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Cedric Maxwell: Kevin Garnett has never learned how to properly box-out

Mar 21, 2013|

We check in with Cedric Maxwell the day after the Celtics blow a tough one to New Orleans. Max specifically comments on the last play of the game in which Kevin Garnett did not properly box-out Anthony Davis, and it led to the winning tap-in.

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To sort of a slow sad be a little bit it's great song don't get me wrong but maybe it's perfect for what happened last night somebody somewhere is making babies. Right now. Hopefully in Long Beach missiles on. That's the Breivik though about the remixed about the the -- like the original but of course as the isn't it Rick always better. Most of the time now it's like the book is always better than a movie with a few exceptions. Originals always better and remake of the original is losing the first game of this two game losing streak to the heat. I guess the the sequel was losing in New Orleans last night Cedric Maxwell with -- us. Happened how -- lose that game twice last iMac. Or I think Obama quote darker and darker the you know lord you've met with the basketball got. Basketball god don't miss the -- -- -- just stop well. They did not happen should the urgency from the beginning. And then they count got everything -- and all the sudden they fell back and became complacent about how they lost again. It on Maxwell Grady tweets during the game you actually have a pulse of what's happening -- you can actually. Figure out I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It dealt with seriously you guys do a great job good job but when you're when you're watching that game I'm sure you noticed the turning point before. -- long before Anthony davis' -- in what was the turning point from your priest. -- -- for the I think they have a chance to go look. Mean I think fifty Courtney Lee had a breakaway when they have them. -- the -- the basketball knows what god can help with -- you missed the missed the Libya. Then everything just went from that would down you know I mean this team has. Not. Good. To come out -- only shoot out. -- and win a basketball game and people thought the -- they don't do that anymore. What happened on the final tip and it is that KG does he need to box that man out somebody else suggested it was Paul Pierce that they needed to help out what happened on the final play. Essentially if you look at their political KGB's main and the cable was spot is that he never Democrat -- was. But -- is been we've talked about -- millions. -- is probably one of the best defense to rebound as the ball. That -- -- itself because you never asked to. Is our always jump over people when you get older you have -- -- -- changer -- game what you do it. He never really Al Davis and Davis you know pushed to look in the back where. On the road you're not gonna get that call you have to put a body and make Davis goes through your. You know -- we both we have talked about this before Doc Rivers is -- master. Motivate her with the players. He works the media manipulate the media at times brilliantly. Out got most of the -- -- 99% of the time. What's he talking about that and it's nice it's a great quote when he says. We have -- at the basketball gods were good looking basketball team and we turn in the showtime. It goes on and on about what we did but he didn't name anybody specifically who think he was stock. I think they need to go into it that your you know -- I think that he did not particularly like the fact that Paula now Lehman. In -- seemed like he wasn't in the middle of you know is global furious sell out on the floor. -- I think he took everybody. You know detail what at the event that say if you watched that scene and you think about you know how would be a way wanting to have that was. -- -- Bring a bit and was electric. In the game that the public late in the insurance brother has thirteen points in the first maybe the first. Six democratic gains and the -- that look again at all of making so I think everybody can have an Internet last night. Arguments and Jeff Green I start off the show by saying. Like you Jeff Green be a starter -- before you know you look at Brandon bass and what he does and he does bring a significant contributions to want. He can guard threes he can guard force. -- and make a jump shot consistently. Doesn't not a great rebounder neither Jeff Green. Why not to swapped those guys have Jeff Green start where he appears to be different players and bring Brandon Bass off the -- Big threat that think now used for the -- what else am I want to you. How Michael and get some production off the -- -- -- -- school will be in that position and I think that's what our group is look at. He feels like he needs some -- moot point to. Score off the air right now -- you take your green off the pitch -- -- -- -- praised her extra outlet before Jason's hair orange. Well -- -- that there was -- filed