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Ted Johnson takes a shot at a former teammate, opens mouth, inserts foot

Mar 22, 2013|

We talk about the hot topic of the day, former Patriot Ted Johnson took a personal shot at Vince Wilfork on a Texans radio station, and Vince, as expected, was none too pleased.

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Everybody salt and all at a Friday. -- united 37 WEEI. You prep bottle shell right Michael yes you think you know exactly what you're gonna talk about all day. You think it's going to be. Nice conversation about whether or not to bring up young kids start the baseball season. Right you think you're gonna discuss -- close was doing last night when he decided to bench. A player that you know I think we all saw struggle but at the same time is supposed to be a key part of what the Bruins do -- this year big -- Controversial move and we'll do both of those things -- fact we'll start with that. I get away from the Ted Johnson. Why would -- Johnson go on the radio. Albeit in Houston and insult Vince Wilfork I don't get it. He's lost it I don't know what's going to Ted Johnson's mind. I just thought. That is so that is so low class. Below the belt. I don't care who you're talking about. I you can talk about it you wanna get into some. Locker room you wanna give people locker room in sight. You wanna talk about the game. You talk about players you liked players that you didn't like going against players who were good guys players he thought were bad guys -- that. Are you doing talking about another man to. What is wrong with you in a negative way yeah. Going to be one thing if you set -- relative who was the most beautiful idea -- hit -- beautiful -- you know I love her she's great woman and I'm not trying to step on anybody's too close but. You know that's just your view and then. How -- easy. All you won't hear this at the -- won't hear. The 21 her baby. You don't think he's got a year in -- people I guess we should let them know what we're talking about because a lot of people haven't heard the sound. Of of Ted Johnson's. Ted Johnson's rant. In Houston. So of all the players that you played with on his team. Who got so ugly it's about pretty good man he's. -- -- -- look up at the almighty god. I don't worry. You look. If you don't win they'll take I know I -- you've got snagged out of this is stated this is a big. Big man okay and this guy had his ways with the Texans this year. All I know it -- it -- he's a great guy in his side and his -- asked like garrido got a great gal I should say it looks like a great guy. So so he won't use this -- -- -- -- There's your god will force drivers are not your business go ahead. Mentally handle it yeah. I don't know. We cut off -- -- there's no need to keep goal while. He won't hear this. I know that guy by the way -- -- -- -- Houston I know that show I just I just saw that idea is his name he's a -- down in Houston he was in Dublin with me that they had to do so it like that kind of stuff -- -- just a little wild -- in the not a whole lifestyle and he's irrepressible he's exhausting to be around because he's getting your orders frenetic energy right that class and he's -- and scream and and. Yeah yeah yeah. That he you know. You don't -- abatement and don't take -- heat of debate and of course. Not -- -- a lot of people expected Bianca prince's wife to take the -- on Twitter. She goes on Twitter during the season and she's got stuff to say and there's no filter there she -- gonna concede he means what she says and she says it's humane. And it just tumbles out there. But she does she had some restraint here vets. Went off. On Ted Johnson. And -- talk about this a bit in the office to own films and they -- well yeah but the stopped short and that he actually went all the way we talk about this in the office. And I think they're going to be any. There's not being pushed back blowback when everyone call -- resistance in Foxboro bill. Well I want to -- -- so Soviets did have his response to give you quick reading it we're gonna do so but later but there are phone lines are pretty balls and on this because it's it just it's so bizarre. To hear something like this so this was convinces. Response which he deleted soon afterwards -- right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it is bleeped up. Teammate that I actually looked up to and enjoyed playing with -- shops that my wife for whatever reasons I love my wife and my family she is my everything. I don't care when this was said no one should cross the outline the -- crossed so it is what it is little -- the -- all I wanna say is. -- You don't wanna leave -- -- or my -- thank you I take shots at me all day but not them I got a great family life. And blessed to have. What -- had a problem what he's -- Right in the other way and that he deleted. Was straight from. Straight from my cup -- -- and the -- -- -- friction. Where's that you're barking up the -- barking up the wrong -- mother. Yeah yeah now. So -- lot of public I can't imagine anybody who would be. Against vets on this one. Whether it's Robert -- Bill Belichick Tom Brady. Teammates I don't I don't I don't care. You're no you're not gonna stop a man from defending his one errors and -- not going to Ares I don't outer -- -- the -- owner of the team the coach of the team the players on the team you're just not -- stand in the -- certainly if someone is big and strong and physical -- -- -- you're not -- stand in the -- of them defending -- -- never gonna happen. Why would I had a doesn't make sense but people write up about wanna get involved what's left 617. 