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Mustard and Johnson Open Sports Saturday Looking at the Current State of the Celtics and Bruins -- Who is Going to "Step Up"?

Mar 23, 2013|

Craig and Larry address both the C's and B's and how the last week has been mediocre at best for these teams with a ton of potential. LJ wants to know - who is going to step up for these teams. He targets Jeff Green and Lucic specifically, as well as Ellsbury for the Red Sox. The guys discuss where these teams are going and which one has a better chance to really get something done this year. The boys also discuss the NCAA tourney and just how "mad" it's been - GO HARVARD!

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And of course of it is sports Saturday it must be monsters in Johnson and all you mustard in Johnson junkies out there and there are at least three or four you get. Bonus time. OT maybe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We used to work Russia member of granite. Seriously with evidence and twice. Together and rock and roll heaven but it's busted in Johnson here on Sports Radio WEEI. And the say it is like I sound like I'm. Recycling old Johnny Carson here remember Johnny used to get up there. And used to do his opening monologue. And he says it's kind of a slow news day. The sense that it's a slow sports a couple of days here to the contrary I don't know at all. I don't I don't know by the way dark rivers. The basketball gods -- the game off last night it was so bad. It was not a masterpiece the say the least amount of Kosovo. Not remembering Bob that the defense is. Is where it's supposed to be their you know the one thing that they can do consistently very well they got killed with a pick and roll is no. -- rebuffed by the way everybody was screaming about that I don't need to grind out. They are really getting her lately because teams are starting to play better defense against them and there's no cornerback. In his helter skelter. There's no real offensive sets and systems in place and down that's when you need a good point got to break it down -- they don't have that into this. You can't blame them and I think Salinger that nobody ever mentions his name. He was a force on the boards they don't have that anymore Kevin Garnett is limited in minutes. So it's not a surprise to me that there on a couple of nights and then their offer three or four games but it is frustrating. Well it is frustrating and for those of us and I have to raise my hand and a minute maybe I have to throw Mea culpa out there I was so excited by the way they did move the ball. Without Rondo and the record at one point was fourteen or something like that. When Rondo went down their playing very efficient. Very equitable basketball offense and certainly the defense picked up with -- Avery Bradley coming in the same time Rondo went down. But after three straight losses it's easy to now swing in the other direction. And say well you know Rondo is around on Monday night they win that basketball game against the heat they certainly would have enough. To be the worn -- when they lost by one in last night amateur -- or anybody else could. Stop Dallas not the Dallas played particularly well but the problem is Larry in this is this is only a guess in this month. When you're watching all those games on the various CBS channels where we have TNT and TBS and CBS -- true TV -- different channels. Border from basketball games from the college ranks going on the same time you flip over to what regular season and all game plan. I mean the energy just -- like watching a hockey game and then turning over to a baseball game capsule of Haiti's yeah it is by the way did anybody -- -- -- went -- last I -- -- -- -- -- I -- did you did I beg you to -- the -- I -- -- aren't as they -- -- -- -- -- and all the way -- -- -- -- a apart an incredible story the beginning of the season the other controversy with -- two co captains. It's cheating scandal info. This guy to keep this team -- got in you know might what I always say about hybrid Princeton and any of those teams their route or loses the favorite if you lose the game the fact that you're going where you're going you've already won. If there are a lot of regret and great story. The great thing about any of these schools the Cinderella schools and this is what I do enjoy about March Madness and people always ask me. What do you think about Hulu the -- -- -- have no. I -- all I wanna do when the -- -- begins I don't watch any regular season college basketball. I have no credibility when it comes to who plays for what team I just like. The style I just like the energy -- like the excitement. And -- -- -- CBS has to be throw all of these underdog victories upsets galore. In the first a few days of the tournament and the more says there are Larry. The more viewers you're gonna get because people really don't identify particularly appear this is not a college basketball area well but they identify with -- upsets. Here's the other problem where Brad Bates the that new athletic director would -- college and in the light. These -- this is the message sent out to them that for all these teams that are I'm not saying he's going to happen. Complaining that you can't between you know you got to lower the standard academically a little bit to get the right you