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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, on the Bruins third period

Mar 22, 2013|

McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Bruins recent win, the team's third period struggles, and who the organization might be looking to trade.

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Here this morning we can -- hockey conversation -- our good friend -- between the boards. On the NHL coverage NBC sports NBC sports network Pierre McGuire joins us every single Friday PR Mike you little Dario. There -- visit with you guys are strong would -- what you what's happening. Let's not me it's Lou -- played Major League Baseball heard some things today from a radio host about Major League Baseball that. Up here he didn't appreciate now former player a little bit off -- so I just got a little fired up -- a little bit you know buddy that he does soothing sounds of Juan Pierre McGuire to calm me down a little -- art and our goal of mood and sit and we ask LLB was here where this Pierre and and -- -- on the bench for couple years and assistant coach when when a coach does what Claude Julien did last night too rich -- which is healthy scratch you sit up there with the media. You watch the game got a goal one goal -- your last ten games what's the message. Claude Joey is trying to send to the player into the team when a guy who's got talent you know apparently does is -- healthy scratch in a game like last night. We need more from initial sometimes change school lot slower Warner upstairs in your chances seem that maybe. You have a little bit more time to make the play and if you have a different outlets -- the with the different decision you can make so it's not really so much about -- and certainly. I think it's more about just getting the player refocus -- -- But we're establishing a game listening well now because of the injuries actress Kelly. And thought it creaky cat and operate the -- percent -- and other energy partly blocked. Any product. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a chance to get reenergize but you ought to grow and gain lasting commitment better detect and that could have been but where they -- to India they weren't met him. Yeah we'll excuse that that sees another game stunning -- picked up here now and beat fatigue you said efforts either place physical. Double one that particular -- Lucic you know physical player. He doesn't look like the same guy that Libya a one of those situations as well blow up there watch refocus and take a breather. I think and others are done around the league Mexican carriers so just -- Detroit did that you try to Minnesota game and the Pittsburgh market it's particularly on Sunday. -- go around the league. Matches and getting especially from guys that are first and second line players that have the log big minutes that are usually. Local or the other team's game planning -- fine and -- the guys just. Start to break down and that's why we're seeing so many injuries happened so many different guys that you could a lot of games a lot of trial not a lot of our partners not a lot of rehabilitation time it become a problem watching not a problem with -- but I I do think that fatigue become a -- real push you a lot of these players are normally. -- do you think it's affecting the product that we're seeing and I always say that because the Bruins are physical physical team. You saw them last week in Pittsburgh I thought they relax and musicality later in the week you see the same sort of thing do you see that. Across the league to be in physical teams are maybe not as physical as we used to see them at a regular year. I would say that that -- -- right now I hear Leon we're seeing the physical -- be physical actually right now or start to see you guys put up a little bit. I'll buy stock you're married -- about this you know that it -- not to drop management Qaeda had the privilege coaching. And obviously one of the better players and heat the water the hard part about forty games scheduled is that you get forty point it. It's more than happy to -- cabinet training camp that you are that -- did you harper and out and you can seek. There's a little let's physical play there's a lot more people is because they're more open ice that sort of thing so watchable forward. Maybe you're a lot more speed. Bush won the play Doug Hamilton we see them it's going down -- these young kids. Lot of games going on but it is it more than dad is -- Benson sloppiness and displaying your mind the last couple weeks. A great question you know I think the biggest thing -- fatigue usually especially players the world -- in here and a dual triggered in at different times noted that -- not sure if -- were important project. When they come back it usually is -- weeks. I'll work -- emotional way and let me just crash and burn vacuum if you happen it's a normal thing. It's not an easy -- older competition you're your body clock is almost up I not been like much but believe me it is that a lot it is a lot. And then the other think -- there's usually first -- players in the NHL. They hit the wall around January in -- 82 games here also works or -- is scheduled to be about January 2 years ago you look at Ortiz in Jerusalem Mitchell report typical super. We're talking to Pierre McGuire NBC sports -- wanna go back to last Sunday when you were there for Pittsburgh and Boston. The Claude said after the game your typical playoff game would not a lot of aggression either side no fighting but. What I took out of it was their play without Balkans they lose we'll -- during it. And you may -- the broadcast even their depth guys Pierre our skill guys on Pittsburg is that the best team right now on the Eastern Conference. That's exactly what I said and I would say Boston Pittsburgh and Montreal the 3 best teams in Eastern Conference. Montreal playing outstanding and well it came from behind last night -- again on Long Island. There's been a great story there and all the privilege to do it that game on Wednesday and bought in their wake of that. But I did say that and you look at their depth players you look at Joseph Vitale sort of big ball back into look at Craig and even -- considered for a Anders. And Geithner only kill block shots. They still -- Six and Marcus -- -- they're really do care and inaudible this year. At the plate at Dartmouth -- watching practicing his skill level exception now I'll tell you this but the Bruins. You any -- flight. Each and every year from Boston he's at four point player for the Bruins just get levels pretty -- duke for depth player Gregory Campbell -- not so bad. -- apparently skill level not so -- the Bruins can match them in terms of gaps Gil. And that's when things that you -- that he's gonna win in these. Is that scares you -- Pittsburgh that think there was a stretch were there will look at their goaltenders going out of what the element again either one of these guys. I thought they could -- this ten game winning streak and I look at the last six games. They've given up six goals -- this this team's improving their defense which at that is scary to the gotten a fire. Ought to put a -- distribute -- guys are both small can opt for the past. That ought to all