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NFL passes new player safety rule, eliminates tuck rule

Mar 20, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the newest rules passed by the NFL oweners. One of the most controversial new rules involves the way running backs lower the helmets.

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It's an easy discussion that we all want those type of play is eliminated from the game I think discussion is how we -- about going out we appreciate. And articles on the on blogs lessons here. And Arizona. League meetings and is how we officiating. Mike -- -- great question. I don't know Heidi asked these -- in real time to decide. -- that ball carriers protecting himself or it being aggressive. With the crowd of his football but -- -- his helmet a lot -- 93 point seven WTO -- I was just. Looking at the AFC championship game right they hit Pollard on Ridley. Really gets through the hole he -- -- are appalled at the last minute. What does he do he lead to this home. When a kick in the balls. Understand the ravens get the ball fumbles in that fifteen yard penalty. For Ridley. Leading with his helmet on top of it. That's what happened watches washed over to a report times although everything is it inside to tackle box. No. The ego there's a lot of Tex the guys inside a tackle box won't change. We mentioned goal line stand on to the middle -- inside a tackle box -- bill. You can still be with you -- -- outside but you support the Ridley player talk about was outside down the off that final -- -- on. Now with outside it was -- -- goggle box though I don't know. Tackle a guard. Of the stadium doesn't matter the bottom line is get it in a imagine that right fine. Goal line stand whatever it is stern one run medical student tackle. -- dole -- senator whatever. Nearly -- his helmet and gets hit like Ridley did and fumbles. She recover and tack on fifteen upwards. As a Rebecca was unconscious right now live with a -- natural vitamin after ESPN NFL network -- gonna -- through the videos now and Agassi play one these you to help me it's your body. Orders he -- on there breaking these things down. And I get Massey officials in real time to decide. Again protection -- aggression. An apparent that the state penalty to you get a first down -- toys it just leading tackles now it's it's outside the tackle box. Where they're making it illegal the rule is written here on SI dot com. Right prohibiting ball carriers outside the tackle box lowering their helmets making contact with the crown there now. And defend him that -- has a lot of much lays out that run pretty much. You know opened -- the hole between guard to tackle -- had to cut -- little -- or was it within tackle box I don't know NS as official night at a site is -- -- up front tackle box right. Awesome. And by the way in real time salute and do here. Minnesota up like slow Mo real real time to figure that out. Believe his helmet although where was he what was that was that it was a at tackle mark. Too much to ask for referees wait too much the I'm not good enough right now as it is the other one that was -- past today's the tuck rule on get a buried. And true to his word. Robert Kraft obscene. In the tuck will vote today patriots abstain 29 to one the past. Redskins and patriots. -- thanks but no thanks. That's a much love. Robert -- as the tuck rule that would not vote against the -- of staining but they abolish it with a vote of thirty a 29 to one. Apparently this the NFL the call the crowd rule for ball carriers passed 3121. I'm not sure who voted against that -- find out on Jersey Connecticut he joins the show here in 93 point seven WE yeah what's up Andrei. I thank you coming up Lou I have two questions only on one. -- -- -- Have any day -- -- -- it and believed that this new love -- gonna put in front is that we've -- into this tribute to ask them to call. And round to give any sentence on the coaches have been sent. Part of -- Iraq don't know their opinions we got a call that call it -- improbable -- they've been rescued expanded it but now -- belt which change. Two people are probably just brunt of action referees. It's gonna happen. And my my second question you're going to be down economics it is I mean economic on the local level what. When it comes the commissioners who do you think -- better for the NFL -- Paul Tagliabue or Roger -- considering all I think about it -- now it. Negative and I don't know anything else and not and government yet. -- -- give delegates a negative stuff but the TV contract is ridiculous the of the popular league is going over and over again -- -- who did some good things. It -- not like -- -- become pretty well he's got this league financially I think heading in the right direction. So I'd avatar -- -- -- would have wanted to look at the resonates able to beat rule changes Tagliabue came up with some of the other stuff but. Did a good job of commission this league. And Goodell from eight on dollars and cents -- boy pulls. Adding games safety wise trying to fix it a little bit got to clean it up -- where is some of these potential lawsuits coming. Carlos is a Grand -- on the running backs -- what's up Carlos. Hey guys learned that all was mainly due. -- Adrian Peterson need to speak which could mean that he Peterson rule. Due to the fact that. He picked the wrong -- to get through on the corner he's he's a little defensive back or CP. He is lower