know players and -- for your team to be a great program. Well I don't know what happens doing but down discipline -- lowering the academic standards I don't believe an infant on the court and play like -- to me is a great. Message well like I jump in just for sure you can look at Bob. I these guys are winners as you say they're gonna have tremendous. Our careers. Some might play in Europe -- my play international basketball that's the question for them obviously. They're not going to be playing in the NBA wherever they go they'll be successful but I do caution you. The kids who are English majors. Premed biology majors history majors pre law whatever. Those kids. Probably have higher SATs might have had better transcripts in high school coming in. They do make adjustments. The kids that are playing on this basketball team are bright. There's no question about it. They belong there they can probably survive academically. But their academic credentials. Are probably not as strong you realize that there are thousands of valedictorian. News. From high schools all over the country. That apply to Harvard it Harvard admits every year percentage wise. 5% and 5%. Of the applicants the Harvard University -- UN just in the point that a making a month saying you got a -- -- wrote squalor and I'm just saying I find it. I think what people love about it is when you have a team like that when you take a team like contacting you with neverland as the air over at all now while cal Perry got his -- now believe it into safe Democrat barbs Nutley NIT. Prize it's like HR and there are other ways to you you can do -- But to just do everything. Under the boy I don't want to bring -- up I'm devastated. You know little. You know maybe you valiant efforts to get over the back. Or John Kerry and now we did date. Miss outs. By the NC double late term of folks they going to the first round and I'd lose though. Bubbles like -- with or anyone you know it it is -- -- on Thursday like a prince Michael and anybody around here. No one to participate in the brackets around here and it was a lot of followers but days -- going at any point so remote -- to. Amid a few different pools while actually -- email me I didn't know your interest inclusive man I actually I actually run and make you think you would have invited us that you know weren't as -- -- a -- That. Include -- Really mean that Obama. In my bracket is actually a first place yeah I heard shortly -- -- -- -- That's where you were where you were roll anywhere anyway -- your brackets that is not now I did and I also did not have Florida Gulf Coast. Anyway it's twenty and the well. And I decided I -- the Ian Ian Breck and I got again and somewhere in of course is the cutoff. Ambien it. In your frantically trying to get everything -- screaming. And I mean it was just a very hectic. Time for -- But it is enjoyable I do think that I tend to watch more what I have competitive bracket of some -- with somebody so. Thank you -- for. Just the opposite -- would rate rise in a prisoner. My brackets. And one of marriage that's a different story discuss that went out and you'll bring. -- -- -- was really. Appropriate I went through out -- on my name but anyway. -- liberated. I am not bound by its its great to me it's more fun that's as it is -- -- a ten dollar bet that's a lot of fun I do have a fit in I do have something that I am. Upset about it will bring all of the major sports into this discussion and you -- -- It's 6177797937. I'm blocking a number one I have black. But BofA ever bikes are worth a number like one minute and -- set up there after eighteen years and I still don't know it and I'm still saying the old number every other time here is Mike right. Seriously. People athletes that need to step up. It just it it it drives me nuts Howard Jeff Green. -- put up 43 points intervals of -- too young to remember. And look like Elgin Baylor or Elgin Baylor with a forward with the LA lakers -- -- like 71 point one time against the Celtics this guy could. Hang he brought demeaning to hang time he could hang in the year -- people have been going back down many decisive issue. Jeff Green has that body control he has the length six point 89 to do that. It to watch him in the Miami game party three points seven rebounds from mom and arms screaming almighty about it. And then Eagles back to the last project standing in the corner of while maybe if there's a loose ball he doesn't I don't know whether it's a health problem to try to be fair to him I don't know what it is -- But this guy is driving me crazy he he he does not step pop it right now they need him to be more consistent. Then giving me like ten or eleven point two game. Why you thought it was his coming out party on Monday night did everything he possibly could do. They blew the big believe they could not hold it against the heat and they lost we come out of that game. Thinking well you know we'll get Miami may be in the post season if things fall right but at least now. Jeff Green. Has emerged as a guy who's ready to be more assertive. A more aggressive on the offensive that we know we certainly has the talent to do it he's given -- drips and drabs he's getting as flashes but maybe now we can sustain it. You're absolutely right the very next game -- go. He is subject line he's going back and. -- episode -- it