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Danny Ainge with Salk and Holley

Mar 21, 2013|

We check in with Danny Ainge on a Celtics Thursday for his take on two near miss losses over the past two games, and why the Celtics play is so consistently inconsistent.

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It is gonna join us in a few minutes. His team suffers a difficult loss last night. Mostly because of who came against and the fact that it came on the heels of the heat lost just two nights before. I Doc Rivers didn't seem to take it as well as he has -- power play Danny some of the sound of -- last night. Maybe it was just that it was -- closed the night before and then you had Danny last night but -- -- you retain your credit card payments. Any -- kind of have to take a few minutes with a says he does every single week brought you by quality insulation. Danny what did you make of the Los last night. -- with a disappointing loss that but. And we. Played very well against Miami -- before played well the first half last night in. For whatever reason in the third quarter Regis our defense -- rebounding our offensive movement. Everything was disaster. And we could never gain the momentum back Paul tried in areas KG looked good but it. About overall. We just didn't do little things it takes to win -- we could get the momentum back we have a chance but. -- -- The coach seemed a little. Let's say aggravated afterwards about the way they played not just at the very end but the route the third into the fourth quarters with Doc Rivers after the game what I just. Are we investigated. The spirit I thought we'd start we're gonna win the game we got the lead six yards of total that up to receive a medal in the second quarter we went from being a solid. Just good look at basketball team. To showtime. Then I believe in the basketball gods I think when you mess in the game today messes you up there and I thought we deserved it is that we saw last night. Well. Yeah I mean I think it is a pattern and you know -- just were not. Such a good team that we have a lot of room for air. And you know we can't do like Miami did it a point that points to come back every I that we don't have a LeBron James that the player we have to play more consistent and more solid. And you I can't see it happen often -- I love our guys in the make up problem that I know what they're made up and do what they're capable of doing. But. You know this happens every team that the course of this season where you'd let your guard down and that's been a pattern. Are you guys are out rebounded by seventeen last night final play of the game. Missed shot from New Orleans tipped -- by Anthony Davis. What was your view of the of the last play looked like KG didn't box out but how did you see that -- play what what what went wrong. Well I think. The play was fairly well defended with the exception of finishing not finishing it off with a rebound in Anthony is the great rebounder he is the fighter Manny. Young athletic. KG. And he just. In the PG position to get the Reid bill but he didn't make any contact with it convenient for me just out quick and the ball. And it was a tough play Havoc with the right call that's a ball out of the cylinders. The referee made the right call. I talked about this at the beginning of the show Jeff Green we've we've gone back and forth on Jeff Green. Throughout the season action throughout the last a couple of years elected trade me to say that. -- trade from the start Kendrick Perkins for Jeff Green felt like it was a steel. That's neither here nor there I look at Jeff Green and say. What do they start. Yeah if you replaced Brandon Bass no disrespect to Brandon Bass. But Jeff Green at the -- he can defend three he can defend fours you can give you scoring. Similar rebounding to Brandon. Would that do you think that would make him a more consistent player he's with the starting lineup. I I think everybody's played more consistent as starters and they do come out there it's absolutely. I think that -- is starting to prove. And has proven to dock that he deserves to be on the court. Most of the minutes of the game. Dark. Needs of the off the bench and I think he's trying to figure all that out and he will he's played just that the two to three in the four. This year. So I think that last night you know might have been a good opportunity for just played more of the two. They had two big guys in the they were -- in the collapse of the second half. One stretch it was 27 at nine that is that just shows you lack of effort out if you have five. You know with the four guys out there that that discrepancy should never happen. That's just effort and determination. And so I think that. You know last night may be subjected to do that with two guard -- our guard play it was not a good thing. -- play 27 minutes last night which is fewer than any of the five starters would you like to see him playing more minutes on the. I don't think it matters but those -- think that's so out of blown out of proportion and I think that Jeff. I mean -- played great in the first half. And the second half maybe doctors didn't think he was in our defense was battered rebounding was. Brandon you know just made a couple of nice plays at one stretch and right will look like he met me doc lets make some changes branded picked up at three point play Egyptian. You know I think that's a tough call but I think that that those things are secondary. I think we can talk all day every day after one point losses. And as to what you could or should be done ultimately I think it's on the players they they've got to stay focused and locked in in. Last night -- we we got very little production and regards we got outplayed in the backcourt. Let's talk about a two point loss than to Miami up by seventeen and a game one point up by thirteen in the fourth quarter. That that loss to make you sick to your stomach that it just keep you up at night knowing how how close she