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Harvard pulls off upset over New Mexico

Mar 22, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to Harvard's huge upset over New Mexico in the first round of the tournament.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- See you're allowed to do that. In a game like that right you go Howard Dean if you want to make fun of them -- but that's what I want out of my announcers in a game like that you know don't -- Spiro detainees who did the game nationally was half asleep in the second half last night. Was half asleep we need to Gus Johnson on -- gained a lot of -- got it that's fine pool it was Spiro DC has the play by play. What I'm not a got it pays attention to elect announcers. Spiro d.s and -- rodino it would have -- every year I just you know when he's on. After you know it's on -- -- with its games yesterday ID union of emulating in onions. BS bureau d.'s. Practice -- The game itself. Needed a a more fired up -- all we got us sort of an awesome for -- on that team would have been the gold standard portly -- what the fox sports that will let him do. These NCAA turn -- -- the governor is doing something. -- well I'll tell you -- goalie gave -- -- least take that that's the sixty ones out of right there 61 games Syria not gonna get those upset they are not a two -- played yesterday. So you had duke Georgetown Miami Ohio state of those teams platelets keep one and two lines out. At about the other upsets in this tournament I think one of the ones the one it is most improbable. Is the idea of Harvard like across the country Salt Lake City, Utah playing New Mexico. Which is like 89 hour drive from their campus a lot of fans made the trip watched that game last lot of rent a lot of fans. And -- Tommy amber Christine do what did it last night beating New Mexico. Across the country. In that atmosphere now is a hell of a win win the day -- disable was kind of a block over -- receiving inevitably tournament -- -- -- Yes Jeff could do well. Before we get you what's good mr. -- government when he hit him breaking down that game as well because I love goody. Mean he's he's my man. And listen he's he's watched college basketball what it does so I don't think that you know he was -- around the game but he release on this will -- Unless they act out if you're -- carries that team tonight. No I don't think they're gonna win but percent next -- -- -- year our next year. If everything goes right seem to like Beijing are brought in mark notes are ridiculous. -- but it Barack priority. You know and Casey and those young -- they've got a young -- Germany and I think it could be dangerous this bout a year I don't -- beat him even know yet I'm not a believer in the local. I don't believe the lobos and that we -- -- get on him but I'm just say -- -- coming outs are so improbable everything else -- it's sort of sounds like to me that. Somebody. Had New Mexico. Go and fall in his bracket I don't did did you Lafarge of New Mexico go I'm gonna -- -- -- hidden like I said. Played before his. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it really big big plays down the stretch and that's under what and it's a rather last year Ben Wallace the better. Google could be considered tournament in Albuquerque. The whole of the local. And I play that game I like this WEEI dot com slash -- -- a quick okay. Tied for last somebody who -- night -- nine and seven yes yesterday -- 500 of the Tennessee Titans. Yesterday -- and a and I hear you're eighteen you're points I I and I never lasted -- or Bakken like but in my. I mean crap that I could sense it in your voice that you know. Nobody saw this would come in and -- just wondered where you how far you at New Mexico now -- -- the date I realize. How much you sickness it nobody knew this was happening to me all the experts and going lead eight. Yes by the way to get nine -- You like Apple's. -- ass. -- Right so yes a great title only win nine of certain group of people are way -- when. I took a shot at Bucknell. Deep it's in category so go ahead advancing -- shot somewhere right. The only team I've got an extra everybody can't help. It's etc. come back but really want -- I tip I was grass Davidson and Davidson and I felt so bad for -- yesterday up late. Against market should've won that game. And just. Crap that way in the final minutes -- a couple rounds like UNLV -- Turkey's next round -- some might. An early lead on you but you're right you're a better position and I am up. It here tomorrow Saturday and Sunday. Overall department yesterday southern given exactly run. Davidson. Market good game but boy tough way to and it won't rep says it's not a good day. No it was always those two and it was -- late night in locally here he cared about the East Coast team. Back in and -- -- -- -- right right right 1230 to use -- more than -- because it was Auburn people stayed up and they saw one of the better games you know you -- before market David's great game but you know. -- those gains at halftime elect on -- did Syracuse Armenia toward. -- I would say just a couple of existing games of the -- -- to -- stroke will be that's interesting but. Never doubt. Two point lead and I am in late at under ten minutes ago Yeltsin once -- like ten -- -- we -- -- let's -- we didn't have. The great buzzer beater against once it was Marquette and get three games about the rest. The brackets espn.com. Or eight million brackets entered. 12100 of them went sixty you know yesterday. Questions what did they. -- sixteen and yesterday with -- Harvard in the mix it's pretty good itself are Harlem's adult Cambridge. With those 12108. Million. And getting the perfect bracket and they want to -- this. To people out of the eight million people. What -- sixty that takes a special now let's turn to -- always extra an excerpt ethnic BO report loser McCain. So they're actually winning -- pool. They've lost a hard to do it can't. All of its sixteen to -- -- -- to be more tournaments stuff that they hope your bracket is okay. It's the -- rate that they are okay wins a win at this point -- year cover grinder last night who'd opened in net. -- heavily Dennis Seidenberg part of the first goal of the year. What -- put pressure on their goal is the open absolutely I mean for the love of god. Get some offense go how sloppy was that game for two periods until high scored that goal. Make the argument that any vehicles recalls. Maybe look at the goaltenders but that first goal. -- -- And they -- -- -- -- and they showed it again I thought the puck which kept a much that was should have been legal because it per -- -- that's a bad goal. I -- that glove side don't miss it a bad cold and they show the replay and look at that left and right initial one angle like. That was tipped down. Stick was above his shoulders lets -- angle we got nothing mean Jack was on the rocks are wondering what. Apple they couldn't help wanna Obama I could see. The clock -- sake concretely yet that was the problem you could but I'm just in -- itself was just that were spectacular. But it's a high goal made it it will implement their period -- talk about sloppy sloppy offense. Annika Kotnik of the economy Ottawa net lying changed at three on one minutes past the get a shot off it was just. Sloppy all the way around you look at it -- shaking and look at his team was in the in the team two weeks ago now. They're good enough I give Ottawa -- there exhibited good enough to -- out -- and still pull out that W one or two points. But not when you very proud of our two point that's about it we all work to do we call the table it if I say that auto outplayed the the Bruin now it's got the win I felt watch about who Goldman's Saturdays and make the -- today. You got a nice bounty greats got to its credit for screening. The goal and on the Steinberg goal. I cannot get two points you feel lucky about it. It cannot second break LB is gonna join us early you'll join us in ninety seconds while asking him about the game last night what's -- try to do. By sitting down -- partly help -- -- -- makes it to the media -- is that key message trying to send LB in studio next.

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