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Will "Splash" supplant "The Following" as Gerry's favorite show?

Mar 20, 2013|

No. But he did watch it. He, Dino and Kirk get into Katherine Webb's performance in and out of the pool, as well as Louie Anderson's return to the spotlight.

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I'm sorry. As happy and as a brilliant and as up and as. Energized as I was yesterday in my effort to back from vacation. Back in the doldrums today you are now well yeah it was the weather. Well as part of the polls but not much much more. Significant -- -- I -- that is the other girl from the Cosby Show being eliminated from splash effect. A fellow I had a goal and my final four episodes I brag religious group right now splashed brat brat got screwed out the window not on giving it. It's the number. For and it's not the fact that that the greatest hockey player of all time number four and 65. That in itself shall depressing if you have but he still looks flawless look thirties and that's that's okay Belfour is -- is the clue here. It occurred to me when I clicked off the television set last night after watching the WBZ. Four years we have to wait watch it again now that is disheartening is that it. He had just think dole will be we see it it it's as I asked. It's like that after the bubble but weakened outlook ahead and like preview. Anytime you want you know like -- super ball and immediately ask can you repeat yes in Dominican repeat the you know in the Dominican repeat I think it's a good question. We can explore we can delve into it what you do think men and you think they can repeat well. Let me say this -- the US Jackie Bradley at that point will be playing his first season with the -- -- -- the warriors got talked a Russian Marat I already. In the US a fighting chance for it hit -- he. It must be the worst feeling in Bud Selig is watch and I mean I'm only wants the brewers to win -- -- roots for certain. He certain people but he'd never ever roots harder for team in the US in the WBZ because it does ruins it. When the US goes. That they're -- obviously the US is gonna do this year in NC. -- sort of this year this year 2070. This year not just ended so well now yellow I don't know and then yeah that's what I just said that's I'm -- elegant way for years to 2017 when -- start. On March 7. Gear and up four yeah. I would change Victorino and do the unit did get one yet he got a head one -- that I knew then there's that I knew he'd get one I knew I knew. I can't -- out the WB that I -- it -- out it is just here's how bad it's gone for the WBZ I will bitch you and I don't know this. The MIT. Ratings in the WBZ's last -- I watched -- I did have some of it. I -- some Vatican last night I watched hockey. And you know Boston Winnipeg not exactly you know traditional rivals. I watched splash. -- one of deceit in its entirety now now a lot of capital and part I watch captain web there was Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Come across used to become a glass and Eric last night's it was a came out in the purple and gold wetsuit. He became a current -- that jumped over shark yet. Let them off the blower trial it's older lack of fiction are out there but and and this this show is funny because the judges you view. Grades based on 00 -- -- -- you -- you know likely to -- seven feet to policy when -- -- seven and a half feet. He was lucky to get a lot of McConnell on you so bad. And economically did I think it electric cannon balls up you know let himself go was Louis Anders Dahl ya know -- -- me it's. Well the show after him and then why. Now now that he's and to swimming and diving league champions -- -- to -- these people would have done if they didn't train for six weeks. I mean if they'd just -- -- -- died yeah right that's their -- hesitant to trust the produces hope and someone drowns and it. Levels checks and let's let these jobs and who could base it Louis. It's a good question I -- cannot pull them analysts don't know that you could you not I I predict right now it'll have good numbers good ratings and it'll be a little bit of -- -- last how many weeks eight weeks or so yeah it'll be -- Cult hit it lasts longer than the knuckleball showed him a wise at all permits over -- happen if I -- enough to itemize and WBZ's over over knuckleballer after all holes over Andy and I tees off at me and I tell hints of progress. The bad news is. If you're Kentucky fan. Turkey lost in round one of the united team. Blobby Morris the good news is the NC is already vacated the loss so no one even knows about it canal no one knows who doesn't exist cal afterwards all of your take is this out from Kyle. Carl how real today hashing over the place. -- -- They just wouldn't let -- also heard him say that may be good enough for college basketball it was one of those -- -- -- -- -- over the total primaries self deprecating -- point where he wants you to feel sorry for help that she felt like I went and -- talked about the players images wouldn't listen to -- That thing is gonna happen to us next usually have unbelievable competition at every spot. So there's no one here it's promised OK I've played thirty minutes a game you may play five. That you will change. This stuff I had do except this year. Almost the program almost got hijacked. It will not be never in my career -- surrendered and having any way to any team. And I did at times this year is to try to save guys to try to help guys -- it never works for -- -- guys he he did