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John Ryder and Lenny Megliola - Celtics Injuries and Patriots Draft Needs

Mar 23, 2013|

John and Lenny talk about the latest Celtics injuries just before tonights tip off. The guys take a few calls on the Patriots WR situation. Listen here as Lenny makes the case for draft picks to fill this position.

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And now only WEEI Sports Radio network we've paired up two fantastic hosts I'm willow -- of the situation do you guys you'll be Peru -- here. -- movie it's John Ryder handle any Magglio and dump her big combination of talk show hosts on WEEI. I have -- -- perfect so now let's intro or talk show. We do lose a lot brighter and made on the WTI Sports Radio network. Half hour or less than a half hour before you bring this Celtics in the grizzlies John Ryder -- they go with the a little 730 at 6177797937. -- can text is of. -- 37937. On Twitter -- grandy tweets out that -- Jeff Greene will start for Kevin Garnett that's not a surprise with Garnett if you didn't hear on the flash their Garnett. I will not play denied foot injury and they get MRI on and headed back to Boston. And Jason Terry it says likely for Courtney Lee's was wrong on that. But he -- -- doctor rivers says they Jordan Crawford could start as well so it's one of those two would place Courtney Lee also is an ankle injury. And according to Gary Washburn of the globe accordingly sit out as a sprained ankle was swelling went down a lot. But it would be able to go anyway can go forward but not -- early -- comments we don't have them but to them. I wonder how much they think about scored at least your ability Jason Terry had some weird comments last night's. Talking about well it must have bones sticking out he should be back up on the court. I'm paraphrasing but bad -- Well I know I'm I inherited and down it was very surprising grace Bryant is going to be in iron it's if you shoot from the hip and that -- -- -- kept in -- shouted say number one -- in debt long if -- studies being funny it -- and -- Has. All right also I wanted to ask gives me a new. What do you think -- or can ask callers this and of course we can get into. Red Sox NCAA tournament. Anything -- -- wanna get into Bruins in action tonight to you instead Toronto in touch and go begin the start and just an NCAA update. -- in the kitchen on the flash there Arizona -- Harvard forty to 22 at the half but. Do you think all things we will be out if this team. This healthy as they can be lately the Celtics should greens start over -- Not happy the way who -- what I mean I I'd look at the minutes guys play I want you to know the and and what what they give view home. But I mean I've got no objection to it you know I I -- green because in areas such. Such prowess offensively bigger guy come off the bench for that got a couple of guys that you know by definition of that Terry are racially and leave less so. But you know what maybe is the chance you know for green tonight going to be one game and who knows might be a couple of games young man that is going to be studying Arab but. Yeah I'm I'm not noble wound with the idea but. You know if -- stocks finalists it -- see if he actually you know figures out to be better than coming off the bench. They asked me that under. -- Hulu on Thursday and Comcast. Supports tonight. And I think that at this point why not in tried to extort him. Confidence boost they'd I think he needs some scoring not the best has been terrible of late and maybe you lose Brandon Bass. -- CL a little bit here. Meaning you know and it hit his involvement being engaged you're. Coming off the bench but. Maybe it's just to get green's confidence going I would I would try and I know it's kind of late in the season for that but. I have no problem may considering confidence in getting him going and sometimes seems to be slow getting him going maybe that will help him -- may need some scoring on this. Team also isolate the season -- if you try it and it works. You know then you know you do have the playoffs and thinker but again I I I don't think it it's a big deal but you know if they wanna try to go ahead. -- And bass and down season and it you'd think. You know a guy image there's so much pick and pop in the NBA and -- that mid range jump shot but a lot of times just has been going you know he can have that quick for staff at different times which we've seen button haven't seen this season. Best best employee I think -- of live. Under achieved at least with the expectations. I think we believe I'm being too hard no I think that two -- -- as. Put it together in stretches in different stretches we can say this about so many of these player's -- and defense -- it's been nice tandem -- Avery Bradley. And in in the back court. I know bring you some energy but. Yeah I expected probably a little bit more from him this sees that one thing I did expect him to be better at this season shooting the three and you know you got another stops there is very good at that quarter three Doc Rivers of -- that it -- three in his other stops we just never received Chelsea's yeah I was chairman -- you cut you know -- spreading the -- are all part if they don't drop they don't -- -- -- here's colony and Dedham because. I guess. I know you. So quick question concern -- popular answers for me borrow. Going to sit Terrence Williams -- away and Randolph. I know earlier you got -- -- our little dimpled or. Our garner apparently you're injured. And be honest I'm a little I'm a little upset. -- Street