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Heat slip by Celtics to extend winning streak

Mar 19, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about the Celtics Heat game last night where the Celts jumped out to a huge lead but were unable to beat Miami and snap their winning streak.

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Now if that's the Peter quick story no good -- -- -- -- sit down the court two seconds to go with the Celtics give the -- Or Miami got the timeout before the like that -- that was the fourth but ball veered. They had for the exits at the garden as mathematically the Celtics are done here and you'll need it now likes. With one point nine to go in -- missed free throw. Did not happen John -- Celtics lose. But a really good effort last night 105103. At the guard was a lot timeless game yesterday except felt like. It was the signature event of a sports landscape it was a big night for the MBA in Boston crowd showed up their -- awesome KG didn't play. Celtics still showed up and I'm curious at what point during that game did you start to rethink the idea that then. -- will have an impact and how I feel about the Celtics because clearly. They proved to a lot of people without Kevin Garnett if they meet up -- Miami a seven game series. They'll be a tough ass out in the NBA playoffs don't care how many games Miami Heat winner role this year. You went out I would saying. In the third quarter. He's jumped all -- room -- you saw this calmness over the Miami Heat. And next thing you know you turn around and it's the third quarter it's a tight game right and it was a what did you think at that point. You're watching this game. -- a couple minutes in the third quarter it's now -- the 60 run to start Celtics turned it over and other -- -- -- right -- left in the second -- -- when it catches up with -- sure I understand good and format it's right under any illusion by you know. I was well sure that's I think what a lot of people thought yeah and then all of a sudden. You look up at night you beat -- back up eight. Yeah and I was like. Okay the pick -- with that coming out of the quarter and then again you know and back again and in the fourth quarter. I think that the fact that they kept giving up these leads. And I kept away from Miami take control of the game and it never happened. Well the but the cells from the -- eight there in the fourth quarter go back up 1013. You know it was just it was impressive impressive game by the Boston Celtics. And a number last year. -- in the post season stating that don't never dealt this group on the KG Paul -- and everything else and they lose Rondo. And I -- Then there's no question I still feel yes there with Steven Smith doesn't change his opinion other client. He said the ceiling is what it is stays the same yeah Rajon Rondo superstar elevates his game now I'm on board with that thought. But I can not be impressed talking not be proud of this team forget about -- was -- Rondo and Salo injured no KG. And you get the effort from this team tick bite into Miami Heat as anybody banged up or hurt the Miami last night but they're putting not in their starting rotation that normally is. -- pretty healthy. And hypocritical -- -- team that was put together an offseason. That didn't have KG didn't have Rondo didn't have sellinger. Are you won't put Barbosa and if that's fine. And -- gulping DB that type of effort that is that is pride that his professionalism that is Britain balls now it's not. A moral victory get a lot of phone calls in here today Donny Marshall later on this hour I refuse to call it a moral victory although different way with. There was an encouraging loss -- what I wrote down right after the game that's an encouraging loss. If you were Celtics and hang with that team the way they're playing right now. And deal looked like you said I think you hit on maybe the most key point of the team aspect individually. As Jeff Green if we gotta talk about from a team standpoint. Miami kept making runs at them the third and fourth quarter. And they never will until really that final three point attempt which is a bad shot by Paul Pierce Doc Rivers can defend it. Here to kingdom come that's a bad shot by Paul Pierce you could at a better after. Yeah and I'm going to I'm glad I heard -- memo that Max at the same thing that's a bad shot. That a lot of people of course seeing on the easy way out and it's so enjoyable it's putting a stick to baseball that type of thing which is awesome. And -- -- -- probably get when he and -- -- -- a bad shot. It's seven seconds ago that was a bad shot. So we've talked about Doc Rivers come out of timeouts I think he's one of the best in the game but you know there comes a point we gonna said he picked. You know if it's not there there's got to be option B is to mean you don't force a off balanced three over LeBron James I don't think that was a good look. The one question I would have is what I'm looking at that final play -- you look at the personnel on the court and obviously you want to shooters out the appears in carrying green. Bradley Courtney Lee inbound the ball pitcher so you want some options. -- -- really -- you don't jump -- militaries are no big deal but if you're gonna