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LB on Bruins struggles in third period

Mar 20, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to discuss why he thinks the Bruins continue to struggle in the third period.

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Well I think even for two and a half period you were very good I thought the first half of the third were controlling the play moving the puck well get that indeed and that's had our chances but again. And we in -- there was that those opportunities and eventually comes back that's. To that aren't you and they scored a nice -- play goal and I'm not. Tell the other goal there is any time we season we didn't get it tonight -- he ended up as corn winning goal. Claude Julien after the game are now available on our best and -- Lou not a 37 W -- guy Lyndon byers LV. Obviously -- -- much -- obviously -- had a bad view on that goal from where he was where he was sick and when he catches the video he might notice Nathan Horton out of business ever again and I imagine him the other night you did. Joseph Vitale did the say they -- too into games I'll tell you would know over in O'Reilly is that Allison and screaming ally and Indian beat in your head. Get your head on -- -- two guys on that call to guys. The number one important -- -- down and it and it pop desire -- his wing on the point. I'll wait too far -- gets sucked in the old you're watching the play could you don't have to cover anybody. And when a camera on the boards he was nowhere to be found when he put it on -- And Tuukka Rask had not the he he he couldn't see that at all. And right behind Andrew Ference who was standing up and sobbed in front of the net and forgot to look behind him to -- change again that he should have been covering. And I got the the LB eagle all the empty netter. Yeah we -- news talk before. He's 32 in his last five games -- up seven goals. Now. That killed there you know he was screened like you said Nazi controlled the rebound the other one the other night in his glove should be controlled the rebound. The problem is the microscope is on Tuukka Rask so much because this team can't score. They're power plays embarrassing. It always has -- They got zero shots in the first group not want online now -- combined power plays zero shots they've got one line that can score. If it. As you -- -- blades of grass when you lose to it was it was and you -- a one nothing game. Okay now what is a timely same saved my ass on now. Come on man. And I would you low and my IA you gotta agree to human human since arriving coming -- even what tools. Are big guys got to start -- the finalists and I gave -- talk about site you know they're playing good Nathan Horton. You know those guys depleted by the way when a great job rights putter and I directed the idea I don't look -- -- place I don't see him or don't mean he was a cat was used. He was -- those guys up with -- opportunities those guys got to Barea. But you know when you're Nathan Horton and your big your physical -- in eat he's getting his points. It but you got to take care your defensive zone and it does this definitely isn't -- and in the when you have to address the power play. That the power play last night this this and make it up as you grow. I mean it's got to get to the point where Clyde says. Here are your two options here's eaters are two options to get in the zone and one week in the zone. It's almost like going back to junior you know it always goes to that it -- get the puck on the wall. And if it's not on it if they pressure the -- get a -- I'd that you that you got to -- hold in their power play accountable that's Clyde and that's they've the coaching staff of those guys are. Tune in out the system they have in place then. So then somebody's got to flip a table Gatorade no. When leading after two periods that's the bruins' record when they've led after two periods 94 and one we don't last year if they were 32 when they were great. But in the previous really the -- of five years before this year is clause in the coach they have a total of five. Regulation losses Lilja after two they have for this year a total -- at 532 and all last year 32 went -- the year before. Why anyone in one year before that. 38 and two. In -- second -- first year 31014. They F five regulation losses when leading after two periods. Before this year they have four in this half a season already and more is remarkable yeah because these are all up that badly. After leading and after two periods and an and that's a third that's a third -- era. I am in good teams pride themselves on on winning on the road and and put to good teams who pride themselves on beating the teams are supposed to be. And cannot you know now I pay look dot I sent it last night I had told -- to her -- garage and I said duck as it. I got -- -- thank -- these guys have all these games. They they need a