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Jonathan Kraft: Pats offer was better than Denver's

Mar 19, 2013|

Mut and Merloni play some sound of Jonathan Kraft commenting on the Wes Welker departure at a DECA conference in Boston. Kraft says Welker would've made more money if he had originally accepted the Patriots offer last summer.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI your calls all day at 6177797937. The AT&T text line. 37937. Is if you work. Sick of trying to play he said he said back and forth with. The patriots -- Walker's agents Robert Kraft speaking yesterday. -- has released a statement today of how this negotiation went down. Jonathan Kraft. Spoke in the Decker conference. At the Boston area this on Friday joined at a secret as of Friday so while it was already down in the books -- -- out Arizona. Jonathan Kraft. Spoke to this conference and laudable comes up the conversation piece of not only the patriots in negotiation but one guy particular Wes -- -- I. Like. Yes. Yeah. Well yeah. This is. Yet. All. Okay. -- on the ball error you are. -- -- -- -- And. My visions. At home. All the time. Yeah it's me. Yeah. Yours. And you. Yeah. Yes he will you. Us law. Okay. It's. Play. Okay. Yeah it's wrong. Well. It's far. It's. World. Analysts standing all there at the about here's some clap bite from from Jonathan crap I. I love that he admits. That they are at least partially to blame for this and said we should have been smarter about this IC does what Robert did. And go after the agent's pretty hard lately that's very -- as you listen of that. But he takes some blame minute and I give him credit for that what is its neatly hidden in the air. And confirms a bill -- report in eagle Tribune is that last summer. There was a three year offer out there that. At all -- I'm not great at math you gotta help me out. Jonathan Kraft says if you if you look at west made last year in the franchise tag or a quick per per year. Reported to set that got in an eagle Tribune did you guys in to explore -- -- -- -- okay he said he said Bert Greer on chuck Billy -- are gaining dives into two with his sources. As he does talk about last summer has done in -- trying for when he lost. Point million plus in guarantees the patriots the eagle Tribune has learned tried for three year contracts. With guarantees an eighteen to nineteen million dollar. Now Walker's represents living on the -- -- offered what we heard right two years sixteen all of a guaranteed last year when it's reported that. He'd learned that the pats did offered three year deal with the 1819 guaranteed. Patriots also told done in Murphy that the offer might not be there next year meaning dish offseason because -- -- year old there in the market might change with the salary cap. Being you know -- kept pitching into a tree on those reflect cap this year and -- -- -- a half million dollar franchise tag. Let -- representatives think that -- higher expectations going forward so we heard about two years sixteen guaranteed. Billy Burke talks about the -- three year with eighteen -- nineteen million dollar guarantee they want twenty plus. And any Jonathan talk about the last summer. -- actually offered more. Then he put all three together a -- putting all three together he get he's getting technically guaranteed money -- on the roster next year. In twelve -- guaranteed for the Broncos right that's number or using. Assuming he's on the writings on the year he's our leader including that that's the what access to pick up. So what's job so jobs including one year at six. And nine and a half. It's really only fifteen and a half million dollars guaranteed. Well I mean it's a big difference between if you six or twelve -- to get to twelve was an apparent that Robert. Feels that -- deal was only one year six guaranteed because there isn't a performance out on in injury time but. Technically got to go perform. The Broncos will have to reforms that makes the team doesn't get cut next march. They'll make the other sadly also alluded to eight million dollar cap hit the Broncos with the aids relief six million -- -- front next year six million. Again I don't know what to believe. -- -- the year Jonathan Kraft admit publicly that. They are from a three year deal I guess I would wanna know what. It was a three and fifteen and half three years sixteen million bucks. Does that again penalize whispered signing for nine and a half last year. And signal Kiki -- take into account that the almost like eight -- paying you for that deal. So the next -- not going to be good they are asked to renegotiate when he signed for. Five years and eighteen million that's when he got the first time around right boys Bedard early on Sunday anything can give you more money west -- about that about Wes his career. You know think about what he has done in the contract and he was underpaid. That's up Bedard did a good job talking about talk of a bad timing for Wes Welker hasn't seen a player -- with worst timing in west. As you would think that a five year deal. Right over six year deal whatever was that after a couple of years up -- performing it. Let's say I don't know -- 2009. Three years straight of high performance that may be restructured. Emit twenty years old ABC you know what you get three years left that's gonna make it five years left its its restructuring new deal -- what happened last game of the year here. -- -- blew out his name so that offseason. -- believe that option is is taken off the shelf right -- a tip forget. At a synagogue comeback from me show you wants him back on the field. And an -- the next year and you have 86 catches. Come back from ratio good. But not great not 112 not a don't really have the leverage to go out there and say OK well I just came off the VC LE six catches -- -- -- had a 120 you before. Is there weren't the same player mean you're still good but -- -- at the point now where you're very very high level. And global one point oh the following year very I'll be back at it. I just franchisee for year in -- -- and deal with the negotiations last year. The time to restructure that deal was following a 2009 season fortunate for Wes Welker. He was recovering from ACL. So just bad timing all around and then when he after a franchise tag of nine and a half million. You walk into a free agent period where there's a flat happen. Guys market and nobody's getting paid. And team salaries aren't going up. They're going down the right defined values everywhere. The reading you renegotiate when you should deal and ACL injury. Last year you could have done it but you wanna hold up its first big payday for nine half million dollars I'll get a next year black cap markets not there. Bad timing all around the west 61777979837. You heard the audio from Jonathan -- you add that into the mix was there about three year deal he says there was. West is agent turned it down and that he's gonna make less money over three years that he would have on the patriots get your phone calls next.

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