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The great Jackie Bradley Jr. debate rages on

Mar 25, 2013|

Jackie Bradley Jr. continued to shine in spring training with a 3-run homer against Cliff Lee. Despite his success in spring games, some people (looking at you, Merloni) still think he needs to go back down to the minors. John and Gerry are pretty much convinced that's not happening.

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Of the doesn't reasons. Jackie Bradley should be with the big team a week from today. There are one or two that says he shouldn't. Do we not and the argument with what with the altered the big. LB what -- and Gomes. Yes yep unless you know Gomes becomes your full time DH which is not a very good. Ideal solution to my DH problem and left could be. Now over against right reason -- against lefties someone else -- DH let's talk to what Tom and ray in August at the separation not as read those thirty yet he's he's ready security. Hey guys I'm just curious how many -- bosses can't with -- gladly given up nine days of Jacoby yelled there to have him around next year. I realize is not exactly the same but. Because it is. Well that's a good question so instead of bringing him up in 2007. When he came up and led the team in hitting and went to the World Series and played very well and helped you win a World Series. I think people would let him go this year is free agent in exchange for that. Yeah I I don't know what he wasn't so intricate in the first nine games so -- old saying I think there would be a huge amount of being in the percentage will be quite high of of fans that would pistons -- given him. The nine days off and let them get up and anxious. And maybe I'll win the World Series. Media and well why people throw away nine games in April as opposed to nine games in September they need the very same thing. Does I think they just look at it as an extra year and any end 2019. If you progresses as everyone thinks he's going to be even better in more of superstar at that point which you may want him for that -- here. It -- those being debated. As -- as he has withheld very we both know that and city itself is all the free agency. And you guys -- also city itself. But the Red Sox one shy away from given those extraordinary big seven year contract so you can't have both -- -- water and a to be around and it's eight and everybody has just as generally look to say -- cannot save everybody because you're gonna go right. You you follow me when they brought Ellsbury opened 207 they won the World Series. It will concede Ellsbury but you do understand your trading nine games this year for another season of Jackie Bradley in this primary -- you do comprehend that I do and I lucrative baby -- -- that's your argument that's fine. It. Substitute in Connecticut -- and expediency. I I agree would also Dennis and Callahan on this -- I I can't understand the -- I think it's got to -- memory that they think this team this year. Is that much better than the team they put on the field last year or not. And not take in the -- with -- Jackie Bradley is a mistake. The kid is good. What you have to loose. The team does that not not that much better this year than it was last year -- so I got it. And if it doesn't work out he could send him down in July or August or September 20 consecutive days and forty days and solve your problem if it does work out then you have a damn good player -- mentally lineup. Plan left plans senator. By the way. Would we be surprised decent center on opening day no footage mobiles Kobe thank -- on his ankle into the base and we know he's quick healer so he did back and now we know he's not. Now that book in the that's generally rushed back from those injuries so he's not gonna rush back -- you've got. Ellsbury in center and I mean you get Bradley and senator and as Gomes are never left Joes and -- Joseph good morning. Good good money I'd like to discuss a little bit the possibility that. He's -- -- some appeal to Jackie Bradley. More and have some laughs it is is a bigger deal and make them than anyone is considering it didn't work themselves -- pupil. In the. It only didn't work because Beltran ran into one broken ribs. Yes that's that's kind of the deal -- get it too fast guys and -- Little Brooks not to break Jackie Bradley drips. -- a 10024. Games in the mine is one in right. 143. In center right never played left would you think you think playing left field in Fenway Park I know they played other places jail would be a problem for Jackie Bradley. I I I I do. You know Ellsbury was a great -- -- -- they even look very comfortable left I don't know why -- -- the wall that was injury but. He didn't look very comfortable -- last -- alive that they did in the late. You think Jackie Bradley could play the position as well as Manny Ramirez. -- -- -- probably good but you don't need any local 1000 put some some really big numbers like. I think that was discussed it in the book -- -- the players that -- -- going to be in -- and help him but we'll take it back so. Joseph what what should take you know a 105 fifty fog goes off the wall playing left field of public markets are relatively easy proposition. He's the young play out is that when the -- point he's Batman is he's gonna battle in the present and figure out how to write and have to make some adjustments in us. I don't know you know I agree dealt with the young kids are really good in the -- polite. But