bag skate they got to get a -- got to get a full practice and even even though the flying everywhere even though they're going everywhere and everybody thinks they're tired. Hired bag skate right to me it looked like -- -- you run out of gas right aghast you do little things like -- your head is not as well wolf it's not stopping go and that's what I saw on that on that -- you know so. Not just my take great job on facts. Some I don't some I don't believe in faction match. But I think you know but I doubt that that's not just think about that -- -- -- -- -- prior match at five regular regulation loss leaders of major exit of four this year nets. And taxes us we will bring it to -- kind of people jump on her rights as. Texas' stole Thomas W games took it hasn't I'll. It's not -- -- sister you know it's not all -- through the book come playoff time he needs to make those -- now. With that statement. I might agree if you wanna get to the next level you know him well and always compare him to what promised -- -- his soul unfair course -- because it was at a course there is still level. But you really weren't doing enough enough for the jumping on the bandwagon of -- to cut -- blame blaming -- two weeks ago when they had two losses -- You know there is cute but the point is -- it took to -- got to make your big saves I don't you know again. Again. They need Tim Thomas is here so let it go open a case overlooking these Boston Bruins -- a look at that game last night. Not for not now was playoff type hockey. And end it in order to get to the next level. It's not a -- blaming anybody it's about disciplined hockey in front your goaltender. And doing the right things and -- -- better. In a one nothing game. Discipline discipline discipline is gonna win in that game and now and then in the and you didn't get definitely the from the at the five guys in front of him. -- for his team to accomplish. We expect what we think they're capable of unfortunately. Duke is what they are played all right better but there's -- thing because of the way this system is because the way this team is right now because they're they need some -- scores. You know yeah right you won a Stanley Cup and it's it's it's it is system works defensive minded right the net out you know occasionally you pop pop a ball and play defense. And that's great when he got a goal lead that is playing at a level that not many people ever seen any NHL. But he's just good. You've got to score. You're not a school or it if you're sure rally right now an obvious he's -- there trying. Why they're they're all up in there all -- being they're out in Toronto. They're there they're trying -- -- -- carry her out there now there's turner -- a week ago before Kelly goes down before preaching goes down the only question is third line possibility strike Iran or. Now. Yet it's expected to get another level -- to get top six forward. Top six -- Why I definitely think the president is gonna make you make a trade I believe they'll make a trade. You wow everybody's got to make everybody's talking was everybody's they're so much going on and I mean it's a horse race. You've got you've got all those guys are 91011 and while they're there right there. On the the -- other bruises and pretty good there would have been nice you don't win Montreal lost. But. You know there there's going to be a deal done but I think -- Ryan's cornered -- -- a bad game. I mean you know I don't I hopefully they'll give -- five games and he plays the way the other way that. Everybody everybody at -- hopes he did play when they drafted -- and he's playing great. You know -- our -- widely and he was lead the demon in Providence -- point bonuses he says -- 33 says twelve goals. Particular plays got wheels I love the was getting his nose dirty hello there was getting in their market not a million -- in the parking get it -- I know Horton have some great chances -- had an open up tablet played you know made some. Unbelievable save our jobs saved lights out and that it's Chara had a -- and I get cold and he just couldn't finish but that was more about chart that the -- -- -- -- So I I think -- you know supporter might throw a little bit in the mix as far as we know what you do and bleary -- what you're doing for trade but everybody you know again. Media you'd you know as we still got some time to roll what date trade deadline -- April 3. You know I I I just don't see I just don't CJ -- awful play of the Boston Bruins. I was five games to go on the season and now and he's gonna he's going to be in in a playoff position -- on line you know it's. I just you know I love the guy -- -- my favorite guys local kid he's awesome but I think you guys you know you need more. 61777979837. Johnston Rhode Island. But look Lou and our -- -- buyer what's up Johnny. John -- pay cable it's going on what's -- -- first of all god you don't and if it can get those two