back on the -- and fifteen yards tactical linebackers. Ordered rest of the guys come respect our game tackle Kirk. So that basically what they wanted to keep that rule because he didn't feel an illustrator. That. And you so much risk of injury -- -- a concussion and neck injury when they're picking. The way he Drew Peterson was likely -- -- especially at. Definitely think that that Ridley in the playoff game -- -- me -- solution with the guys because. Saw that that the horrific injury airport we got to do so that ball display I think that. When I was watching shell exit out of Egypt Peterson. Agent Peterson was just inflicting pain -- people he's dropped the government is trying to back. They are seeing welcomed -- -- but the fact that I can directly at a level playing ought to mean. Where -- thing Carlos defense to play can still do always has been able to do rent. But now on defensive player -- etiquette and running -- Yeah running back to be collected all he could drop the common resort. Well want to now Adrian Peterson and John is helmets but the defender can drop his helmet his -- all like key camel but what's our. Our look at -- called but the officials now Canada side -- saying he Kia. We can't do that but the official last decide is Adrian Peterson doing that to protect himself or. Is he lowering that helmet to beat could be aggressive my point is that you ask these guys in real kind of -- his game to decide. Aggression or protection that seems impossible legislate Carlos. I agree and hey let them earn their money. It's interesting right or look at some of the former guys Carlos thanks -- called brother the look at some of former guys who played his game Eric Dickerson. Was asked by CBS sports it's a bad rule he said mostly because of the natural reaction to never be able to police it. Running backs have to be able protect themselves and doing that is protecting yourself absolutely. He said league's owners need to understand the physical nature of the game quote from Dickerson. The league is trying to take the violence out of the NFL. That will never happen what's next take the stiff Farnham away. And Michael David Smith a pro football talk went on to point out that the legal voted this thing today made -- official red -- spot because. They are trying to. They are trying to protect. Right. The Dick he did try to protect the running back the scope players who carry the football. They're doing something today that's gonna make it tougher to protect those guys. Because they're going to be wary of too wide to the -- penalty -- protect myself my concern that may hurt my team. Boy you're you're putting a lot of a lot of pressure on officials. On hard enough. I was news some of these calls I just feel like. You wanna avoid you know the violence and hits and -- trying to do everything possible. But Kate you started in right direction. HGH testing. OK in the to me I'm sorry when you got a guy it's 250 were in a 4740. You're gonna run into these problems it's not normal it's not human. So you know they need to do a better job this -- NFL. As far as that goes this is unbelievable I've been a big fan again Dell's moves and it's a -- -- -- of the owners like I can't wait. The first owners team. It's penalized fifteen yards to guys trying to not get blown up by Bernard Pollard defends itself and -- here comes Alberta overdrawn. Up up up up up fifteen yards the other way. Brad no first down third and sixteen cent a first down you know it's what it's gonna take away all the crap that of all the great runs. Michael -- index. -- whatever NFL network ESPN Sunday night's whatever it is watched this run. By this guy watch Marshawn Lynch watch beast mode is big Marshall it breaks tackles because he's up bright. You mean really. So those great runs are going to be penalties. Right of the initial tacky low he had he actually smile of the guy falls back and his but he run right Rome. We used to sit there and cheer those runs now -- penalties. I don't get you guys are lined up to react to 61777979837. That's the phone a -- Texas. On the eighteenth -- text line at 379. -- 37 Emmitt Smith has talked about this Jim Brown has talked about this but you guys talk about what -- and Lou nanny for seven. It just to be clear because another is a lot of confusion from some former players and some current players as well on Twitter on TV -- Marshall -- certainly spoke at a little bit about it. They are concerned that the flag is going to be thrown to much better as a ball carrier. That they lose their abilities are getting low but they lose their ability to deliver the blow to be an aggressive football player. How -- aggressively. Will those flags wolf it's not going to be -- It's not going to be over officiated -- the key thing here is this you can deliver a blow with shoulder would face with her line. It's generous. Deliberately striking with the crown the top of almost into Connecticut -- as a -- right exactly the helmets protective -- we know there's going to be helmet to helmet contact. The running back has an opportunity to do to protect the football and lowers had a lower shall. As long as he does it load and strike with the tall as some investors also the case with the defensive player. There will be forthcoming. Plays and examples of things that we wanna get out of the game and when you see him you'll say. I understand why. If you see them correctly. Yeah. Do you trust the NFL officials in real