -- -- under forty but it would not like that -- -- not because a man whose dominant and for all the reasons -- the same way. Just tell you from it in it's a double standard here and I don't guy beating the hell out of the woman because he's a guy that may be the same -- the same rules same size hail high. And why not wanna mix it -- you can you know. Mixing up the man -- an unfair advantage which takes us to why this female -- is now a arms -- -- -- male or female should be allowed to beat Delaware Dana White he loved this right screw it -- use gesture and I'm not -- paper view but if someone said look on fox tonight. The the transgendered. Fighters fight -- -- Tune in and if the transgender fighters is on the lands some cute chick yeah. I -- go -- well even you know even the most progressive person would say. Think she has he has an unfair advantage you know Dana White slip up with a solution he's gonna have a transvestite by the Down's syndrome it. That's not a bad idea an alarm for -- and we'll be right back.

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