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Jack Edwards with Mike Salk and Michael Holley

Mar 20, 2013|

We check in with NESN's own Jack Edwards after another late-game loss for the Bruins. Jack tells us that the B's need to decide on their team mission and goals for 2013, and fast.

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Tell the other goal there -- any -- -- season we didn't get it tonight Tim he ended up this corn winning goal. Again I didn't see it that way. Nothing you don't need timely saves you do but when you get beat up physically for the first forty minutes of the game. And then you end up giving up two goals later in the game I think I'd rather blame the team for being out physical the in the goalie for giving up. An empty net on the other side of behind. I just didn't see it the same way Claudette it's salt and Ali. Here sports are in 937 WEEI WEEI dot com as well Mike's all -- all WEEI on Twitter Ali is that Michael as holly and a perfect day for so glad today. That we have Jack Edwards voice of the Bruins and he's always brought to you. By -- smoke shop Boston private bank and by the city busting credit union a perfect day to have the Jack. After the loss last night what do you think happened in the third period. This is the continuation of a problem abroad -- for a couple weeks now they cannot extend leads and we can all point to a third period collapses which are so. Atypical of this team so one characteristic of the team that loose. Perfect and everybody's side of the 321010. From from last year when leading into the third period were doing it weeks ago one. You know. Thing about. 38010. When leading by two at any point last year and they party. Told a couple of holes away but really most alarming thing about this Boston Bruins team. Is -- -- more than two dozen games into the schedule would have a scoreboard five goals in game once they're out of led by four yet this season. This is a team that is struggling offensively this -- a team that cannot extend -- And if there were able. Two -- -- -- can keep it down there in other -- score and didn't score again. Especially in the manner that they have sold off in the past with the same personnel to -- -- adapter ships. Where it. Fracture and eventually make the other team cracked. These third period collapses wouldn't be happening because it would be polite and not to me that's. That's global warming thing that points to the thing that most these be corrected. And it seems to be this -- be a growing body of evidence that's a personal issue. Are so audio corrected and who do you use as -- to correct the problem I'm guessing. You have to give up a guy who's got a fairly big name from the Major League rotten Majorly puppet that that the big time routes were not to let the baby be here how do you correct problem. Right well you know the first decision that estimate. Is that. Peter relic emulate. -- -- The organization you know cordial and they have to have a closed door meeting and I have to decide. It is incapable of winning the Stanley Cup and that's not find -- screaming not sitting down looking out and say you know what. Let's let's figure out. -- you think it is Jack. You think the team is capable of winning a championship. Now right now it's been. It's. For oh yeah you know what felt like nineteen have cores that are capable of winning the Stanley Cup. You know the Ottawa Senators -- cable wouldn't -- topic that gay and spoke to get open but the way they've been playing. I mean nobody was injured no one Cedric your Norris trophy if that's been your number one goal it was another that's the last night. They rally for four goals in the third period to win on the road. I mean that's a team that's capable of winning the Stanley Cup this year because when they get their crippled players fact they're gonna be ridiculous. At least they should. You know that some of the parts. But always the what you think it's going but. Right now the Bruins have issues so they happen -- side. What this team is capable of winning the Stanley Cup by the way a newsworthy items here and this is you know just from a an observational public area. Out of Kuwait gets out of an elevator at the hotel and Ottawa I'll walk street lobby. With is -- in the swing and -- a -- behind him. And once they could presume he's not quite back to Austin for further examination treatment so there's not a day to day injury. Cited as trouble because that's when your top to the announcement is out not relying on your depth guy earned Johnson. Facility and play at least eleven or twelve minutes -- night. And especially down the -- On paper at least that you make you more vulnerable because. Your opposing coaches get a match up against so. There's that immediate patching to do and there are some reconstruction to do and -- likely -- -- right they're gonna have to give up something. Often the current roster and something else. In order to get the kind of return they want if they think. They're capable of winning this daily cup this year but that's a difficult decision that they are gonna have to make or they're just gonna say you know what -- -- bridge year. We're gonna have to reload and go out next year because. We don't really think we have horses to get there and you know the corners there are certainly but. They need secondary scoring more than halfway through this season they have children. Really at all. I mean they haven't loaded up on anybody they have an -- lack -- words like wow this game is really really impressive that has some good wins. But they have not -- anybody but. And yet until a couple until a week or so ago they've lost two games all year I mean it never dawned on me that we would be talking about this as a bridge you're talking to Jack Edwards. As we do every single week here on salt and how he appears in the AT&T text line. Jack called -- the instead. Why would two why would close to go after two cuts why would he mentioned -- and the timely saves last night in a game that seemed to have almost nothing to do with the goaltender. Evernote does soft goal -- was a soft goal you need a big save and where you usually need a say there and that part squeak through and it's not supposed to what -- and especially challenging shot you were in good position for some help lead group. And Evander Kane was waiting at the far post with a gaping goal in front of many -- it -- so. You you need. Him to make the save there and you know I think that if you look at the body