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Heath Evans, Former Pats FB, on Wes Welker and NFL rule changes

Mar 21, 2013|

Heath Evans joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the new rule changes for running backs and the business side of football and how the Patriots handle their free agents.

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Butler and 937 WEEI live at the heart. Hang out with Sam Adams watch in the NCAA tournament first of the early session games underway Michigan State and Alpo. Up settlers on its due to. With about two minutes and -- covering their -- yet. -- Michigan State they part of the early tilt that they'll be here at the heart hanging out stop by. Late launch long launch NCAA tournament this week in the sports -- to get under way the crown rule passes in the NFL but tuck rule. Goes away and with the crowd rule one of the first guys that thought about Heath Evans and former running back. A bunch of teams who in the patriots nice team in the NFL network has been a great friend today show Heath Evans joining us on the eighteenth the hotline good afternoon he's our you. We have spent the last day plus talking about the NFL in this rule passes 3121. Yesterday the Bengals the only team. Voting against it that's there with the called a ground rule offensive players ball carriers be penalized reason their crown of their helmet. For aggression instead of protection. What's your reaction to this rule passing yesterday in the NFL. And the NFL -- the hire me -- their PR director contingent doesn't just a horrible job of releasing the info in a timely fashion to make clear cut action and I think. -- kind of stirred our you know admitted that felt fan base but a way that. Not the be maybe even in our Marshal all -- might say you guys. You know and rightfully so the sense that I think future of the rules good but how you'd just be in there of the rules you. It's going to be a nightmare part. The PR spin on this is very very simple this is basically experience. There's just going to be a new added emphasis to. It's not just the running back all the debate about -- running back they can't use their credit Elmo was also out of him this -- -- any piece of the player. Hitting the ball carrier with the crown of the helmet whether that be crucial to or -- Series used to be just one way all of the player was on the ground and a piece of supporter would -- auctions so adverse. That player now that you're rule basically take effect anywhere on the field what the players still running down the field that's in the past. Running back is using your help motivate a battering rams so to speak I think that is protecting the players from themselves all will be a good rule. How you want it he could potentially change the outcome would gain trade -- like. You know you talk about the defensive players now. As far as I know still defensive receiver Brian immediately if you gonna do that now the ball Gary comes to a defensive player can still lead with a helmet. Did it with them write what -- take away both the -- gonna do it really. Well Internet kinda all they're looking ordered the triple or look at global ball. They they wanna be part of that that the tip of your face that's where the top of the Oklahoma beat the -- where they wanna see that city people they don't -- the that duck head that missile like positioned in the body. And let's be honest -- that I called public discussion if you get a beltway but I think they're really try to sect. The players from the spill. You know we've all been devastating injuries were so what if somebody -- -- Bellwether of the pop Warner. Forward beat him in the league as well. So we'll ship shattered their spinal column and they've they've never walked give -- some cases that have been well alt fuels so. I think I think this rule of good I think he's added focus to good. C I think the Marshal all -- Mike Barack. These guys just don't quite see how it could be -- -- regained it literally moving voted out out. And that's what you said he right you you use the word that that we've I've used here for today's enforcement that's my major concern from from macro standpoint I get it. You gotta make football safer but in real time. You're telling me Alberto river runs going to be able to know what Heath Evans is do what the ball is he inside tackle box outs of the tackle box to call a penalty. But to be fifteen yards and offensive player when. That guy's doing in state surely what he's where he thinks is right which is ducked his head down and avoid get his ass blown up by Bernard Pollard. -- -- -- even reading the -- really play -- would have been probably fifteen yard penalty and guys knocked out and fumble. Yeah no Bob Bob Bob what you're you're -- -- -- do I think you know Bernard. Because I -- shocked that it's our player on the sidewalk the concussions -- suffered. Not have a war like the true vicious. Head to head contact the -- to a level where I ended up on top of the safety of my head my helmet -- but I'll let. The safety. They and he hit me in the temple my weight electorate are involved and I'm sure you know I got my plot but I got up. Not know what their equity normal. So I think you know again you know what Marshall -- -- we have achieved through they can rule. I I should do agreed because we're not really focusing on the things that I think will fix. The troop concussion issue is there tried to deter a lawyer Albert. It will fix it I mean is -- equipment to me I looked it. You know the HGH is a good start I mean these guys get bigger stronger and and that more contact that's injuries. Well. I would I would kind of disagree with you on America in the sense that initiate -- growth in the but then -- -- there you know steroids or anabolic. They do they create something in your body. They've got your and then they invest your -- state victory gave up their leaders. Or today I got just put it that way. Be a huge world one -- -- -- -- -- comfortable out more out. You know it is what they called. Dot bio identical with it's it's what your body party -- out of one of your body to the players get Weiner yesterday recover faster -- what. They're not get. We're usually faster stronger because of that I think it's more about -- and nutrition. All the people that say we operative got a Little League. What we're talking about you know we've -- now players we you know we got -- -- -- across the country. Literally get knocked out there -- bootleg locked in the air because there are you shocked. It not happen when I was ordered artwork or it never did you cannot say oh these are -- -- the that's not true I wake up you are aborted -- -- are all worried from you know Q what are we. Gotta we gotta get back to. We have to get back to how our tree should treat me. -- who or who is -- this stuff that you -- -- -- little kids. These nutritional value what you are here now is garbage. Are there to -- the oaks all into the -- What we drink water we drink good built it what openly pasteurized. But now polluted arbitrary system our bodies just don't he'll what's the one thing we need you need -- grain you'll equipment are ultra -- I talked about the triple shot -- your. It worked create the majority of questions all the players both records emotion and so really what you wanna do with a great