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Mustard and Johnson Revisit the Wes Welker Situation

Mar 23, 2013|

One week removed from the shocking developments that led to Wes Welker signing with the Broncos, Mustard and Johnson discuss their stance on letting Wes Welker sign with Denver. The guys can now say they understand what the Pats were doing and their defense is looking better, but they think that Peyton Manning and Denver got a lot better which could be a problem for NE.

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It's perfect you know those things factor in. Rosters different. -- forward and trying to retain as much now as we can Analytical Services itself. That plays -- -- sometimes in the spring training I think there's. There's those who is allowed me to give -- their roster doesn't always. But the system -- roster next. There's a 160 days you have to. And again. And I'm going. Any town it's. Necessary to. We'll save -- it's about accidentally he wanted to that's enough room and a lot of the best -- again for six months I think. And Sheraton obviously faced with a very. Crucial dilemma we are discussing it both sides of the issue he's I think he's lean more toward you. Of course he has because that is the right thing to do a lot -- -- Ortiz signing. Not a Texan. Weighing in on the debate 860 down there in Connecticut and it's only eleven days in nine games sent down. Then bring him back extent the quality your ball club for a couple extra year 413 agrees that western mass. That's what -- people don't understand or comprehend bringing -- up for just a few short week it's a whole extra year out of his talents at the prime news of his career. Another one out in the 413 says -- Bradley down at the -- is a future superstar. Why now lock him up longer at short order dollars key member of the Dow. Currently. But and then -- -- out of our down. Six 777. It's 7937. Everybody acknowledges. Even if you haven't seen a lot of them. Frosting those who have. We all understand the guy is possessed of tremendous talent is upside as they say. Is limitless. He's probably a short time. Mike Trout was short they make up and down for twenty days. Bryce Harper was a sure thing that kept them down for twenty days it worked very well I won't. Be upset if they do it. But I wouldn't be upset if they brought him off either I just think that he's I think under different circumstances with a team. I think it would be different Brett. I think they need is charming I think this kid is quick be exciting with a lot of potential. I'm I'm just not -- six years from now arm arm I I gosh I hope they're not making decisions predicated on six years from now that's what you. Very. Topic you're looking in April. And it's against the Yankees. Is their bigger than ever we take that series to answer question all the the Baltimore coming in for. April it. This is moment as well as of course and yes it's in line. By the way -- somebody in the media again. In the 617 I -- know was obviously we we we were exit was on the cover tease out exactly in the mailing list girl it's the Wear you out but not yeah we're on somebody's list that is called the mailing with however. Ortiz is on the this would be in this -- Surrounded by Pedroia Lester salty Ellsbury. And six others like here and and the arrest of professor Marianne I don't know team is frank. No Francona apparently hasn't mentioned. There. That's according to this text and just suggest that. That your of the guys met all of the media guide -- -- anticipating coveted the guys unveiled yet. -- communities of research on. The gates private comment I got a lot of callers on your show at his side and on what the happenings at W the over here won't care -- I'm not -- is that so that's where it -- that on the Red -- well it's very intense. And it's an accident. -- is a great idea. -- That doesn't know yet how are you doing I'm that they take my cup -- Garland. I just I'm giving up. I'll devote less luck eight India it indeed dead guy. But I. Last year. I need to that the particular kind of like a rabbit -- -- The one of them out he would be and they they tagged him yet they tagged him and I think a lot of it has that -- -- that but that the -- is really want them. You know if -- that the you know last season. He's on the bench they come -- -- a couple of guys got hurt. And then I would say you know -- hold Brady like. Restructuring in the end zone and taken a pay cut that wasn't necessarily to keep what you like it remains. Why do you think he did it to that that's a great point you bring it up right right do you think if somebody said do you. Listen we want to restructure your deal we've got to play as we want to retain and strengthen. Don't you think if if if they didn't mention welcome his name don't you think Brady was thinking that way. What I I think I mean Brady getting all that and you know. As we look at -- weekend we go to put up 3040 points in these sick and tired of the fourth quarter has been depleted completely. You know here's the problem Jeff and I certainly understand that the regular season but think about how -- going down over the last several years in the post season. It's not because the defense it's because the offense cannot generate enough -- to win. And if -- Brady how many wide receivers can you break it right. You know and we know that there are some who have done very well