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Former NFL running back Dorsey Levens says the NFL is bracing for concussion lawsuits

Mar 21, 2013|

The NFL changed its rules to prevent running backs from lowering their heads. Former back Dorsey Levens joined D&C to say the league is trying to prepare for some concussion-based lawsuits coming down the pike. Levens also discusses his involvement in the documentary "Bell Rung," which deals with concussions.

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The brutality was an open field that small fender or BP coming out Julia mark sir what part of the commitment and moron. You would seek god I would contact more the punishment -- the recorder right fourth quarter and I was willing to step up and and try to put a hat on so. What will what do you think of that and Dorsey Jim Brown endorsed it or at least the me the idea of that and Emmitt Smith and Marshall Faulk and others of and Brandon Jacobs cause that absurd and absurd idea where do you come down. I'm -- a pop up big regret I didn't like it all goes back to sixty. And that's the thought that the priority. Auld stopped you aren't about to -- to come back to it but -- The smaller more deduction never really lowered -- anyway. Part of got -- -- bigger you know that they can use -- crowd at the weapons -- about to collect their dialect -- -- But but -- -- Dorsey the had not talked to lower your head per say I mean you're -- to get low lower your pad level. You cut them maybe you know oh lead with your face mask to not taught to leave with the crowning -- No no you're not but what happened this it's kind of accomplishment it's mostly. You know within that 35 you are area you know. 141. A lot of times you don't put your accountant and a first down. No -- can't stand that you -- -- point -- got into their protection and Al. -- -- people aware about anything else but again there are going to be at the sides were just too willing and able to put that had Domenici on -- But this article that the Pentagon and opposite got through it and -- that crowd crowned you know that mr. Netanyahu's government. Our -- -- Dorsey -- Dorsey with all due respect to Jim Brown should he not be. Disqualified from this conversation based on his style of running. His size relative to the people he played with back in the sixties I mean he was 6162230. Pounds that was almost like lineman sized back then. -- million looking to a partner regardless you know you more athletic -- as well known to keep it secret struggle for our rock you to do this far. He could do at all but you know if -- that would well our topic that Florida has been carrying. After the generation you know up and that the democratic the falcons do. But doctor and they are -- yet. About player on in the league right. -- EUR. Is conscious of in on the safety. Measures in the in the effort to that the clean this up to make it safer as anyone we've ever talked to. Do you believe that the Dell and the powers that be that their heart is in the right place that these rules that these changes they're making to these great game. Are well intentioned. Our our topic they are a lot of attention on but I think you know everything that surrounds. But the -- in our outlook two as well you know a lot of American preemptive strikes. Our go to law comes on the part of them trying to make note. Nick and literature report. Whatever reason for a reason that they wanted to need to be done and I applaud them. Even no other and other people say they're covered their fastest legal situation that they know they're gonna get sued. I mean can't that can't it be both I mean they're gunning in there and they're worried about lawsuits in the lawsuits come from people with with any injuries. You're you're quoted a regular people you know Britain holocaust or you know with our daughter commissioner talked to gosh. Are -- topics are currently. You know in there and they're cute and you realize just how it's. So I think he knows deep down inside what should its auto market is that the tracks in the details. -- -- they do want. You know and very you know there's an intellectual you know prior to the -- are all all credit to our. Final question -- elevenths I assume that there will be more of these kind of rule changes and more emphasis on safety as we proceed down the road. In your estimation what is this game going to look like a decade from now. Is safety issues remain Paramount in the commissioner in the owners and the players on the union's mine will look a lot different than it does now. Arm but I go a little bit you know not a whole lot -- to -- there's going to be flag football every one -- is afraid of on it or not it's not occur at the bottom of the at the bottom of the Great Britain the great. Football contract ordered people want their contract that would attract people will awful because the way. That element other than that that you saw -- who defend it. Note that that's part of it fared well -- to contact. For a few of our listeners who were not privy to our previous couple conversations tumbled about bell wrong and what it means what it is. Oh run and documentary. That we completed about a year ago producer talks about the -- -- -- in the long term. Affects -- -- a low. You know and we know we start. From NFL who work all the way down to. The pop Warner level you know where. It's more serious that you took your questions. And don't give them -- he'll go back in the area you know all the great and it happened a lot of problems. So really should the auto awareness so people know exactly what's going on -- after a commitment that would in 23 years ago. I'm and so it was still in denial you know. Are your -- -- you know -- NFL players and well because. You know you just old broken you know and the -- -- more attention you know electronic stuff. And I just you know not take you know god help not talked I talked currently. You know -- -- -- that's quite -- -- You walked that you can put a bullet. Note that so we talked to understand. Exactly what -- you don't know what they've been through in an article got -- to help -- god for help. And can't get. -- -- -- you know last month it over into good guys. Who need help he can afford it and help they need. Ten people who were interest in bell -- C. Not yet. That we read about how LA a couple of weeks ago corruption that talks about our distribution and you're not there ought to the public so predicament on the part also not sure. Sometime this year. Does it is Goodell is adult and not like this at all Dorsey is he. I mean is he encouraging you you and your people the. Yeah. And no not boy you know what I'm -- ago. On other on a targeted system means. With no luck so who knows but I optical burger. There or a belt aren't everyone knows. You know the Jamal will look the world field spikes. They have stored so in -- and it and it doesn't hurt and it felt interpret life. Dorsey levens thanks for the time always a pleasure talking football and health issues with you as well thanks for the time. Dorsey levens for Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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