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Dale Arnold on D&C: The Bruins are absolutely looking to deal

Mar 22, 2013|

The Bruins got a big two points in Ottawa and Dale Arnold joined Dennis & Callahan to talk about the win. The bigger issue of course is what the B's intend to do as the trade deadline approaches. Dale is certain that Peter Chiarelli wants to make a deal, but the right one may not be out there at this point.

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Just seems to me the Bruins desperately needed a goal at the end of the second period and they got the Bruins desperately need of a goal at the end of the game and they got it and the overview picture is the Bruins desperately needed a win and somehow some -- A friend Dale Arnold that was -- -- qualifies as a must win it was a gutsy when they got what they needed they did what they had to do dale. Like her and and I can't see are you guys -- -- off the -- but but but but but. You're right they need to do that -- On the Eisenberg. You know based on the the maddening opportunities the Bruins had presented to them or created for themselves and failed to capitalize on I gotta tell you I was very surprised they got those two goals when they did because it was a night of of of abject frustration. Other driver and everybody a little afraid you're right out and and I think in summer -- are doing. Or are they close -- he. And individually to be a little more help. They shot you know maybe got a rebound may be or all. Trying way too many in place right now in my -- all. -- not old enough unity it's actually Lucci can or I won't go into the net and unloaded. Tell us about guys we're on a villain in these injuries corner. Bill what does his future hold and Johnson's well. -- John I think it -- clap. -- when I'm in right now you've got a guy who ball in the long every game what is Durand. And lat night. And -- item on the roster or. -- a little bit. These developmental player a very highly. Consider. Rebel rebel wire -- -- leaving probably ruin and scoring I -- of this recall. -- a net. Wave of good young player. All along with a guy like your. Coke cola Chad and -- beat the other guy. They're both to deepen a wave of good young player and I think we're. Here you can be my. A lot. And he look good quick and I don't like number 51 slows them down but that's just my little you know -- -- It's taken wow that's true that works good for -- don't. Only -- Chris or kind of see it in here. You loved him I remember listening to god quote like him I mean he's got killed is he gonna be back up here or is he just. So limited so small that there isn't much of future. Site. -- he always work very well American League level. Let DHL in scoring leader -- Waiting at a Yemeni -- level. I'd like to think he's more than I. -- -- -- -- All of analogy. -- lot in my mind -- it -- -- -- handle the demotion. Everybody thought he said he handled it or are actually gone back. Provident. Part of playing great again working his rear -- -- -- now or later get another -- -- he can make something up at five. Probably always going to be something he could have overcome a would you say those were three soft goals last night or remarkable accurate. Precise -- shots. Let the reaction of people I know I probably you probably picture here and there. I mean. The first why I know I'm not sure I. Include open with green didn't the end it certainly in my off. A high ankle with a horrible all related to give up. Yeah I said softer than Lena -- -- would you agree on the on the night. You know what I would yeah I was thinking -- you -- the amendment and the third why won the last -- Seidenberg all. Again based on reaction you have to open green or I thought perhaps it -- -- -- it was hard for me -- -- Rudy plays. -- its reaction might have. -- green white red black and I only got so you think he's a little pissed off at his guide not himself. I know -- all know he it would definitely not at -- as well. It to look at data and are there are the guys and I'm number it dean or. Upper auto outlook is Nokia cut right -- -- the goaltender -- -- and I thought he had a reunion dongle. I dale tell us what happens between now and trade deadline. I know that -- -- rally it. Trying to make it legal right now he told me lie about money and that we -- I think that. -- -- -- -- Here are right now with only I think they want a guy I -- I'd like -- -- and I. Or Adam wade got hurt they really like Albania a good side Winger. Puck in the net and maybe -- -- an -- why I like -- -- was right there was somebody like that I'm hearing in Calgary where. You wanted it may ignore it won't wait there's no Reagan when he learned he. Minute and I'm not sure it ruins are ready and got Cameron audio in that situation. That I -- I. And Dallas. Apps. Are not let him. And entertainment talk about government Yonkers he or -- your old. No great -- and -- back in the day I'm not sure how much to remain idea or your name brought how many teams we do gays would you guess right now they'll probably. One. Would -- that right here and I'm not joking I'm not trying to be a Smart Alec or am -- the only in my day. -- out of -- -- -- mother what realistically. Out of that. By not not radically and certainly not they want elder and debate that point oh with a one. -- home games to be and where you are telling -- are now. However many home games you have -- on what is a shorter. Income window to get where we gonna close out window I think report rampant that the only team right now I pay out. No team other than Florida is point six points out and in the end. -- In the east to -- and Philadelphia and Washington and have the only five. Too bad teams there are billed as to -- those two at least pulling their fans they're going. Now you know when -- -- shop right now naturally I'm the only guy shot a lot of being like. Wired. A piece in the autumn are saying you know I can't give away my guy I want -- my and they actually never -- And and and know what I'm telling them that we're out of it when -- we were not. -- several days ago on this radio station Jack Edwards used the term. For the Bruins and it might be something not now it may be a little bit down the road they mile went consider. You for a second thing that management ownership the -- -- and if you will the Bruins organization -- considered this in any way shape or form to be a potential bridge year. With all the rest of my colleague -- Edward L well I don't either broken be -- I don't I think they. I think I know they are what have got. And all of that being in the NHL. Jim Newton or hockey night Democrat I heard him to a radio and you yesterday. And he says you have the right now. Help. -- -- We value or potential income off broken. No they're not pro and therefore although they'll get out here and move forward. The Little League and I do have via. A theory on the drop off a play by both -- to -- and other two very different players who who wrote to. They're two very different ways but we're not seeing the old parents and you'll -- right now. And I think -- Category here in anger -- You've got -- -- outside that I. That's partly want to remain off. And -- contract at the end of the -- and under or create and putting a lot pressure on an almost out of warm. On track now that. Eight mile when she I don't I don't know I didn't I wish he'd be -- tell -- Are older and -- And I and I think that we. Where I'm now how to. Probably eat -- or. Won't have people or legal continue to do. Dominance over Ottawa is. Physical match up that favored the Bruins or is very psychological element here. Probably more the latter warming up if I don't I don't. I'm -- is that what I'm gonna the issue with Ottawa Senators have been seen I mean there are all the they will find ways to win. Iran. Like in a priest worked at the scene at the scene at all yes or. They are all. I don't -- is that what. -- summary the network and I'm all right off the top period final question how many different places on my radio or television dial and I find Diller will -- we. Little. Okay I'll pull. That it's almost like Ali and our and I will be arm back EEI. Sunday morning -- I'm out on net and on Monday as Derek app. -- you to keep your schedule straight. Called I now and the white. Usually -- -- know do I think I I managed to work it out. He'll enjoy -- weekend we'll talk it down the road well. You are a bit of -- -- enemy AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T repeat on -- on -- TV. Was it ever found though it never I don't know what number is next with his own splash. -- That's that would be good that they get -- -- with that these compact. -- complain that he was -- Paul -- -- couldn't do what it's tough to flip over seven feet right -- all divers. -- yes yes and there are very few Paul divers louganis is short yes yet are all -- 59. He would -- the judge in the goodwill PP IB grade department published under is just not fair. But the little guy the little war yet little -- Little personal person he hasn't gone and -- eagle. The first episode I didn't see the entire night coming up on the next one. I should have to go back back. And I got to save as Ariba whine about all he was yes it would it would look like one point like the number one point if they stood side by side.

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