it's it's it's crazy right but you don't to. It in the thing is to put it in he's played like this against Miami a couple of times but it's not what he's going biggest drop ever. So when you see a guy go out there -- make the three's take it to the hole. Play the way he's playing also had a couple of blocks. Then you know what he's capable of doing he's the one that raised the Brock. And then to go back and watch him like a game last night it was it was it was just so inconsistent. He's not a -- Right and one of the things we bought one of the reasons we were attributing. Jeff -- ascension to. Was the fact that perhaps he did not work well Rondo we know why ray -- in Miami may be Jeff Green. Was a victim of Rondo was well. Yet when you see the performance the last couple games after the 43 AM Monday you do have to scratch your head. And it's funny because every time it seems like every game. Right now you're in you know you're coming down the homestretch. Precious few games laughed. Celtics have basically. Mired somewhere between mean and now 567. In the Eastern Conference. They're probably not gonna get a home game. Home -- managed. In the first round. So you're looking for little things and you want Jeff Green just to be a little consistent but the other problem is when he. Post a couple of turkeys like he did the last couple nights. You go back to the trade and after Monday of course Tuesday conversation boy that -- and he was a visionary a couple of years ago. He understood -- two years out a lot Jeff -- will be paying. Huge dividends look at Perkins diminished minutes Oklahoma City you know they they had their shot last year they could win a championship. Losing to Miami. So it is -- almost the referendum on that trade yes you know dazzling green as well. Danny's brilliant wearing green. Has that Turkey game then Danny obviously we shall we you can see. I'm that Craig I don't miss that game Monday night I was make it shots use on the glass I mean it was probably screaming I'm going. This is unbelievable in this is what you were you actually screaming yelling yes now only about your -- which -- screaming about the -- need to -- -- -- -- -- shut up that noise -- no but it is to -- let me give you my second guys are. -- -- -- -- He's 641. Who twining. To be it just reminds me so much of Cam Neely. Was -- what he would be you know he is in I'm not talking about fighting -- I know when I talk about fighting you'd turn it you curl up in a fetal that you're talking about not talking about our physical out. Presence of this guy is so strong. Game when he wants to play with a mean streak to me when you have that physical presence. They anybody who's on the ice when your on the IEC is looking to see where you wah and that's where where mistakes made that's where quick errant passes that made. Turn over as -- may put the park. -- is another egg case but I am outright or Michael Richards right now he's inconsistent to me is driving me crazy is like the other night. Clark got on they got the for a for a ride and and they let it up in -- he's playing on one lake. But would look the other night he gets the knock him to the I used to shop them around and he just he doesn't respond in a mock target about a fight. I don't I city and a certain topic yeah this does not consistency now the Bruins had a player or a similar to that name Kenneth Koch. Big strong. Winger Indy played with Esposito and Cashman. You don't like to fight. He just in the crowd didn't like him but I get like the fight. The differences but the broad sampling of other people who dead now. Well they don't play any other people who were -- protect a -- also score a whole bunch of goals and couple season at least one he scored over fifty apps is not a great point so. But arms were recovered troops are prop but it's frustrating to be. Deceit players like -- who have all the potential in the team needs you right now and so some outfit in some passion. It is inconsistent. And they are failing to step up but. To be I don't mean to be fair about it but it. If we'd have this discussion about which it for a while this is not something does happen all the subtle make -- -- -- spent two seasons running now he's becoming a tease I'm never up dipping in my Chara and Bergeron he's got my shots about a third of his size. And he's fearless. These fearless he doesn't he'll go up against anybody and I'm talking about after it. In speed in chances and rest he's fearless right you're not getting that the way we you either way I want you to stay on and on a break today. It's very important. That seems to be the new theme here -- WEEI. -- -- recovery from mom hi we must follow all the clocks that everybody knows you talk wait too much that's my problem might just dominate conversation constantly into erupting. 