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Will Middlebrooks, Red Sox 3B, on his wrist injury

Mar 21, 2013|

Middlebrooks joins Mut and Merloni to discuss how his wrist injury has healed since last year, the play of Jackie Bradley JR, and the differences between Spring Training this year and last.

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Final hour -- and -- 93 point seven WEE I live at the -- day one of the NCAA tournament still about ten days away. The Red Sox opening day it happens April 1 at Yankee Stadium and joining us from Florida. Red Sox third baseman will -- Brooks joins the conversation will -- little Oreo. I don't look at are you. We don't goodwill Leo last year you walk in the spring training at. Prospect trying to show the team what you can be what you can do this year a little bit different that job is yours how is a bit different for you this year camp. Complete 180 man. Let's show -- in the corner trying not to be seeing and try to keep my mouse what these veterans you know go about their business as alert users can now. Well I guess I'm still learning I'm still watching that -- I can I can actually speak now -- -- is an -- of turner restaurant or not. As as it change your approach as far as -- That the work you may be put in adjust that timing Greta kind of going all -- the show knowing may not be -- long knowing that now you have. Actually six weeks to kind of build up the regular season. -- -- to build our business the same way -- so hostile or look at the same period. And I MMX reporting -- -- -- starter -- quite hard road lately it's been like every other day thanks so. That day in between them -- a lot of work and lot of extra work and mainly on defense. Do you like that added pressure knowing that you're not fight for job Beano are you with this team and you're going to be an integral part middle the order come April 1. If they'll go to court and it's not -- to come here and they're not aware of not only a little Michael McDonald might only champs and it it's nice when it does -- -- And as we know and you know lecture will be great so we wanna. I'm gonna work in the gonna Wear and just sort of what else. Oh last year it says look different situation for you you -- -- new faces here in the camp. Can you look at last year's campaign compared to maybe how this year has gone. Army is completely different. Does that mean that you know Bob Bob Levy and John -- difference -- You have two different. It took you so for sure I -- -- -- what -- is it really brings a lot of confidence. The assistant coaches are confident paper wrote off almost and under there here in the available -- you know every -- it gets better and I think that rip off. United an issue early camp during -- game where you know obviously your wrist coming off last year will -- it. He came out of a game and a lot of people thought oh this is going to be major men's opinions of scar tissue. We have fearful that time during that at bat you know that this was going to be something that. Was going to be a bigger issue than it was and how do you deal with that is a hitter. I try to rehab that wrist injury. Yeah initially as a realist and a lot I don't what -- -- pain that I felt that this felt. There was an awkward movement of that join and -- I just sort of slow -- -- breaking up and and neglect. Certainly but I -- twenty minutes after a thriller that was well one of what went back out sort of so. It's just it was a scare for sure though -- the next that it intended to that spot. I guess the follow would be you know Lewis talked about wrist injuries for hitters and the is it ever get out your mind well is -- do you swing free and clear now and just not think about at all that -- being an issue. Yeah I mean that BellSouth and it's so it is I mean the first two weeks spring -- It's an inside it was hard for me he let loose and take my normal swing and I'd probably be better to do a little bit like this decision I was worried about. You know five the strength -- there to do that it to her it's like to do it and and deceptive. My mind that it amounted to go now. BO or showtime in the big leagues is tough stay in there is even tougher because the adjustments people make against you is as it did coming up from triple -- the numbers you had last year. How did you see teams tacky then differently -- may be towards the end of the season maybe what you might expect this year. Right yeah I mean really first come up is lord knows this ship and they just go. You know director regular cyclicals go fastball away occasionally come and and it was centered auto -- article would go softer way it will -- and more with the with the Tutsis and and neglect -- so it it just that the topic had about game. And -- video work in and religious experiences especially dangerous for. You sit back now with -- the injured David Ortiz even before he got hurt if you look at that -- order -- David. And it's Napoli and it's you you're on your second year here do you you sit back and think about you know maybe it is the depression that's on you -- the order second year in the league. -- pressure whatsoever. I'm not a problem myself on confident in my ability I don't know -- -- -- out and and I'm prepared. And for the viability there will be no problem. We have such a good thing about the Florida this year what -- just -- all the lineup so it is going to be a lot of on economic excited filtered out. Let's get a take from you since it's the big topic around here I'm Jackie Bradley junior what have you seen from him. Will on this -- his first full training camp the team. They're not very Brussels the late command end. All obviously the way he's played a -- anatomy when when -- -- -- and you look at how they carry themselves so they go about their business. How they interact with that the veteran guys and he's done everything the right where. He there I never. I asked yesterday you know what how old you can terrible and -- when you know when you reported to this. It's like your -- what this -- at the plate with an approach. I mean those should be doing out there but that's 22 I was solar. You press -- thing all around game a defense on base -- that. If he's extremely polished and has been talked about up here you know wanted to have this guy up and a senior perfect example of this is a felt last year. He struggled to get a double laying you couple years ago you your first take a trip letting go so well you started in Tripoli last you -- a hundred at bats and and I like to see him get off to a good start those first couple