that's a lot a lot actually young a young player to do I'd let the -- -- and then appeal I don't know who won't back. They can't risk the backlash. Meaning if your Henry and Werner and Larry you hear from people. You're having enough trouble winning people back. Wanna tell people now a best player in the spring is going back the minors because. The month free agent market because in nineteen. And CO now. Are. Our agreement is that part of what got -- trouble in the first place that was thing that stands -- -- they think. To do with Dave wanted to Sybase would you agree. All contract issues as your your old thing your obsession with keep -- -- -- free agent market put emphasizing not good enough to be in the lineup. Our -- certainly certainly seems so you're gonna say I'm John embassy best player in the spring -- down because. -- wanna risk losing him 2000 in nineteen. Right now if you're an owner you care beleaguered team long term and you're gonna be around like he says is going to be around yeah I think they'll be part of it surely you need desperately. Not to get that stuff. And they desperately need to reconnect with their France and -- for a second that up playing into this -- and would you agree that at this moment. The Red Sox don't have the cash -- this and Jackie Bradley down and suffer the slings and arrows from the fan base as the patriots. -- at the cash. The -- Wes -- leave and of people abandoned -- though it's different -- -- -- the Red Sox got to a six and three start with -- Jackie Bradley I mean if Buchholz and Lester pitching well as a matter if not over Jackie Bradley is open -- -- -- -- after nine -- to bring about that we took care of that yes that's exactly what you do that some stats. Not what I don't think what fans wanna see an opening day opening week -- wanna -- the best team too bad I mean sometimes have to do things that are popular. Not this year but why. Last year than ever before Chris is that may make Chris. Good morning. This all the game and numbers in particular waiting and I don't see a difference between the last two weeks spring training in the first two weeks of the season. That David let the kids play and Robin Kelly talked just like you said you can send it back down and it is you know that they feel we're in our seven more games. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I don't -- its audience I. Kevin's a Bristol Kevin and actually DNC sorry wrong button doubt that Dick Kevin hi Kevin. Good morning I actually financial. Armed burglary in the book John Dennis. He will be up early and now late Red Sox are not in on what the level only screenwriting. Your audience early and John and he knows that she wants -- and let you still had -- -- has scrapped the golden egg. And a lot of John Henry the one that egg hatched in the field on opening day gonna have. This whole hospital you want to go again. Now you're right you'll meet up early absolutely I -- arms -- -- -- but -- -- put down made -- easily accomplished and patched. But -- -- to -- next week on his swing or whatever it is missing what he does critical patched. But it's just so that -- -- not gonna take action. And grab all the and they they can get early on what happened to see rabbit and turn it back on the team that it actually before. I don't think he's going back coming -- the idol comes up and play as well I don't think you can send them down in August and say. Well we're eight games out we need to save you know and say this kid from in the market 2019 let's send him down. I mean and it was any talk of sending trial backed down. Or or or harper. Or Strasburg mean you'd generally bring these guys up and you hope Tuesday you hope they. They force you keep them up yet his legacy the straw that broke out. August expert ample. But think of it becomes open does what we think we all think he's gonna do which is be the best. Left fielder -- horse in the field depending on Ellsbury. Not sending him down even if your father ration -- and this is not exactly it's. And I -- -- stately don't say Jackie Bradley on deck now. When is the last time. -- you didn't get out of the car and go to where you're going with somebody it's spring training said this -- on deck the answer is never before. I sat there and listen Jackie Bradley at bat then got up went to run in the house put on the tee and at the house. Run in the bar and to see a lot of I finished say absolutely sure of course I mean it could've been if nobody did a better example right -- auction could be no joy I would I would have gotten out of the car trip you up I don't care better judge Jackie Bradley on deck I sat there watching. And spring training games on TV. It's painfully dull right I don't watch them in hole especially in the college basketball is on the right channel. All or tiger is on the on the channel. But I output by a -- -- -- all day yesterday if there's a couple days and all week and put in by him in the care of the plan or anything but it -- up what you watch operator to a couple of the guys that like to see I like to see but it. If you flipped by in his I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are quick to about 6777979837. Or your phone calls at some point we get to Joseph Rogan who is some. Well -- Seles so we say he's not exactly had been hammered of the idea of a chance transgendered. Individual. Formerly a man now fighting women in the MMA.

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