6177797937. What's that -- line Larry for those who won at Texas and gradually as for another fine twenty minutes of programming or 237937. On them like that while we do we call 37937. I just thought we got lost a lot. We gave him the third quarter which we don't do we started again about what occurred -- quarter first quarter. RC checked out a way. You know. Those are the days ago. Who brought thought we played hard all we have a lot of fun to play well. They took they wanted and we -- -- -- -- -- we miss is that and we lose a lot of open shots and you know we missed -- tonight. But overall Jericho and I'll take Karl. I thought we played pretty hard. When really what our defense -- -- played at a. Doc Rivers at the last night's ten point loss in the big deed. Jason Terry coming home for the first time on a auspicious. -- particularly productive homecoming for mr. Terry and I guess that's got off the runway here Celtics lose their third in a row by the way -- text -- In the ninth 78 says the problem vis a vis Jeff green is not Jeff Green. But Doc Rivers. The guy has the best player in the team and does not start him or get the ball to limit closing time now the text in the 860 pretty much agree I do agree with that I as studying do much better when starting for. He GE money I don't and I don't understand that for KG now but you do know what you want. I understand the sixth man you want an offensive presidential wanna spy. To come off the bench and Brandon Bass has been anything. Can you imagine if they could get west from Indiana remember what went when they tried to get wherever they went out period he's having a phenomenal year. Asked just doesn't get it done for me but I agree I think green needs to Scott it is obvious to me pitchers sitting on this. Gold mine. Of a play here if it's not health related. You've got to try something to get this guy motivated to be more consistent from what I saw the other like the third guy I ever really needs to step prop. Is Jacoby Ellsbury this is this year he's going to be a free agent so is certainly. You're continuing your no I'm saying it -- -- -- at 32 home runs and a 105 RBIs like at some point. And I know he's been injured and I -- to stand on app but now I I I -- it is the time to find out what kind of a ball players this guy going to be. Obviously he's playing for a new contract so he's got to be really dialed up. But I I want to see that with him I think he's done a fantastic defensive center fielder I think he showed in 211 when he -- do. I'd like to see him step up now and I think obviously they -- -- well. Well you'd like to believe that he be highly motivated but as we've talked about so many times before this goes back to Jeff Green. I'm number that'll the -- do a lot of blast from the past we have Ken Hodge and I mentioned Johnny Carson -- old TV show to tell the truth. Will Oriole. Jacoby Ellsbury. Will the real Jeff Green got -- Margaret and where will the real army La -- each please stand up in -- mafia. -- -- Two to 2000 intend rookie of the year in the NFL defensive rookie of the year. Now with the tying your he complaint free safety now. This guy has shown flashes of ability. He really needs to be consistent and step up so that you know okay this is the real bonafide very very good. Football player well he knows he won't be looking over his shoulder he will not be competing with the greatest free safety and history of the game because he went to use than the other day so does have to worry about that his position. He has that -- the rumor was that. Telecheck obviously loves that -- we know from a football live how much he loves that read. Baltimore didn't love enough to keep -- he's going to Houston them -- has the position. You'd like to believe that the quarterbacks will stay healthy enough next year. -- -- -- can play free safety exclusively I think when he plays that position and he knows it's his position he doesn't have to fill win. War Aqib Talib and some of these other guys to move -- back and -- article on her in any claimant has react to the play often just not as effectively here's the problem we don't know the legal fate of -- At this point right. I mean he may not be available he may be literally on a big -- the -- -- and it's so it's it's that physically unable to perform legally. Unable to perform. Do you start. -- didn't where he put McCarty back in the -- at the corner resilience it's strictly that Arrington of some must nickel back makes no he has now it is different out. I'm just saying DPU -- when you see liquidity out there there are times when you get frustrated in the and there are other times. He going after worry about special teams can't crops because they signed in Washington. But when you think about these four guys Jeff Green and Richard -- very in my quality. It's time for some of these guys they're there right at that age now they're not rookies they've been around for a couple years or more it's time for -- is that stepping up. -- in the getting paid pretty good money Lou -- I think you raise about 56 immediate big getting paid enough money Craig worst time based -- making their presence felt. Text -- make some good point six million for four goals I mean OK if you if you're not a secret that for Olympic gold score at least as you suggest. Take the body. Be that physical presence being an enforcer. Impose your will on the other team that's the problem particularly I know they won the other night with a third period goal but they have been at all shockingly lackluster. In that final period in I said. And I said do you the other day -- I'll back it up again it is eat it with that it's okay and of people upset about him promised the White House that whole -- now -- But this guy put up one of the greatest seasons I've ever seen since she hasn't 67 I mean equal problem. Art house. You mean the guy did. You really clever of him in the yup. 