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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 03/21/13

Mar 21, 2013|

We tackle four topics that we haven't touched upon today. Today we focus on Ed Reed vs Adrian Wilson, the greatest endings to NCAA tournament games, Christian Laetner and more.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fun game. -- -- Well -- still continually. And stewards reviewed WEP guys. Our chance to answer -- questions every single day we call -- for Europe's alcohol and let's -- to a -- what do we got the NCAA tournament is underway in our brackets or fill out who is winning your. NCAA tournament bracket. And I have winning. Who would you pick for me lol I normally wouldn't pick Ohio State for you. -- -- Ohio State will Acura bracket. Kind of man. This bracket -- and minutes can bracket then -- people talk about the Oprah. While it. After the after the first of rough higher bracket look and records can only do that my bracket I do it all the people ask you how you're brought all my god don't there's always do -- -- to -- -- for you always do -- -- don't do it I want I'll guarantee you know I want you can't leave it to where it. I can't believe kids it's -- what do you think I think of one of those people who talks about their dreams. I'm not one of those people I will tell you about my dreams I want to -- like in his -- and me and I'm not gonna tell you about my bracket under the right now I am I got to Ohio State measure to. Your two was he to secure rooms policy and the wind damage to Miami -- good team of people this year. Be -- -- reports -- lose the national championship to be eighties at four get little Ricky. Of these that after I get Ohio State over Indian. Look at Alberto. Continuing on the NCAA tournament team what is your favorite NCAA tournament moment. I get a few. My. Asked Johnson not being part of the NCAA tournament anymore is such a huge -- for me. Like so many of the great moments are elevated just by -- Johnson's -- we're talking or Jordan Crawford earlier. He was part of one of the great -- a few years ago him in the -- hall and holiday Holloway Holloway from from Xavier going against Jacob -- from K state and Gus Johnson just -- enough. Yeah. It. That's -- and his best that's determined it's best I'd never heard of anyone on K state or Xavier. Before that gaming and I couldn't look away from a that's one of my favorite games you sort of the way you set and -- favorite moment how was it not leaner how is it not -- how is not yes. It was great. Usually -- it's I'll just say oh yeah he's absolutely right it's a great play. -- wonder just like the Yankees in 2004. Hated A-Rod as much of the rest acted. I'll bet you that the dual keys. -- -- Don't even like Christian I -- other tonight yankees would elect a whole lot more to come up with clutch like now that march is just -- it -- and later I get our quarters. At least favorite player on history of the program is just something about he's got that he never understood that he'd do the way people I don't do most people do. Christian Laettner is that a topic and almond shells pretty money you can not don't want that's just pretty much but what my favorite moments like when these what these. Low seeded teams. Have -- teams from big conferences but most teams. Go foreign internment of Providence in 87 George Mason. And gently Jim Larranaga. A few years back the knock on -- on. They knock -- North Carolina. For me to. Yeah you're. Great George -- and in the final -- -- -- -- the dream of all the lists in the practice that he probably wrote it by -- -- is the ultimate game is alive and not just jobs it's time in the cheese meter. I've got it's a bit over the top K it's a bit over that everybody got their opportunity even to play by play -- -- Eva Georgia based the play by play guy. Think he had it. Never thought I'd be an opportunity. Equality going to have our work now. A million years either he had his written somewhere way deep in the recesses of his brain goes -- Villanova beating Georgetown and 85. And. Last night live on the he came back from 27 point deficit to win and extend his streak after the game at Cleveland plan rushed the court with a teacher saying we miss you too LeBron. What are the chances LeBron returns to Cleveland at some point his career. Zero if -- go back to Cleveland the reasoning left Cleveland. In the first place is because. He likes the he likes the excitement of of South Beach he likes Miami -- not Miami. Is going to LA he's that kind of guy now. He he used direct Cleveland all the time and say how he loved Akron and northeast Ohio but he's a different China. So there's no way he scored practically illegal that the Cleveland and this is not -- happened as the heat he blows out both knees. And he becomes like the next Greg Oden he is just the a just a walking medical problem and then it goes back to Cleveland because -- just what are. They want to recapture the glory days are just within the association of the project over the ship has sailed aqueduct. Personal being Greg Oden model that there's some advantages to being -- -- -- that that is true conversation for another day I've asked for LeBron -- -- -- those rumors keep -- -- those rumors still out there that there's the chance he will go back to Cleveland try to make right go back there and win a championship and if you were to do it in Cleveland with a different cast of characters it would cement his status is the greatest and all this that. Those rumors are out there you know weather out there. Does he has he has business in Cleopatra you know because everything with LeBron is about the -- -- is what you just described he's Alpa -- in the godfather to shut the -- I'm not that guy anymore right I shut the door hey you're out of my life -- move and on I've now grown up and maybe I'm not a good guy but -- -- a grown up version. Of -- need to be what does LeBron stance. What do I hate that I wouldn't -- I can't it's like explain it to me oh yeah I'm gonna explain it to you know -- pushed down move he does with -- and any kind of steps through about his -- -- looks like Michael. It looks like and everything like of everything with LeBron looks like this like it was created it. In a factory. By people who were on LeBron side and on his team to make the cool new LeBron moved ethical -- well no we just what you LeBron because we're great pitch for you man you do this thing we pushed down on the ground -- stepped through it and it can catch on -- gonna cement EU and people are finally -- like Q and embrace you. It seems like everything this guy done you don't want to -- you ready are they -- Don't you may be on the sort of person -- you know what's happening next is that when Blake Griffin in the dunk contest. He jumps over the Kia and then we find out that he Kia commercial. Is coming later. Would you be surprised if this dance. Is some Nike created thing or what's his other one with the phone we talk and everybody in the barbershop but what was it is -- spread -- -- -- our camp practice times. This might be some Samsung brings you things on earth is leading up to a commercial or something this has figured I'd ask corporate fingerprints all over. -- gotta love account Ed -- is signing of the Texans for a deal maximum value of three years sixteen million the pats sign Adrian Wilson for five years over three years five million over three years which team made the better sign it while it is even close -- he would definitely Adrian Wilson for that money it's -- value signing Ed Reed at the tail end of his career Adrian Wilson at the tail end of his career. When I'm looking for guy at the very end I'd rather pay for value then for name. And I think Adrian Wilson's got a much better value where is Ed Reed is still relying very much in his reputation. More than what he more than what he can actually do football. I agree that Adrian Wilson is the better signing a disagreed that he's at the end of his career. He he made it very clear today imaginative a couple of times in his press conference. That he came off the field at times because of a coaching decision he can still get it done he has more for prototypical strong safety. And then Ed read at read as a free man after all over the place -- the center fielder out there on the football field. They need exactly what Adrian Wilson provides there will be moments this year to get used to it and Bill Belichick probably knows. There will be two or three times this year Adrian Wilson will be flagged for penalty you guys -- -- love the way he plays easy tough. Physical brig. I mean like a linebacker back there. He's a tough player hits you're gonna love this style of play. And a couple of those flags he's gonna get going to be that Derrick to let me watching TV -- that is bogus come -- that's a good clean hit but he has that guy. At the patriots -- going to be a great compliment to them court. Sure it. Ms. ally that is that today's board for remember Mike up at 530 the evolution of the one -- fifteen minutes earlier.

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