guys haven't really -- you know try and I don't really understand why it since. You know they just went out and sign up for multi year contracts in order to shut some not -- Well I think and don't you know the multiyear contracts that they got out of three probably the most upside is Terrence Williams definitely the most upside. Of Denver and the reason why. Well first up to try to get some wins here. I you'll probably be seeing one of the three if not all three potentially. That is especially against a big Memphis team would with some size there in the type. Style that they play in especially with the -- with these injuries but tomato -- -- answers they've got to start picking up some wins here and and you know Williams you might see a little bit more -- I would think more so than DJ wider Shavlik Randolph of their try to win some games and and these are guys that haven't had a lot of practice time to come and over from China. And the area you know borderline. NBA players don't just because they signed him to deals in in you know they'd. Extended him after the second ten day contracts which they had to end up doing for -- reasons. They're gonna go. You know going to be seeing a ton of these guys in certain games unless there's more injuries because they got to win some games. And you probably -- they get a CM at all. Certainly not white or Randolph I wouldn't think in the playoffs and it's going to be really short rotation short. Bench they need to for practice -- com and Mets stadium because every every time you know when they have a chance to practice with the busy schedule but you know they they get some. That. You know. The veterans who you know -- that they got it ducks not kind of you know. Force he is sent -- -- and had some -- -- -- to go really Heidi and in a five on five scrimmage right. And and if you -- watched one of those guys step by just like a regular game Arthur you know are you you scrimmage for five minutes ten minutes go by and then you know give you -- its -- house content. Well that's what they really need these guys force rude to you know just. -- And you anime fighting like a real game not let. What is right practice and also for the points I've. The reasons I've pointed out in in terms of depth and injuries which they're dealing with -- for tonight's game. General patriots have questioned consummate setup here. Oh yeah. Amendola. Just -- concert and -- he -- knee injury problem tiger so -- That's the problem suppliers either man I learned was Welker. Want me to -- -- -- last year a couple of times and ideas out from the game by common to all especially with the -- he only played I think in each lost eighteen gains. And our itinerary. Are there -- -- can you please pressure from wired. Just the waters here at the start on the dole and maybe Aaron Hernandez I don't. Yeah and Hernandez could place some -- yet thanks god our brand is you could see him in the slot a bid that's what is. You could see three tight end sets would Ballard in gronkowski and Hernandez but they do have to have to get in myrtle Reuters not Weathers the all right they they got to add don't you agree Lanny through the draft I don't know which round and they don't have a -- epics but. And there is good wide receiver depth in this draft there's -- a wide receiver and also. Whether it's a manual Sanders which they still have time to do whether they wanna surrender that third round pick to Pittsburgh or bring back Brandon Lloyd. But another veteran receivers well. Yes. I'm thinking draft. Because you know like said this six they really do look like can't miss guys I mean obviously they can but -- You know they project out to be you know. Frontline players they got to find out which one ammunition -- because -- they do their homework and -- throws all the other teams do to. Let a guy that can step right in as a rookie. And -- deep threat plain and simple. It give it they may ever already identified that guy John I mean. And hope he's there when -- imaginations they do it and you know either move up -- down on the drafted just they would be out but they they got to spread the feel a little bit and I think that's the top priority at least we know offensively. Offensively us and I think they're top priority overall right now is silly getting another again they can get to yeah quarterback which continues to be a problem with the steam and especially in the playoffs. Here's frank it's -- zeroed out and frank. John Lanny are you doing good Franken or you. Not bad on the I want to touch on though the welcome in Amendola. Story to. In the the last -- kind of gone a little bit seems like. And those in my book get a little bit of -- raw deal as far as the injury seen when he ran the volume -- -- to -- you. Go ahead and so I was gonna do jump right. -- no problem mom. The way I'm looking at it didn't wanna warm welcome in the level of tight -- chronic injuries they wouldn't have bad movie you saw about a cure we saw. -- -- that one out off both opening the two -- injuries that they got one. On the -- -- -- -- with a broken collarbone and in the welcome with the ACL. What kind of you know Saluki injuries kind of injury that could happen to anybody -- -- a recurring injury would either one of them but the difference is. Welcome is and -- happening there and I think good week for two. The final game of the season against Houston yeah and and and our Amendola injury happened and the first week right right the only play one game it was in who's in the first game of the season and what and the dollars that could do