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Patriot Hall of Famer Drew Bledsoe checks in with Salk and Holley

Mar 22, 2013|

We talk Patriots and NFL Football with former Patriot Drew Bledsoe and check in on his wine business as well.

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-- -- Said -- and we see injury may be twice as may be separate. Maybe what you saw Patrick a lot yesterday -- -- well -- had a couple classes that seem like. Maybe the lady remorse. A lot of lines great. It's fantastic as -- get in the pump up speech in our conference. We are appropriate I -- did you get chills listened to that speech. Just chills really I was shocked I'm not a big humble guy also surprise -- I it's it would make me terrible professional athlete of the on my lack of ability. Is just that I I find it difficult when the coaches is given you the true pump up speech. To did not. Special and there's a five year old nearby I can make it different if it. Drew Bledsoe certainly heard his fair share them over the years patriots hall of Famer and of course we had to double back wine which we will get into here a couple of minutes true but. How you win when the coach when any coach was given you the big rock rusty. There are there were shot or really exceptional. On you know bode well we're we're we're we're -- everyone while. Well -- -- look at -- -- but don't go over well but. But you have to wonder are actually. What was the -- who had the best one. I haven't -- it was probably Bill Parcells -- Well you know our. We -- so personal in. Is. One. You know Belichick took a different approach to it -- he would you do that board. Don't. Care that you would bind by the way that. A lot of bad ones look. -- Secretary -- That would be the you can order wrong. Well yeah exactly which document that knowledge about don't get. You know that belt -- -- -- -- -- it out of college he. You come out of the now -- what you're the Mormon missionary here in the power player of the drug or are you critical that -- -- -- -- -- -- If that is pretty crazy event as as talks. We are gonna ask you outline in a bit -- you know that you mention Bill Parcells and and we all have fond memories. Of covering this press conferences so I know you guys got some really good company was behind the scenes. What you think about. The announcement that Parcells is going into the hall of fame and if you really if you really look at it your first professional coach and hall of fame. In one of the great running backs who came to the patriots and begin your second year third years Curtis Martin no pay him what to think about those choices. You know. You gotta -- -- The big personality. Out of you know I heard it I was. Really really happy. -- to go and and our power -- at her. Yeah vote really -- -- Being greater -- -- There were a lot of well. Very quietly played at an extremely high level higher here. I don't really but yet recognized the quality of. The first moment like when you got to can't you first met Parcells for the first time -- first -- -- when ecologists say -- be you know that. You guys are going to be working together what are you remember that. -- -- -- that all of the guys. And them. While -- not. That. A little bit. And -- that. Group currently. That. How often do you follow the patriots now drew Hamid being away from the game four -- it is going to be six years this year's that you retired. -- what what is it how how would you characterize your. You're in your involvement in pro football and specifically with doing. I'm affair but what. Not a bit upset -- Some people and that doing Menard. -- a lot more hatred but we'll -- the current players I'll -- watching. Celebrated. A lot of but watch. And a great player also per person. Or more. I'm -- game. You know a couple of years -- my my son play a lot of their organs on Sunday but so. -- -- again. But. Another our whole defense. You know drew one of the questions that Michael and I assume will be talking about a lot over the next few years here is is the lack the the back nine now of Brady's career not to say that he's done or almost done but but clearly. You know he he's now reached a point where he's getting up there in age for for an NFL quarterback. How how how have things changed for a great NFL quarterback as they get -- You know there the one thing that I would says that it just takes a lot more. Attention and focus on taking care of your body you know we all. -- -- We all get older right in India all political about it without affecting -- you know it just takes a little bit more effort to -- the -- I think that one thing that's gonna allow. Well to think that things that are gonna allow probably subjected to play as long as he. The longer he wants to and -- number one he takes protect the care of themselves couldn't even really pay attention Q. -- how he's taken care of himself what he should all of those things. The other thing -- you know the patriots you know historically have been pretty good care of them committed you got a little bit more with our air reduce your. They're gonna really nice job protecting them. Are you combine that the new rules it that -- -- You know harder than at quarterback you know I think he's got a chance to be really highly productive -- -- -- a great player for us for quite a few more years. What do you think is gonna happen. With with the absence of Wes Welker mean you look at it as a as a former quarterback. If they take away guy that you throw to many times and he's caught 118. Of the balls that you've thrown his way that's a reliable receiver he's not he's not there anymore and he goes to play for another great quarterback. How do you think that's gonna play out how do you think Tom Brady is looking at that situation. You know it's really hard you know you developed chemistry with the guy and and chemistry can only be developed over a number of years he. Q that would. And withdrawn in the west. That ball's coming out of policy end before -- was coming out of his breaks loose and about on the money. And it takes a long time to develop economic minister because Serbs stop when you lose like that. You know -- been politically for the patriots do have some some other weapons still you know especially the title and -- to produce -- schools now have a goal of in covenant on the Roland and you know it's you know it's tough at the top stop loss but the patriots they've done anything over the past. A decade well one thing that's really separated them does that -- and a our own players go to another got to step up until about all of which allowed them see you really have an unprecedented run in the modern era of success. Of all the guys you played withdrew it if right now you had to go out there and have a run routes Soria. Who could you close your eyes and know exactly where they'd be hit right in the hands. I would say you have an older guys -- -- about you know Ben -- obviously that. That was by security like what I was planned. Troy Brown was not a guy that a lot of guys had great report was was was very glad you know Terry it was a very predictable route -- was very precise and -- program routes. And you know which which -- don't just leave for Terry. Also in you well while we're in the England together. You know it was it was just unfortunate in the double very personal