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Chris Price joins John Ryder to break down the Pats offseason

Mar 24, 2013|

WEEI.com's Chris Price joins John Ryder in studio to discuss the recent news of the Pats re-signing right tackle Sebastian Vollmer. They also discuss the rest of the team's offseason moves and what holes still remain.

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John Ryder happy to be joined by Christopher price does an outstanding job but cover the patriots the NFL for WEEI dot com and of course a never ending Chris -- docket here. During the break in a flash about how the NFL now. They really over the past five years or so is turned into it rather Major League Baseball offseason used to be and has not stopped. You did I go one at a full tilt the next time someone walks up to me and asks me what what do you do when you offseason when there's little footnote -- a country mile and a real it's it is -- Wave after wave after wave of nothing but eventful stuff going -- just in -- with a with a two week stretch right up the Super Bowl which is kind of a dead period -- -- -- On the -- -- calendar in name you kind of got that ramp up to free agency in name. But a couple of Tuesdays ago at 4 o'clock it was just like being shot and because you had just event after event after in big events to mean you know you duplicated not just locally but the Mike Wallace contract in. -- -- possibilities and just. Unbelievable events in in here and of course you know the talk in rightfully so it's been -- about the -- walker conversation what happened there a bit. You'll hear you've got to keep to leave Benny green Wilson and today Sebastian -- it's just. Event after event after event in it really is it's like it's like football's version. Yet and it was that one that really late night into the next day when you had at -- had the Welker and adjusted just everything you all of a sudden and and we're taking your calls do you have any questions whether it's the draft and certainly. Patriots offseason moves today Vollmer Tuberville goes over to Baltimore it's it's just been nonstop. If you wanna get in that with Chris has certainly give us call at 617779793. Seminary can senator text message that 37. 937. Do you think is the patriots -- season -- guy no it's not set yet. In terms of probably what -- you know wide receiver pass rush whether it's one of these defensive ends whether it's. John Abraham Dwight Freeney or somebody else. How would you grade and how would you judges so -- I think it's been good but he adds flake said before I mean it's in complete the team building process seeks to open to. In includes the draft and are you looking at a situation where it's probably what about the verbally over the right because you get that first Weaver free agency and get the big names -- get the guys changing teams and of course -- you blues while Virginia at a human dole and even Wilson. And the injured -- does though Jones. And possibly you're still in the mix for some other guys like those veteran defense events for Iranian. In Abraham and Emanuel Sanders name is kind of for a you know bounced around no apparent universe somewhere. So I think that they've done well I think it wrote this today I think it's important remember that they had three big -- but he had former Toledo welcoming trip to. Anything if you keep to them in this being an age of free agency we can talk more about Welker and his impact. But if you keep two for three big free agency in this. -- Torre era. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To leave on a one year five now he's our -- is huge and I know we talked about -- before but the UBA deity you get a guy like to be back and we're very Smart both sides are very Smart in this. The patriots weeded out the market in the understood it. What was going on in the were able to read the fact that this was a down year for. I'll -- called top global quarterbacks -- -- -- quarterbacks mean you know the league does not have been a world class he's not -- -- his prime but. Good quarterbacking allow the patriots to make some moves that they would necessarily -- before. Both sides waited -- they also you know Talib gets -- basically kind of approve it when your contract. If you go out and light up this year there's no reason to think that he's not going to get in free agency in 2014 and very good spot inning in the -- The average job reading the market the understood. The going rate for top global quarterbacks was such that they could get a guy like to be back four -- five yeah I think it's perfect in the SE reference to before the Cortland Finnegan deals all he's done deals. That happened last season but we'd get a guy that let's face as some baggage and some character issues and it's in his best interest have a great season especially at the age of 127. And in enter free agency and having a big year with a contending team and especially area where. We know the patriots have struggled that cornerback spot huge I mean that that to me is probably the we'll see if he keep his head on straight but if he can especially considering the price in the terms of the best offseason move they've made -- they have a -- they have a player now and -- who is motivated on several levels to do well you know not just on the on the base level of doing well in contributing to the team but. He's playing in a one year deal like he was last year and the that's the big thing for me would Talib if you can stay with injury and others baggage you know as everything else that. If you can stay away from injury and have a competitive year again there's no reason to think that he could head out of the free agent market in 2014 in and get beat -- while you're right does Sebastian Vollmer you thought that that would happen at some point and you had Jake Long signing somewhere -- -- of being Saint Louis then you said the dominoes would fall from there and that's exactly with. What ended up happening what do what do you think Ballmer it just ballpark. -- -- in for a deal we haven't seen the numbers yet but I have to imagine and -- know -- a region from the -- weeded itself before she understood there was afford her up to a for your deal. I could see a situation where Ballmer gets for years. When he -- thirty. We needed the city ten and a fourteen guarantee I will say this I think the patriots would be wise to build some. Playtime incentives in the that contract because of former injury history. But I think that that should be a fairly good neighborhood when the number starts to leak -- those you know you're looking at a -- performer gets a four year deal. Again we're not looking at the -- you know 2432 that the big picture you can guarantee nothing -- -- and he's probably could be between maybe 1015 the and have solid move I know the back injury is 'cause it's or any -- your back injury and especially alignment while really any athlete but death. The right tackle position and now they can have some flexibility probably -- I would Marcus -- maybe even movement situations to guard and it looks like that offensive line pretty much. Shored up they also that other signing was the news city tech speak to -- -- Erica. I think there's two things for me initially did anything jump out when you talk about that I think you can see a scenario where. The ball Markus -- in to guard in typical for the spot where Donald Thomas was last year right in Donald Thomas left for India and we've got a big deal god bless him but I think. Now going forward you have a situation where Marcus cannon is you know maybe one or two guards. And then the other thing that you can't overlook here is did this brings real element of consistency and continuity that offensive line. When you're talking about enough sensible and it was really in a state of flux last year there were trying to figure out how to replace my lights been coping. You know Brian Waters turns out of one and done is they've been brought a bunch of guys Robert Gallery. -- it'd -- -- these guys now slotted in the singing group the same five guys that finish the year starters. Will be together going forward thinking gimmick consistency and continuity can only help when it comes to building a successful off yet especially at Brady's age as well it'd Dante Scarnecchia -- do wonder does that matter what the situation this this franchise it's funny we can we talk about how they've struggled to draft and develop defensive backs and wide receivers to some extent. The exact opposite is true when you talk about offensive -- they've been trying to -- -- normally nobody's business and anything in you know. You can look at a guy like -- Neitzel there're a map light or Logan Mankins and understand that there are almost completed product coming out of college. But I think when you look at guys traditional backup -- -- doll com. Well Tom's -- big money from Indianapolis Colts to go there probably be starters he should send a large chunk of that contract to Dante's Bernanke because Scarnecchia. It's so instrumental in turning these guys he's relatively fringe guys and important off insulin they I don't know -- grade point is a guy we hear so much about Mankins and other players and and understandably so elevated Donald -- when do we hear about his name and he gets a big deal at Indianapolis it's guys like that you can go back you know -- hoax I'm. Yeah I'll -- -- you know beat these guys. Come to New England. Or are drafted by new England and become. Really -- would NFL offensive linemen and end up whether signs -- Getting to be paid to whether to New England. Or somewhere else. Thanks in large part to the orthodontist clinic let's I get the phone calls its John writer Chris price with the up till 7 o'clock here's just an inch L Saturday just. It would little -- you've pretty much -- my question does that kind of money that although it was gonna get by what kind of cap room you think we have left columnists. You're looking at -- situation before this deal Justin and I have to go back and look at the numbers and because of the salary is different in the overall cap that. Coming into this deal they had about fifteen million dollars to play with no understanding you have to use some of that for your rookies. I'm interest to -- If they do wind up signing someone else. How well they're gonna be able to do it whether it's injures are Freeney or Abraham. Because they think they're gonna have to move a little bit of money around and not talk about a lot of money but they're gonna have to move a little bit of money around but before this deal. Short answer for it was about fifteen million herself. Are right at about -- there are some reasonable expectations for -- that he does know is to go to every day every every down player -- looking at a back hope that kind of -- You're looking at a guy right now who is a situation all defensive back day and -- it was interesting to go back and look at the number of snaps he's taken over last -- I think it's a close to 12100. Back in 2011 in the 90900. In 2012. In it remains to be seen whether that was schemer injury you're just. But I think right now you're looking at a situation where you're seeing DeVon recording is -- free safety yours and center fielder. In you're gonna see Steve Gregory beast is -- starting strong safety but it wouldn't. You know wouldn't put it past the Adrian Wilson come in there as basically in -- wrote this earlier this week of a guy like basically pulling a money position which is really an English sized. A linebacker basically coverage in so you could I can do business there where he starts Spears' situation a player. And in moves into more of an important role but I think right