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Andy Brickley, NESN, surprised by Claude's post game comments

Mar 20, 2013|

Andy Brickley joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the reasons why he thinks the Bruins are struggling in the third period and also talks about why he was surprised at what Claude Julien said about Tuukka Rask during the post game.

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Our tier model -- not a three point seven WEEI pick and away thorough and other bruins' loss. In regulation when having elite in the third period Andy brick that was there. And what I'm hearing is beautiful Winnipeg and he joins us on the eighteenth the outline beautiful this time a year when a tegra brick. Well we got to Winnipeg last night after the game. It was a it was a disappointing bus ride -- -- quieter played right but. In Ottawa now we just dance and in between storms out here at the board guys. We are reminded it is still like UC's. Eighteen or 36 he get in a day like today you know -- a -- Because when gloves well yeah deputy it would be virtual office. UN Jack talked about it talked about it here recently it's the third period is sort of letdown situation now for different losses. We've had a lead had a lead going into the third period -- zero of those. A year ago brick you put -- specifically the third weirder is there a bigger issue that you see it's leading to what's happened there in the final twenty minutes. I don't think there's any bigger issues than their inability to make plays and the pressure when you know what it's winning time to use -- Jack likes to use. You know one goal lead even sometimes two goal leads in third period. In for some reason their inability to continue to big plays well that's coming out of their own shoulders and right sort. When they do have proposition putting it pucks in the areas of the operatives on the requires discipline to be that you don't want to have to play that way because you have the lead. And you think you can extend the lead by -- place. With a real plays to put pucks in areas to force the other team to have to go get it in and then have to -- 200 feet so. That's basically what it comes down to you could point to a lot of different numbers such a look at what -- -- what did last night they were down 31 of the islands in the third period. They -- back wins by three is going across the league games are going that way this year because of the forty games schedule the content schedule. Things are different this year those are not excuses for the Bruins team because they're better than they are showing they should have closed out ability. And they haven't shown consistently enough that being said -- pretty darn good shape. -- Oslo surprise last night Kazaa and appear at the post game with. With cola knuckle after the game and also surprised with the -- -- ended this and go one -- list two record but what are your thoughts on what happened there in the third. I think even for two and a half period you were very good I thought the first half of the third were controlling the play moving the puck well get that indeed and -- had our chances but again. And we in there there was those opportunities and eventually it comes back that's. To that -- -- and they scored a nice our play goal and then not tell the other goal there is any time we season we didn't get it tonight -- he ended up this corn winning goal. -- he admitted the scoring was lacking in opportunities. But the say we -- timely saves and we didn't get it I still look at the scoring -- and otsuka misplayed a couple of rebounds -- that long which green but it seemed like he. Was referring to -- not getting timely saves and point to the rest. Yeah -- surprised by that Hulu that kind of caught me off -- as I did hear that interview lives of that some frustration from a coach that knows the third period have been an issue. I think he's very satisfied with -- goal -- to be honest -- you if you if you talk to him today. He would he would agree with that sentiment. I think it was frustrating because of that that they didn't extend the lead it was a game that they should have put away yet that this just happened to frequently. You know and now it's it's everybody's fault from coaching to goaltending to special teams two players in the lineups. I think that what frustration. Given the fact that this was a game that they should've taken some point dot. First line had a huge game a couple of games ago after -- sort of called out. -- she called out a report last night Ryan Spooner started their brick wanna get your thoughts and how you thought he played with backed group and specifically as a line. You see something with them is it in inconsistent effort is lack of scoring opportunities that's. Rule really putting a lot of pressure in the sec delighted to a lot of scored. Yet -- Ryan Spooner looked a lot more like an NHL player that he is its first his first attempt. Yeah I played less than six minutes in that game against Montreal natural kind of an opportunity that actually is to evaluate his his ability to play at this level but. He's gonna get the opportunity I think he appreciated that that -- mystical writing preachy slot and give which -- to -- with two real good players when they're on top of their game. They certainly did look out of place look pretty comfortable we had a quick little highlight package of him about I don't know maybe after the first period early in the second we're used to this job defensively. Involved offensively. Yes it is to be a very good NHL player somewhere down the line but it reminds you that with mounting injuries in this what you expected this year. But Kelly going down now what -- going down now but Quaid goes down year year -- -- down the middle defected. Guillotine toughness is that it is affected with -- McQuay going out and when you try to shorten -- -- -- games and you -- rotate 84 by defenseman. That affected as well. The what does that mean for mile -- agent need in order to just put more pressure on them to perform to play better they played on a more consistent basis plain and simple. They look at in the -- they know what do what they're doing what they're not doing what they're capable of the coaching -- globally in these guys to penalty should. They're very good players but it's that consistency that hasn't been there and and maybe that has something to do with how frequently they're playing but at the same for everybody. And I know this coming consistency -- you know for every team in the NHL with certain players that they want to you know high expectations from an integral to know different. Now -- OP Israelis up there obviously looking to improve this team but. -- out with the injuries and the lack maybe of scoring and having those lines kind of working with one. They think he's forced maybe maybe give up that prospect he wasn't comfortable with a couple of weeks ago does he get that