of work -- -- Jordan. Answers. A lot of questions when he still pretty emotionally upset with tremendous equanimity. I'm I'm I'm never. Less than amazed after a disappointing loss how they'll do one on one with -- knuckle and Ayala and all the together when -- -- -- but at what you know is that there were isn't it partner and I am. We're gonna have to recover from equanimity because I don't know what that means I'm gonna have to look now on the UK we're we're a little stirred up today you can almost permanent -- Jack. Hang all of us for just a minute more with Jack Edwards coming up it is Saucony -- a Sports Radio 937 WE yeah. Will bonus time out with Jack Edwards voice of the Bruins on NASA and on Twitter at real Jack Edwards. You can follow me Mike's all at salt SA OK WEE -- Michael is at Michael as holly. Jack -- on the go back is this idea of of this being a bridge here is something that happened on don't mean to you said it today and and I guess my reaction to these. Or losses all in the third period in the last couple weeks has been at it it's a friend but not necessarily that it defines the team. How does that decision get made that this is a bridge year I mean what what what would you be looking at if you were the GM in order to make that decision. That that why it. The GM get paid the big box because those are the cult that they have to make and you are not suggesting that brought. Part here and just well whatever one grounded out. But realistically. If you're talking about giving up some of the core equity of this -- Which is probably what's gonna cost to get the kind of -- and scored with this team to be desperate to get. Or what we just delighted outlet Nate Morton walked accused one million invested somebody else. That's the call that you have to make if you're gonna stand pat because you can't. Come to terms with. The but why -- some that -- going to be demanded for a guy like Bobby Ryan or an impact player. Then -- -- basically saying. Work at a cop the by the way to get a dog on guy who have been able to get it on the ball I want everything to me like -- Michael. Is that in the last four games they've got against teams that are currently in the playoff structure -- talking about war games here which -- 48 game season of reasonable sampling. They scored the goal. Goal against teams so all it definitely doesn't get in the playoffs. That's not gonna -- it there's no reason why -- -- -- -- -- scored three goals against and of course enjoy insult frustrated because to correct gives up a in goal in the third period because it's soft. That is kind of -- do of or being really frustrated. That these guys up front. Aside from the virtual online cannot consistently. Produce goals they should be able to score three goals are being done in the past. And are simply not producing the point now. Are well let's get this -- because we lost the whipping boy in Chris -- so so he's gone he's waived. I'm just gonna mention some of the guys that we have mentioned before some of the guys who have come up on the show. And I'm wondering if you question any of more -- rethinking the role. And the contributions of any of you heard about Lucic we've heard about important. He's. Stop and go play a common goal player using consistent. Tuukka. And closed. You look at any of those guys in the over the last ten games do you look at any of those guys and say well slump that has to be a little different with any of and if you -- well which guy stands out. -- has blown hot and cold and what it's been a hot he's carried the team and it's difficult you know I I have no idea what's going on his life you know I -- became a father that you're in that changes everybody's lives. I he had been missed again because of a personal situation. And you know I I have no idea what's going on there I I don't have any idea that completely resolved there's. Some stereo from. But his performance has not been what he's expected himself it's not been what most. Onlookers. Have expected from -- because he has the Bellwether of the -- when he plays that big. Nasty physical game these portable here are some players -- Kyle Orton has just been. -- consistent and they need more from him because when those two guys play their -- plays well and David courage he has. Has. Throughout his career been more product of the guys playing around him. Then himself individually lifting player he is an incredible complementary player but he needs -- to get -- -- -- And when Lucic in order not getting in that space. He's just not as effective incidentally -- was walking around the -- and -- -- miraculous considering that. At one point we thought what many uneven play in this equally giant which -- can have -- out slapper that spurt out. Well glad glad descends with some positive there and and if they are able to get creature back that would be good thing Jack looking forward to doing this every single week. Banks are being the very first guest in the history. Of the -- and -- program we appreciate. Well let -- throw this one thing in the answer them for equanimity. A description a description. Of of of what sports talk radio is panicked this quiet and agitation the -- Thanks appreciate it there you go that is -- that is Jack Edwards who will join us every single week via the AT&T. Text line like on gas here on the show bridge year. Okay -- you're all aware of that yet another new enterprise may yet surprise I get a little reaction of its Sports Radio is about panic. As he just said and not about equal wants. Not equilibrium that was somewhat equanimity -- I didn't -- when I why isn't jacket college professor. An indication maybe -- maybe it'll just a high school teacher somebody you can teach vocabulary -- in the English. Or an SAT prep I don't wanna be great with that I don't the rebel browser I don't want -- rebels and and get people fired up. But I hear Jack Edwards say they have to decide whether or not this is going to be -- here -- panic a little bit. Bit I was never in doubt for me the idea was always go get the one missing piece and go after another Stanley Cup does anybody else out there think. That this could really be -- GO only don't go a 100% after the drop. Don't -- the only team in Boston we've described. In with the bridge year series has -- the -- right. That's the only -- can you imagine they're on the Bruins in of that group 6177797937. I -- and hear from you next it's all can -- Sports Radio 937 W media.

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