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Celtics fall to Hornets in final seconds of the game

Mar 21, 2013|

Mut and Lou recap a tough Celtics loss in which they lost in the final seconds of the game. Following the defeat, Doc Rivers was not too happy with his team.

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They let us out of the building live on location much in -- 93 point seven. WEEI -- at the heart. Cross in the garden Boston and new book written -- of -- -- here -- Gaining ground before through my good friend it is published in Portland but oh -- before 11 o'clock. Held our ransoms and Adams and Alabama all they would respond want to -- them look at these TVs right now but you know the deal with this by -- -- NC double and they put all the games on free TV couple years yet it direct TV ad buys special sort of on -- past the watch he games now. They utilized CBS TNT TBS and something called true TVP don't know where is go find it today. His at some point they'll before games on the they -- the game is -- back the urgency as the crappy game. They'll take overture TV your TBS what that means a great place like the harp. And great the likes -- -- to come here Lou when you need some DirecTV set up what every single game you bet on every game. And out of buys -- -- every game is on and you can be it ever ever bracket pools if you want to be it's a great plays coming -- that it watched the first day. Two of the arguably. Best days in the sports count it today absolutely nothing like you know college basketball -- -- alive just. I don't know when I was younger I'd sit back and I just would watch these games would be locked in and fired up the -- filling out a bracket. When you look at it. And mine as well be like when I was in Japan trying to read Japanese at like a restaurant right -- is -- there is is their cost anywhere on this menu. And I'd just get some pop stuff it's rare loss yeah I'm looking at it and I'm just looking at these names that might -- Kentucky. All right I -- Kentucky go in the hole I always deny even if they just lost to Robert Morse -- friars. That the ball that by the way real quick making it that some points -- Sunday on Monday. Providence Robert Morse thanks for comment anyway. If you look at and you don't know. I used to now for two years I was on the you don't know I used to now I get out of business and nobody cares about NCAA basketball. Enough and those people looked at it lob it but we don't get into it's like too much going on I care about it but we have here right now I realize what -- in effect -- basketball. Down. Last night -- -- Very quietly. -- good for -- it's that we had this discussion last year right. Let's -- since been bought ten hours and I start talking about kids and things like that and I am Lee's -- -- -- -- will wait and see wait to see night -- Katie spent sixteen minutes. The -- bracket you know again a year -- -- have a better year this year hopes so -- walk I feel terrible spot in terms of the date date of the bracket -- Jeff Goodman of CBS sports. I will join us next hour gave his take on this term it will be Evans. The 2 o'clock hour not a better got to talk to. About head issues and crowning the -- in the football here at the bar. In the NFL and he Evans will that Brooks at 1 o'clock in his take on Red Sox pre trading Jackie Bradley junior. Things got ugly last night New Orleans for the current reports feature pelicans -- kicked it over. At that and -- eight he's going to be called pelicans Celtics had a thirteen point -- last night at eight. -- -- And lose on the road when they're up late chance to make its stop and rebound and win it got so -- we have Doc Rivers talking about. How bad things look for the bench last night in the world. You can see the difference in the speed the way -- -- -- in the way we're playing in the fourth quarter. You know we're trying to come on let's -- get -- that turned at all. And you turn them -- so. Thought they were at a great place at the end but we're sleep and we deserve we doesn't deserve to lose again will we want to than not we deserved to lose today. It's just you know it's it's amazing when you start thinking about a team that went out and shot 60%. From the floor in the first half put a 55 point game on third quarter DB -- well I mean it just. It blows your mind. But I've got to be honest with yes they were talking about this whole thing about you Jeff Green it's at the ball -- and and and and you know what you expect now that the bar is raised and I look at that game. I think doc was asleep. I think doc was asleep. Do you tell me what's going -- with how Jeff green was just because KG is in. We're gonna go down now at a 26 minutes. For Jeff Green 26 August camp we don't start again I. But 26 minutes and no no no no we're beyond that now this -- 3334. And give reason that -- -- What I am trying to figure out why in God's name he's not out there what four more minutes. In the first quarter he had eleven points. You know having come up by Italy's at some point but to -- 26 minutes is just too damn lol well watched on -- minutes in the second because that's where you have I think -- legitimate point about last night's game. If you look at the first half numbers I'll give you real quick thirteen points in the first -- how many minutes 145 for our team is fifteen minute -- that and it's -- right and then you come out. Any gives you what the second happy gives you a in the second half we give -- warning half minutes in the -- -- -- I mean to be kidding me. Eleven and a half minutes in the second half I don't autism have -- I don't understand. How that happens. Okay am looking at this game and I'm thinking about the fourth quarter and I was I was going through it and -- -- off. -- went into Jordan Crawford right spending the entire fourth quarter and court but it would just will leave them alone get him but. You're up but the -- up six points seven points with 748 to go in the game Jeff Green starts that fourth quarter he gets pulled. With 748 to go the only comes back in the game. Final minute deal when he comes back in. 35 seconds left. He comes leaves the game with 748. -- four and comes back with 35. Seconds left in the game. Does anybody can you explain that to me I think it's a fair criticism but -- -- you like after I livers -- it's gonna go who criticized doc doc is the best coach MBA -- -- group it will last night I don't agree with this -- it's now it's time to let it play well when you take into effect how he's played Heidi. Question doctors -- this is a -- that 43 point through the night he took a ton of shots and it wasn't just the points to me it was the eight times that the focal point of your freaking offense. It was Jeff Green Warhol -- Battier or Chris Andersen or LeBron. And he took it to the basket it was aggressive in doing so he showed a -- game. Certain matchups -- very tough to defend Jeff Green it goes right every single time but he's got that great first step. And what I was frustrated with thank the -- frustration is fair when he was out there in the second half. And it's the same aggressive. Jeff Green that I saw on the for step I saw first -- Jeff Green aggressive Jeff Green okay this is it. This is going to be what we expect that a Jeff Green every single time he's in there. And it's why he's mad but you get -- comes out takes two shots yup he took two shots in the third quarter and no shots in the fourth quarter while and a guy who -- you. Issue offensively second most points in your team in the first 24 minutes of that game. Is a non factor in the second half -- you wanna put some of that on on doc okay. You wanna patella on Jeff Green inconsistency. That's -- put it today because the guy that was aggressive in the first half. Wasn't as good in the second half and it's double -- I -- more on Jeff -- he's got to be into it like he was against Miami in an effort staff last at all. Pierce Kevin Garnett aggressive every single time they're in their post 578 minutes -- every single. Done those guys for the I don't think so let me get there -- nights -- really trying to facilitate too much or you're not taking a -- KG let's go but you know what it puts him back in the game. Jeff Greene came in the game into the game -- seven and half minutes left in the first quarter and put up eleven points. OK so -- great and any look at the second quarter and there was some attempts to get to the basket you'll get some free throws. But in the third what he had a bad stretch where he went in there didn't seem much from him I understand that. Which you get from everybody it's maybe it'll kick in the -- in its -- we need to be a little bit more aggressive. -- so every time he goes it used to be aggressive and put up eleven points and seven minutes to prove that he's worth gold backed out there again for another seven minutes and bee doesn't you sit them. But I'm sorry there's no excuse in a tight ballgame with Jeff Green on the bench. Or the last seven and a half minutes to go in this game other than the 35 seconds to go. There's no excuse you're given those minutes that Jordan Crawford the guy I don't trust he's all over the map. I don't understand why don't do that if you look at that we -- meaningful right it's always for Paul or Kevin Garnett. You know -- Q we see the three of them out there together the same time we don't need to stardom. It doc after the game saying you know we look at matchups with Jeff Green. You know. When when he Paul run cold we complain that before he can use his speed is a tough matchup we saw that in Miami we talked about that when most of the court they don't have anybody. That he can't do it goes they -- at the end but consistently couldn't do a bird -- awful but when Paul Pierce left the court and LeBron was now on Jeff Green as the three. He handled Jeff Green he frustrated Jeff Green. So he doesn't work is well the three can use that speed as much as he can as a four. But it almost seems like there weren't -- court together. And and KG you always coming for illegal for KG. No man not like you we have those three guys out decreed the bad mismatched 345. Years green Garnett didn't see it but I think -- and to. The one way I would defend doc is that the play in the third quarter wasn't great for Jeff Green and I we just wasn't. It wasn't aggressive