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Ted Johnson rips Vince Wilfork's wife

Mar 22, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to Ted Johnson's off colored remarks about Vince Wilfork's wife.

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But Lou lunchtime hour. Of fun lunchtime our -- be angry. Or lunchtime hour. We got a couple patriot players won a long. One current player and I -- the alarms angry. But the car players angry your phone calls until salt and -- 2 o'clock 617779. Seven not 837 a promise with some other baseball stuff depict are we not done. With a baseball so -- in jail and -- you guys stated this is -- call breaking news. Well controversy coming up. Good stuff good stuff that its regular that would Teddy do. That we had -- this is Houston radio I'm not sure what station at the Ted Johnson does. Does radio now by seller on the super -- up like that. He went on ESPN Houston today and is this the tires that yesterday's -- the audio a ball the question and the answer -- we have what what he was asked him what he said. Because this is Ted Johnson being asked the question during a Sports Radio show. Giving an answer to that question -- involved. His former team it's I don't know on time and cards you are back up. So of all the players that you played without extreme. Who got uglier out pretty good man he's. Here's how yeah. So he just asked the question Teddy Johnson that's by its obligate caller. Who was the as the ugly -- spouse. Of the NFL players you play with dirty secret that's the quite careful is asked now. Before you hear it here -- would you answer this question -- you're asked this on radio show. This is viewed as they don't know but I think that Johnson maybe decides. I'll answer the question. -- And I its fuel. If you don't win -- don't take I don't know I got you got snagged -- This is stated this is a big. Being man okay and this guy had his ways with the Texans this year. All I know none of it is he's a great guy in his side and his -- -- like curry got a great gal I should say it looks like -- -- -- Oh. Let's attacks. He won't use this -- -- -- -- There's your god will force drivers and are not your business go ahead. Can it be what I don't know. -- -- Hannity Teddy Matsui played the other and back as it's called you know here this is out of your business the segment is called none of your business ESPN Houston he won't. Here this entity had jobs it was asked the question by a listener. All who has the ugly spouse. Of the guys you played with and he had. I don't know what it's not -- right as -- right not balls OK and he says -- provisions won't hear this all say. Vince has heard it today Vince Wilfork weeded out I haven't as one hour ago you guys tell me if you or. Your twitters abuse differently Munis different exit let me apologize Vince Wilfork -- and an hour ago to my fans in advance of what ever. I may say today by did not play when it comes to my family. And after that -- a screen shot that I had pulled up here. I had him tweeting at someone named Ted 52 week because Ted Johnson Twitter account he just started tweeting last night the -- We tickets Ted Johnson Twitter account. Any tweeted directly at that person just they picked tweet a twit -- He's deleted that we'd all together but on Twitter when you tweet a picture that picture stays open your account. I'll read you what it is the picture one of those I don't know what it's called -- but some. Format you can use to extend out over modern forty characters instead of -- -- forty characters you want more rove use the Serbia -- He'd try to keep -- at Ted Johnson everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But it is leaped up when an ex teammate you actually looked up to enjoy playing with takes shots at my life for whatever reasons. I love my wife my family she is -- everything. I don't care when this was said no once you cross that line the line has been crossed so it is what it is. All I wanna say is bleep you exclamation point you don't want to bleed with near my family takes shots at me all day. But not then my -- great family life and am blessed to have them. He tweeted that whole thing in a picture for at head at. Account now and now you say this now we've put it about half hour ago I about an hour we contacted Teddy Johnson directly to we talked to him. And wanted to know who want to come on and offered an apology try to clear this up. And he had no idea at that point. Advance had responded. That Vince had gone to to what are you know Vince was upset. And didn't wanna deal with it. You know do you wanna come on -- talk about it. We call -- -- that we didn't wanna put money was unaware that time twenty minutes ago. Now this this Twitter account which we think he's had job as that Jay 52 we're trying to confirm the accounts that that Vince Wilfork sent that message out to. Does business fairly outstanding people boy I've admired since