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Doc Rivers says the Celtics showed a lot of heart in the loss to the Heat, but he's still disappointed

Mar 19, 2013|

Doc Rivers jumped in with D&C to talk about the big Heat game. The Celtics coach agreed it was entertaining and would make for a great playoff series, but the loss still stings. Doc also says he expects more big nights from Jeff Green in the future, and that he loves that Jason Terry is willing to throw his body in front of LeBron James.

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I don't precisely. When -- coach Doc Rivers was going to join us that would of all bloated all morning that doc joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning doc tell aria. Program are you hot dog okay I'm sure you're not into moral victories come not even sure you wanna discuss how that might go on last night that KGB and involved and here's what I took away from last night's game I really wanna see you guys meet the heat at some point the blast that was entertaining basketball out of hopeless for the -- -- was watching it. Well I you know him and the blood and New London and the fact that we competed well. So we had a lot of attention to win the game and -- you know 121000000 and four players really disappointment. But. I think we would enjoy that matchup there's no doubt about. There were four or five opportunities last night for the Celtics to say OK you know we we we we gave away the seventeen point lead. They had a run at the end of the second quarter that they look like there were getting ready to blow us out in the third quarter yet you fought back and I know you're disappointed in the loss I think. What happened last night in value hung in there in the second half of a lot of character on this basketball team. Yeah there's this -- have that. That's -- I -- you so much. You know different guys step up. I thought. The way we play which ripped it as far as the pace that we establish you know. My thought. If you're just watching some news of their days before you're ready for that day marked a big deal schooled taught is that you don't run on the heat and I think. We felt exact opposite of that and improved -- promotes the game I thought more than the reason we lost games to get lost their place. They -- fifty points in the paint them Shura. Too many layups too many dunks for your liking. Would that have happened if Garnett played. You know I don't know arms are so mom would've. We we we did make some mistakes you know. That the turnovers our thoughts of the game and in our deepest most states. Game plan mistakes that I was frustrated with. You know we gave up three before coming usage levers six. -- -- a bastard where we switch and shouldn't have removed the things that hurt -- We were you happy with the Paul Pierce three with four seconds left. I don't mind met you know let him he's got a good look at it. May have -- drove I don't know. I don't question no senator's -- to -- in the game because. He made those shots and -- to go to and it's a great job of the doesn't go and and we have gotten a better shot I don't know. Doc was that the specific play was drawn up before that play began and at the answer to that is yes my guess is. You thought that LeBron might not have somehow got as close to him as quickly as it did because I'm thinking he wants to step into that three as opposed to fade away. You have the politics straight -- you know met that's part of this having that the play was really what it was -- -- it -- -- import three. You know Jason Garrett had a terrific -- on the broad in the broad picture got -- -- -- given credit. Quote you're so quick intimate. But to play with just four pin down. From this period of enumerated what to develop his buddy. And I thought Paul would have an opening employ all went out to the region probably have to -- You may have been able to tell -- -- -- but you know I don't second guess that. When when when you're in the huddle prior to that do you tell specifically the -- want -- -- to tie or the three to win or just take what's available as it develops. Our best shot -- -- let's get a set I don't -- -- -- three or do ha. I decided let's get to sell -- -- -- -- implore you will be open or digital video from if they did mix why not just. He just edged up before that and outpolled the better shot maker and -- -- You know -- green. Is great obviously. You know but they guarded him over the back screen for him on the backside of that so. You know there was more than one option on the polite. And the guy who took the ball well besides the week and build. I know we've talked about this we -- many many times -- and in and probably talk about it in the future -- the same question why can't we see this I'm more from Jeff cream on a regular basis -- Dupree is there any chance in the back your mind that a game like that and sends him. Propels him to the next level and we do indeed see this a lot more often going forward. Well I think you will and I think you start to see it more and more you know out of them. It is about the matchup so I -- really good going into that game about just matchup that the poor. -- today didn't think they had reported -- in front of him. And I thought -- to commit to do that and the -- acuity is that it took advantage of but he kept doing it. And that's what you want you know he's -- He met just like that every night. But on the night -- does. We want him to be that aggressive. And and that would be very. Do you think starting has any. Role in his mindset when he's in a game or not starting. I don't think so I mean obviously they're huge huge getting -- -- start right. But again if you watch in the previous game that you stated that it up for whatever reason. And go to Miami you know Matt did but they use the god they use that four spot. You don't -- my other takeaways -- from this game was it was a lot more difficult. For your guys to get 203. That it was for the heat to get 205 is that purely purely a function -- bronze ability to create for himself. Go abroad just go -- create for himself and others you know rights it just allegedly bet you they made it was a result of an abrupt. You know multi Chalmers the shots and threes. Came -- LeBron patent you know is madness then scored the points but he also had yet. You know so he created a lot of points for them have. So we probably creates more open and easy looks for teammates and probably anybody else in the NBA. Yeah I would very. There's no doubt about it. But it still seemed -- green did a pretty good job on the defensive and hard to say that a guy puts up 37 and wins including the game winner. -- agree -- work in the -- Georgia did a great job applauded a good job. I didn't like at the bastard bastards you know he's got a defaulted to rebound we're Regis so props weren't quick to -- storm. But