a couple of other injuries ankle foot injuries but nothing lingering right there. Yeah -- absorb a million injuries don't wanna according to be for so long. It's it's just because it happened that the innocence and it couldn't happen in the last game like. Broken -- why focus could've happened in the first game because they want that's -- injuries they happen to all the people. It just you know and that's when they happen to take that shot so. It's that special. It was -- web Boca there happened at the beginning of the season we beach and while Wachovia golf always being examined it was pretty durable yet and had a lot of games out. Right right narrative it's it's part well taken so what -- saying is we Sheridan. We should consider and Rondo alone in a little higher -- and our bottom line yeah I'm gonna give the guy a chance I just. Yeah even if he is held the unique very well could be -- who don't know is a Minnesota tough for -- -- could go -- the first game of the season. An adult to go out coming hack hopefully it doesn't have a Brady Manning -- any of these things could potentially happen they could be some ironies here we're Welker gets knocked out -- -- dole. What is -- -- sixteen games but. I'm just looking added not so much the injury history I know it's apart here for an adult and takes the call frank. But you know the production and not that I mean I don't know how many targets in a dole -- but. He catches you know as high seventies low eighties that's -- media furthermore the most important thing. The mainland he has given Hernandez and especially gronkowski healthy for a good portion of the season and especially for the post season. No question about that. You know again reverse and your former Welker. I'm well read we don't have to you know boost his start previews so important to everything they did he uses a chain move for a night. And -- but once those chains to move to it'd red zone. -- gronkowski was LT. And that's who both season com and down. Mean it's like elves an automatic touchdown for for Brady just to throw it high in the end zone and are on the through the on line he booms often here. So they need that presence I mean it out we had him we -- being that. Best tight end of all time for crown -- a day after a year and a half two seasons and I mean hey you live and not do it what it was on the fail north nominees so it is so important to the hold an embryo. We're you know just looking at the slot so much because of well could have since I have this guy gonna deal. We know a grant can do it and this offense and Hernandez but. It's -- -- plan you know -- paint. -- other number twelve gronkowski is -- guy wanna keep on that field that's for sure they have an -- I had 92 break -- -- it's -- -- this image -- basketball text or try to get to before -- make way for the Celtics in the grizzlies. This disturbing because playoff run run record and you know one game of the playoffs to get division series so. You know between now and whatever playoff starting next month we got a good clean up those little things. Because of breakdowns often says conditions and restrictions we the Specter going nowhere close. Certainly is right on that this Paul Pierce tiger after last night's loss at Dallas to get Memphis in the Celtics coming up here momentarily. Not much time left in the show let's get to college John Ryder let him Magglio and here's bill and mauled and a bill. They guys just two quick comments Bob Bradley Johnson I mean Jackie Bradley -- he's got to play if you get it the best players -- got to play. That's what Belichick with column. And right now he's he's he's one of their best players yeah. Little different baseball the F you're ready you're ready by the end and you thought -- Ted Johnson. Ted Johnson is anybody taken such a precipitous fall from feet left as a player. I mean his image -- is dropped dramatically since he left yeah I mean everybody looked up to him as a player and an individual when he was with the team but since then. He's gone -- he now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is head injuries definitely not helped him. -- I mean he had problems. Who have the patriot. Oh yeah yeah yeah no he's he's had in I'm not even meant to life that's for sure and ever doubt that their response was I don't care what the question what did you -- you know the question. Because they're all beautiful women. You know I mean I just don't answer is devoid Sana news or want this week. They'd John aside the other night on comp cast doubt that a good way to work with terrific. That's terrific I ever did McEnroe. Always great work and there and and -- as well and we have a quick text here. It says John -- -- great basketball guys thank you -- the Celtics have four guards too defensive Bradley in late two offensive Terry Crawford. Keeps going on he says I -- Terry would Bradley played Lee with crowds throughout the bench what do you think. Now we're pretty much out of time but not -- -- you know whenever it happens they need some scoring. -- of -- some was gonna score of that bench yes so we'll tell a guy at the text that we like -- thoughts. As well make him feel good right it's time when -- -- will all right Celtics grizzlies up next. Great work with the Lenny is always okay to assume yes thanks to any text Christian arcana the flash -- stakes do ginger oil for producing. Celtics in grizzlies up next enjoy your Saturday night I'll be back with -- tomorrow after the Red Sox exhibition game around 4 o'clock type unit.

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