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Offensively Challenged: The Bruins can’t score right now and are playing soft

Mar 24, 2013|

Dale Arnold explains how the Bruins have to look around the locker room for answers right now. With the Marchand-Bergeron-Seguin line cooling off, Nathan Horton and Milan Lucic have to step up their game.

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So after eight disappointing. Frustrating. Excruciating. Loss in Canada last night. We've had our second coaching change in the National Hockey League this morning early this morning. Stop the Bruins fans. Know I don't mean now mark. The Tampa Bay Lightning fired their coach in the wee hours. So you're gable O'Shea he's the coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning you play in Ottawa last night you lose five to tree. Teams a little frustrating for you right now drop it down more down -- up. After the game you get on a plane. You -- -- Winnipeg because you're playing -- Winnipeg against the jets. You get all the way to win a panic when Steve buys a man decides to tell you oh by the way he's not coaching the team more. An announcement made it about 7 o'clock this morning that -- bay lightning have fired their coach. Couple of guys will like coach on an interim basis the question then becomes. Who will take over the Tampa Bay Lightning franchise. Almost instinctively you'll say -- run its name will. Go to the top or near the top of the -- the whole list of candidates supposedly their coach in the American Hockey League is another. Another supreme candidate and we'll see what happens with them but it it it is further evidence if any is needed. How quickly you can go from hero to zero. When when your coaching it while in any sport but in the National Hockey League which is what we're talking about right now remember a couple of years ago. Boucher it was the hottest thing going. He was the -- up and coming. You know everything is different -- because of the way this guy coaches the game. What he was doing in the neutral zone was was innovative it was it was revolutionary he was gonna change the sport of hockey. His team got to the seventh game of the Eastern Conference finals. Against the Boston Bruins. Spectacular game I mean look that entire series I still say that one nothing Bruins went over Tampa Bay it was the best hockey game ever seen in my life. -- in in this guy was hot. -- -- Coach to be fired in the National Hockey League this year and he's not going to be the last. At the beginning of the season on nests and as we were getting ready to you know start the year out the lockout shortened here on January 19. We all kind of put together some some predictions for the seasons and things that we thought could happen and then I said one of the things that I think could happen. Is that John toward a relic could be fired as coach of the New York Rangers and I still think that's gonna happen with season is out. I think there's so much pressure on the Rangers went out and got Rick Nash in the so home so many high expectations. But I think ultimately he's gonna fall prey to those expectations in the same way he Boucher has. In the same way Lindy Ruff has. And as I said I doubt these will be the only two coaches who will get fired. I was only being somewhat of a Smart Aleck -- talked about a frustrating. Excruciating. Loss in Canada last night. I set on the telecast last night on -- and sat on the telecast. That was the most frustrating game of the year for me. Obviously I've seen -- mall now. You guys this probably see in the mall as well. US 33 to thirteen. And you lose three detail. And I know what everybody's gonna say in her -- insane if for weeks now. -- they gonna make a move when economic trade when are they gonna get us tonight by -- they gonna get this one they gonna get back. And I hate to tell you this but you've got about. Twenty teams in the National Hockey League. -- all desperately trying to make a move. And you've got about three teams and -- right now at least internally Eric knowledge in -- they're probably out of it they're willing to trade some of their players away. I think the Bruins are desperate to try to make a trade. -- Peters to rally really wants to spend some of that salary cap money that he's got available. I think he's finding them pocket right now -- I'm not sure the cavalry coming over the hill if you're Bruins fan or Bruins player. Ultimately you may be stuck in a position where you gotta look at your own dressing room and figure out if you've got the answers there. And right now the Bruins don't. Injuries are not an excuse. There are a bunch of teams in this -- who got guys hurt. The -- exhibit eight. And they find a way to get it done. I'm gonna tell you something that will probably be unpopular -- as we have a tendency. Not just in hockey but it all sports we have a tendency to try to blame a single person. Because -- so much easier and cleaner and -- that way. It's Claude Julian fault is it's -- -- rallies faulty it's and M I hear a lot of this. -- In -- took Rask gives up too many soft goals last night and -- would open it up too many soft goals. So you've got beauty we always try to find that guy. Goaltending is -- the bruins' problem right now. Did Tuukka -- give up the soft goal on the road trip that ultimately cost them a game in Winnipeg