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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 3/20/13

Mar 20, 2013|

The evolution of the whiner line... with new ways to reach us coming soon. The topic du jour... welcome back to Boston Salk!

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It's now my goal -- NATO leaders in this town Sox Eads might job. -- -- -- These guys -- Dial 6177793535. Nice city will -- now. Mike Dunn Wei -- -- don't let me know I'll rephrase it maybe don't really we saw -- now. This is the evolution as we've called the evolution of what you heard everyday at 545 the wireline for a long long time Mike -- brought you right AT&T. WEEI -- available on your iPhone or android device that brought you by AT&T AT&T -- -- wireless provider. But the Boston Bruins will be most four G coverage in New England salt can always debut edition today if we will be here every day from two to six -- portrait in 937. WEEI. You know the number. For Mike -- it should be familiar Michael 6177793535. Fairway. We can't wait to see what I was gonna happen here please see how it's all guys think who what do you think you've got to let us the first comic got a bit. The biggest going to be anything about the Bruins. Or. Or where did they don't start off with they might solve -- comments. I was on WEEI dot com. By all accounts Jimmy Kimmel were good Michael Holley now. And that actually go look like him I don't. -- well you know -- -- -- well OK I hadn't thought to have a little bit when I gave way I look a little a little bit I can see if you said that's my cousin yeah I didn't. I would really did. More people didn't look like they're Jimmy Kimmel. Funny business there Stillman for a 10 yeah and she dumped him right well don't -- yeah but that's fine okay he's got a -- candidate there was very it was it was the moment it was a -- there. You like goofy jokes -- others as you deal so I saw Sarah Silverman and -- pretty good. It's just do I you smoke and so now we got a golfer you can bet I can be my girls my -- My that -- and the good news hey you like yeah right. Arm and a message. So I have -- Kerry price you know what I guess that's the combination of my dog and there's -- question up. So it's a good -- tonight. You'll likely -- Q yesterday you said everything's on the table I am a 34 year old man I don't think I even need to answer that question does not go without saying. It might call the -- garbage is critical on your birthday would you please tell us the audience -- -- call number is four hours haven't said what we call a number of them really. -- does not gonna know. And just -- -- I say too often today I decided quite a bit and you also said the name of the show. And the show is knowing what he is just tuning in -- know what they show is called. But don't know that they don't have figured out well and always figured out I mean mentioning what the show names certain names are overrated are they yes. All right guys admitting that you remember -- -- -- -- big god is standard message. Only temporary. Maybe not -- Patton and bird go vomit boy I'll show you how you can just imagine what happened. I am your mama's -- -- a mama's boy you are a little bit and they're good and just makes me we want our would not be a mama's boy who leads the free flu. The vivid -- -- you know we learned that gives everybody with a parent. Tomorrow we're gonna we're not dead but you have the unemployment office and Friday were -- -- -- what he did -- -- -- -- and those dog days. They're tell you I majored in marine biology -- really now all care for. -- anyone aero marine I'll drive how it's gonna say while occupancy was angry at night my friend is that the best episode of the show. It all comes together I think better than any of the other ones. Boston College ball and always. Did you this is news you don't have forbidden to leave behind Paul is it always is false. And message. Jay Buhner I was looking for one -- is a great reference Jay Buhner robotic Gary Payton reference. How -- -- how about a Pearl Jam referenced how about yours what are some live Seattle's best. What are some other northwest cliche Costco. You give sound hey you and huge it's now a fugitive -- that you often GPU I'm sorry if you just you know there's this you know that before he got there. Now -- does anybody know -- people aren't from Seattle and even think Seattle's part of the country they have southeast Alaska is it. Kind of peaceful ways it is that it is an outpost it's really really far from everything else in this country. All and I always did good 1013. And a brother skills -- gets proper burden they might go yeah you guys didn't -- one. Sort of oil got very good. And this message well it's hard to say that because I'd just done tomorrow -- Reverend Al sharp him on the show coming on tomorrow that Ronald is coming under -- -- to -- -- people so hung up on the name -- -- Who cares. That doesn't mean anything they do well that's awareness. What else could have big shoes to fill all right albeit to a guy like Sandra Hughes is that he. That's -- that's the only advice that's all yet. Is doing -- Hey Mike so well -- -- Boston good to have you on the radio I'm gonna be honest though. I really wouldn't care if it was Julia -- have been -- here -- my college on the radio I'm doing an expanded now. I appreciate that thank you as he -- you up for the next one's going to be really really mean that just a nice thing to say Julie child -- -- know on the witness. All right for you and your really bad -- -- I don't know about that I don't know how she can cook what not where you just said she's passed away from home but still. -- vocal guy you have to guess. Yeah I don't need to go to a bar just -- effect that it no access. Bid from other stations hope that the powers to drive through guy put all -- But -- these flags and a good -- play ball and always would try to go to somebody who face. She's fine she's good to -- Hoya -- -- -- our dad says. And -- message. He was he did not do the -- nonstop this topic is really -- going to do -- I'd like we're happy. 