guys. They'd be shot went citing spot I hear that they've brought just an unbelievable I mean -- -- alls I QB you resemble. Optical -- I'm sorry tiger I. -- -- But I'll play. -- been beaten that horse into a TV and made that -- were caught by immediate but it keeps correct that it's terrible. I can't -- -- much. Many more adjectives describe just how bad it. That Stanley Cup one was like. -- -- a mirage you know we won with a brutal I'll play but we forget you can comment gave up. Eight goals -- any gains -- -- and we still really want. I really don't know ultimately guys in this game. We -- pretty -- so much each each in the good players. -- -- natural and gamble beat that in -- while loan loss. Listen but I do it again here. If there -- Italy I don't know where you go there's the idea UAE 81 appears in his Simone a vote Dellucci and his production fine. No it you know once trading meanwhile Lucic do you think it's a fact but your statement fat meal and -- -- doesn't crank it up. Where -- past the first round again. Nathan Horton -- it is an average Nathan Horton offensively. You're not going through the first round of the playoffs everybody knows that. But I'm with I'm with -- you know you -- -- you guys did those those two lines than the number one number one lines. They're good they're gonna play they're gonna play to the end. I'm with -- What are we doing with the third line fourth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. Synapse is a fire -- little quick quicker today the jury there are -- little injury action save that one GO 61777979837. Gregg Joseph and -- All your calls and LB don't go anywhere. We'll talk Danny -- top of the hour police -- and auto law -- -- 937 WEEI women buyers in the house. Yeah a bit LB is here he's brought -- you by -- smoke shop at -- Pembroke Brockton where -- -- him and content. And by LB -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard changer lettuce change your life call 1800. Get -- I'm glad as snag along on the Bruins with -- LB mark Lou what's up -- Well first oh glad to hear you guys talk a -- them sick and tired to hear about Welker or last week or -- -- -- But anyway you're you're talking -- LB. It out that your. Your talking about needing somebody for score and Dellucci to got a belt. In the war and competence and he's just -- it -- Caught an up concept please give an opposite corners and he's just it just has no competent setting aside from the gulf. So users get rid of Lucic in and a social what I know what what what kind of got you wanna bring in a -- -- your score. Yeah somebody or put it that. OK so so you think they're they're doing that his -- -- -- on that line and his his -- BP isn't a can be you know -- Went to top shelf effort. And not be an operative and listening to find that although listen I have I don't -- to be you know we don't point. -- -- -- -- And they just give -- extension last fall he's not go on and so there goes through -- outlook which is the same guy it was the first week when he came up on fires ridiculous bought. -- what lately you can sit there and look at his games over and over again and point to some things here. Yeah -- they -- the possibility Cuba. Certain trying to waited to give Lucic more profit because you can see an opportunity to opportunities copper and up because there you -- policy that he knows he's gonna -- before even though. Yeah I did it because I don't I -- I I really just have no idea where you're going does because number one there's not there's no one out there. That that's on the edited did on the block that. Is gonna upgrade your team. From me coach teach I believe me -- Lucic has character. He wears it the Boston -- on his sleeve. He will be better that line that line isn't it it is out of sync OK that line -- they're they're getting opportunities. They're not score. You know -- -- you know let's I just you know again there where it didn't last and I just can't I'm not one of those guys the wolf well except. The thought of let's blow this team up. Noted you know I know -- -- not going to help would say people know what's table OK so who are you through it like to find finding they just not very just resigned to manner. OK if you you know if you get you you you do -- repairing I guess I guess I guess I guess I could live with it at the you know I mean he carries with -- yet. They knock at the contract that it had. The -- that that the problem is is not big guys aren't good enough. This Steve this is -- we Marty CNET at this you know we we didn't get a sample a five game sample you'll reacting after couple losses yet -- yes -- -- Kyoto to help. -- tell you know what -- of OK you know what. You know what Goran you know and a ferret -- and her parents is a guy. That the -- believes a key member of this defense of core and his team revolves around those guys doing their job. And and being incredibly efficient after jobs they always. I