affection for -- but he was just a little booklet was the next. You can text right now from whoever you didn't mention what American. Kevin -- imprison me so matter that's fair bit of Brit Brisbane Michael tabs and Kevin turner all those guys I can't hear you animal you know that. I'm amateurs and something you said earlier because it's been it's become a national debate to the point. Well where President Obama said if he had a son he wouldn't let his son play football you said your sons are involved in football was there any kind of reluctance on your part. Not to let them get involved in that sport. Well first of all that ultimately conclude football I'd have a museum and they did they'd be probably about it looked game. The 1 thing I am very happy about out of those taken a leadership role does not as. Disseminating information. -- teams and more importantly the players about. How to handle -- injury. You know I think there's ability the other gold. Ethic and football was just get up and coupon and it will pull the funny stories about. You know not know where you were on the field and you kind of laugh and joke about that stuff for now guys understand that spoke out but it could you got -- You got to view if you get hit in the head got to let somebody know. And then you can't go back in and get him to get into your fueled in approached -- that the most important part of all that. The science that's been developed around this is it's not a single incident that causes. But the great damage to -- mixes. The injury and then while you're brain isn't getting it didn't really cause the problems so relative to -- it to my kids of this very happy to note that. You know that it. You know what it's just being to -- certain it's a concussion. That they're gonna goes. Sit out there. And bill they're healthy in the -- go back and and that a lot of leaders did you know but the play without being you know overly concerned. -- we know you're here in the New England area and working on what I do referred to was a very good cause and and it's a good cause for any of this -- like drinking wine. The last two years I know you've been -- double back on your winery. In the northwest. What is the what is the project you're working on now here. Yes sort ought to do we want Massachusetts do you like most of the other states in the united between what we ought to be able Q. And send wind directly from our winery. Few customers that want to buy it -- wanna purchase over the Internet. It we still bullets and still do and all of the other states that were in that we support. The -- system as well which means you distributor Leo can retail store will continue to do that. All those cases you know that we work hand in hand but we also you know for pro Barbara is most important in -- of the consumer from the standpoint of the revenue for the state you know we also want to be able to good to -- one reckless and so our customers. So right now fight go to -- back dot com which is where you would find your -- and say look I wanna buy a case or or ball or whatever I can't do that if I with a masters. They won't ship -- Correct correct yeah the only way to get written and -- and we still incurred cabled it to go do this it's but you -- ability and it is other historic restaurant which. I mean you know which which is fine but we also like to do with -- would have the option. Bought it directly from us and currently. People can do that. Your man of the people obviously. What are the chances this exchange 'cause 'cause when I think of Massachusetts laws usually takes a 250 years to change anything -- But I think you know -- will Woolsey you know I got to go out there about what. That was sort -- lawmakers and they tried to encourage them. To move are built to be to the top of the -- salute. So that it can happen you know what what happened a few years ago that the current law was ruled as unconstitutional. And so that the you know did the fact of the matter is that the current outlook on the books it is it is. Unlawful if you also waited it out to be changed should it matter. You know when that happens and it -- it happens that later. Well there are a couple of quick questions in a way out one. How do you feel like your lobbying went how to do with your with your pitch. No my my first my first foray into the into the lobby area you know I pick it up you know it would make a pretty strong case and and you know in this instance -- you have to pretty you do want the benefit everybody the once great weather that kept track of the you know wind -- was in Maryland in the that your that they opened. Direction opinion Maryland bit but he the package stores and retailers actually saw three point 6%. Gains in the mirror -- points so it actually benefit from retailers and the quarterback -- of a little bit it's good to the consumer obviously did -- -- you know the mom and pop. Wineries which go to -- one of those. Considered a raft if you hand over couple patriots jerseys is that is that the wow how does that work. Yeah you know actually a lecture on -- since that it registered lobbyist in Massachusetts. Can't given anything of value is -- -- -- Couldn't I couldn't sign autographs or take pictures with -- lawmaker. In. The great thing about here drew assessment still well followed over the years has never been any graph in this day -- ground now. Big Dig was perfectly well done and then it all went totally clean so I'm glad -- planted by the book. -- Yeah I guess he's got a familiar. Got to get over your former team registered two to join you the next time you go to. If you go to the state and injured go to state house and try to get something passed you know get a lot of those guys. -- emotions of those. The Super Bowl teams such -- some of them especially some of the some of the big guys and go out there and throw it around a little bit. And nobody did scare them detained. Any of those guys. Can get after you for some of the -- any year old teammates you find. And you don't want another over the what -- one -- -- that's that's the most from bird bird you'll see this and it goes that are wanted some built in that could be. The Gupta will be individually number all of our bottles. Which will be able to with the with the guys that played with but it would give a one bottles actually of their Jersey number which is pretty pumped up got high school guys that -- that you know. Chris Tibetan -- -- -- playbook and -- -- high school on the list and is the only list deliver beyond -- elections you know Troy and Tom Brady. It's pretty demanding and and and of course Michael -- those cute little code number. Call -- drew thanks so much good luck with the project double back wine dot com is the website we appreciate man thanks. -- -- I'm glad to see what you just got tired of the work. Yes especially that eventually wore on me the the goody goody two issues that were then looking at times. That's exactly right thanks man appreciate it. They went -- -- Drew Bledsoe like August via the AT&T hotline. So you've had some some dealings withdrew before he addressed -- I'll -- -- almost a tale about all the almost that well we'll do that just we'll do that next in the -- for about what supplying you blocked from public appearance to veolia.

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