playing with Tom Brady others who have not done so well. Great I mean certainly you want help on defense -- -- was a great resigning. Yeah one year and I'm sure Brady was thinking about that but I would be hard pressed thanks for the call I'll be hard pressed to believe. The Tom Brady was not Heidi only interested in keeping Wes Welker on the state. That I would like to sleep thinking about I can't that I. Can't read his mind but I would like to think. They weigh a the Brady was thinking -- we are restructure and -- to -- welcome back on the phone maybe get Tony -- can you. You can you don't even think that cross Brady's mind to get his top receiver back. And I always go back to this and this is why to me it's comparable to the Kendrick Perkins Jeff Greene argument you take advantage of your superstar players. While you have the opportunity. Perkins was a perfect fit chemistry wise. -- peers and for KG now he's never going to be. Someone can help them win a championship. I don't think Jeff green is that player who can put them over the top Perkins because of what he brought. Two of them especially two years ago was instrumental here -- Brady he'll be 36 Larry when the regular season begins he turns 36. In August he's only a year younger than Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning now has well Wes Welker. Not Tom Brady. I think that means advantage -- -- -- -- LeBron absolutely recently to agree there aren't what's speaking of agreement here's a guy we always can -- when Danny Quincy annexed the territory joining Danny. You know I edited the book on world still today don't like from kids stepped up -- -- Larry Johnson not worried argue that. I can -- this one football all the reason why the kicker Kevin White is also walked. It because a lot of -- like guys that you just mentioned. What the opposite field to score they won't. Is that -- Depending upon the offense to match score for score of the game I prefer that came to that stop stop. That's what wins championships that you have -- on the offense didn't shut down by at least 1 game and I am not -- the -- -- the regular season but -- -- policy -- Absolutely expect don't want it one game -- rocket is gonna. So great OK when are you expected the patriot to come up with a big fat bagel the second half of the Baltimore game. Acted every time a team is waiting is predicated on offense in any sport. Any sport any kind of a game winning is. Great way all of us that it would not stop stop stop the tape for a second rewind. You're saying that success is based on offensive. Production. Like at any time winning out is predicated on. Offense in the right you're doomed to fail that's been a proven fact inefficient sport was invented I cranks are and it didn't. It's pretty evident what the patriots. And I don't think he can crop I I don't have the -- -- this you know the Red Sox but I mean. If you look at the history of the kinks -- the war. As to what happened to this team they don't pertain predicated on offense and they want to buy side defense. Bad they can't -- stop for stop. -- that's my point you you're back in the offense that scored 31 in between. Now now now now when you look at their failures in the post season since 04. And without exception the offense comes a cropper when it's important they they they are no they they errors and I shall all. Of their cells in the regular season come post season time in these big games you gotta have you gotta you gotta be willing you gotta be able to to be prolific. At least scored three touchdowns early the couple took out some real goals. Got out yet -- defense be able to stop. That's stopped. Greg you know that your basketball guys you don't point come office stopped about the -- weren't wrong -- the question about the one at the same apply football. The same apply to hockey. And the same applies I mean Ed -- -- at the same applies to baseball. Stop the other team from scoring at different. All right so let's just let's just let's just perform another autopsy if you can stand on that Baltimore game. Are a lot of people attribute their lost to two lead going down. It at the end in the first quarter and then finally Baltimore scoring in the second half was that the reason. Or the fact that that that the current patriot offense would do absolutely zip all after the intermission. If -- -- I stepped up and there's gonna get -- down against a good team in the postseason got what you need your defense to match. Opera star do you expect to get into the -- and -- -- -- super ball hit the defense that gave up how many points seventeen. Right now should be in a way that. I understand that great but if I don't wanna get. You just you know just didn't. Trapped once again in my web. -- do. An -- on principle -- 3145. Point that they can't Muster more than fourteen the first couple balls. So that's my. That's my whole point under so you wanna keep your best offensive players on the field. All in the standout but it usually comes down to stop Greg that's that's my point you got it got to depend on the defense to win what one game and it was called one dying and football it's a little different. Is that all there is any other sport you get seven games. I'm. I'm just saying defense. You've got to have a good defense the -- independents. Yeah tomorrow okay without. Any talk to me about Bradley well to well. In Iowa which rent dot I don't despite this