point. I think it's all kinds of conversations on all kinds of possibilities when you think about. Trying to get a deal done at this time a year can we get it done before April 3 or we gonna take that eleventh hour or. In order to get a deal done because -- so many buyers right now and not enough sellers. And when you consider the elements that are involved in in what kind of player you're trying to get what's gonna cost you if you wanted to establish. Top and popsicle -- forward with leadership capabilities. Now you talk and a roster player prospect -- developing and probably first round pick if that's the type player that you're targeting. If you look at the -- secondary type offense sort secondary scoring. Now it's now it's less off the roster it's less in terms of the draft pick maybe it's the second round maybe it's a third round. If you talk and again one of those high end guys he's got to deal with no trade no movement -- you got to deal with what is his salary cap hit. Can we did he mean to the complaint buyout next year the pitched too much money but we want to for the rest this year so. There's a lot of elements of the deal making the clothes on with Peter there's a lot of names being. Chatted a vote. And obviously that'll yet even hotter between now and bought fifteen days from -- Eddie directly -- joining us you talk about the needs this team the trademark in nailed and it's like three teens. In the standings -- to consider really out of everybody else by field have a chance to be. A playoff team as you look at. I would say is suited to different positions in that top 640 mention. Or a defenseman and a stay at home defender to play with Doug Hamilton. What cost more this time a year what would cost you more prospect wise to get an acquire for the Bruins. Well that. I think is one other type of player that -- even more than that but that's puck moving defense yeah that maybe the way you wanna go. I'm not sure that you know it is much as we'd like that you look at what he's brought to this team what he's going to be down the line. Usually you still see his minutes reduced league hockey games when they're playing. Good competition play opt in sort -- to tough to come by it. At least you know he's not the player that you can look at K April may and June he's gonna be real good for you just don't have that that would that would be a total cash. So maybe you have to at a puck moving defenseman and that it's probably with a premium is that but there are a number of puck moving defenseman on teams that you describe. That would be available. You think they're controlling his matches because of first year in the league condensed schedule or is this more look at that may be trusting late in games. At all that probably but. You know it's more. You know can he make plays that we needed to make late in the game can he make the right decisions houses gap control to eliminating players. He's been very good you know don't get me wrong he's been he's been very very good. But when you try to put teams away and obviously -- having difficulties with everybody -- the right things. He's you know he's as guilty or or more -- On the back in the boats -- -- -- you just can't keep role in charge Steinberg out there and that's why -- the injured -- it is it's probable so. -- -- to probably slide in the lineup but it just goes to show that you depth of your organizations could be challenged in and that's where we're at right now. We anywhere near the point where. Called thinks about you know if David great tease out predicts that appear to time they won -- spoon around. Breaking up that second line brick a lot of people wanna see Tyler saying get more time -- -- -- -- with port and we anywhere near that conversation that. Sure. I think that even that they -- about you know. With the absence of David -- dude you know do we keep the future court together at least like heavily rated between the two of them. What gives us the best balance. Depth. Scoring attack we can create given the health of the forwards that we do you have. If indeed he even gets taken some time to play in the middle they'll break up that the Bergeron line which is probably the least. That desirable because it is so good -- I -- let's keep that one line maybe the big difference maker on most states and we can win hockey games but sure sure they talked about. You know what what combination work best sometime you just try to keep two -- together doesn't have to be the three guys. Outside of the bird Frontline that you can keep a couple pairs together the consistency of some kind of chemistry that that's usually a pretty good idea but. -- they got to find a way to get more offensive in and Lou that -- a point early in the conversation that you know they put that game -- last night if they're I'll play could. Could produce a goal when it's one nothing or certainly take a point out of it in the at least get to overtime a short they had a two goal lead in the third period. And maybe by. Maybe by tweaking the forward lines a little bit get people's attention -- reduce some precise time give more ice time somebody else but. As currently constituted this roster with the injuries that they have. You can see the need there is indeed and you may have known that it was going to be in the all along that they wanted to add to the roster but now it's being ample. Yeah I guess I'm just don't go with a power play -- think it is what it is but one S tour we knew we you come -- cures for you when you saw that move of of sports that first line -- -- -- -- expected heavily maybe to jump up there was just putting him some experienced guys. Well you know if you if you're if you're a number of four hitter you know in Pawtucket and you call that the Red Sox did not get a big lead -- -- nine. You know that it try to put in the area where your power is gonna pay dividends you make it six or -- -- -- -- opted to drive in some runs because that's the type of hitters that you are. This is an offensive guy. You know he's he's lead provident scored he should play with authentic people in -- -- situations -- not stuck on a third or fourth line adjust where you bought chicken -- in the chip and amount. And given some power play time and I'd like that when they call the guy that he try to -- which drinks and put in positions to succeed and I think that was the thought process. But puts political. Not trying to dodge our storms -- will see it all right without the odd game and I'm great thanks as always. -- nest and Annie -- -- joining us here on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds at ten times faster. At three G it's AT&T rethink possible brick joins us he's brought to you by -- -- of Nashua Rick breed Bob Draper the entire crew. On Toyota -- -- bring in Andy brick every week on the show ninety seconds away from your phone calls and our -- when ticket giveaway. No one.

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