'cause they're moving a lot of people are. I just think that it really. The goaltending at the getting is okay but -- -- gets about a play anthem -- -- scoring. And how many years that we've been complaining about the power play. I don't understand by the can't fix it now the other the new one if you've heard this week and I value listen intently. Com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- God that. Yes and then you're you're watching your product is sound good job was caller Bobby Taylor's game when he goes out. And maybe LB. Considered for the patriots play by play job I heard that opened higher. My in -- -- part. I. Mean -- moving over the plate like I am frustrated. I'm really am am frustrated. Of the teams. You want better play. From some of the guys who we have shall listen if a guy is a Stephanie conveniently get things -- eyes some player who's making. Minimum salary. In the league not the bench to rest of course getting -- -- -- -- Credit where are these. This -- people in the senate on this issue. Commitment is sleeping. Probably yeah skull. I -- it's not but really don't. Your -- after a while like it you know some of these guys that he may have shown the ability -- -- average only ability. It's one thing. Look chick when he wants to he can -- -- can be Ira how are you really -- he's my favorite is that true that right and so. Frustrated about it because you might be some too neatly. But he could be. Immediately he's delivered he's won the all time of the year maybe unfortunately making comparison. There's no possibility which -- can possibly. Compare I think they need of physical presence to be effective in to score more goals and -- right now denied getting. And again and number two in Jeff green is right up there. I'm terribly frustrated with him I don't know what is wrong with him again Jackie your age are probably the York. Or some of the other -- is to release it out with him does he realize. Is inconsistency. And -- -- not going out there. In playing up to his potential -- he realized I'm sure they understand now I mean it's out of the war round and I completely oblivious to what people have been saying about what the coaches have been. Blowing a shot something. I'm talking about effort. I'm talking about. Do you put up back -- -- appointment -- game against Miami. And I come out I would be out I quit my ticket out again because I have shown what I'm capable of doing I'm talking about. Going after loose balls are talking about releasing and going and crash the boards to pick -- -- Rebounds as I can jump through the building -- Same here is a problem aka -- this all on Jeff Green and I understand your frustration anybody watches him and gets excited when he's playing well. As I said before you think that's gonna be the watershed moment where Jeff Greene finally gets his breakout moment we felt that way on Monday night but here's the problem where was that game play. Home home on the parquet okay the Celtics last night drop to twelve and 22 on the road. Losing two straight games the guys. Two teams Larry that are not going to -- it -- just how semitism is staggering get -- did need to sign a new three year deal you know what I I understand that but this is the hang this -- everybody I thought Kevin Garnett was still playing. A tremendous brand of basketball he was energetic play to our last night he did you don't want they're not getting the job done on the road. And here's the other problem -- are asked. Has any team ever not had home court advantage at any series. In the NBA and one probably not modern age and you know that's the big issue if they can get home court advantage any of these series. -- expect to go anywhere. I think the. Effort is inconsistent. I think that turnovers that Miami game there in this. Jordan did it is like he's like the little girl with a girl. It's like when you get in the hidden deep three in the corner for you when you go wild. And then the next minute he's got a ball going off this sport right I still think Paul peers. Gutsy player at times and make the clutch shot for you. But I cannot remember another superstar. Player. Making the kind of turn -- that he consistently that you know it's been doing battalion of NBA player. Consistently you who makes those kind of turnovers and the other out but on the other hand he's -- certainly had this year clutch moments I -- has -- is that parents I cannot go well here's -- -- cut that fifteen seconds left in the game may have stayed in the and dribbling out of New Orleans and cry me insect that's what I love so much about that Garnett the lob pass. To Jeff Green -- to win the game but 12 like. It was so different it was so unexpected. And that was a great moment in the regular season the Celtics in a rare. Victory on the road against very good basketball team last -- you think Dallas just a couple of years removed from. In NBA championships the competitive once their -- going to be NBA -- season's Celtics Alina competitive much last night were talking about that so Bruins back on the ice tonight he'll run -- Toronto. And of course the Red Sox in the Jackie Bradley come from that -- -- it's going to be talking about that as well 617. 7797937. Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WBI. And.

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