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Mustard and Johnson Tackle the Jackie Bradley, Jr Debate

Mar 23, 2013|

Craig and LJ get on the topic of the Red Sox as Sping Training continues to move toward opening day. The main debate the last week or so has been what should the Red Sox do with Jackie Bradley, Jr. LJ says you want the best possible team out there and therefore Jackie Bradley needs to be playing for the big club. Craig doesn't agree and thinks it wastes eligibility and flexibility the club could have later on down the line.

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-- discussed a lot about the Red Sox this spring training. Obvious reasons are really hasn't been that much -- down about one story that is really. The hot topic I think is whether or not you would bring Jackie Bradley junior op. Now how -- the club or are you worried about the losing a year of eligibility. Six years from now. What would you do well it's funny how the debate started. Really is just a conversation. And I think as we get closer to opening day which is not far away April 1 Yankee Stadium. But ten days away nine days -- if you're keeping score at home on Monday. On day after Easter. And at this point looks increasingly likely that Jackie Bradley. At some point may be out on opening day maybe he won't be wearing a Red Sox uniform on when the teams are introduced on opening day in the Bronx. But somewhere down the line maybe some -- April Jackie Bradley is going to be. While playing for the Red Sox now obviously the debate is we've been listening to all week. Do the Red Sox put them down in the socket four of the eleven days the nine games which they're playing so they can preserve that eligibility. So in which seems like really far down the line. It seems like you know -- it's never gonna happen it's so futuristic it's almost in another century. So they can control him and he is is is writes in 2009. Team. That's when it comes down to a crowd of ninety who's going to be around to drive to be worrying about what six years six seasons from now what would you do ago. You don't want and I've gone back and forth on this and it's a fascinating discussion it's -- it's a dilemma that I'm glad I don't have. That bench Harrington Larry Lucchino John Henry you know whatever they make job every gonna second guess and anyway so. I would say that if I were in charge of the Boston Red Sox. And I do recognize the need to energize a lethargic random numbers are going down. There is not a whole lot to -- -- get excited about a team that won 69 games last year team that. Crashed and burned so spectacularly the year before no playoffs. Since the 2009. Post season in which they get swept by the angels. There's very little to get excited about your Red Sox fans like and understand what they'd wanna have Jackie Bradley -- you -- as well as do. They look at the red -- now he's a baseball team they look as a television program. And Jackie Bradley is the most are this television program well. I -- -- if you read the Francona -- -- you've been accused you have got to read the book by the way. It's now -- -- -- -- you think -- -- like all like it was round and do nothing all -- are they. Feeding the monster. And other people bring him number if they bring him -- Seattle I don't understand if the patriots have a training camp -- -- Celtics are whatever team you want. In some one of the young players shells up and a guy is just playing better than just about anybody else on the team. To -- the anti you're training camp what's the point having a camp give the guy -- just performs -- on which you can imagine. It doesn't matter. He's making you send them down anyway I mean I don't I think the the reason is present such an issue before his. Because you -- waiting for this guy to come back down to earth right. And he hasn't and he has been a revelation is a word you like. It has been an epiphany that Jackie Bradley junior where nobody expected to do great things but not so quickly. You know this -- it comes down this you know this isn't stark contrast Larry. What you're talking about in the first our first hour you're talking about players step -- that. Have not stepped up right then have generally been inconsistent in their four disappointment. Jackie Bradley hasn't had a chance to be inconsistent yet we are infatuated. We're sort of in law -- -- lost with this guy. Because he gives us something we haven't seen him being consistent yet he's his his his potential at this stage is. Limitless. And we always long while -- the audio problem -- there's nobody knows or he's probably would be you know when he opposed the race for the team. Right so. It takes it is no debate about this is a no brainer. What do they sang well I think -- no I think everybody. Pretty much at this point has settled and accepted the resigned to the fact. That no matter what he does in spring training he's gonna spend at least eleven days in nine games. God -- form. It has you have to literally. Which used -- offer a way a would you break but it would you stop offering and a man. And then if he hits the wall and need to go to winning up then you send him down so I guess the debate is once he's down. You immediately bring him back. After the eleven day