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Jeff Goodman, CBS Sports, on the NCAA tournament

Mar 21, 2013|

Goodman gives an insight breakdown of the tournament and the bracket.

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But -- and ID 37 WEE we are alive great spot the harp went across in the garden looking for a place to come out. Sneak away from work grabbed some lunch and then. Call in sick the rest of the afternoon watch basketball. Obvious at the spot here whether -- from Sam Adams. I thought that Jeff Goodman a CBS sports here just the second. All right switcher bracket look like him your final four international championship game give your title Jim. Boy surprises or it's about its ongoing. Louisville Gonzaga Florida Indiana Lugo beaten Florida. Would shock and we're gonna get a couple upset picks later my final -- Louisville Louisville Gonzaga with the same left side of the bracket. Georgetown. Indiana. And I Louisville and Georgetown in the final. And Louisville winning the whole thing I think it's just. In their being best player not a Porter best team in Louisville on matching up and is there is their big east connection to the big east is dying today maybe they did try to get to. Big east teams in there one more time. But it should be -- to start here just over an hour so when a guy who was all over on the college basketball scene Jeff Goodman joins us here on the AT&T hotline. Jeff do you agree with the national consensus a tournament that is without a clear consensus. Favorite to cut down the -- in Atlanta. Yeah I'm in first default. You're in trouble you got to -- pop or not being sure that that that's that's not good news. So I and now this makes sense now you to it will be it to be honest yep -- text review and said I need an experts recommend a big money pool. Give -- your picks he has copy and paste your final four just admit. You know it it's so important because we do we -- -- say -- was wide -- and yeah. The disparity commute from the are saying that everybody else. You know there there's really -- good to duplicate summit or you foresee. Dow activity now aren't saying see there's not a whole interpret that to be a triple you know -- -- Oklahoma State plays number twelve port. And out to go to receipts were completely reverse short gamers out there and you know all -- they was in danger experience so what target. And trapped or would you interludes he got. -- quick sweeping changes here however. The doctor the our -- all the moves and stay that way and we'll all liberal all game. You know every game you can say it -- on -- Indiana. No matter who it is. So I think you're game you look at the only teams and they're gonna be -- at the end of the day I think but of course we can't starting a this should be a little decrease -- departure. You know well I yeah. Thirteen speaking orders are a lot eleven to speak to go to our apparent -- to -- Now listen -- you know look at this one matchup Kansas vs western Pataki now you know their supply they are okay you know I root against. West ticket -- Elvis and you -- you firemen -- and -- OP lose by a 160. But what I look at Kansas okay it's a means of a number ones. Give me the most vulnerable number one here that you they got -- and extended the number first and second seeds but of these teams is -- teams -- most vulnerable. Yeah I think there is the most well we're vulnerable on our numbers and check the gates are there Carolina. Because I don't trust -- -- or situation or -- jobs since. I've been really terrible for our throughout march -- -- -- -- become decent overall roster or we should show I still don't truck them. -- changed. But again and recruit them from these errors are. And he's -- an -- -- -- give the all Q and you might even more picking Serbia but -- -- -- So -- -- so is one of the best in the business. I'm just not structural it's completely used port number cheers. If George I'm -- you worry about because their cherry one player -- order. And now -- them a great job your -- over achieving there are there are you keeping score record witty and early MP BP's. -- reinvent themselves that went small work. -- depression -- device appeasement Rivera. -- Ludwick played his role extremely well. But we view impunity as they could easily beat them in check our. Everybody's summit there are quite aware of that -- so -- -- Miami. I used -- -- in the round of thirty to Colorado. A lot of it is about the underrated. Well torch would tap oil there are scores -- looking Spencer being witty -- I. -- federal and they're they're out to see him and I just don't trust the Miami game I really -- -- done anything be more patient. You did mention duke in there and I'm not a hard time trying to assess you know how good they are because middle of the year okay there. Up and down they get one player back Jeff and all the sudden they looked like at times been the best team in the country what are you do would duke it out there healthy. Well I still do what we -- global game. In the elite eight points at all in Iraq local winning only because again I'm not sure. Williams seat and the problem is I was there are global in the upper big -- -- -- -- -- they got you got Ryan Kelly but you're still not hitting on all cylinders as they work. Well of course you're straight weeks to see them when they were about human error. Only got a job all the way back to what you what it's like -- what he would agree first game against Miami. Where he scored 37 or thirty whatever was -- settle down a little bit brush below dispute gamers so much better. Now than they were a year ago chemistry leadership. Did she sure martyrs are really good guard Edgar. As well and I just think they're playing well yeah there are so I would be surprised if people ordered them -- you know coach -- lead the way. Maybe along with on this the best -- this -- a year ago and trot. -- have -- some of the autopsy guys I want to ask you some of these. Possible sleepers positioning you said Miami. You feel like they're coming out of there because now at first I guess the biggest ones I I have Bucknell and Davidson both winning in your mind big sleepers that kind of move on. Yeah and that's why wouldn't be honest that that bottom. The region of the east. Just I think all ultimately we know I think anything can happen in every single. Reached in. You wanna be in at about maybe the bottom out but wedge. They are not a big believer. I wouldn't be surprised to figure or at New Mexico. You don't -- beating our recorder so that were in -- term -- Arizona does not have a point. And that's one of