moment. That either got out of yours for the low reputed equally among the other part of all of or operate some sort of shocked if you like there's been a while but. That really saw the below them because it's a shot from under you you have players around the leader -- -- you get people don't want to well. He's. -- joining us NFL network some great thoughts on the rule also wanna get your thoughts he -- on Wes Welker you know we've talked to you throughout the years and you talked about west and his toughness how surprised were you that he doesn't get a deal but with the patriots ends up with Peyton Manning in Denver. All well I think what patent not fair I honestly I said -- surged more. He's not gonna put himself with quarterback is -- here -- -- slice it based you know these they're if you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or you're gonna go to Denver and you know outlook you've got it right I know west I knew that it was just going to be about -- dollars and cents. What I did think it you know what you mean I talk will have to give us all the time you know players. That have done so much for organization. Like those two players they they feel. I think so what's wrong but I haven't -- what about this what they do that you'll which burned by the does not what you guys know what -- -- New England for the same reason I mean. Up up up -- value was more than what they're put on but I understand their side of do we big did you talk about what. Six -- seven AFC championships and figures all the old. Well shall wake up they do with the right -- with the player I understand bit on the opposition although I would think the word ball so. For me I wish west was back there I think Iranian dole has. Risky nature's true that we all talk about that run the same route people that great aunt -- little bigger little faster it is bad but. What we can't calculate which I know bill does calculated. What happened and Danny's mind that matches Tom Brady is on now for the ball and no one perhaps Beckett those two -- -- same page. I know the wind was blessed are -- we have operated -- players better than what they what they should. But there was actual rhythm from day one with less -- My my theory is will be irreplaceable same level. Production and -- and have a good year I believe you'll probably have a monster year if these states LP which another term bonds but. You know west was going to be -- -- the real. You know what I'll bet on Bill Belichick operated rubble just -- well. There's lot of risk to me Tom Brady getting old taken away. Is his his pinky you know you Brandon -- who knows what's gonna happen there so it's got new wide receivers in the outside right more oppression tight ends but. If the patriots take a step back offensively. And improve their defense do you think that makes them a better team -- they need to be offensive minded team. Well probably -- cup quarter -- among -- partners you -- he just added in the bill. And you've got robbed there you got re guys have proven that they can't stay open. In doubt these are eager to re biggest -- the what. And so your hope that probably best case scenario based on. The past you know opened up Q. Three of those guys help help weaken a -- out. But got quite obvious stretch and you look at these last few years you look at -- last few years -- -- and it -- its just. Real sign that says durability is more important ability. IE I very rarely question -- it. Don't bother me I prided myself with bill because I was never gonna -- game whether I'll battle we're -- I have all in championship games -- ankle sprain so. I do -- awareness about this all that's really be able. If you could stay status quo. That's what I think numbers are the -- You know -- they have that -- -- they do thumbs up arms but. Rivers are still worried right. Scoring points. Yeah there were. Your third down they they were they were what's his collar about it I'm still gonna get that fixed but we look at these happy numbers -- it -- try to keep up with Tom Brady so. Of course your passing defense is gonna look worse what it is because. Your play in this Koppel matters style beat betray your office to score thirty points so. They need to -- don't get it -- they -- -- you'll -- all of our united side so they're just -- -- isn't as bad as it won't make out. If last month for me you mentioned as a player you went through with the patriots you've got your value was more than what there won't offer. Does that bother you at times when year you play for an organization you know they put so much. Emphasis on what -- guys value is whether -- was west they say this that the dollar amount -- not gonna go a penny over that does that bother you as a former player. -- I've literally doesn't it I was I you've -- no -- about -- you got a -- -- -- I could never have little personality so I would never associate the I would look nothing like bill. But I look at the whole lot like a man -- we derive even though well -- is -- more concerned about his family or bar them. Are more concerned about -- that we that built that would while. Bill what is certain but it's certainly that's what he was so why all on the table that they. This is what we have you don't have longevity here you could fighter so -- -- -- -- -- we -- what -- -- -- -- what. This -- all your honor I respect that. What these GM that that kind of a lot of probably get the world to get your billion board we have three other -- And too well with double bites all from male church body what. Yeah I wanted to feel appreciated well but I also wanted to have a chance to win a Super Bowl and I was. Blessed by god almighty to walk him that opportunity you know calculated make the right decision. All got -- project in the miserable for the -- -- because you lose it went way. In New England figure bigger picture that you know warmer but these are bigger vegetable -- what -- -- -- with a bunch of losers. You all remote don't have a chance we -- Accuracy and the patriot way vs the rest of the -- well. All the teams you played for not patriots are losers is that we can quote John -- thank. Other other than that there is absolutely it is in Seattle we -- want to -- -- -- out the football he vowed never also. Every man was for himself the coach -- -- oriented everyone who saw. You know Mike Allred you one thing you know you'll -- -- wouldn't tell you another insult mr. Obama would echo summit and try to fight for to a young player. OK I said if you'll. On your not mean this -- Ricky -- Shaun Alexander in third or so they were just so great that you do whatever they want to do basic civil or what. They try to figure out how to fight or that it's business that's not a football back to college and I don't I can't get my head straight I don't know what are some of the. He's great stuff appreciate your take on this rule ports senior battle with Faulk and may knock on NFL network on this very soon and it enjoy your week and we appreciate the time is always. That is our guy Heath Evans so NFL network joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible asking the question about -- the financial what bothered him because. Tedy Bruschi was asked about that same exact thing yesterday a TV Teddy easy answer we'll get to your phone calls on this next.

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