65 birthday event. Always one and only by the -- it would probably the most perfect sadly that is -- -- -- they. And and then you know what's amazing about Bobby your. Is that he is he now ageless is going too far he has aged but. You look at Bobby your and you say how old was that guy you would say fifteen. Right -- -- right fifty days until I mean it's unbelievable that noise maybe dyed his hair so once the guy looks like he just looks like 88 he -- Exactly how many times do you think you've heard that call while Wilson's call. All oh million about whales you save over 400 -- is it your favorite of the great Boston sports calls. And there's a -- operators say it's too many to choose from RA we don't have time for that debate today in Detroit and had a million times. But that one's way up their mileage is such a great call Jokester. Calling them blind -- Absorbed by -- mistakes. Dark clean and that our believing. Did you ever it is it is all very and the message is a good deal. -- else calling. -- -- -- I've heard -- -- in Boston but Boston radio myself that he didn't think Bob Welker was a great player. Why do you wonder how I always forget he's. You can definitely have another very good player that's a welcome -- very good players not a great one that is the that is the kiss gusto that's called a Boston kids yet. An hour and a half into your first show and somebody says they hate you but yeah I think if they say it was love. So everyone is ever stolen name right and sale okay. Very all of so far so good the -- you mentioned one -- ordered -- -- -- which. -- -- -- And then it's like wait a minute okay other net member of -- -- embarrassed. -- embarrass himself. My national TV along with skip -- what the hell was that don't understand him what costume that I would not that's not who he is so why why not handled it -- I don't know I don't know if that's who you say it cannot always be -- until that moment. I want him and analysts don't Brady I'm sure people obviously from -- -- staying -- take -- -- be upset about it but. It was lighthearted I think it was supposed to -- he's generally dim light -- the stuff with Darrelle Revis I thought he backed up from backed up his argument with facts. The -- will skip Bayless is just do -- -- Bombay I'm better than you have now -- life -- only must refer to me is all pros can't graduate stop selling somewhere in the. Support good American coal on behalf of the oil is important that we might I just wanna -- do what you want -- to pigs are going to look. -- over. Tackle had billboards. Schoolgirl. On order colorful welcome aboard would -- -- improvement. -- -- -- -- -- Locals who were bought to book a couple of public -- the Miami sort of bill Barnes a very encouraging our blog but we have a call on Whitewater or you're on the air. Very good. But Barbosa -- battles and I don't know I -- now. I think it's. -- Dora. I -- back well -- everybody again I don't. -- -- -- Yeah I -- -- lakers coach -- one story earlier the -- also -- -- you won't won't look like girls -- real keyboard combined yeah guard Troy North Korean. And Matt Carroll talked so much faster time so what are the at a speed that up to warp speed to get to be brought -- okay it was a regular. Yeah on our show we don't see every Monday we had people. Would you guys did you ever have -- tense moments with VP seems like in the early years I had a real tense moment really yeah. He seems so damn have I got a really really intense mobile play about a -- to video to be breaking guys down before it came on the show -- yeah. Yeah okay. You guys still like Pierre -- Nobody does. And it's not that you don't like Pete. It was strip people supporting games I know you've got a heck of a team out there now. Yeah I didn't go ahead of the team here in an -- tomorrow -- -- -- -- -- the ground power play eighteen guilt feel like the evolution of an eighteen TV official wireless provider. For the Boston Bruins -- the most of the four G coverage of in new England's. I was like video chat with him. I didn't miss much I know what I really -- isn't half a season and then look like he got shot and that. In his last game at the garden if I have to do limped off he's comparing me to -- does that mean I do have to go out to Harvard Square and stand there like one of those. Statues and let people take pictures -- whatever they do to be compared to Jack. Jack and LA how -- -- BA finals MVP will be -- economic and around about Kobe and I can promise you that all right coming up here. The debut -- answer the question -- simple segment. You text us a question 73 -- 379237. That the AT&T taxed like 37937. We answer the question very simple whatever you've gotten -- we will try to answer it next plus a -- elegant look for the Pete Carroll in the early years it's coming up salt and always portray a 937. WE yeah I'm all. Hope rerouted me out watch beautiful right actor saw him holing. Planet -- with Mike Adams at 6 o'clock. I get that WPI dot com.

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