time -- what played on this one right -- I wish they had another is serving time on Jacoby Ellsbury because I'm a guy that would would like to see there were. -- -- remain on the Red Sox -- guided wind issued a Red Sox signed Josh Hamilton. And I do you were against Larry because of the number of years. Five years no I was against it right now not -- it not when -- -- Ortiz Olimpia nominates Eric he's limping around. I'm saying to get my expectations of the game this year I'm not that I mean give a better last year but flash it was zero point zero so it's not saying much but. You know if you can have a shipment to pocket. It would have been to the Red Sox play the first forty games Bradley hit 400 and it will -- by the fifteenth that they can't stop anybody from scoring. Then you want huge -- is still there. Government when it's actually according to walker we -- on earlier. You can send him down any weight -- the season that that you get that some major trouble opiates. Well coming out of somebody Danny Danny Danny what are you worried about if they bring him up. I don't -- -- -- anything I would rather have extra years service time for a team that I don't expect the wind issue you because there's no guarantees. There's -- There's no guarantee I just don't see it's a guy -- never play that day in the major leagues -- too much emphasis on this kid I really. I don't I don't see the. This -- one -- and it's -- -- direct talks or ship looked at been -- -- pocket. When that guy up after night after night gave you what happens I I can't know why anybody would argue with that. So who's out who's now playing him right now. The question I can I ask any question on how you went to proper thing is sick and tired by its eruption going at the end. Bradley gonna be the difference between the Red Sox winning a championship and not. -- not -- that Danny wait a minute the last time I checked I know you guys don't like the other worried it's still a business what do you got to put out the event. -- -- works at what's what's my motivation for watching. There's signs you know denied it would -- a much better absolutely. It will end you wanna do that instead implement it. I mean. I mean that's what you look it up with the support yet read enough. Danny did that Danny this is one of the major. Big teams in in baseball. You think that they worried about financial problems six years from -- yes they are because of your response to continued to worry about. Yeah I can that I have liked of bringing them up and is sending him back laid out there and try to play it more. Not -- not have the understands -- doing it. We don't know you don't know what it. From what I understand you bring up play Iraq but -- any of the seed and then -- -- not doing well and set them back down the wrong when I first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Harry bureau works is around the corner on -- let me just MR. To look up biggest collapse last year it can yes what expectations do you out. Very well I thought or tease him Pedroia error and -- very. I don't expect much out of this team so I I know it's not like this team is -- the wind picked the court the championship I really don't that this is different yeah. Larry you don't want. Are you gonna watch the games are women that I you're gonna watch the games. Well it's baseball even know why I am I -- growing contempt. The major league baseball players and it is now affecting me in my in my my attitude toward Major League Baseball. I absolutely I can't stay lately baseball -- In general might -- why. -- it's Tuesday it is boring I will watch for this year. I knew that southern sport coming this has been the most after the so as an insult baseball. Bat well. I don't wanna quote computing -- off walk the walk. -- and I I check with you first open but you don't understand him. If you're asking me why don't watch the right spot yeah because it's spring that baseball bats that basically it and then. We'll see what happens the first night at ten K and. You know maybe bring it up outdoors but I'm not I I'm not one person that watches baseball individual what is I watched. -- I want my sports and working to win a championship that's. Right and I think we did did it ever did not constituted to do that. Right I think that your us and I at least want to be entertained suppose that our sanctuary in -- the Jackie Bradley keep momma roster on April 1 against the Yankees. Somehow I think are deluding themselves into believing. The Red Sox are legitimate contender number and no that's not -- -- reason why are -- so anxious to that -- the -- the hold of -- possibly very good player you know they're playing at least nine -- ten gains before the regular season begins were still nine well not playing today he better get a chance Larry -- tell it like set the DVR for 851. OK enjoy everything about them and I understand that Jerry is mailing it in at all anymore. So that you're -- and got everybody up guys well it's payback well -- whole area. -- accused of -- and again that that's why I used to work at the post office back in my younger years old -- -- -- that a -- you know I used to work the ball in your income tax cuts that I don't email me every remember is that -- income tax return it's 177797937. We still have almost hearted -- bonus that it's true baby can't third brother Dow and.

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