last night. What you gonna need a vehicle with your contribution that sometimes there with a Gallic Brandon Bass rather distorted you know if something -- And then nothing that foul because he does not seem like the color guy who really. -- as well off the bench. He lost his job Max he lawsuit he went soldier in Salinger's not hurt Brandon Bass coming off the bench right now. That's probably all the hoopla. It will that the thing about you know people giving her. Here's anonymous. Senator -- -- with us from New -- Celtics lose last night by the late but they lose by one. Regardless of whether restarts whether it comes off the bench has Jeff Greene scored thirteen points eleven in the first quarter and then just go silent the rest of the game. That you can't just say it because he's on the Benjamin has not happened. Well if it -- situation with two way street one later -- -- become an aggressive. It just stopped becoming aggressive he was off the coast to coast. Be an aggressive and the thing about it could players and the possibility that got you view that at the last -- -- All you want is more and all you want is consistency so if Jeff -- come that you Q forty want to know what to -- whatever it is against Miami. It turns around -- -- thirteen quick fourth in doubles court yeah. The people -- -- and say you know. Is that he would do his job and you know I think this isn't enough in some parts you know they have a right the second. Because you know you want consistency. From a from a guy like that. I just I don't know why. I'm in the and maybe there's no answer to that question I'm sure Doc Rivers is asked himself the same thing but. How do you -- how do you is it a question of motivation and is it a question of trying to to reach in the right way how do you turn a guy who clearly has ability clearly has the talent. To be a big time point score in the NBA and -- consistent. Well you know and that's that's a hard thing to do. You know consistency. Is sometimes you know I think to me it's between -- years you know when you have got like Gerald Green who. You know take the challenge see LeBron James the problem or vote that you know what I'm -- and the brought this is what I'm going to do. In the end turn around the next game and -- thirteen quick points and that of course is. That is that's between that between years and is not a coach in the world who can coach between the years. We haven't been in I would have a process. Let me ask you something that really doesn't have to put the Celtics the kind of does. The Miami Heat. Have won twice for -- -- your thoughts are going about oil and gas right that you go to the woman in the front row we get get that we're gonna get they're gonna get -- second. But they -- 24 straight games you can make an argument that they should have been stopped it 220. They beat the Celtics -- to throw by 17 -- last night Europe by -- come by 27. In and they beat comeback to beat Cleveland. Can you you've seen a lot of things in this league as a player as a broadcaster. How do you put this into perspective what Miami is doing right now. -- -- -- -- And I think what happened you will lead the best player in the world now. That's confidence that he can do it be an inquiry saying I mean -- -- Michael Jordan but Michael Jordan was in its -- day. Michael Jordan first got a league with a great score. But didn't need to change who were late. You know you'd seen me in understanding you know how the played again. LeBron James what to get that monkey off his back when mr. Bashir. He wore it took her probably the greatest what may be we leave the greatest player is going to be a lot. What you think about the contributions all the things you believe there. I've never felt that they -- -- leave the musically I don't care they've been now but if the league it's -- the appeal -- acuity is. -- -- -- Now it's up in court let them know it was you know so -- -- -- go. All right I know you're so focused on the game you know great ideas tweeting you're just looking at the game you're studying it. What did you see the big girl near the paint yesterday and read passages -- the front -- -- Paul maxed. Out at three. This what you -- I don't know Michael I try to tell the tree of attribute you like big girls. Go to one of those assistant coaches you have to see the game tape. Maybe maybe you'll you'll see here that you let us know and I don't need a black -- got to be color version. She didn't screen or life and to close up you've had a back at all. What -- -- pay its -- backs. Aren't the only oh are back go -- that nobody had provided. Senator Max on their via the AT&T text or via the AT&T hotline you know it's funny in listening to him talk there. In listening to the Jeff Green description trying to figure out exactly how to motivate. Jeff Green I'm reminded of the movie. It's not a good movie. Star but -- a movie everyone has seen a -- is talking all exports -- the united through seven WE.

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