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Miked up with Salk and Holley - 03/21/13

Mar 21, 2013|

It's the evolution of the whiner line. We welcome Salk in some more, and praise is heaped for dumping on Steve from Fall River.

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-- the American recovery so we've been there to help prepare and protect. I'm -- when the -- happens you know you don't just enduring. Good business insurance employee benefits and auto and home insurance wherever our best but things seemed that their worst. And don't -- and we're proud to help more than one million small business customers can play on. If you're not one of the. I'm an absolute rule I can't believe that -- so again it's -- This is around you are friends. So Susan. And lives unfortunately all good things come to an end it's my job with songs can holly I have you can find -- -- -- OK okay whole amount. Here -- high right now you guys. Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In I had no I don't court. -- reversed if you get in now Mike Dunn and you have problems are not just nation. Along with -- now. Everyday at 530. Same number. Same message is it different time different time. Different vibe from 535 every day. 53535. Iron -- start and tell your friends don't -- get there early at 530 that's a few minutes like just adrenaline for what we'll get a top Coughlin rules. And then just after 545 today into the question jerk just send your questions AT&T text point 37937. Any question any topic. Michael and I will answer your questions we got today. At Boston College. Not. You know that's good not bad they get paid every actually it would be used this relatively easy bet there are a bit -- after college -- cheered. Excuse. And start. They have been -- terrible third. We didn't bought -- or well go all Royal Oak grove village flies out of focus so boy knows me. Forward do we go my old -- that -- going to -- Faithful. What are you are producing your next big limbs when I have always thought -- -- -- -- paying. And if message in my jinxed them. Art or -- -- -- a little like -- What's that accident we've been debating this for long term what that actually your -- limiting your -- back and play a little. -- Believe there's. They thought what on your third bid on long -- big men. Cool. To see it sounds a little like me -- For sighs don't you have the tennis -- card but it also sounds a little bit like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. Well I -- voice box but -- how do you see. These -- right there between those two guys so he did go Russian -- didn't I only mean -- Russian prime authority was Serbian. OK hello wow Mike Mikey swears he's Russian he tells us he's. -- -- -- attacked Venezuelan guy is you get down Venezuelan Italian vessel loading out OK I told you it's Pedro for an opponent I say I mean lotion. From side to the debate continues I think you'll hear from him tomorrow is it gonna take offense that -- -- if I'm -- then you ask me questions. So it's it's true that wave hello Michael always go on vacation in heaven but it's gonna come as early. Quite good for a week and the show's going to be to paint -- -- And this message if that's the but it appears they -- twelve year old humor I still like it -- -- -- -- just a risky part of what it's not funny but it's funny. It is our board game and I would give -- a new year olds. My ball just hung up on these folks all of that is they've brought the -- -- beat to death that everything. And this message. We didn't even -- was trying to be here don't really know the Steve from Fall River story you just don't know it maybe I don't maybe do. You'll have to do your homework the other -- hasn't done their homework -- so maybe I'm just that's life. But I'm not very Smart but that's our speed -- however. -- comeback -- -- well I don't. And this message I just think we're context used you can got to figure out. Mostly from Fall River really didn't take much yeah. I felt that dialog. Pops up go I have a little bit because it's Joseph Bob Bauer about a little like I'm not be a burden that -- Talk about the Boston Bruins and it's cutting off big football ever bet my dad got it OK I'm done wanted. But I don't get it -- your cool off its dial Arnold dining out. And connected experts are gonna. No no no don't blow dealt a hard drinking got -- normal -- that's true. Yeah he's a hard drinker he is Jennifer drunk. Well I'd say he's a drunk -- you finally had a few funny hinted that he was a lie around and all but if you do you everybody summer drinking guys -- you have like to glasses a wine -- the -- time -- -- -- gaining control in control while now. Listen I'm not common drunk but if you say some guy called amateur if you say a guy is us brits -- guy right. What do you say about so just trying to go the other way -- but that's not a compliment in any country. At any time I don't other Indian hard drinkers sounds -- days this Dublin -- well -- elitist. He just goes a little further than spreads it sounds like he's one step removed unaware that about -- avoid jail is is beyond all scriptures. Both brought Kevin also lived in Seattle or listen if you thought we welcome now I have to tell you there's some things. You're gonna miss not being in Seattle number one you'll not talk about soccer. We don't care. -- do you know talk about women in the NBA. Number three big ball what should Levy about baseball and number four. Football will not be bitching about grab. Little better -- years ago now. And message that is fair and didn't really talk about the WNBA zero minerals on the show okay good. Which is about the same as soccer and I'm with you Ben Roethlisberger was like. Three yards short -- and well a couple of yards release. But -- happy when I know five I've yet they still dilemma -- Testaverde wants to know there are upset about an hour they're upset about 05. Bad bad -- Well hey my job well -- go right there. Bet if they don't like spent a good show but Mike Mike dobbs it's -- next evolution you know I know -- -- little -- poking around. I. I. Well first -- -- -- what do your -- session at a call live on my -- we need him close to -- miracles do boards and I see you don't the name I believe it's just the Mike princess -- now he's not listen these asleep by now aren't well you have on here. But what is that thing. Our name -- -- I -- checked out -- do you do we have a name that is pretty popular so is pretty popular. Those kind of tough to be beautiful name -- -- And trying to make sense gonna talk to be create your -- -- here kind of above it all the name -- Bubba Bubba and all of a little above being called mom