play Paul Pierce off the screen. Why is Jason Terry -- pick on brawn. Mean does he do -- is gonna slow down as he gonna stop enforced the Switzerland shoot it over Dwyane Wade as opposed to shooting and over. You know LeBron James. Maybe if he and Jeff Green not knowing who's gonna come awful lot but -- greens and the other side in the screen from Bradley but I just didn't. I'd I'd like obviously the way it ended up in that we look at results all the time but I would look at that question why is Jason Terry trying to. Pick LeBron is -- the most of -- all on. You can question that fine but don't -- for the foremost question -- -- yourself for that shot it was like a stupid idea that's the first thought it would seven thought is. Why is like -- that green yet. I thought Jason Terry in the fourth quarter set a -- of ice pick general in helping the bad screener LeBron James he's well which he's a guy like Le Brock and you go if you would get on Jason Terry out running out of the way out and here's up ballots and everything else but it's likable body type. The bronze one to 6240. To fifty did you Terry's watch these 27 buck eighty -- -- to sit in about 95. -- at a screen. Right -- your IQ nitpicking a little bit and I think if it sets up differently what the screen on pierce. He gets the ball on the wing. He has more time to settle himself -- Saturday fade away three give LeBron credit. It wasn't the worst screen in the world abroad -- instill contested that three advocate your spot it was gonna get an open -- Again I didn't like the shot itself I give doc a lot of credit for the plays that he is run earlier they're gonna replay for Jeff Green there around taking a -- Battie and had a terrific defensive play as eighteen. They kept being grizzlies -- kept coming back problem. We can turn the ball over I mean that's the one thing right one -- team negative battle last night's game. Eight on a turnovers that turned the ball over 18 times seven of those on the couple years. For more bravery rally in Horford Jason Terry up the bench in 24 minutes. That was the one knock is that they seem to get. Without Rondo like at least it's not -- and a hard time getting it to their offense not as a great offensive sets agreement originally was great. But I'll -- beat the heat. Even shooting what if the 47% to 62% the pre -- like December before a 52% -- the 440 some separate three. The ball over twenty times. It's helped to win. And that was though you know the one that Nazi like clean -- appeared in documents the upper east after the game out of -- app was always a crucial turnovers forced Jason Terry. Where he got caught a lot of passing goes all the time -- pick the other way and against Miami the way they're playing right now to get LeBron James lady's plane. We can't turn the ball twenty times that's like -- -- a moral victory away anything it's an encouraging. Laws. Because you stuck around with them but like you had some opportunities well. It's singular whatever we had did you run on us and our ability we're gonna win the game before that I -- we're gonna win again don't. And I thought we should have one day. You know give them credit they made some spectacular place while mortem was absolutely go to and the just drive it definitely hit the board first. On that -- the recall but other than that. -- inmate we had -- thing for our network at the basket and they made plays all you gotta give a lot of credit to me deepest place. Then they made some big shots you know. I told our guys you know those are first playoff game you know for a lot of the new guards and -- good looking for today. Because I didn't know -- a lot of guys are gonna react and overall involved -- not winning the game we passed the test but. Losing the game is what you remember and you know I I tell them there's. Playoff games come down a single possessions alternate day. And I just thought overall we made too many mistakes. To win the day. As hard as we played we played great. I just thought we made too many mistakes defensively switches and then things and given up lay ups around we had ten point lead I think they scored. Four times on the seven seconds. You know imagine matched up. And and that was disappointed and I thought the second -- access -- those are in the second quarter don't we start losing our place. Anyway not double the turnovers in Miami edits on a wide open layups -- heard him play the game today of KG played. The other little won the game. With Kirk about a tough time doing that but he does do much better job than Brandon -- Chris Wilcox in the pick and roll. Doubling the wide open layups at Miami got wide open dunks they don't get as many. But I thought overall. Mateen perspective. You a lot to be encouraged about against this Miami team has won now 23 in a row and looks like they're gonna break the all time record in the NBA. Individually Reich you set the table -- yesterday give -- credit on the she said KG doesn't play you said personally. On a watch Al a couple of guys play individually one of those guys Xavier Bradley the other guy was Jeff Green and in ninety seconds. We'll talk about the effort Jeff Green because he passed -- tests last night local anywhere.

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