time to make the right call. Again be able to see it in the back Steve really run was outside -- -- mountain. Based Google today at tackle guard hole cut outside the tackle. Made that run he lowers helmet before. Or after Bernard Pollard adamant his -- that's what they have to decide write any deal that split second are we talking about -- -- remain me what happens when. Mean really. We times that we of penalties and we put it. You know in the hands of refereed to make a judgment call. Them it's gonna have a big run for a first down it at all flag for leading at the helmet gonna see a replay we're gonna say that's an awful call. It -- put them in that position period puts pressure on the officials and with the offense and the ball carry its opening tough spot. Jim Brown actually one of the few guys who said look great running backs and use their heads quote. -- -- with I didn't use my hand I use my forearm. In the pond in my hand and my shoulders my shoulder -- I wasn't putting my head into much of anything. I don't think that sounds like a good idea to me. What is my guaranteed in my head is going to be strong enough to hurt somebody else and not her myself and his point is the should be able to do this as a running back -- don't mean this -- -- respect to browse on the great -- index of all time then. You know but in the fifties and sixties at 62232. Is bigger than offensive line that. Yeah I mean then -- he didn't need to because I was trying to tackle. Look at guys like Michael stopped in the big fullback running back for Tampa Bay Tom -- -- with Sampras has ever Craig iron had Hayward. Further it was the Atlanta Falcons. I mean those guys. Took some major contact the LC is there helmet a -- Of your running back now you got to be aware this and Lisa what I'm seeing here the helmet rule. It -- -- up here it's basically. You're gonna look at it in Iraq -- an offensive player to use the crown of the helmet. In the office and up into play when he opened let me ask you this whatever -- brick -- a run right -- line. In you within tackles. In your space fifteen yards downfield. Can you do with then. And try to take away space right neagle outside it's -- a corner you oversee safety. That everything that's -- outside the tackles all the tackle box I think is by definition in the pocket. That the quarterbacks stays in law protect about the offensive guys -- fifteen yards downfield inside tackle balking at safety either corner. Coming up on. We will I don't think we got. And I think you're outside the tackle well that's between the tackles. And then tackle box is just like -- of the damage. So you can't you and the outside the tackle box downfield 1520 yards downfield your outside the area like yourself should go outside that area talking about. So just behind the goal line -- equipment in my Marshal on less chemistry -- running backs who don't like the throw Marshall -- NFL network rip in this rule the other day. You know it -- patriots -- yeah I think it's it's -- British degree rule. Int and you know I've been trying to wrap my head around what. What is all about -- get that if you put all the emphasis. On the peace surrender. Two. To be responsible for traders say deflect any. In the past couple years. You must come up with something. Just had to -- and think or tried to. Make -- trip make an effort to make big games series for our mayor and you know total opposite -- to -- gains and it's cheaper. Wool or habit on the him too. To make the call that -- all right -- they get it wrong -- -- yards and who cares if if if they cannot -- it get stronger it's all about and cared so. You know -- would hear what won't book and I do about it I just -- out of the way. What I understand you know about the -- under those -- could not quite sure caliper. -- I would protect myself. Tribes. Bob Hope this I mean just a couple of minutes gone -- a couple days ago a Marshal might walk talk and and -- why can't you just review it and devote finds that try to minimize the -- Arabic kind of effect. Because to me it's something you need to review. Okay you -- to look at in slow motion. -- intent everything else outside tackle box it tackle box in game speed. You -- determine all that. I don't buy it saying here fifteen yard penalty games -- good night. What's tough I think the biggest thing doesn't put it puts the running backs a ball carries risk. And it puts a lot of pressure on officials who we saw last -- when we just remote just on the list everybody needs to pro ball every down. Normal running a football at a Goodell might like the wrist isn't there not worth the reward territorial rules for now on to get -- throw three downs. Roger Goodell is actually gonna have his press conference to wrap up. The of these meetings in Arizona normalcy will get to some -- bank William addressing. This new rule how he thinks -- impact the NFL would get your thoughts on who you think the impact will be response pretty negative so far with you guys but Lou -- -- There was overwhelming it was. It was about 31 to one you know I think the membership is really really excited to one of the few times -- You heard some people -- Jeff Fisher talking about couple rule changes announced today much -- on -- 37 WEEI got built to. The debut of salt can holly right here. To a today were the tuck rule that was so voted out of football they ruled it had such a major impact. On this patriots history pretty amazing to think what