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Has Jackie Bradley Jr. earned the right to start the season with the Major League club?

Mar 24, 2013|

A strong spring has brought Red Sox prospect Jackie Bradley Jr. to everyone’s attention and many believe he should start the season in Boston. Dale Arnold discusses whether or not starting Bradley in Boston will help his growth and warns fans to temper their expectations for the young star when he does finally get to play in the majors.

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As I shot McCadam from Comcast sports net New England put it on his Twitter feed just few minutes ago if you're into reading tea leaves. This is the Red Sox lineup today against the Philadelphia Phillies they have a split squad game it's the -- different but their. Their quote varsity to use. Larry -- -- This is their lineup today against the Philadelphia Phillies Ellsbury leading off and senator Victor Reno batting second playing right field. Pedroia hitting third playing second base Napoli hitting clean up playing first base middle Brooks at third base. Gomes the DH Bradley in left log barn wake catching. Ugly -- as the shortstop. Wouldn't be shocked if that's your lineup opening day in New York against the Yankees your lineup and your batting order could be that exact. Lineup right there Ellsbury. Victor Reno Pedroia. Napoli middle Brooks Gomes. Bradley boulevard way Iglesias. Interest thing that. This whole thing with Jackie Bradley junior he may have forced their hand here. There is absolutely no doubt that in a perfect world they would much prefer that this guy go back down. To the minor leagues in this case -- go to Pawtucket. And at least get half a season worth of at bats under his belt and get himself ready. First they were talking about you know you don't want to bring him appear to start the season you wanna wait until three weeks since the that you save a year of service time. Then at wise well we don't want him playing left field when a complain in left field he's the center fielder. Then they changed their mind about that. All of a sudden now it's well you know what may -- we will Plame and -- this is his first start in left field of spring training. I have a feeling that as a -- have progressed throughout the course of spring training Jackie Bradley has. Flat out forced their hand. But he's forced their hair. In the same way will little Brooks kind of forced his way into and onto the Major League roster a year or so ago. I think that -- probably leaning right now to starting the season with them. Dexter says what about salty for opening day he might be the catcher is a postal -- either one. -- I said for the most part I think this could be what are opening day lineup is it could be Saltalamacchia on opening day is set of -- and way. But I think Jackie Bradley has played too well for them to send him down. As the -- says Sox absolutely need to start Jackie Bradley the first game their credibility. They need to win the fans back this could do it while I got Angela Merkel crazy Erica. In my opinion starting Jackie Bradley junior in left field opening day against the Yankees does not win the fans back. If Jackie Bradley junior helps them continue to win games. If if this team is is more successful. On the field than many people think. Then I think it's possible you when the fans back I don't think I had a I don't wanna put too much on Jackie Bradley junior being -- The difference between fans watching this team -- not watching this team because there is no single player that's gonna do that. The bottom line here is they got to win. And I think they've got the pitching to maybe win more than people expect. You never try to read too much or too little. -- -- you know spring training results -- never try to overreact. All of it's on so as having a great spring training like we're doing with Jackie Bradley junior. Or also wants those having an awful spring training you try to say it's time to get to work and -- wanton and -- self ready to start the season. But most people looking at the way the Red Sox pitchers have performed starting pitchers and talking about have come away pretty impressed. Specially guy like Lester. Who as I said. Couple weeks ago I thought last year was the aberration. And that I thought there was a pretty good chance that Jon Lester was going to be able to get back to the norm. And the norm is that he's a very very good left handed pitcher in the major leagues. Any certainly throwing like a very very good pitcher in the major leagues. So far in spring training I know he claims he hasn't been told John Ferrell says he hasn't decided. Everybody knows Jon Lester is gonna start opening. You know what I know what everybody else knows. And the other guy who again. Putting some stock in things that don't matter which is spring training. The guy who I think is probably gonna perform better than many people expect as John Lackey. Coming off Tommy John losing the entire season. Looks as though he's throwing the ball fairly effortlessly Clay Buchholz pitched yesterday. Look pretty good again those three guys at the top your rotation. If they even approach -- no warm. And I'm not talking you know having great years I'm not talking about Lackey going from fourteen wins to 21 for them to have to be. That have to happen for them to be good. The going to be okay because they're gonna pitch better than a lot of other teams. Now they're probably not gonna hit the way Red Sox fans are used to and based on what I've seen of this lineup they're not gonna hit for power. The way Red Sox