of you couldn't be more right. -- hole logically goalie coach in Pittsburgh he's done a fantastic job working with Marc-Andre Fleury despite -- control. That's for a lot of goals of -- Slurred but they've really worked hard getting him square and getting proper stick positioning for him aren't concerned to what we've done little -- is not very complicated get in shape. He was really shape when he came -- cramp up a lot in she'd conflict is just -- -- quick enough -- shape. They've got in the shape so we goaltending situation straightened out. One of the things which really helped the goaltending there. Total team commitment to -- They're getting their former salt and out the -- a -- installed base and they're good real good job blocking shots something they weren't doing earlier this year. Let's take a look at another guy in -- -- and I read your comments -- on his play out last weekend and and didn't set out to me was. Utley talked about his play overall he wasn't very good usually your best players not your hardest worker and not your best player chances are everybody else. Kind of falls to that well Washington up and down season fall directly on all of -- -- and the way he's played so far this year. A combination of things -- -- -- been great but the last three games he's been very saudis -- against buffalo is extremely good against Pittsburgh I thought the other dating game that I did I thought it was the last night in Winnipeg. So it is lesser he would have been incurred very solid. If you look at Washington two and won the most games and had a chance to win in Pittsburgh -- relatively well it's hard on him. It's part of the conditioning level of the player -- chilled out. They were not in good shape at all they could not -- a sixty minute game overcome not a -- out and the third thing is a lot of huge component and books like -- like Israel they. The unseen here. And behind the scenes during surgery the appeared players addressed -- and he didn't play his first game through the first 49 -- and the other night in Pittsburgh self -- a big loss you can -- breathing and that in milk no training camp really corrupt culture in -- system but if you look at their power play their second in the league and improperly coaching matters. The population and great but that those four things really set about. No less than two weeks -- -- the trade deadline who was Atogwe adding to this team needs that the dealing out prospects and we're talking about earlier you don't -- Boston. It's seizure of all the baseball prospects that are Red Sox that just -- the ball more. And but he ducked out of all of getting a third line guy. Or maybe it got Alex bordering on people of occupants doesn't make much sense we noticed he can beat forcibly prospects in your mind snug as -- -- Ernest kit. -- come -- the HL or -- but the should be untouchable on need in the -- tell to bring back. You know I talked to manage all GM about fourteen minutes before Kmart what you guys he was asking about a player Western Conference and he said would you trade to our prospects to get back. And that's part to -- the -- let me tell you the rights for all these players is not a lot of veteran players that are out there right now but. You don't complain in the Stanley Cup and you'd be a legitimate chance went. You're forced some of these players if you wanna make -- for depth players are role players can occupy. -- prospect and that's what this gentleman told me just. You may not be brought accurately and -- But so the other -- because there's an awful lot of players available so it's gonna cost you a lot in terms of prospects to get players such that basically were -- ball and if they're going to be sellers. This week is one of the hockey bloggers around here called it to Rome again the fever year -- up big time your boss that. That's been a lot of the talk a lot of the tweets all the blogs are what the Bruins have to do to get to -- the -- what does he'll have left in the tank in your mind and what does it take to get a player like that nobody add to your team. -- contract for next year so you've got about a curable that's a little bit of a different situation you don't know it's a little bit like -- also. When he worked at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh played paid by tangible assets. To get away and also and not dealt with forty. Blackberry -- masters now. The -- to the Stanley Cup final that year they didn't win but they lost also and it took more time if you look at the vacuum they won a cup without also they were lucky they -- game seven Motorola. But then or lectures in awhile since they lost a lot of their journal that could take him out on Google look back. To get -- again -- probably gonna cost you two very good prospect or one very good establish what I want prospect and the fact that he's. You're talking about it -- component to delegate surely get out and ultra personal gear he's come back yet. That's a high price will get shot on this it in the -- the the rules and other -- the league is looking at some rule changes for next year we've talked about visor with you talked about diving penalties. But what asked about as the coach's challenge here what. Does that make sense what it slowed down the game and what instance should a coach be able to have a challenge on the ice in your mind. And I think there's -- Appetite for -- child again based on discussions are not a lot of the managers to run that meeting now they have to formulate the criteria for what can be challenging. Can't be challenged and that's something that's gonna require work it's gonna requires but it can require negotiation with the league and -- players association but I do think. That some -- not at all it's going to be in the match here too but it's something I love the coaches child. Became just record it's it's virtually impossible for a special right now and you know we borrow money at first impossible for them to catch everything you just the sold out and saw it do you think the biggest. Question mark coaches general of the criteria. Like period just I think there should be one -- -- -- -- Q did you challenging the -- you lose your time well. That simple. To bail out to coach's challenges you you're wrong choice use your timeout and then you can acquire currently the second time for delay game. I don't think you would slowly game not at all because you only gave the court challenge per game just like -- -- -- for gamers are slower and I doubt very much. Rangers at Washington. This weekend and then next week is that you meet capital Montreal -- -- the year. Tell -- how could -- very excited to. We're gonna see over the garden next Wednesday appear thanks for the time is always have a great weekend we'll talk next week. Yes -- no idea how much. Did not -- the actual good week in real fortunate to get to Wednesday. People seem to go I'll be going Pierre McGuire NBC sports Emmys both before and yet you know why this is. What do guest comes on well inside radio it's a boy you guys agree he could said. That we are wrong about everything for fifteen minutes of the -- that you guys are great love coming on you'll Lou would say it here nice to hear that they're the end.

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