happened after that. In the game against the raiders in the fortune of the patriots from there or what would happen at that rule wasn't involved there fumble raiders ball who the hell knows. I'm out that there were clapping that my feeling is that these guys were clapping this new crown rule. Which is gonna -- ball carries in the NFL from using their crown basically as a weapon. Offered the players can no longer outside the tackle box lowered their head with the idea of aggressively top of their helmet the crown of the helmet. Going into defender Jeff Fisher says they're clapping. Players are clapping today okay Matt Forte before this -- and came out. Said it's. Ridiculous to think you gonna be able to -- as an official what I'm doing as a running back in my trying to protect myself and be aggressive watch that be up to. You know. Joseph Joseph start -- the other guys the officials the National Football League level. Both guys are cheering today. Offensive players aren't -- today. Are what defense players thinking my guess is some ever happy because you're gonna -- catch a couple of ball care especially early. About prepared for this and try to make sure that'll give bank for fifteen Europe LP and get whacked right in the -- Emmitt Smith talked about a couple of days ago that's the bowl spot for a ball carrier right here on the chin. And if I'm concerned about taking a fifty -- helping and I am running up bright future joked about -- I'm gonna get smashed around. Solid for a more what he's players tweeting out this afternoon in and talking to some of these on media Alex about how -- you feel -- and Jacobs happy about the new rule. He he -- out of the year ago kitchen daughters -- is that we playing football soon. While the -- one. And as an adult I have had a couple text is apparently I apparently a pivotal Jim Brown a run. In the B Rebecca and -- he did I don't know -- you get that out of it alone was saying was when you're 232 pounds six to. Playing in 1950s in 1962 we all agree that the players are bigger. We all agree. That the nose tackle in today's NFL with a linebacker in today's NFL's look bigger. And it wasn't a fifty. So only 232 pounds of monster attacked we'll use -- your size or smaller. You know it yet. Stiff form panic and run right over on the trying to tackle your arm tackling everything else. We need that linebackers that are slightly slower than you in some cases. That have -- outweighed by 5060 pounds. Or safeties and a hard bitten and have got a thirty yard it's Brent coming match yet. You've attempted drop -- and protect yourself. More than you would if you are bigger than everyone else in the field that's an overreaction for running back in this stage of the interment are being able to determine what's protecting yourself and leading with the helmet. I think is asking needs grip reason to do there's too much. And I don't I don't trust them. And there's going to be. Great runs by running backs that you think a great runs they think -- game changing plays they're going to be flagged for fifteen yards. Roger -- just how the league that throw every down. Just throw the ball that's it because you get -- to protect our wide receivers with these hits. And just throw first and 107 yard gain no person 25 guess what throw the football. That's brought more. 61777979837. Johns in New Bedford. We mixing your phone calls here jaw what he got. That took questions you brilliant guys. At number one. What the difference between the salary cap. For me. EPA. And the flat. Cat now. In the middle -- would you please explain what they mean by that covered too I've never heard that explain. I think that -- and thank you. Well as far as definitions of cover Q and wham blocks to get the wrong show. But I know to say these -- top. As far as the salary cap at the same as it was last year are you allowed that there would cover to -- that to come in the event football milk. Somebody here -- -- break -- day on break denying go to win blocked -- gets a 10 QL three. Chop -- full break on two over there. You know there's that to -- it is over top Sunday. Cooperative here's a tip about the difference in the salary cap this year last year. I think the expectation is and a lot of years the salary cap goes up about 8%. Expectation has been over and over again 8% keeps going up and up and up. You got a flat cap this year. Because the revenues -- -- -- going up -- knocking at the next big bump into public TV revenue. I explodes here in 2015. So this year next -- -- pretty flat the year after that TV contracts new ones kick in. And the revenue goes up big time. That's you -- it's there I guess that likely will be the difference that tingle up as much a basically -- from twenty just a 120 million to 23 million that's the difference. Indeed the two. Salary caps same salary cap same thing. While in the CBA hit in the revenues were his big. The caps stayed down that's tied to revenues and -- -- again. Pirate 2015 expecting to get somewhere and a 130 million dollars on up a couple of million dollars this year. Mike Hsu west Borough -- put -- -- -- 937. There out there that -- -- I I want to -- by saying I'm I'm someone that -- the running game in the NFL so I don't wanna make it sound like I -- throw it in the about it. I agree with -- new rules from the standpoint on so many rules have been in place to you know protect defenseless offensive. Players. That's on the you know to protect the -- into -- -- right I think. Despite that obviously the spirit of the rule into the tackle box helped start one goal line whatever you know they prepared doubt about it what is. I think what they want to eliminate it and it -- -- -- -- back and I write it out to the outside the right where that line in the -- -- me -- -- field. In you know -- one on one with a defender. They don't want the running back to use the crown of the helmet into the defenders say. As a way of -- cannot tackle from that standpoint I agree that you could still step. Although I think what they're trying we will see how I call it. I think that trying to do is eliminate you know or running back on it or not one I'd want to be outside in my contact point is the problem I. Now as a way to get through it so it up and got it up and beat them as well. I agree but the the predicates a drop his helmet right. While not because -- Would probably change it I think the how many times you have the genes -- -- diet of that type. Defenseless receivers so by the Mike -- defenses receivers. Running backs carrying a football you can drop -- home. I know what I am saying is that you go okay. Come on the problem on the back on camera on the outside your -- dispute. -- -- -- -- They don't want -- -- -- -- -- -- into you say now because in the sense you're not a pamphlet by. They're trying to literally all types of plays or -- it. I want to -- I think you're trying to eliminate the game Mike I think I -- itself -- -- you -- that is the way to you know go right and you're out in the country. Mikey we understand that here's the issue OK -- -- in the in your quarterback running back analogy the quarterbacks about the hit the running back and the running back lowers the -- okay. That the referee is both to decide at that point in real time is he doing it to protect himself is he doing it to use the Kravis helmet that's my fear is that. We're gonna get these plays called and if it would look and here is a fifteen yard penalty for this right -- a dominant player. Our interpretation I have that same concern. I think that they are trying to do something to the insult any you know held on offensive players in you know what that would. Will come -- I think they're also trying to. -- -- You know that the emphasize our. It because they could find itself a lot of those situations where you know at the plate can't leap out of their helmet a good rule for you here. They wanna make sure that. -- little player and that's saying hi the scenario. You know -- -- -- that -- Square where it that's our goal now are sure you know they don't want -- in the proper outlet to be that. Focal point 2% of players head or -- -- that area as a way of breaking a tackle he's just. Which sold about in the spindle or whatever you quicken up the papers don't want that battering -- move I don't I don't. Give Mikey you used to view of dismissing this point it offensive and defensive player can now take his helmet. And just drop whoever the hell he wants on the run back it got its head up he can't use his helmet. To drop brightness face mask is not defenseless. The running back. That's that's the part come back to he's right about the interpretation that's my major concern years the guys interpreting these rules. Anthony's out rent them today Anthony -- put my little one on 37. Hey guys had to go into that good at do you recent. Just curious thing is got to pay your response to this. If pressed concept -- -- that I am opposite opinion of the -- that this is just the dumbest -- I've I've ever. Even the road for about two big guys played football going to be unavoidable but my point is. Okay throughout that was a different set of rules in the playoffs that much Romanian ambassador parents you know. Which is fine you know what games can be decided by tech -- -- economy. Now they're gonna call this one way all year running -- could be used as ridiculous style under the gig on the playoffs in a confident team. Fifteen yards prop possibly that -- Because what they gonna comment on caught I don't like that replicates the live. They should be called to -- playoffs which is not going to do you know what can end up being you know what deputy cal. And admitted giving up -- call one way or the other as well particularly the play hockey coach is technical the dark and you get a common. Interpretation right enforcement's right at the that the issue is that the results of that and how it affects. The product in the field it's only trying to figure out what is in them. The squash a running back what's he thinking at that tiger asking officials to do that and put a lot of pressure on those guys to put pressure -- he's running backs -- skill players who are already sort of at a disadvantage. In these cases. So well and I know this mean as of yesterday. The word was -- table this until May get some more time on it. Get some more thought on it and boy. A day later it passes 3121. But what changed between yesterday and today. When it comes this rule. 6177797937. You can text us on the AT&T text line at 37937. I'll get more your phone calls we -- more from Marshall Faulk. Talking about this out later on this out we come back though and it makes it a little bit of baseball with football oral conversation Munich is object you brilliant to a double. And that's it Bradley hit a double. Called up part of the Red Sox talk about that on going tour.

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