weeks. Tough there's a lot of pressure to start the season. That's why -- say I'd rather see him like you did last year and a good -- gift that base get this season going get 508000 at bats river might take. How important is that for you in the -- that's on the really helped you out. -- electrical cables for I needed every about a -- in the mileage. Every about I took some prefer that I learned from that and though I don't think it's nothing negative approach starting a -- Like to sit just rejected based what you. Get back on the playing games every day. You know in particular -- a lot of those guys in triple you have -- in in the biblical also there are a lot of guys are open but also a college -- -- -- -- -- and every so it. So and they whatever on for the second time that it should be signed into it it's our society you know lower -- as well what's gonna ensure that. Who's got a better swing for Fenway Park you were Mike Napoli and. Tackled well look at the numbers man Mike -- took stupid numbers that have been like I connect. Crazy crazy operatives that we. We don't like the total emotional -- that up -- sit back and want to be here at all it's unbelievable global problem that. It's not what those additions guys in particular guys that Napoli -- Ryan Dempster. Johnny -- and Shane Victorino it seems that you've brought in a certain type of guy. And he he just seen a short -- down there I'll -- like Dempster in -- can rub off on the team. Oh absolutely I was just up until the metallic church -- don't -- -- -- -- like a middle linebacker and I felt -- it -- -- -- -- it has a lot of from the bureau. These very intensity -- the way he goes about his business news here for one purpose in matters and that particular -- and but that's as proposal vehicles built. Tipster that quite content. Well the way she's not yet another in the -- see -- he's an awesome guys awesome teammate. And I think it continued to delegate right that's. Idea's good impressions do we saw those not us -- dumb media question of the day it seems like from the outside OK you guys seem in this spring training. To be more of a team there has been more last there's been more team unity I've talked to guys are down spring training is -- the same exact thing up close. They felt that with your team is that eight tangible thing or is that a dumb media story. And does does not exist down there with this club. Well many dumb media stories as there are -- This is you know this is. We we are having a lot of on theirs is a perfect mixture of did a patent on in getting our work done this thing which is that think that's very important. As well as a place is because I've always been -- been his glove I was those on the best Joseph's in the game right now defensively. But this year at this offensive that Washington a few times early when I was -- Anderson that he really simplified some things he looks like he's got a lot stronger. What have you seen from him and can you see a difference. Yeah yeah ever considered the different views in about a -- attorneys we know what it was is a lot more aggressive. I don't know how much you wanna see it from your top the order. -- to bottom ordered rather swing and a lot of first or second pitches but I. That's where he's been -- a lot of damage and that's this urge them and operating normally as regards. Or calendars that you know -- ball that are Ortiz he's the -- that and his and all the biggies. Mr. developing an approach and when you when you when you a lot of art this is what I'm looking for. When you actually did it you don't -- says that's optimistic and certainly have more. Is -- Red Sox clubhouse and of course for entertainment purposes only NCAA bracket pulled here. Are you absolutely. You know he took a boo -- I'm sure we have you know. Oh man I made a couple critical or wait wait you're the one that you're a guy who does multiple brackets. -- all -- corrected. It's two putted to I don't occur I exits -- Miami at one. -- No shot. Well next -- or all of -- I to act on I got Louisville winning the whole thing they're gonna win over Georgetown well I'd I'd -- -- Good that was gonna win -- -- -- take the did the Miami won the Pedroia he can have that what you will with the local. Our or I don't know or don't -- and in the -- good. You probably beating on the not the tournament will middle Brooks import a game tonight against Billy will appreciate the time we'll talk to you soon. A little Brooks joining us here on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds that the ten times faster than three G to AT&T. Rethink possible and I preface that the dumb question because I don't know I don't that some in the media just kind of rights because that's the good story right if -- -- I'm not here. Never -- suspended is. -- -- -- better chemistry that's a better clubhouse this year it just heard from enough guys who were down there okay. And I see it from the outside that I felt like it was there and he says what he believed -- not yet to different team this year. We even if it is he'll look around the you know who is. I think the one guy that might have of the new additions. As far as biggest impact on this team in that clubhouse is Ryan Dempster. He is a guy that pitched the outcome because you know and no it's pitcher -- position player type thing but it's a pitching staff I think that it needs. That not take yourself too serious approach. Yet know what's gonna be into the ballpark. He'd like state loves what he does. He has fun doing it he's businesslike yet in his approach his professional. But I just think he's a clown. He's a Jokester and you haven't had a since in the law it's blocking back and even teammates that -- Kevin a couple nights ago about him. And just everything he said just in exactly how I feel that the kind of effect he can have on this team. If you missed any of that will that Brooke's interview that in our conversation with Jeff Goodman Heath Evans everybody will be up online later on today. At WEEI dot com we -- live at the -- 85 causeway street Boston. Right across in the garden it's a great spot from any sort of pregame postgame situation. And a great spot to take the afternoon off today come down here -- the NCAA tournament. You're their friends from us and -- check out the website -- boston.com. 92 break we'll continue to get your phone calls and including. Some conversation continue about Jackie Bradley in our pop the journal's poll question what's the Red Sox do which Jackie Bradley don't go anywhere.

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