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Jerry Remy has an axe to grind with Kirk Minihane

Mar 20, 2013|

About a year ago, Kirk wrote a less-than-glowing review of Jerry Remy's work as an analyst. With a little time kill at Spring Training, RemDawg decided it was finally time for a little retribution.

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Okay joining us -- AT&T hotline for the very first time. Operating and it is spring -- armies on the AT&T forgy LT Rem dog to what do we -- this -- my friend. Well I'm totally broke down -- -- -- -- We hope and did check and Gazprom dog we need a complete breakdown of the WBZ. Are you gonna happen cry out somebody got very little what -- that Matt did you watch it inning of last night's game -- dog. Now now now now. Like in debt it would side. Slash. What did you see splash the the diving showed just before Bartlett got what -- -- and I went back in my my wife was watching it I was upset I couldn't watch another show so ever to sit just. I'll sit -- my brought outside of the so that boards. I'm very broad visible in the -- display industry as bright red meat you know what about BBC at all Latin. I mean guys are ready to break yet but he does it out here at the brink. Bobby Valentine the last -- this year you know entertainment. That's what it's true benefit -- and it has been quiet it's been you know a lot of they've they've worked very hard. It's been it's been really you know. Exceptionally quiet camp and as the quiet confidence I think that's brought along where there's so you know hopefully. You know to give -- -- good starting. And get people like about the Red Sox again. Jerry are all on this first day of spring what are the three things you were most encouraged about that you -- down there are so far out of nova got like a week and have to go -- opening date and what are the three things you're worried about. Welcome back inside inside the first overall I think people pitching I'd be very very good. And I think that's so not a coincidence I think that you know what I'll come and valuable weapon he noticed that a couple of guys. Over the last couple years that -- is secret and think about but he sought. And it's been very obvious what would I like. -- -- unless you know what Colson and pavlik got up well and those strong. Jackie Bradley Juli is the real deal you know he's got to actually epic -- -- real real good base it on the Major League Baseball player. You know -- briefly -- in Serbia obviously David Ortiz you know a chronic is that going to be. Is that going to be a problem as you got to be -- -- -- career I don't know I get seriously considered it if these way to help okay. It and you know sorts. He bounced even through -- doesn't help. You always end he's completely opposite of them probably not what his brother but fortunately that is such a thing. And you know who knows how long mostly -- got a tag on so -- concern right now so. -- -- the -- you know I I I honestly believe that if if the team pictures. The starting pitching a particular -- pretty well. I think he got a book I mean I I know what seems like the -- that would be gathered at the Reno. Is gonna fit in the Napoli has looked really good. If he's really put the strip you know particularly go over first place so you know that that's that's a positive quite bit so. You know like that you know we -- market so it's it's -- -- I can't gigabyte out of every every single player they're resilient hostage on the roster but the fact is. The only games that we have done those kind of some of the -- sucked out -- I had an opening day in New York -- dog who's the DH and whose plan left. If you don't have the big question right now. What they love field going to be picked the Reno has got to be to -- would -- in the biggest body help your political pick these. Stadium they've got. They've got the biggest you know the part of the ballpark in left field. -- -- age could be Johnny Holmes and -- Bradley made the club I don't know you know. There's vote for anybody making the club unless you got to play every day. And if you got to play everyday that you got to sort of backed up my at least to play a lot of cable that's sitting on the -- -- now. Runaway got Matt in you know it's great -- -- development you -- you need them play. So other big decisions they've got to make it Albright opening date and you know that -- -- -- becoming a very quick. We haven't -- playing against right handers plant almost every day a plan. You know 45 days a week at least I should Davids out. Yeah that does not support immediate help your particular -- -- complex but -- against the -- I mean that's that's fine. -- the guys who come to the big -- which is -- -- -- public baseball. So you know. That would be try because in an ideal world that would be good like I kind of think would be leaning in that direction but we don't know -- the organization feels about it. Gerry Davis is up for any length of time and -- mid April however some people say maybe it be may first and if that's the case. Where other than Napoli and middle Brooks does the pop come from the baseball team or or is that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's been you know he has basically done nothing about -- and try to get himself feeling good. It and what concerns