window. Depends -- we going all right war. Is it is it really as you say does is it. Predicated on how we does meet my opinion is I would bring them up it's like Parcells said -- -- up went. Bring him up for opening for the opening game that's crazy but wait a minute because like -- cells that when used to have rookies. He used to throw him into it with the wolves in many found out they were one of the walls. That's a good -- so so to me. I've never heard is that -- have not be played left field yesterday you bring them popular items that. Let let's find out does he seek the level of where he's playing now Major League Baseball. If he falters. One of the things I heard him Robert -- -- Dennis and Callahan and in spring training in in his coaches is that one of the things that's got one of the guys strongest assets is he's mentally. Very balanced. He has a great perspective on himself. In on life so as far as this guy following a hot. If he gets sent down for a couple weeks I don't think that's gonna happen all right. If the but do you indoors the notion that because the Red Sox really have the control -- rights and keep -- -- of free agency that would mean that wouldn't be my motivating factor like like I airports there last night Comcast sports in there are saying market in the light. This is a big team knocked him like a wealth was not ordering resigned as it was like WEEI light there really was shortly logged in -- I just told you shortly in Maloney or what -- -- and -- about it nobody is sure we keep forgetting this is the big league -- team -- I got to worry about paying people. You kidding me throwing around thirteen million dollar contracts. You know like crazy so you -- that's not the issue. I'm really style well why wouldn't you bring him out I thought you would take the course I don't think it deep and Dana Carvey and said. Since you were quoted Billy Crystal Laura quietly in Munich all right what you bring them up for all if the guy now don't duplicate so so what's the sense of him performing in hitting over 400 not that he's gonna do a major leagues we understand that. What's -- sensitive having that kind of and then you still leave him down. Four games where you could -- about it what it -- much of a price effect OK so what is the motivation for you leaving him down the motivation you the extra year -- -- that's I think that nobody knows you know they are always -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that many bricks over the air and stops all -- gotta get their revenue from somewhere while I know you're about immediate gratification but I didn't know it extended to roster moves as well. Seriously I don't know if that guy can play let's find out of the complain of a Major League level. Let's find out -- -- find out why would you -- we're not -- -- by the way have you looked of the opening -- -- the blue jays. They're playing that property are that ticket agent right away. They need all the help they can get that from my motive you know it's it's it's not about wearing what's gonna be like six years from are you checking off wins and losses already got a 165 games listen is as my good friend Danny used to say. You know these games count as much as it is a game you're playing at -- it's still a win -- why -- really believe if he can play that why wouldn't you bring back. -- at least as -- in the Jack what you -- the junior and broken Jackie Bradley senior I don't know Ken -- seeing it can -- -- -- -- -- get a great piece today in The Herald comparing Jackie Bradley junior with the other Jackie junior fellow by the name Jackie Robinson will become now and April average certainly is -- the pressure on him Jackie Robinson -- -- you know what he might have some of that pressure. Because I think he is the next best thing. I was in a car dealership yesterday my wife shopping around for a new use car. Experience in -- Rabin who used while -- -- We always take the the conservative group when it comes the car buying maybe not and other areas but carpenter -- dynasty or or or or mellow music at some great they have got asked a very good contacts. You betcha but it but you know they knew you I walked in the door and rent the central motors in rent -- yesterday. And they said Craig mustered the partner of Larry Johnson they were going it. About you seriously -- read the blogs people hate me on tape or LD they seemed like you we're the point. We are talking sports and this guy -- a big sports fan I was talking to yesterday's name's Danny. And not -- NC. And it's it's. I gave up on him two years ago. On the team this I was in and I think he really I don't think that's anecdotal. I think he represents. A huge portion of the phantom and it certainly reflected in the ratings where people have. Really dropped this team. Because they don't know them now personality I think you win games by personality. But they've got they really have. Changed around a lot of personality and that's why there are a lot of fans who are hungry for what Jackie Bradley junior. It brings to this team is exciting you know I'm hungry if the guy comply now I'm hungry anyway but. There are excellent 777. He says. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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