77979837. GM is in OJ in the wrestling guy is that right. Let me let me explain about the outlook -- -- you real simple like Ali okay it's gotten to the public I got a lot of -- Okay I called didn't die along primal like called about early John what yeah when that scum bag comes on the stock market about concussions in -- okay when the fact of the matter race but I don't wait too much too. Okay and that's what his problem is you -- to triceps two straight years. Okay you got to find the site yet it. You gotta pick -- magnate eyebrow OK in the Scott Beckham Claudia let me speak to that. You know what the -- -- -- I'm president I have read them. You know. I want different little looks like that they had to call a cop one don't like you've already called on -- it's not that you remember that. All yelling go remembered -- situation. Don't let the banks open I don't forget -- and I don't forget it I wondered how would like number one care on on the object is to go. Do you that you couldn't handle a woman like -- -- -- -- that lucky woman that's. Good looking woman I don't know that I expect I didn't. Locked in a -- that people limit but now what's it -- apologize let me tell you it's not that one that got -- I had it can't expect that you know. You can't take -- Mac there's just no Red -- -- -- back I called your wife ugly. It's funny for all the things that -- says in here. An end and you can't help it but have your eye is drawn to the expletives because -- in the personal panic. But that's actually not what I like the most -- out. I love my wife in my family she's like every. And you talked as -- as as a Sports Radio host may be more about the line being crossed right now that is what it is because obviously Ted Johnson crossed the line. It makes no sense to call someone's wife ugly special somebody you know we played. But I love Vince is a response to saying I love my wife she does everything to me and that's something here that often from athletes right. Now this is an unusual. It's an unusual relationship that they have -- is Lloyd Bentsen has -- -- -- it in it's it's pure and it's great genuine I'm just talking about how would start. They met on line they fell -- -- very quickly. Moved in together very quickly she was there he had the presence of mind to try to actually meter on -- man Titanic yeah are you this I put on -- especially strategy looks like yeah sure she exists actually better found out that he's a real person got. They -- and she was with -- with him through some very difficult times in the spamming -- -- the guy lost both of his parents. At a young age and within within a year he loses his dad he loses he loses his mom. And she has been with them the entire time. And one time I don't know if you remember this I think it was against buffalo. He got he got flagged for an illegal hit or or something like J. P. Losman and then he had to be called into the commissioner's office yeah armament. Sell before he got to the commissioner's office his wife. Put together response to this -- -- a -- to the commissioner. And actually got him off the hook so she is she'll say that diet for him right leaders though as he's -- in on negotiations with -- -- contract. I'm not a real negotiation with the patriots wears say OK I years Vince's agent canard McGwire is -- and here's -- and here's his wife. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I tried it again -- logic to we non logical situation but maybe there's a problem between them that we don't know. -- I haven't heard anything like that might but. Yeah it it's so random and out of nowhere is you would wonder if you think OK well -- maybe there was something that happened. During vents his rookie year with Ted Johnson and Ted didn't like it and makes it -- hold onto the Russell and I -- you here. He's just about as wide a grudge that something that about Vince Wilfork if Ted Johnson goes on the air in Houston and says. Vince Wilfork was one of the worst teammates I ever play elsewhere if he goes on its average Wilfork is overrated yeah he's a system defensive lineman in the only succeeds because Belichick's defense of genius or the right I mean he's not pleased to hear an ex teammate -- out all right -- yeah you we disagree on this by the way Teddy was overrated or whatever however it's. All about but by the way why you're right by the way I would texture on HTT tech aren't -- possible says -- blah blah blah she's going to licensees and Angel. -- show tell you. And I've -- existence of full disclosure I've done of a story on both of them. And she was very transparent talking about some of the things he went through a light and some of the struggles that she had some of things that she did. So it's not about she's this being slightly water for the shares and an adult. And she's his everything. If he's right go right my wife is my everything you were specifically insulting a woman who has coped with football. Right she had -- I don't feel nothing to do with this discussion as it's just silly. Wake up call for one guy in the Bruins is going to be enough to get this team moving in the right direction. We continue on with your -- all in all exports -- united through seven WE. Sit in their land and. This round first but -- him and beyond -- -- important. I just list that I literally had instant headache from