me is you know we get up about both feel like -- out in the pod that up but that's pretty painful. And it notices this big boot that is a big guy -- the bases and you know it's you know very -- decided worry about the long term effect you know what -- -- to be a chronic thing whether it's got to be something that. In all of actually doorway and he will be bothered with any yet but. Yeah I do have some concerns about -- -- I totally expect becomes -- trading. And I have in my you're a completely ready for the seat I was I was quite stunned when I get down here. And you know he was not close to being ready so back -- a lot -- be injury. What what is your guests on Daniel Bard who struggled -- RUE bled the on himself -- -- blister and struggled yesterday what do you think's gonna what's his fate immediate problem. -- a little bit and I've seen -- MM two I think we've adamant a couple of games that we've done is he -- he look smaller debate about it a couple of years ago. They've got -- back broke on a topic that was velocity that bettors bit. -- But I get a detritus the work -- a slider that he still have attempted drop out of the slide a little bit metal paper and try to get starting pitcher a year ago. And you have to break those bad habit takes awhile. Am I don't know I you know I didn't put the book episode beat. I that I don't know what he's got a break camp with the -- such whatnot. But the only thing that centers that you know tell you right now but he day. Is the fact that your left genocide there right now that are better reliever you don't read quote out of here. The routes out of it so they doubt but one look at them both sides of the going to be -- the right side. And you know if they give Bob the opportunity right out of machine but he looked like a different guy in the games that that we have. You know against him. Is Andrew Bailey or a -- more likely to be traded. -- But -- what he's got a closer you got -- closer. You've got a closer into the closet but I feel good atmosphere as you -- contrary Bailey. Is the lack of its levees broke and out of that -- start right in our and I think they want it's much step up errors. If they can and I think that. You know back back may put that on the back burner for awhile. Side -- get completely healthy. Look I've always been kind of a lot better about -- you know we are expected -- to compete for a job ability aside David Ross and by the way it was pretty good. You know they've they've. I guess they feel about -- need more time in the minor leagues or is available in trade bait so. A government that I was gonna break this last week after Ortiz -- -- -- getting down quote today at 185. And expect to realize what we really need what we don't need. You don't actually see a couple of deals break in the you know I wouldn't be surprised direct talks about -- -- -- There -- -- -- opening day shortstop physically -- there. It's going to be that -- Nigeria. You know which grew out. Quite cute you know you know you gotta get the good defense problem. And I don't see anybody else in the picture that would that was picked -- spot maybe it was Syria go. But. I conclude she is getting most of the reps right now -- -- -- -- -- parents as much as possible. To get as many had -- he possibly care. More or fewer than 81 wins 500. -- I say more. A -- -- I you. Got -- optimistic really I not as pessimistic and a lot of people that I don't like it would be a pessimistic you know I -- debate. It up and coming up what they get -- it -- you know all that stuff I think they're. I I think they may surprise some people I really do have it but again if it goes back to the spotty pitching. Do you like him an immigrant I called that I wanted to well I -- -- graduate throughout. -- you guys -- -- I wish him the best suspect success side I do have a little political bone to pick whilom. Put but I want to clear that bush actually responsible. On third -- now you wanna do it now. Good morning Jerry how are you. I'm doing well nobody here adult. You have no the story eighty. Dot com I believe the world. Yeah I heard you actor are George thriller the. Well good. You have every right my opinion to. To criticize -- -- back that's big -- many people that bright but let them in the article you wrote some select and milk games and and looked at right. I think that they that's right and -- you know I didn't take well that only because. You know I was like the last round draft choice it's as big league. This job with knowledge very technical -- I've been through depression a couple of times I'd I'd I'd you know -- I just don't know gave him. -- that's kind of like challenge being worked better at work ethic and that it would probably -- -- that he could you can say is all that's part. -- -- at out in the fight that's if that's the frame of language I use a look back at that may not have been correct I think are a lot of good things in thereto again I I'm in front mean by the that's -- part is is did you say your fair criticism criticism salt mine that's a perfectly fair piece of criticism by manager. That is you know that the -- that we will put somebody probably about. But you know but I feel about this time and I checked it out it. You know I Yucca -- -- -- we've ever met the BI and let some. -- a I don't know we have no. Not a