overall I loved the way we defended them. Even the last played you know a contested two. Is what we strive to make people take. LeBron just made more. I guess is -- day to day I mean is does he plan tomorrow. I think so but no I haven't talked to anyone yet debate so we'll play him about you -- -- the it is the game turned what turned a number of times back and forth when Jordan Crawford made that thirty foot three pointer. Two -- a thirteen 9683. I believe you went five possessions still stuck on 96 and about over three minutes with no scoring. You know do what you just did not -- I -- that particular one. To turn over the -- and and bigger than that was how quick they scored yeah. You know -- and that is that's up in the port and doubled to him. You know the with a game like that when you have a lead in the war. And you're gonna make Obama became a quick road and at the -- -- 67 vested in that timeframe. Where they scored and seven seconds boasted about its. That when you're watching the film you don't like him and that should have been aboard. Maybe you've been scored 1819 seconds into the club right there's no game different but they scored quick. It gave them hope again and a lot of American again. You know I thought it was ridiculous last week when people mocked Brandon Knight when he attempted to stop the hander and Jordan. Duncan last night everyone was who was potent and -- -- on Jason Terry thrown himself in front of LeBron you wanna do that -- -- just get out of the way. No I love Bob would you get a Tatum Bell reported up to the dogs are mounted the same thing about. Brandon Knight you know you can listen you sit up part of the great dark and you know knock it down or Brandon down until we know. You know with the new age of Twitter and all -- it's and I have no probably what happened on. But just like Brandon took a better -- go to Jason and they both made the right plays and I -- when I hear people government did not way to do that they don't wanna do embarrass. That bugs the heck out of me. You know you have to -- to -- -- -- you wanna be gentle. I know you okay let's talk to do you okay with the taunting technical. Well like you do we got a basket out of Edinburgh. I don't mind that I would -- -- but and I don't think the branded into bat bat. You know you should know enforce certain. You know that that -- is that is created so. Nothing else like Jason gets up and get irritated right leg started to put over -- you ordered to remember. You know so those -- good technical. The call. The give and avoid something escalate. Jason Terry showed a lot of guts I mean that's a hundred pounds difference between him LeBron. Ordered to bet that that looks like two and a easily won -- -- in US the NBA to fix something that really needs fixed. They've got to speed up the replays that you -- all like audio it's like -- made analogy this morning it was like watching the Super Bowl and the lights went out. Yeah all Americans are out -- and build to order a. You know we -- on the right. Hand. I mean we just stood there forever and it -- you let -- get right to. But you know lighten it up there all -- have a clock they say that the public blocked us maybe we need to do that I don't know. But I do want him get a ride on the -- you know they're the couple called in Chicago Gary and there are huge right. And you know maybe they need more I don't know it's tough. Let's get that done and as you mentioned and in a relatively short I get it done sit on my couch in no time I see one replay I know what to do an eight point five more minutes. And you didn't know what to do -- -- and coach to team up you kind of look and run on. When I do now. The more they know will play about a replay. In the game with seven seconds left we did have a timeout left the -- with the amount. At least -- to take advantage over the network. And everything -- I I thought. I thought both. -- calls we're going to go the opposite way. I did do I honestly thought. The first call was our ball around he obviously didn't know they're both. Which are we to do debate Chicago. The first -- -- -- -- are way below the big bucket ever begin to breakdown by. On that LeBron baseline LA. Are you ready -- declared LeBron Michael Jordan's equal or do we have to wait for a couple more titles. I just way to -- your career you know these are from me just think. You know Michael has that type of then one nominee -- titles and six. Finals MVP so. And that's a level the ones may yet but LeBron on his way -- is no doubt about that. -- -- time out the coach's question of the week brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers see them for a limited time offers on select vehicles the two local Mercedes-Benz dealers. On the web that MB USA dot com question is this fall -- a lot of so called NCAA March Madness -- experts. They may be one of the early upsets in the tournament will be Davidson over Marquette. -- -- -- -- -- They're crazy. Yeah well look -- are heard from market moved into market didn't at a final weight you know. I'm gonna do what it would the question and of the day it was what I asked to -- in -- -- in the days and wanted to imitate it Indiana marketplace but it has coached that India via. And he said. Do you asked him during the game like in the middle and start my deployment of maybe you know. So was there a whistle was he running up the court when yeah. -- -- -- -- we've made him sit there and indicated that. Because until they don't go back to market. In this crazy college season where one team beats another on the number one last about two seconds before their their their beaten. Who is the one team -- you think is definitely yeah sure when nothing's definite who you think it probably. Going to be in the final four. Well before the bracket I have Miami I just figure unbelievable -- to what -- But do they put him in the same bracket as Indiana -- So I'm still gonna -- the Miami governor Jim Larranaga is one of my favorite coaches and in college basketball. I think one of the best coaches in college basketball that no one know. Does the team to brackets the guys to brackets. Oh yeah yeah. It's a good manager John -- rule. Pebble -- out on the plane that day will have a lot of time on the flight so. Got to be so when it out you'll hear the arguments. And -- -- of guys like Chris Wilcox Maryland and made it -- you're all that on the. All -- I've. Been brought to travel to take a bunch agrees but Kentucky's not making the tournament. They didn't even though -- metro and I've earned. Just tell me that you think Kentucky's gonna win the and I didn't make them feel good at. We brought it -- and I -- could talk radio talk to down the road. Richard our conversation with Doc Rivers has brought you by northern bank and trust called space and by Mercedes-Benz.

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