now at this point his career. Right now on the depth -- you look at the situation -- Our globe that guy's article this. On the -- actually step up this is getting pretty old I think. -- takes like Justin yeah I'd like Wilson that Wilson's a really interesting thing is really yes I think it he's a guy in like this it before I don't know how much of it is. You know an effective he is a little bit older and maybe some of the trends from off the tires or he just needs to transition into a different role. But the people in Arizona I talked to the people -- La Hoya he was so called favorite area and in it I wrote this because the patriots have always been chasing ever since Rodney Harrison retired. The patriots have always been chasing -- veteran presence in the secondary they've been able to get it from other positions like -- talked about waters before they were both commuters in recent years out of Patrick Carter. You know that you understand how. They've never been able to replicate that sort of presence in the secondary people their been able to it to get a -- I'd like Rodney who came in your league is Korea was able to -- a real sense of veteran leadership. You dream Wilson might be that guy I've been championing that move ever since his arm let go I was talking about it that night on the radio and I would love to see him as an addition the patriots and a lot of people other than -- -- outside of the Super Bowl year. With Arizona Arizona's and team -- too much attention to. But a guy a Smart player physical play very probably put him in sub packages is aligned back here is he's he's like 63 to fifty I have to double -- the numbers but he is he's really he's an oversight CT which leads me to believe that you could have on the field and passing downs. In beat that guy who the putrid for lacking blaster and know dean Fletcher is gone back this year he was pretty good passing situations. But he might be that guy in passing situations you have him on the field defending. You know big tight ends because that's an -- putrid really struggled Lester again there's the question is how much -- left in the tank but if you complain electoral. I think he's going to be played real -- and that's it and he's 33 right now and never has time Rodney Harrison and you know version 2.0 but you have that Harrison was thirty when he came here and of course he did have a little more help back there as well at that point -- exactly today I think. That the on field contributions aside I think when you look at our guys' ability to be a leader in the locker room. Just coming on that team. I -- Rodney really set that temple and anything you dream Wilson would be it would be really you'd be well served to go back and look at what Rodney did that year. In terms of really a symbol leading himself into the locker room and really creating a leadership role forums -- -- -- and probably got a will be inspired me and he said well and Bill Belichick calls -- -- and -- -- guy that will probably -- get out of Arizona. And that that constant mess -- coming to a contender. And a little more structured though organizations so I'm sure it probably is probably have -- that move here's christened -- goalie Chris. Eight young Chris enjoy both your work thank you thanks for. You're welcome I'm quick at things -- -- is obviously incredible coach I think he's really does super well. With getting all the guys see you at for mentioned. To play very good. But I think one of the biggest things is Tom Brady's quickness of this release the ball. Allows those linemen to pretty much. Keep those guys are paid for very short time whether or not dynamic -- can. React as well. To reading defenses like west that it did is gonna be all the difference in the world whether Tom's gonna have to pump and go somewhere else as far as. You know on -- wrong with that -- reading coverages. But quick question to you is. I think they did very good and acquiring some talent. But mine to hold our past coverage linebacker which he just mentioned and -- arm a defensive and pass pressure I think Joan. He's a lot of grown up I don't think he's there yet and I would like to see another pass rusher who can affect from a defensive -- -- -- Yeah I I think Chris that you you bring up a great question and I know the patriots are still in the mix for some sort of Freeney Abraham combo. You don't whether or not they -- one of those two guys but I think oppose the world. You're looking at a situation where you could get one of those guys and you could really. Replicate what Andre Carter brought to this team back in 2011 really guy who started years a situation pass rush and grew into. More of an important role was the season went on. I think Freeney or Abraham would be able to do that given their -- said given where they are at this point their careers. Don't expect and -- every down guys but I think you can I I could envision this and there were those guys a third down guys with a look at the pass rushers. You know playing 5060% of the snaps going forward I think that would be able to help -- kind of a sagging Castro should also think its interest in neighboring Chandler Jones. Jones is really. Intriguing situation because I think you dropped off toward the end of the year and I think you may have had a bit of a rookie wall yeah I think he bounced back at the indices and I think that Miami during the regular season finale. And goes one of his better games but I just think that he may have. Again hit that rookie wall and they think that ankle injury -- in the season may have contributed to a BI I think be need more help there anything goes to -- -- to jump out to meet. I also think that they're gonna need they're they're going to be players for. Other pass rushing defense -- defensive tackle becomes the draft.

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