Michael Strahan because it's a trip this is a tribute to my folks are folks -- -- Michael watched one of -- then great I mean it's kind of like -- honoring them it's a little like your both being called my. Yeah I don't think this code could be called Mike about it because made that that you guys had a couple of -- what's the group thought the monitors the morning and this message. -- -- my doctor -- -- they don't want aren't there I'm not sure it did the other night. However they always -- got kidnapped kids aren't split between Jordan Beck does when everything. Hello always go week I know I mean we get support from the from the -- -- so I hope so my -- -- what we hope so I got into your -- my mom immunized brown -- -- since all key elements of -- once in a torso and not think -- are no comments and no comments from the congratulations. Are not usually -- euphoria has a huge comeback is down in the basement of their. My golf ball that could be -- capital because I've got to WEEI. -- and I would die every day somebody did go bid up. I hate the red dot com executive ban Heidi if everything -- very tight -- but it's -- they get a -- -- holidays good byes. Standard methods of parsing. I don't zero. Are you going over this Fuzzy business this your first introduction of -- gloves -- That was a real Franken -- there's also Franken Gloucester first of Gloucester impersonate the one who comes to arrange the meeting is the real deal he will be the -- Look good call this one. Lob Seattle. Didn't have a sexual encounter with Pete Carroll always Monday that could help put you hold this big old. You've got to -- your own company would be a bunch got there we logs. And that has just this guy's got sex on his mind BC he's he's obsessed with the with order weigh in Belichick in this whole speculative. Sexual thing that's bizarre Perez -- That's why we have to go home listening in -- didn't add any must tell you talk -- -- he's been talking about it for like to hear me. Did any reason to a mall this thing into Mike dove that was it right there anything that involves -- order way and -- -- a check in a sexual way. Evolves that thing immediately went crazy black -- Hobbies. I thought people -- evident how you live here. Welcome to the baucus amendment anyway for the you know it's -- small -- You probably already heard have been juniors is still -- offense right -- I don't want -- line. He looked good. Play it straight -- Feel like I have business okay all over the place or are you about so far. Just try to see -- that's OK and I can do we know what I do for utility rule until we moved up place. And I really wondering -- who's doing whom authorities weird -- this now he's got to go shelf. Treatment would in fact you can treat. At the end of volunteer confident -- all the madness and how long is that -- -- -- -- -- DC near this big inning 151617. Years somewhere America. Okay what did you learn about it it did gobble it up artists not by Brandon Meriweather I didn't wanna do it give a shout outs. The new man. My big bucks but a lot of parents black and how to how to how to how you -- -- not bad mom and I felt very big had a good end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got to update my double ball on the field when I'm pleased about it did you hit -- -- -- both big -- not that -- -- on the golf game oh man and I -- -- actually -- and that maybe there can. All of the man. That -- had some combat -- I want up and then I'm not that good result might -- up big in you know bottom bowl whatever the Arriaga don't know what have I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We talk again -- -- And the -- black hearted starter Lester put all this defeat for his original saw coach if they think that's my -- well you know why why. What is Cutler Carter and Mike Shaw I don't know what is -- its salt there's an -- there any male players if they give you relative -- don't assault. -- -- -- -- Like my great grandfather something does -- -- -- everybody knows Jonas I'm not entirely sure that's true so that's and I've been told that is Mike -- brought to you by eighteen -- end. -- official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins at the most four G coverage. In New England yeah. Everyday now 53535. No longer five point five the evolution tell everybody. Evolution on the -- is called -- might often call call we have reported -- -- -- you got the party started today. You got not -- yeah frank from Gloucester earlier you heard Tony from Bridgewater you call -- bunny. Everybody important games ever concern you quickly Bruins in Ottawa tonight important game for them after the loss. No you don't want off that imparts no. They always play well now now if they lose this game in Ottawa and they lose something like four to one then panic in the streets because. -- fan whether it's to cut or Tim Thomas. They always get it done or -- or is Jackson's. -- wobble that you just brought along and it really is a big game for them tonight because if they always get it done and -- often they don't get it and they just lost the game they had everybody willing to jump off the Tobin yesterday. Well then all the second meter gold from the dove into the is they come and you go mass exodus certainly people jumping off the bandwagon tomorrow. If they would lose that game and I think a much more serious -- then yes Jane I think you're right I think they they tend to bounce back they tend to win an awful -- right away and to do to take care of business up there and I'd like to think they do that again tonight. But Michael I don't wanna commit your -- back conversation if they don't. Because then the desperation to go out and whether it's get that next top six forward like Jerome again -- whether -- stood to find somebody to fill in for Kelly or to feel informant quit I mean that the colts for that are going to be stronger and there's nothing worse than having to make a deal when people are desperate for a deal. By the way something for you do tonight I know you're not experts -- -- now neither is into your band -- myself. So every time Jack says. Ought to walk on -- and I think this week I don't have that I think the stomach she went after a ratio 850 -- love listening to. I don't know if that's good it's probably the correct pronunciation or just Jack being Jack all I -- but. Did you do it tonight I'll be called a cab by the end of the night if I try to play that game -- the question jerk next. If you got this text as 37937. We will answer whatever you got coming up -- -- Sports. Stocks you're -- Sports Radio. Tell you TI FA MS EI dot com.

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