fans are used to and that's probably gonna drive people crazy. If Jackie Bradley junior does not hit. 350 like he is right now on spring training when he gets to the major leagues I hope Red Sox fans don't suddenly turn on him. Because he's not gonna hit 35. In fact don't be shocked -- gets to fifty. Struggle a little bit offensively at the double -- level last year. This is happening sooner than it should if the -- starts the season with a big league club. He's probably not ready for this sorry Gerry Callahan who thinks everybody's ready at the age of twelve I think. I think. He's probably gonna get his chance. Now how he performs when he gets that chance is another question and I just hope were a little bit awful but patient currently. We don't do patient well. But I hope for a little bit patient and I hope we go back and think the start of the season for Dustin Pedroia his rookie of the year season. When we had Alex Cora sitting on the bench and were clamoring for Terry Francona of the play Alex Cora. Because Dustin Pedroia couldn't hit his way out of paper bag and was having issues. I think that if were -- them I think he'd be okay. A perfect world I'd rather he not be here this is not a perfect world specially with the injury situation. You get Stephen Drew trying to come back from the concussion problems and you've got obviously your DH David Ortiz not going to be even close to being ready. So you got shuffled the deck a little bit. Jonny Gomes probably didn't come here thinking that he was gonna DH because he knew they had David Ortiz and that wasn't a position that was available thought it was going to be playing left field. He may not -- May not work out that form -- fortunately. I just hope when Jackie Bradley junior probably performs. At a different level than what you're seeing right now. That fans don't suddenly turn on and it's now we are wrong he Sox -- that more. Captain Hanson hey -- I you don't. I'm good how are you are well thank you. Am I honestly think I mean I don't really run a lot of spring training but. I think Q does deserve at least shot. And I mean you know we could have acute he's not ready. Or etiquette could be potentially named rookie year. I'm not gonna be elected unit and a well I mean to be a candidate. And acting you know we at least -- -- and well. Well it is your your asking an awful lot near year your your asking -- kid. It in my opinion to make a leap that he's probably not ready for yet. And I I mean making the leap as you said to being a rookie of the year candidate I don't I don't think he's anywhere close to that to being that Randy. I think he's -- I think you're right that he's probably earned himself the opportunity. To get a chance to play here. I I I I hope we don't go crazy here herb how about what he can do last year in Portland. Double play Portland. He hit 27 he won for the season. I mean do we honestly think that going from 271 in Portland at 350 in the major leagues is a viable option because I don't. Right I'm not saying that you gotta be light now regard. I mean. I kill it until a girl in nine games start will do so I'm chuck that they you know. If I get allocate. And I don't wanna see -- he's gonna be a little pick right up on it and. You know to do and spring may be carried the momentum. I don't think they'll pat and I am not accusing you of this and saying in general I think sometimes people lose sight of why. People like -- -- saying it would be better be didn't start here if if if he started in Pawtucket. And they brought him up three weeks into the season. They would save an entire year of service time. Just three weeks you just wait three weeks and bring him in. You you you put off beat the beginning of of his service time clock and is arbitration clock. And is it going to be worth it seeing him for those three weeks to to lose an entire year. A Major League service time at the other end of this. I mean I'm honestly it's not like I would like to see him out but I would not be against sending him down. Just because it doesn't. And you know -- the possibility that he -- completely -- there the possibility where -- now. He's got a -- game which is where I would I would prefer we liked it even I'm not in that and an outlet. I mean you know syndicate stock I like Pedroia did an independent laboratory it. And I mean there basically they would. Pretty much yeah I I just think that in and it's just my opinion I think sometimes people lose sight. Of -- you know white. What it means by bringing him in here at the beginning of the season. I I and I'm not saying you necessarily kind of done that but I think some do -- does what it Trout kitten double equal for all this kid isn't Mike Brown okay. But in answer to your question. -- hit 326. In double life. And went to AAA. And -- for all three. Now he only played twenty games in triple -- last year. But they did exactly with him last year. I'm saying the Red Sox might be better off doing with Jackie Bradley they started in the first three weeks in the minor leaks. And put off that Major League clock for awhile. But and answered your question you asked double -- he hit 326. -- he hit for both. 6177797937. As -- telephone number. Up on board and talk about that if you like or. Anything else that's on your on your plate nine year in on the front of your mind a whole bunch Bruins fans out there want Peter issue rally to make sixteen trades between now and April 3 and hopefully actually make them before tomorrow. Will talk about all of that whatever else is on your mind Sports Radio WEEI.

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