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Former Patriots Linebacker Ted Johnson crosses a line that no athlete should cross

Mar 24, 2013|

Dale Arnold was shocked to hear Ted Johnson answer a caller’s question on a Houston radio station about another player’s wife. He considers how the new age of media protects tough guys who hide behind phone calls, text messages and computer screens while spitting their venom.

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Something happened this week. Which. When it happened. Quite frankly I was shocked I was shocked I would -- I don't know I don't know. Is there a stronger word -- shocked. Stunned I -- it it boggled my mind. And it can't happen in Houston. And former patriots linebacker Ted Johnson and I have always liked always admired. Overcame a lot of things had -- concussion issues that probably cut his his career a little bit short. But I've always enjoyed talking to at the Ted I I like it. I like him a lot. Any may have said the most incredibly stupid. Insensitive. Idiotic thing I've ever heard. -- got lured into Witten might end there are a lot of -- with talk show -- out there. And this -- quick nit -- talk show host. Lowered Ted Johnson into. This kind of interesting. Dynamic going on in the world right now you guys have probably notice this by the way. We weren't angry society. Across the table make any comment. About a man's wife. Or any other NFL player by the way. And this nit -- talk show host. Wanted Ted Johnson to say who was the least attractive who was the deadliest wife of a player that he knows. And unfortunately for Teddy felt for. He said something about as dumb as you can say. I -- to Ted's credit he knows how badly he screwed up. He knows. I'm not sure that that relationship will ever be repaired but he knows. If you followed Ted Johnson's Twitter feed and I did. He just seems. Despondent over what he did it. I guess. I guess he honestly thought nobody would ever -- I guess he honestly believed that he could say something in Houston Texas. And word would never get -- Foxborough Massachusetts. Stupid it's. Stupid. If you're wondering exactly what he said and then Natalia. What I think this was a product of this is exactly what he -- -- -- pretty political views elements of the my job. -- And I its fuel. Did you all win Reynolds take I don't know my bride got it. You got snagged -- This is stated this is a big. Big man okay and this guy had his ways with the Texans this year. All I know -- -- it is he's a great guy in his side and his -- -- like curry got a great gal I should say it looks like a great guy. So so he won't use the -- or. I know I know about -- nonstop. Think about the experiment. You got an ass on the phone who asks the question he got a nit -- talk show host to Google you want. -- -- Ted Johnson and maybe you've taken too many shots to the head and you fall for. This is the exact same thing. As adults who were on this text machine. And I mean everybody -- Tex I mean adults. And I tell you about a mall at time the adults who were on your Twitter feet. And I don't mean everybody who's on your Twitter because most Wal-Mart beat UW -- It's angry. Bitter sad people. Who say things. Will take shots. It is unbelievable. How much courage people have. When they're on a telephone. At the end of a text phone. Or on a computer screen and couldn't -- action it is unbelievable how courageous AR. You really have to play into them. I mean immediately the talk show host should've hung up on the jerk. And immediately Ted Johnson should have said are you crazy. I'm not gonna pretend to know Bianco Wilfork I've -- few times. She's been very gracious. She's been loudly I mean I I've loved talking to our. I don't know events. Worked with -- on a regular basis on patriots Monday he would walk into the studio with Michael and me and it was one of the highlights of our week. -- and events in a parking lot of a supermarket recently. -- Christmas time he and Bianca were out ran into in the in the parking lot of the supermarket -- both of them had my daughter with me. Introduced him to my daughter. He couldn't have been more gracious beyond that couldn't have been nicer. As they left and we went on about our business my daughter says he's the nicest man. And Bianca is the same why. He is the nicest man. Lead -- some stupid like that. You better rethink man to better rethink what you're doing and as I said to -- credit -- Put up my quotation fingers here. To Ted's credit. He knows how badly he screwed up. There -- things you don't do. You don't talk about a man's wife you don't talk about a man's children you don't talk about a man's family. You wanna criticize Vince Wilfork and his game and how he plays you know that kind of goes with the territory. And everybody understands that. I'm not sure what have been Smart for Ted Johnson -- of criticized Vince Wilfork game. Because Vince Wilfork is one of the best in the National Football League at what he does his game is very good thank you. You can't do what Ted Johnson did. And if you do head. You kinda get what you deserve. What you deserve -- is a relationship that is done forever. I'm not sure everyone running to Vince Wilfork if I'm Ted Johnson met Ted claim on its Twitter feet. But he's already apologized to the family. I'd like to think he did it while not person obviously I'm gonna -- from Houston I'd like to think that he made a phone call. I don't know that he did it. I'd like to think that he made a call and said -- I cannot believe I was stupid enough. I can't tell you how sorry I am. And then I'd ask -- to get on the phone. I tell her the exact same thing I don't know how he handled it I don't know what he did. But Ted Johnson fell victim he fell victim to the bitterness. Of the unhappiness. We used to call it beer muscles back and today in -- guy about three snoops into into a night. Would decide that he wanted to pick on the biggest guy and the bar we'll see you don't have to do that anymore because -- reject him -- -- when you do that. Have to go through all that now. One Twitter. And take your shots you hear what the text machine and take your shots you can make a phone call to a radio station. And boy -- use sound Smart and he use -- -- Ted Johnson made himself a bad and sad joke. And a guy that I use a like a lot and admire a lot. I now don't admire a bit. The person I admire and all this. Is the person I admired going in Vince Wilfork. And again not pretending to know Bianca I don't know war -- matter a few times talked to a few times. Always admired her as well and I still do. Is that where were -- and is that where we've come. We're a jerk with a phone. Asks a question of talk show host. And the talk show -- they -- -- that's the funniest damn thing I've ever heard. It. Let's get to call 6177797937. -- telephone number text that's one every like yes I YouTube. Nit wits with the text machine. And the beer muscles 37937. And those exact same nit wits have -- me on Twitter as like if you as well appeared like. That app dale. WEE.

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