they arrived in New England I learned a big lesson today and I feel terrible. I just made a huge error in judgment I wanna apologize to Vince and his wife for comets are made earlier today and Houston radio show. -- Unfortunately it's there and Vince. Does with a letter that you city kind of sent to him -- and -- obviously more than a 140 characters Korea in -- coming out on Twitter couple hours gone through personally apologize to my affairs in advance for whatever I may say today. But it I'll play when it comes to my family and they felony sexual Gabriella she's a bigger house of any sex for money. What she needs is a little cynical. Don't say that about sex from a mob -- you don't say that kid that's bad news and if you are got -- your head. There is this this is the you just don't they some -- you don't go what what's the what's the guy code be whatever it is it's somewhere in that that. Additional one not be updated abridged version but addition one of Geico you don't publicly comment. Another guys wife I'll give you play with a nine. And so they made it very insensitive joke about her body to some friends of violence. Police say after repeated. -- How ballas I'm that was Johnny sack when that happened you know you don't make a comment about anything and everything the problem is all you don't believe that Teddy Johnson in the prom attendees you know he won't hear this. I mean when when years -- this day and age. Everything. Say some right now it's it could be national outrage here doesn't matter. Everything you say ever -- talk about the -- the comic that I made but 2009 about baseball in the Red Sox in steroid doctors and everything else. Simple baseball shall Comcast sports knowing it. 03 days later Jim -- talked about my comments I mean it's it's everywhere Teddy. You know any compacted a big man. He said. She would have an and then leave town mole removed from -- press. Jonny sack -- and got those I forgot how good that show once they get me fired up -- We just don't say it and you don't it didn't enough and gain their caddie I Amy got a couple laps there are used to not worth it. Vince also tweeted out it looks like it's been deleted but at Ted 52. You're barking up the wrong tree I hear and see everything mother -- per. Duplication what are the risks so that she could have a moment -- removed for a. You don't say it and it may be -- that this will be the time he learns that lesson right that in this day and age like you said -- everything you say it's all national. Everything's instantaneous everything is. To find on the Internet pretty quickly now on top of that that I think. Thank you bill who tweeted I mean it's called the notes feature an iPhone I don't have an iPhone still in the dark age of -- Blackberry. But -- a picture that Vince Wilfork use is a notes features you guys have iPhone you should know that. Make it up all that I'm talking about my wife's I hit my eye on the. Texas says -- -- is so fat when she goes camping the bears had their food. The united this is let's -- a superstar offered to him he should say it should be -- he should be ready out of hot penny to Twitter is not enough. Petty when Joey -- tobacco producer become on the year -- And you bury the hatchet here. And we -- -- on to let him apologize man to -- -- -- the only what you taken tweet from here to kingdom come that this is not apology time via Twitter. This is a man to man I play with -- I made a mistake. I should the sadness -- He's got to find a way to call him the rubella check -- get his number five small teammates yet this is. You have to you have to apologize right Twitter apology in this case doesn't count. And you can apologizes on via Twitter for bunch of different things or by email or by whatever social what everybody. This -- one of them. You go face to face you -- phone call you make it right as what you said it was all the line as a man Ted Johnson. I'm might be funny here this of the truth you've stepped over the line. We all make jokes on a time but not about somebody else's wife like. He stepped in and I'm sure he knows about it. You got a final way to squash it and -- -- about it Vince is not happy -- -- the U. Via Twitter. And they got to figure out. FBI squash -- attempt it's it's over a boundary there over boundary by Ted -- follicles -- what you know. As -- reached out to ten. I had no idea about an hour ago that he had offended vents on usher that -- And we'll see a couple of tweets he's apologized. Any else happens with this -- -- or edit and we'll let you know. 617779793. -- the phone every can text that's on the -- TT text line 37937. You guys have been lined up. Ought to talk about Jackie Bradley -- you'll get your calls in ninety seconds you gotta follow thought. About this and how it affects service time as another sort of side to this and the Red Sox and Jackie Bradley junior to that next.

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