have have been interference with -- -- -- not honest what the last nine. Is is it that's a mistake Nathan Horton Latin that -- descend on us as well that's a mistake. You know look at what I did you know I don't thing won't get better players than -- Norton. But -- those guys can't make mistakes Ohio how we fix that. A law is is it because they're tired. To me we guys get tired they don't think right. I mean I know like for me I'm in a fog forget about it I'm not but the rest of the league is dealing with a similar fatigue the Bruins of that right you don't look I don't know I don't know much I don't know. Did did you know I'd -- the Winnipeg Justin looked fatigued in the third period say that well and the Bruins don't line the Bruins went they went told poet the with the -- last night that was a I was playoff hockey finals and -- what they got. One goal and it was a lucky bounce by Brad marsh on the big picture right now you're right we should know react because the team is still in a position to get a top 3 seed in the Eastern Conference. There are trouble scoring on every line except for one line and -- McQuay has -- for it appeared a time. We thought they needed defenseman already in the -- now with a shoulder. Let's all say a prayer for my -- Quaid. They need other defenseman -- big picture stuff not just last night. But big picture scoring besides the second line. Another defenseman. Top six defenseman. Top four defensemen potentially -- Doug Hamilton but -- was classic last that would equate out. Of that game early on yes it he started looking at the five defensemen their plane with share. And Doug Hamilton will look at and say you know guys. Not not a rookie he's a good player yes seventeen minutes the lowest of all of the rights of parents gets what 22 minutes. You know you look at boy tickets when he won almost 22 minutes of course Seidenberg in -- polls down we've heard the minutes affect -- what we've seen him it's a panel that sort of drop here. Don't come playoff time the top -- the minutes now. Drop the minutes of post season which makes you think do you need into the defense. While days -- obviously he's like Adam -- job the guy clearly don't even know so I I would tell you I would guess the way were the way. He fell and grabbed his shoulder I'd I'd you know the -- and trainers. -- rated show them all winter training went well when he went to it when he went to edit the bench with a trainer went Hewitt. Underneath it's right in his collar tossing out old shoulder one feels that there's there's a little there's a little. Ligament if you breach on the top your shoulder there's two balls and in between those two Mosul ligament AC joint AC joint APAC joint you know you first you -- -- third degree. Their degrees most painful. But you wanna shoot at them play if it tears off in my position -- play because you have to -- adapted. But it doesn't do anything its use all does cause of pain when you're injured baseball Libya at six months -- -- -- I. And above. So pilots you know I get a you know a gang guys. Is that his game on my -- as -- their. He had an easy schedule early on. And I get a cup schedule remaining -- -- -- have so many games and when you we have 3456. Games Lester a lot of teams that tells you schedule the rest of the way. Is going to be the most difficult to nab illegal the challenge is now the injury start picking up now I get fatigued physically as well as mentally -- to run into ruts like this. And it's Dolly -- schedule the plan every other night which means -- plucked LB Friday morning at the autumn game that run. -- you back mountains near the berries and when we of Serbian food there after my diet. Well he just told us for a leash is all possibility gave every week I read today and embolism I'm on an -- -- -- somebody that got -- a down in my shoes studio. Their findings but I heard Arizona sorcery try to set up a tiny boat in the kitchen. -- your wife. Seven Chinese could turn -- -- -- to -- make this year would you rate showed diet lost that would chicken and broccoli yet but that's not you know it. And that's nutritious -- -- they have the biggest stars on the product it is usually on -- -- do abusing your guy ascend as some some vegetable Chinese vegetables and brown Randall MSG. And I just have a nice big players there that'll -- them over the how. -- you're -- eight opening day diets over that we -- -- will go to guy got what I got what is it two days -- -- yeah I know how -- it will what I wish me well will weigh in on Friday I started I was -- I was Dewey eighty. Look at the scale on Sunday the president will find out bring a scale and a great big guy next. Looked on Friday here Monday Hill Man Morning Show LB -- buyers to be away at top of the hours he lined up. All your phone calls -- prickly will join us in Bruins tickets next -- local when he.

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