again and you wanna put this on -- last night find the bigger picture. Jeff -- has to be aggressive every single time Google goes in the court there was those again those of loading minutes for him last -- you watched him. There was possession after possession whether sometimes he was involved. And I understand trying to put some of that on Doc Rivers but what does it become on the player that mental and physically. He's for whatever reason not into the game is because he's not starting at about denial about the thought -- somebody over there like is Jeff Green almost offended output of well 343 on Monday. Caught the bench for Brandon Bass. In this next it is the figures he's an audio over that -- that he's got to get over that because. You affected yesterday because to me if you don't start come off the bench -- -- you -- early on that -- -- eleven points and -- half minutes in the first quarter. So we didn't do much in third quarter. Would Jordan Crawford Chilean lost three minutes in the third quarter to -- the entire fourth. Quarter of play the entire. Jordan Crawford was the guy they green winning four with 35 seconds ago he played eleven minutes and 25 seconds in the fourth quarter. Woody show in the third to give them the entire quarter. Again listen doc is doc is it the guys -- greatest coaching India in my mind top three. But last night -- minutes I don't know what's going on -- -- -- -- it's -- last night and watch nickel and -- something. Jeff Green nicked up or it is hard to join Crawford now great player -- we'll be stuck around for docking you read the notes columns today wondering is he hurt he -- their issuers are good in the Miami game late textures and asked now when Miami -- He asked -- Scalia and 34 minutes I think it imported the fourth last night he played four minutes in the fourth quarter to Jordan -- eleven I can't defend -- -- that anybody critical -- that's spies think it's some. At some level the player has to be part of the equation. You know you get an opportunity. And you have a strength. If a player of that strength exercise Davis and Lopez on gambling guys doc wants kept the drive you don't wanna mess of the psyche. -- subject report from the corner again last night -- three -- Jeff -- a lot. From the wing. And he can shoot the basketball when he's aggressive with the -- doesn't think there are those times where does that double. It's -- triple threat good stuff pump -- it's pumping what I wanna do here it is catching you when he does that mean he is a huge part of this he was a huge part on Monday night. It's 021 about his playing time my feeling is when you get it. Beat the guy you were against Miami beat the guy you war. In the first half last night. An -- I didn't exist to me in the second half and it and it docs and taking Ford. I understand that. But I gotta have some heat on Jeff Green too because as a player. Guys though I lot of playing time tonight I I understand but gave it that we all want him more aggressive. But after that first quarter I said -- here's Joey come -- play didn't start no big deal I don't mind that at all. When it's eleven minutes past the effort of them points in the first quarter Mike while disguised -- -- taken off. Now you got to take some minutes away in a second I get it but -- I don't understand I don't go back to. The only games there and get tight I just I don't understand that any going to sit there and say it's inconsistent play that's fine. I mean to play in New Orleans this isn't this isn't the NBA finals we like you know whatever you would be done for me the last few minutes this game to want more time this is. This is New Orleans you've got a player. That has the talent now to be a difference maker come playoff time you know it's you lost the superstar and Rajon Rondo okay. You got a guy now they can take his game the next level next few months. In be a huge factor in a reason why may be -- get to Easter cup response to be if he can elevate their game to beat twenty point guy. Let the -- and take the reins off its noise for God's sakes it's just let let -- go out there give. Jeff Green there's no reason why should ever get under ten minutes a game in the fourth quarter. Right now the way I look at. And any oily Jordan Crawford should ever get more in and it's and a fourth quarters of this spot trouble let alone eleven and -- half -- Jerry -- a couple plays. And those eleven minutes and 35 seconds before we'll get into Jordan Crawford recalled a mess. The other night and -- responds by playing them for 1135. In the fourth quarter last night out we get your thoughts -- bad loss overall yourself expand. And you put it on doc is about Jeff Green and the playing Dottie who put a moron on -- in not playing him enough I question about it -- half game last night yeah I would put her on Jeff Green and why can't he be aggressive every single time he's on the court what does that mental block with him. What do you put that on 6177797937. The phone number. 6177797937. You can text that's on the AT&T -- lions 37. 93 -- we start basketball and your thoughts your calls and ninety's.

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