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LA high school senior Jake Davidson joins D&C to talk about his prom plans for Kate Upton

Mar 22, 2013|

Jake Davidson has mad game. He made a youtube video asking Kate Upton to prom that has become a viral hit. Jake joins D&C to talk about his chances of actually making the date happen and his plans for the two-time SI Swimsuit cover model should she accept his invitation.

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I don't think he needs any introduction based on the fact an awful on the all this morning we've been talking about. AT&T hotline good morning Jake -- John. And Jerry in Boston how our young men are paying for glad to have you aboard -- I got to ask you what was your inspiration for deciding it would be a good idea. Who asked. -- pop into your senior prom inmate did the SI's swimsuit cover -- have something to do with -- That only armed with seeing where your. Or or which is -- he thought he. We haven't used them -- cover creating a battered gearing -- cool cheers and distance that being a model. Would be the -- -- wrong day and I out there now. A high school senior boys would look at that cover and think about that who never heard of them to have the -- Intestinal fortitude to reach out to Kate Upton what is it about you that made you think this is a good idea let me give this a shot. -- I I guess they do that or Erica and where she could they know -- not being an -- in the they're building down that. What what are the chances -- you -- your hopes up. -- I'm. Actually have Rendell that you just responding that you would. The good enough. -- I'm in Atlanta Chico's it would be a great many other species that -- that they are actually. And demand model boat right now our country it in the Cooley. You have any back up plan I mean together some some local girl classmate who will go to. Oh I know the NBA Leno experiment many. I don't know I believe I -- This film watch what the lakers. I've. -- the clippers are -- where it. What what do you do next year JPG we we'd just talk about -- you. Clearly you're on your -- you're going places someone with your guts. And intelligence intelligence. Are you going Harvard next year's open. I appreciate that. All right -- let me. We'll maybe will be involved and Benedict are in very I don't know -- that -- -- and both open purse George Harvard. I don't think an intern Margaret. They get together and -- When other schools are you -- to. Another idea and then you have the. Mostly US sees the back of -- -- Yeah well I mean I love that he's been rooting ever right now -- are you totally you know me and not about him that they call it. And it you know over the. Bad news for you -- Harvard's worst and you receive technical fellow. Yeah that a lot -- They -- street -- What do you wanna study what I wanna be what he wanted to do. It's their I would open what you know it at that that's a dead end you go to Harvard Business School I got nothing going to be eliminate standard best. Yeah. I hear that. Great to work what do you enough. Which it paid agrees to go with you mean the promise one thing what do you do after the prom that's where this you know this rock with a rubber hits the road. What was being. We wouldn't have time out of that we've -- the problem being fair. Oh after -- -- brought it I have no idea. Which is the problem somewhere nice Republican of VFW hall. None are summer -- late night who told me. Again there's the old. I every Robin as a unit up and down. She landed she is a great event there. -- You know there are if that's so what it's like at some like -- and country club are high end. A -- all that can be very advertise something that it would be appropriate for -- is what amassed. Are you gonna make moves on our into the night if. Well probably not not agree at all you know trying to be your own class event at the time -- -- that. We're not -- or went -- what your classmates thing about this entire run at soon. These guys are out of -- -- it is. Exactly -- over where they'll be overshadowed what is -- end of but he. Well you're a and if you're -- young man I give you well all the credit high marks for -- spot and and perseverance. I really hope she says yes you know what -- and I think there's a chance she might. I really think there's a chance she might mean if you know she's in Paris on a shoot probably not it's Los Angeles does not like you're asking her to go to Fargo, North Dakota and be with. I -- and I ask you might be an issue that she's not well when she says yes and then. A great -- she's been incredible budgets are -- already. Throughout. Enjoy the FB -- playoffs well. Her bank the bank I would rather than trying to basically make a deal that she says yes we -- -- -- -- an accident. Lou it all right Judy good -- The figures drop -- -- down the --

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