the -- prerequisite when Victor Hugo. But -- support -- Mr. you know regard. China border bigtime upset I'm -- -- -- And then out what we're being it's important moment and you know pick your time is so -- reason to want to go against Bret Stephens early beaches. That you guys it's something that no real ever did they -- Butler national -- -- -- We're talking and Jeff Goodman CBS sports or college basketball guy you mentioned in Mexico team that. Bob that what's your bracket might get up said he -- locally here Harvard. As a fourteen -- all night tonight until -- they shot in that first round 314. Unless they act out if you're -- -- -- that seem to -- no I don't think they're gonna win but percent next year is the year our next year. If everything goes right seem to like Beijing and brought in mark notes are ridiculous. Arbor but it factory. You know and Casey and -- young got they've got a young -- Germany and I think it could be dangerous -- that your I don't -- -- beat him even though I'm not only in the local. The thing that people around here as you know Jeff I'm having a bit around here for a long time people don't look at players more than teams and I'm curious we get to Monday morning. -- a name or two of a player that let's say 8590%. Of the viewers who watch have not heard of and I got to go to work Monday morning and be talking about water cooler email the buddies about. Boy did you see Troy Walters this week and did you see so and so we're those guys morning. Well I think GG and we know Austin you know what you say that people are all -- all year. You're expecting that I think yanking out the -- -- this year and it never in a bottle or. But I doubt it Spokane wash your they've got a George mark you'd been there forever it turned out and report on Indiana right -- out of -- yet. More money because you just like sit Indian. And got some players they've got to -- shall -- Olympics. I was seven order of candidate lets you rate certain glass. In place you -- correct sure he would play this course years what it's -- And it's gotten so much better some of which we operate when these are out there could be a lottery -- you think you've got to look yeah. No no he's got a lot to run yet that you've never seen a war. He you know you put your beat the relationship between Rick Pitino and yet I yelled out of look at those same thing. Again he can make a great slightly to make -- for -- they'll -- accused. A local -- Michael -- Williams you got to watching him he won a lot lot -- at all or maybe the best shooter I've ever seen pure computer. In terms of our well it's -- JJ Redick. Improve your Jamal likely consider the state. Are we -- -- street market Michigan today the match but I'll be out trick or against -- Walters the best point guards in America. -- issue game ideal lottery pick next year. And now sort of they may all our people. Who again is a pure point -- -- as well and I think you'll be quite yet sure. The good that the mighty have fallen Kentucky. But I displeased some teams and get it in ninety their expectations it's not into it so they lose and at first round which. As you know opens up the door from the Providence Friars to take down Robert Morse and we want. -- the future problems he talked a lot about and locally people really like political is doing down there. Yeah I mean it actually got a great job you know these are energy program cumulative it's just been that he spotted the -- mindset where. You know there are I owe it all to what we got over the past. Who better -- job recruiting. You don't achieve them hours to review what outlets regularly. Any Jeter bounced around high school if he walked by each unit plays a freshman. I've gotten up on the it be just go out and well. Having -- Tokyo over the years and changing picture will even come back Michener he's saying now we might -- future out. That's about the apartments topic what actually building year. He's pretty high character kids. You know Chris -- -- really do it next year -- You're with the injury. That -- -- so -- sit out -- brokers. Are a way to our arrows. The -- are little water more permanent state. I think this game were to immediately the year there really came out of became a little bit and be. Idiots -- It's going to be fun especially around here with Connecticut's back ineligible Providence is a -- BC gets the ball Beckett they want fired up people are fired up. On our AT&T -- line about Jeff wears this guy's picks I know more than Hamlin BC's bracket we can. He is bracket -- go to CBS sports dot com all the brackets dropped their jets got here is to compare. Your crappy bracket that -- expert bracket you wanna do that. -- -- -- you were just saying don't think yeah. Yeah there's oil well good -- guys -- final four but who I have Louisville beat Florida -- you matchup. Yeah I will be Indiana in person to -- best teams in the country. Our kids today and again like that that are our -- are permitted I'd still say get global. Torture -- dominance of the pit stop. I -- Jeff Goodman one of the best in the business covers the NCAA all year CBS sports dot com Bynum on Twitter. As well Jeff enjoy that Michigan South Dakota State game today we'll talk to you soon. I'm Jeff Goodman joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possibly called tree while that is Nate Walters Traber and -- Walters Goodman said -- table for the show. Don't sleep on South Dakota State that's -- -- Adam Vinatieri came out of South Dakota State. Pretty notable that school bill don't be so quick deploy put Michigan. A rounder to actually -- go South Dakota State win that game today that would that San Diego State and get them being able to extend. Second round -- you're really the idea Steve Fisher cheap -- this and I -- way puts it -- state them happy getting me. He's -- and away and if you have not Downey yet I'm not sure it's too late but he probably logon WE -- upcoming general little bracket -- with a reprise his party's furniture. Give guard to mother tells us it's part of -- you're on there -- on their joys are bottle you on their Joey sticks. Which -- real expert picks around here WEEI dot com slash bracket he could still make you pay extra starts in about an hour so your work. I want to make those picks right now. 617779793. -- the phone operate TT tech won 3790%. We're here at the harp. This first day of the NCAA tournament come on down get launch skip out I'll work. We come back. One of the guys they hope to see any patriots uniform. -- decided to sign elsewhere mixes football next.

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