his best the only saved the program. It got hijack -- by the much of -- drag it back yet he saved Kentucky basketball you thought it was a disappointment last -- no coach -- of the program you think the team of finishing fifteen seconds that -- that -- -- -- -- for him at 62 set -- Couldn't put into effect it has got to blow up and -- -- white suit -- he's gonna need a white suit -- -- -- do you avail -- off I believe I didn't use the beauty of Twitter money and they can watch and splash from what's in the -- and immediately people that's him. Did you see that captured well yes home there it is this year is. -- before she humans that matched in the cheek and out of the pool slowly and lot of -- provocatively. You're not gonna talk about locker criticized camp and LT you can be one of them I would argue. It's like like cancer and well there are a few things are -- and -- and equipment that. I've you know lie but regret that aren't heights. They're zealots out in the lovely -- women did you not have the -- -- to anybody. Not small enough ball and fizzles and all but yet not as small as -- -- was ridiculous Louie Anderson well. It's -- count -- trotted out bursts on why. -- same meaning you know me as I'm Bret masters so yeah I. -- -- -- it's -- -- -- I -- the -- in Iowa is miss Alabama USA 2012. How I think. Good question my boyfriend is at quarterback for the university about -- snow during the national championship earlier this year I was -- about five friends her. Thanks thing you know I'm Andy is. Face and -- I've changed overnight. What I'm being present on so many opportunities to. -- recently I was at a news Sports Illustrated and some say it is. This isn't as well. I decided these flash because I'm more than just going to be okay. This isn't. Clean up its. Peers that I you have art I think I've made this. Pounding and now -- belly -- Others fearless I just hope she doesn't hurt yourself and training. This that I'm not all about just a hair and makeup. I'm a competitor and I can do really well a diving for. Plus I had decide this for you. The question -- the question is without question absolutely gorgeous. But when she opens her mouth and sounds like this announcement just replace the question is. How vapid must -- gorgeous girl would be. Qualify as a Boehner shrink your biggest needs to be to -- -- short term and long term in the short term she can be as vapid as adults but after what. -- with her oral weekend with her world week with her and she sounds like this. Dancing meaning you know me. Brett rest buyers. Short to long title usually by amnesty you know thinks he's too shall. And ethnic. I just need -- substance how much John I heard that laughed last night. I don't I don't think Pakistan always get another dad -- an -- Point that for the -- and -- half you know what I like about it takes guts she went up. It was in the highs board but it was higher than the board to Kareem was on. Right Joker 65 feet. The cover -- she was about to -- and -- despite its -- and -- -- in the purple and yellow like cool like easy year. But they're all back -- back. The girls that would eliminate -- little girl from the Cosby Show is -- it's -- yeah not so little anymore. I ladies in my favorite part. It was a lot of Agassi anticipation I didn't know with a Greg Louganis -- -- -- -- -- -- the one piece and you know it was -- -- -- -- -- -- thought boy her power renewed us should receive that must -- that's how how attractive she is Greg Louganis. Which -- none of you have the same question however long you want is that I handled them like. Who turned them down. Of these the people yes who who turned them down who they are like Andrew dice a year I mean who Dabney Coleman that extra bit of its. I think he's right now is what I am. Date they've got to Kareem after they know Barkley Shaq right there had to be then to -- noteworthy the big guys maybe. May be Dikembe and then a member at the bottom of rubles this overture it's yes it's ABC Tuesday probably went to magic the priority is -- -- asked -- magic and a that he hated delegates don't look at it like twice as many points is that guy. You know and I'm I'm in better shape than he is this. How you think -- would be good effort inflict. Don't I mean. I think it continued public Kareem in the -- appeared to embarrass themselves like give migrated yes that's the I -- you want him back right. We get those judges through those world famous judge us on I had no idea we don't want -- gold -- the other guy I don't know coach guy with the British -- supposed to -- like this time -- -- he's going to be angry he's going to be critical as the nose runs and 81 camera rowdy -- was it was a show off focusing got to -- she'll like -- to a flip and he did standing he would like cowboy -- On the stage that you gotta get your arms up Munis -- flipped on stage whoever that guy is now younger I. Highlight last night after cup web one that went back and interviewed her she she seemed a little less vapid. People out there nation and it don't have that and that I believe that I education like such as the South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere like such as. I. That at -- So that's -- question how long. The better way to put it not in terms -- short term long term Boehner -- how long if you if you're right Jim McCarron there's areas you're -- care. Well did you hear him well she's probably gonna adopt -- it got ugly basketball exactly at MIT scientist tightly. Don't think she did the fun of they have come in and do you