yes he did absolutely. It and Tom who'd opened give up well at least two soft goals last night. As they lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs three -- yes he did it. This team can't school war. At one point the post game show last night we put up the statistics of some of the Bruins some of the key Bruins and how they did on this road trip. It's awful. They just played four games on the road they scored a total of six goals. Three forwards scored goals on the road trip. Milan Lucic is giving you nothing right now. Nathan Horton is giving you nothing right now. You go back to that Washington Capitals game that started the road trip third and it just before the road trip I should say a week ago yesterday. And they were -- force. From the minute the puck was dropped until the minute the game ended. They were the best line on the ice they might have been as good -- line as there was in the national hockey. They want on the road and play the four games on the road and nothing. -- Last night the entire game and like I I knowledge before I'd make this next statement -- knowledge. That may be the -- weirdest strangest. Look he has to stab at the National Hockey League is hits. Because it seems as though everybody who keeps that statistic in every arena in the NHL has the wrong standard I acknowledged that. But in the final stats from last night's game Milan Lucic was credited with one hit. Nathan Horton was credited with non. Two of the bigger stronger players in the national hockey -- When they played -- physical led to a week ago Saturday against the Washington Capitals were frightening. They scared the Washington Capitals. I saw Washington Capitals players off rate. A mile -- teacher Nathan Horton. They combined for one hit last night in Toronto against the Maple Leafs. The problem you have right now for the Bruins. Is that they have basically been a one line offensively. 01 line hockey team for far too long now. And that one line is finally cooled off I think part of it is the natural ebb and flow of play in the National Hockey League and you're gonna get hot you're gonna get called. And unfortunately right now the line of Bergeron Marchand and Sagan has cooled off. Quite honestly I think another big part of that is that if you're the opposing coach. And you're gonna have your checking unit out on the ice it's not going to be against great -- Orton and -- teach. It's going to be against this that the Bergeron line. -- gonna concentrate your checking efforts. On that line because you think that's the only line that can her -- From an offensive perspective right now. Other lines of chipped in here and there. Fourth line has been in fact they're not in the fourth line anymore we already said on our telecasts as far as I'm concerned. Both Orton unit has moved up to the third line. Injuries have have forced the third line to become the de -- fourth line. You've got defenseman who were hurt you played that two of them last night Johnny boy chuck I think he'll probably be back in the lineup tomorrow. I'm indications were that it was kind of a minor thing took a shot off the foot in practice in Toronto. Day before yesterday. -- -- koskie was called up from Providence of the American Hockey League on an emergency basis and played. But I -- tweet from somebody who said they saw. Boy chuck walking around the press box last night without a limp seemed to be okay so I doubt that you'll see him out. A long long time might miss tomorrow but am I wouldn't be surprised -- back it. -- get Adam played back for awhile. That's a three to four week injury from what they're saying with a shoulder problem. But team defense is really the problem right now goaltending really isn't the problem right now. This is a team that has suddenly become unbelievably. Offensively challenged. A power play had gone through a stretch where it looked like it was waking from a slumber. Well it's back sound asleep again. They only had one power play opportunity last night -- because they're not working hard enough to drop penalties. To force officials to put the arm in the air to force other teams to take them down. They're playing a soft game right now they're playing on the periphery. They're not putting people in the dirty areas they're not making guys go to the front of the net. And the defensive unit. Come get you there and in an attempt to get to out of their take penalties. Where I think the Bruins are right now. At this moment. I think there and that the date this is the hockey equivalent of baseball's dog days of August. This is the normal season equivalent of February. That time when you know teams. Know that that the finish line is still quite a ways away and I've been through a lot of games already in you know what February is like sometimes you see teams cannot. -- little a little mini slump in the month of February and it's it's the normal ebb and flow of an NHL season. In this lockout shortened 48 game schedule I think the Bruins have hit Derrick equivalent of that right now. Now how do you get out of there's no magic pill. There's no button that that cloud Julian can push. Ultimately you have to get out of yourself and I'm talking about each and every individual player on the bruins' roster. You've got to do we yourself you've got to go to the front of the net you've got to work harder. It can stop