screaming so. The local Wilfork -- his wife -- eight years -- -- nearly every patriots game home and away and she's not just a passive observer. Texan during the games he doesn't get into have to Wear it but that way I can keep track of what what I need to -- -- Okay. First down with three minutes left on the clock in -- third quarter what the hell we know it's. PR I am you prayers finished program beyond. They go home and hit the button and it takes us. That is. The uncle Wilfork. In that he's Ted Johnson. Saying some nasty things about her on radio in Houston. OK and I think anybody would -- thoughts on -- Nobody's gonna here's what I've -- keeps productivity brain injured he can't help but he radio it's fun on the radio -- -- as a matter of fact I had great energy. Those -- I talked to this host -- last week. When I say at -- with Johnson really how's -- -- because obviously -- that he wasn't -- there for a little while Greg. He's telling him Andy seems to be back on in the right direction he came back down to Houston were in for his dad. Everything's going right for many really good on the air gives us great insight is a lot of fun. So you know I'm not sure that's a fair thing to test after I think excuse -- I'll tell you what is fair okay the AT&T -- fun again. One at a Texas says are we gonna pretend that there weren't a lot of rude comments made about curt Warner's wife. Point is well taken. That was it was wrong I think it's were. Talk about a guy's wife in the other way. And I think -- mention an ironic because I think. If most women would say if you wanna call me beautiful. I'm not going to be -- that right what would you say 9095%. -- what they call me beautiful some American woman they got bureau a beautiful woman fine. But I think cut 99% of women have a problem to call them ugly so we called Kurt Warner is there -- ugly you're right in the public in the public domain. They Brigitte I mean that Warner what Brenda Warner. She she. Herself in the public domain I mean -- on the cameras to -- to our cameras -- go to her that -- added I don't know I don't in my memory it was urban I don't know I mean I guess there is something to the fact that there have been pieces done on on on Bianca and maybe that's. Maybe that blitzer at some level of fair game I don't know all but still doesn't make any sense for -- for next team -- that doesn't make sense pronouncements in a car. Well clinical that was not what would go pretty good -- our current on anyway you Ali. What I want to say you know -- know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't do. Odd -- -- All my wife and yeah right well. Is it your picture all -- -- we're kind of limited seats in no way meant to your kids -- -- Let every putt and six year old kids now. And opt out but god got al-Qaeda. I'm around 9007. Iranians speak. When I get it in and. And I can't imagine how angry Vince would -- I mean Agassi -- because you read his response that he he wrote so calmly but. I can't imagine how angry I would be somebody's that I do. It's when you take shots from people you don't know maybe that's the difference -- Brenda Warner is the shots were common for people she didn't know it was him -- And and it was still obnoxious and I probably participated in the probably hypocrite but. That little different when it's your team. A guy you played with a guy who won a Super Bowl with it just. It just feels -- somebody you know yet you said you're probably hypocrite I -- hypocrite -- either I -- I'll go the whole -- on the -- America and and it won't be the first -- the last time in the show that -- say something hypocritical but this still feels different even if I can't necessarily back that are your hypocrisy coming up at 3 o'clock -- I'm sure that well. Anderson -- behind. Pay -- it. Are illustrated this -- a complete tool. Okay beauty is from within -- you know we you know woman is insider -- that's the main thing. This guy was supposed to get married back in 98. To a friend of mine. That's brand they canceled the wedding two weeks before tech giant electric for the wedding -- no explanation the world right because of the way I think. And it can't fault he gets older no explanation no announcement at a break it up so where guys coming from -- what he's -- still -- And I think that about a teammate herbs are somebody's life. Let alone I mean it could be a head -- just a horrible thing to -- -- Arian gender and it's not the way we should be should be. Beaten up court and once they get all the monetary and that's something that they'll. -- artists editors and started today Andrea Vicki said what he's got to say already I don't think there's going to be. At any any consequences forward Vince Wilfork is done on Twitter and said on Twitter about coming from the patriots there will be a scolding them probably will be more support pats on the back. More than anything else it's just a curb like set off the top. -- -- it's a curve -- is coming out of nowhere are we talking about why would want to the Bruins game last night. Watch in the NCAA tournament all these things and yet at no point did you say would topic tomorrow's going to be pitching will report at the head job at it it it it does come at a nor do like this taxi the AT&T tax line. Claim to called -- want to point six are located in -- Jones he can be Boston's route to get the Olympics would you like to. Just click here for a lot of hostages and -- He'll bring the Olympics what you want -- revenue of their