think China's manipulating the currency and fifties and I. But I don't think Kareem would do any better -- would do any better Biamila on -- always been portrays it thoughtful. You know guys yeah takes in knock when you when I flash why is -- -- Austin. Is -- just for the money yeah thank can't be coming case Adrian day at school crossing -- at least not doing that for the money how much they paying these guys per episode in question I would Anderson now more than more than that he's episode. Reppas on the episodes of that wolf I'd say that's him at fifty grand yeah. Well depends who they are there people on their I don't know right now that little guy on who -- and we don't know but they just brought him on to hang up is that it'll only if we look forward. They just brought him on the hang out with Kareem to make it look like yeah yes circus at right show looked a little guy and the big guy. And when they were practicing together. And they wanted to show them home bonding I guess that's that's similar to dancing with the stars and -- that all the ads that I don't know and now works you know victims -- under a lot of big -- developed for -- -- Anderson evidently he's playing two characters as Louie Anderson and he is a wig on Nicole Nicole -- coming -- I don't know what happened Angel tiger but that's to get to. I will -- -- wants to proud even though you're into the W word of them yes CD you know I predict that he lost in the ratings too it's too late diving show now -- and the NIT certainly in this country opening round that was what other country matters does this does this make -- ugly Americans that gas -- Christopher desperate all other. People who were supporting and an awful lot of the WBZ. Make -- ugly Americans because it is of no interest to us. I wouldn't exempt sought and got her sights -- -- sites Puerto Rico's interest. The two time defending champion Puerto -- upset two time defending champion Japan in WB semi finals on Sunday. Did 74%. Of the televisions tuned in in the triumph -- moments in Puerto Rico. 74% of Puerto Rico was watching Puerto Rico beat Japan -- explained that. The other part of the US that day in on the -- -- Well there and incorporated US terror to right. Yes. Or to the state. No they don't wanna be like tonight reckons such they don't want to. Like yeah they got credits and right now I mean I'm sure it's. It's a big deal in Japan and a big deal in the Dominican but it can't succeed if it doesn't catch on in the US and they're try and I would watch if the US unit against last night the finals with the arrest for Kuroda checked it out it might not have been as compelling is watching current item but it would have been. Of some interest in. A thousand -- they need the US to win and I heard people say that. If the US doesn't prepare all winter like these other teams that get together they play L winter you know whatever it's Dominican -- round of border to. And they and they you know on the field the continuity the camaraderie in the in the races ago the US state victory jumps on a plane. And the next day I was in the starting lineup didn't you know this though practice the preparation and together as a team so. Against that have to change the way they don't do people actually think that if the US were competitive and much -- taken a step further. Won the WBZ in 2017 that was suddenly be a big deal. I don't think it's a bigger deal I guess a viable anything -- -- not bigger big flash may be that. American fans have their teams priced -- Puerto Rico they they don't have that are you know some people at the team Robinson can nose on for our country some people like or Bogart's. Because he's playing for the Netherlands the benevolence. Who's still -- it. October he short Cassel can't be over it's over it what was it was on -- -- network the whole time. Yeah double -- did such desperate this morning and US first Dominican Republic march 14 at record I mentioned at the -- these guys get the paperwork is it really over who -- What happen to them a record for trying to work 880000 people I know -- about WI DC. Watch out of X games are full week of WB ZW -- now -- to PX to just finish it's starting again. I just thought Propofol which is one of the big stars he did that's not all the political -- like three weeks ago now it's starting again. -- like us they have to get him in before the snow melts the they're gonna get the games in stores like two versions at each winter of the X games and maybe of the motorized version with snowmobiles which you'll probably doesn't mind Joseph. Arctic I think that maybe we get a little right out on vacation as loaded at that played Q what did they would be. So you wake up next to a beauty we just let you go to -- yes you go to work. You come home you have an extremely pointless conversations. At dinner what they're okay and yet it the deal with that. Then you say honey -- -- take a bath put something nice about a mile what the Celtics and I'll meet you embed you can Kabila. Because they have made it's that they can okay you want to you want -- -- honest absurd you wanted to keep up as a victory at this charade that he. He needs some substance in her for a while -- that would be fine and by the way you skip the step you that you wake up in the morning and go to work at -- you've already skipped a step we'll take a break ninety seconds 617. 77979837. It to the Bruins will get to -- Robert Kraft will get to. Daniel Bard. Get the Red Sox. Will be right.

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