worked at taking controlled that game and winning it. The you know we just got it. You know is it something that we're trying to get away from and habits are hard to break in the NBA and doctors tried to coach the case through what playing with pace and playing with tempo. You know we've played with with good pace the whole scheme and then with five or six minutes ago -- the lead. We slowed our game -- and when we slow it down we just don't have that. That superstar. To just throw the ball to Kevin Durant LeBron jeans or or or Carmelo Anthony just to throw the ball down to its high percentage score. Paul could still do -- some -- against some -- That's just not the kind of team we are anymore and we need to keep. Playing with pace and movement. And have the ball. -- would come off screen rolls in just. Whoever's open take the shot at it since the end of the game but it's Jason Terry you're Jordan Crawford or Jeff Green Paul Pierce -- -- -- matter. It doesn't or Avery Bradley doesn't matter any one of those guys are capable take the last shot in. That's the kind of team we have to be as opposed to. You know it's got to be Paul. You know make it apply for a stretch let's just about the kind of team that is going to be successful. Did -- feel like I have to force myself to appreciate what LeBron James in the Miami Heat are doing it the day I gotta put it in historical perspective you've played with and against. Some of the greats Larry magic Michael. Barkley. What LeBron is doing right now specifically how he's carrying this team. It is he remind you of anybody as it does it does it put two and mean what do what do you think of this and -- historically where does it rank. Well. But this has been going on for about five or six years now where LeBron -- that the best record in the NBA this has been very consistent in. He just got over the top last year as a championship but. That he is getting better every year you'd better this year than it was last year. Any more consistent shooting means it is disputing better sort like Michael shooting got better as time went on and magic shooting got better as their careers went. We -- on doctor. That as a cross between Michael and magic. Answer. And beautiful passer. A great ball handler a great defender. A great rebounder. And he's becoming. A great -- agreed shooters score with the only thing he's -- -- -- from the time he came into the league. And we can see him just getting better and better that scary for the rapidly. Danny -- with a says he is every single week here on salt and holly course tournament begins today Danny. How closely do you watch the NCAA tournament. I watch all the games. That we do -- conference tournament. Everyone in my staff. In my office we don't travel. This we we we stadium and watched together we've seen all these players -- -- times and now we've sort of seen them collectively it talked about them. And watch him perform. They're in the NCAA tournament it is a fun time. Is it all business can you have fun watching and is there -- assuming you don't fill out a bracket but do you have fun watching the tournament. Oh yeah we have a black -- tournament. So who's gonna win this thing. You don't I picked to do just because that cut after coming off a disappointing year last year. In the NCAA tournament I think they'll be you know they didn't have a great ACC tournament I think that there. A very talented team with a lot of shooters in the -- side. An experience. But I'd like Indiana like Louisville. You know it toward I think it is excellent team but. I think you I think will will win it this year. I can see how dangerous it would be too. Great a player down if he's if he's a great player in college and his team lose in the first loses in the first two rounds of the tournament. But can you also overrated player. If he goes on a run in the tournament like stepped curry -- Davidson. -- am sure people in your business in your industry new step -- lot of fans didn't until the tournament. And turn out to be terrific player in the pros does that tell you anything guy carries a team that's not really that good through. You know 34 wins in the tournament that is not a predictor of NBA success in your opinion. No I don't think so I I think that you know death was the top ten draft pick before you went to the NCAA tournament. You know there's. -- back in my situation when I was in college and a lot of people nationally they you know it was because you made drive against Notre Dame that she got what. I was actually voted college player of the year before I ever went for the NCAA tournament even started. So I think that what the public knows and what NBA people it was a lot different and we don't well. A whole lot of bad performance. Or agreed to. And we try to analyze why they've played well wasn't -- great at chipper. Or it was a doubles team -- got to take that a member mark price. You know slipped in the draft after a game against Georgetown. They really good number on it had a terrible game -- a little bit. I think generally speaking. There's not a lot of stock put -- What they do in the future. Good stuff -- Danny thanks so much have a good week we will talk to you next week. All right Mike welcome back -- appreciate demand thanks a lot there's there is Danny and Danny Ainge president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics course brought to you. By quality insulation that we are an hour away from into the question jerk which means we need questions is text them. To the AT&T text line 379837. Of course in 45 minutes at 530. Version number two to Darnell it's it's the -- -- called Mike up. 530 today 6177793535. You know what to do you know had to leave your message is there -- so one thing that I find intriguing. One thing about the ends of games but I just I can't keep. Can't help but think Michael it's fine to say it but you've got to ask one guy about it -- that is next Mike -- Michael hall.

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