representations of what Boston aren't. Like many things second happening right basically what that is is somebody who's willing to say a lot of things -- on the -- them I mean there's there's Harvard on the area look at their Ivy League institutions that commitment that the highbrow -- -- -- guys 000 punch a six year old about it. If they say it's a bit about a -- Not structural. Actually five or six or those and ugly Fat -- Kennedy well if you're here usually speak the truth and it certainly worry about -- in Connecticut -- -- It out. Not to belabor the point put the classic that they put it up between these two guys that loved to have been published all the parties -- -- -- -- Yeah and I'm really -- -- get worked up about -- it -- -- just forget about it because you know -- -- that left the team out under under. I'll I love controversy want to come back and you know it's comment is that -- the it's a well liked it put it out yet about sportsmanship. Ever thought Ted Johnson like that until you see this today and in my memory of -- I don't have been some stories that come out later and some of the issues that he's had whether it be for PD's if that's the case or from the -- -- economic traumatic brain encephalopathy. I have my god thank you went there I got that all the way out basket I don't know what it is but -- always -- fairly positive things about Johnson's role for the patriots is run -- blogger for all those years. I do think it's interesting to listen to the Boston sports -- circled the wagons for one there. Cabinet but I don't know I think that's happening right now here I mean what everybody is called up on what what -- -- to Ted Johnson. So I think. Most people would go back to you Ted Johnson made the great play we're talking about in the office earlier with the Indian band made a great player and AFC championship game. On the fourth and one play in this stop drawn batters in that capture turning AFC championship game around -- with the Pittsburgh won that game so you think about the memories. Ted Johnson on the field but he has been a controversial figure off the field and he's been controversial. Long before making this danger and he has gone and had. Bill Belichick he putted pretty good when -- he went at the trainers. I what do the doctors. He said they put him on the field when he wasn't ready under the wheels are completely different than when he says that I don't know that to me that he said he said nice well. The -- obviously got some issues with the way things are handled and shot to virtually. -- contraband in person and does things with his wife as well that's an effort that could and I -- I do I didn't know as much about yet it's not it's not -- top of mind. It's tough man that that stuff is so prevalent in the NFL and it gets glossed over so often. -- -- it unfortunately people are too often desensitized. A lot of things going on right after he retired he was going through many things all mean. There was some financial problems -- while. It wasn't keep in the commitment that he made I remember when I read after retirement advocate took a job with channel four yeah. He was a reporter one analyst there. He was doing a really good job. Then he decided that that would he wanted to do any kind of a lost his way so he is. East has been all over the place emotionally you know since he left -- more call real quick and -- get into what happened last night Daniels assailant data that. -- doesn't think it will have little -- far -- house up. You know -- in the book I mean you guys -- attractive. Doesn't matter whether I think she's attractive or not I I don't I don't feel I don't feel obliged to comment. On on somebody else's wife I don't think our feelings or whether a woman not as attractive and will have different views on what's attractive somebody likes a woman Paulson likes short. Someone likes you know big breasts small breasts big bucks Montgomery RR RL a different -- of -- -- -- -- bring it back to let's bring it back to our second Daniel was back every -- life. Do what you do for a living Daniel. -- a lawyer okay do you have colleagues. So if you went on the radio and said what if -- colleagues. Wife is ugly what do you think the response would be. I don't I don't think he did what would necessary or even you know appropriate but. How are we I'll bet that's all we're third you've got lawyers -- we don't want it. Bring it into a rubber Michael -- just lawyer. Okay so what we got a counselor what do we have next. Well let me know what you got a large man I don't know you're in trouble now a jury your peers is not is not wild about your arguments -- also about you know Seattle. I'm not trying to beyoncé got slaughtered in any state. Read about it in law fired up because you'd think the audit -- you know sure. I'll stop -- is no way back as a -- -- -- it all right I like to say there is no way out Garnett I call shenanigans. On that guy be -- -- right now no way to know if he is. If if you get into trouble and -- thriller gonna probably our colleague Daniel -- surveillance especially if you're going to be the the public and -- average spread -- a our America. They're law school here in the district attorney and he's the defense attorney I'm very very concerned that -- go to jail furlong time. Bruins win last night. In some ways to make you feel better in other ways maybe not so much place and sound. From load up next assault while -- in 97 WEEI.

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