passing the puck when you've got an open shot. Shoe that damn pock. They're trying so hard right now to be so perfect. At their passing up golden scoring opportunities. I don't know but I never seen anything quite like the other night in now Ottawa. Where they Lucci each -- she important line had a three on one and never got a shot on goal. Didn't get a shot. Brad Marchand is fighting the puck right now can't receive -- pass. Comes in large part because your gripping the stick too hard because you're trying too hard as you want it to badly. Easy to say hard to do you -- just relax and play the game. This team is still. I know you don't believe this after a one in three road trip is still one of the handful of best teams in the national hockey. Absolutely one of the best five teams in the NH. They get some things that got overcome right now. And I've got to work harder to overcome. They have the people look into it absolutely. I've seen these guys these players. Perform at a much higher level. Them what they're playing right now I know that they're better than. I've got to show. -- got to prove it. And I'm kind of hoping because every single guy in the in the dressing room after last night's game said basically the same terms. Frustrating out worked. All those things that I like to hear them say. And which you hope means tomorrow night when they go out on the TD garden ice against that same Toronto Maple Leafs team to beat them last night. They go out and just finally let it go. I think they'll be all right. I'm not sure where they're going to be able to make a big trade to turn this thing around. I'll give you an idea of what. Somebody from Canada told me the asking price was for Jerome again. And Jerome -- contract is up at the end of the season so he has a rental player. What I was told was that the asking price for Jerome again -- was a first round pick. Eight top prospect. And one of your better players off your Major League roster right now. -- rent Jerome again. I heard another general managers say the reason you're not seeing any deals in the NHL right now. Is that the asking price is out of this world. You've got so many teams trying to make a deal. So -- teams willing to trade players away that they are asking for the sun moon and stars. And general managers aren't stupid people. Peter surely not a stupid man. He wants to make a deal and he is willing to make a deal but he's not gonna do something stupid. Like giveaway three prime assets for the right -- rent Jarome Iginla for the next two months three months whatever ideas. So as much as you'd like to see somebody come over that hill and helped save your hockey season I'm not sure it's gonna happen. If on the Bruins. I say you know what made it -- better figure out how to do with what we got here and if something happens and we at a player. And we at a key component. And so much the better it's Christmas. Well we better figure out how to get it done with the people we're sitting in this dressing room right now. Because nobody can fix this put themselves. Dexter says where's the emotion. When was the last fight it was last night. -- says when was the last fight effect might be one of the best fights of the year was last night. -- important. Steve -- might might of one of the best fights of the year so but I do agree with the first part of your text where was the emotion it's not there right now. And that's why set -- kind of go back to that dog days of August. Kind of analogy here because I think that's where they're having a hard time manufacturing the emotion. Well they better figure out how to manufacture the better figure out how to do it sooner rather than later. All right we got the hockey part out of the way -- quick 92 break we got a whole bunch of other stuff talked about. -- -- toxin some baseball I've loved hearing the first edition of Alex -- down on the farm I loved listening to Jackie Bradley junior. And there it is it's seems more and more likely that Jackie Bradley junior may go north with the team when they opened the season April 1 in New York against the Yankees. He's playing left field today with the so called varsity quote unquote. They've -- decided to change their mind is every general manager and manager has the right to do. They had said originally went back and Plame in left field and another saying okay Amy who will play him in left field of play left field again today. Talks in baseball. We will talk Celtics who I think unfortunately. God love them they were tripping sole hard. Overcome so many things and they were they were doing a heck of a job overcoming a raft of injuries unlike any other. I think things have finally caught up to them. And I apologize that I did. I did misspeak. Thank you for the correction it was Colton -- Nazi -- Iowa who fought with with Shawn -- last night. When sitting here by yourself and 5000 pieces of paper funny sometimes you say the wrong thing and I did yes it was -- -- fourth time they fought by the way. Once in the minor leagues three now in the National Hockey League. Federal fall four were as good as the one last night but the one last night was pretty darn good. All right quick break we'll open up lines bring you guys and just few minutes as well Dale Arnold in here till 1 o'clock today here on Sports Radio WB.

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