better off getting your Berra Ford decided yet to stick around -- Bradford the boot this week -- I'm sorry to see that it felt that it. Now that's Roth -- But anyway I like people wanted to get -- up by -- -- you know -- -- -- you know beauty. They're criticized should be had about it losses that pick him but. You know it does criticize somebody's work ethic. I I've found that I've found that very disappointed because I've been mailed a bit in my life and you know it's it's been a pretty good life for a result. Ports you know -- that's their I think -- fired. Well -- do you wanna fight him because without free for people who want to -- -- and and and meet him like in the street and fight him. Our side -- the -- we -- you have Biggio and he has a lot of fight anybody if you -- my -- right. Jerry would still win trust and -- 160 years old you would be you know you have trouble not that Salmonella pushover. I I think even -- I think even our silicon handle yes you know. They are. The men and gates are really seen we got -- it'll -- out well let's not get up there I think. And I think I think Jenny commendable the at the same time. What we'll just lost about touch -- -- amount to a final question Rem dog is source -- in game shape yet. I think it is a few more -- you know. But speed that we've been built on and I think you need -- probably already -- yet. Is there what will be will be will be shut -- -- sure I I hope so anyway I'm really look at populated city. You know since the end of last year it was sold both at the last month and a half and I just I'm just so much looking forward. They're getting back to doing real games in the and hand -- -- him you know and and hopefully competitive games and copy -- -- -- and what we were prepared to view it is it's it's well probably what who actually want to -- -- you use his last eleven days to stretch or -- allow until he's ready for opening day on April 1. -- -- talk India. That tendency to get back to bear -- And I just and -- now he's gone -- back him up 1% that is it cheap shot. Any mail that men and he can eat it's a Sox now with them among them I've been through this you could say -- -- He would say I am totally all it's it's a -- and in. That bugs me I -- this -- Bill Simmons went -- I mean I definitely maybe you're definitely said if you think you remember that you and say I think I think it's possible. I would pick up -- in Seattle he read I don't know exactly right I have to -- Bill Simmons one time when he used the media thing and I didn't care. He wrote a million things about me positive negatively and care and the one they said. He mailed in a call and I can't handle that it's like. I wish I could mail in columns I can't I wish I could just crank them out right tendency guys can do it and envy them. To me it's it's you know it's open in the -- and believe he had an operation to shirts as he should comment -- nephew right. Gets there early and he does his homework and what's his head down you'll even discuss anything with right he's he's like like John -- on game day right once he gets the boot and puts his head down slightly below right you can knock him for his performance -- -- his knowledge his sense of humor his delivery is voices look at anything. But the say males and and means he's lazy. And that if he's just not true that hurts OK and I know if you write it. You're subject to that criticism some have DPP's upset about I'm glad we talked about -- -- to -- and -- probably if you wrote it you think you did what. Empirical evidence did you have to say that he -- and I think Cairo was he's not as energetic as he was say five or six years ago seven years ago and they wrote I understand some of the reasons why which yellow -- And I think that's true and I and he did in the dawn and -- stuff for me I'm watching game wears me. The act -- to -- that's fine and -- pitches he it is known that didn't have the nerve to strike a nerve while parents saying in a -- and and means your lazy. Our -- as he pointed out you can't be lazy and get as far as he did instantly -- I tip but the about if I was I could have been wrong about it tomorrow always right. -- shall we know that say. If you say I can't stand him as an analyst that's not wrong that's not right to jury getting you talked earlier I talked about it I mean what -- want to do. I want you to -- it right and why aren't as well as he has no injuries from Jerry Remy is welcome to criticize in Europe that's fine and -- the -- -- This is -- the -- he's the -- that -- pretty good job I don't think he's Penske and I don't think in every criticism -- bothers him but that one thing. And one thing. And the bugs me to hate that. I mean -- you question is worth ethic and he works art. He's not good I can say guys hammer on them -- but his was purchasing I don't know if I wrote you know I'll look it up if I wrote I -- -- -- -- I don't pirate -- that line and not know you implied that he doesn't have his work at the government degree I'm sure I did. And next time to say Sox can still -- this is this is it Jerry Remy doll. Did you look at the other night at the outset that that's why I could cut you know what you guys will be better for the -- Don't probably -- I'm glad he did it that's fine. -- -- --

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