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CBSSports.com's Gregg Doyel: Belichick is good, he isn't great

Mar 19, 2013|

Gregg Doyel joined D&C with his thoughts on the state of the Patriots. He says that as long as Bill Belichick has Tom Brady throwing the ball, the coach will be able to make the tough calls and let players walk because Brady is the real great one in New England. Doyel also says he doesn't think Brady's a sucker for taking less money and still not getting his favorite target back.

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It's our it's our new best friend from CBS sports dot com. Doyle joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than 3 G good morning mr. Doyle -- cannot pronounce your name the second time around. Ill behaved ourselves today I'm talking about me myself to. Would you would you mellowing out -- you wanna be eighth. Yeah I don't like what happened last time -- admiral -- last might remember that I was in the I was today in a frenzy. To make sure by and large write every time I do that I convince our body of wrong to do it today -- mother -- admit defeat right up front. But I don't know I don't know now we'd like you've got to wait where you might cook Paula I yoga meditation thing this past week -- like you've gone soft here Greg we like the Greg the crazy Gregg better. Yeah only if there where in boxing gloves Michael audio that's ridiculous. And they last time we know we talked about Brady take you said Brady should have taken a minimum because the as a rich wife and it was a ridiculous premise would put all of that. What do you think now Greg that his guy Wes Welker walks even note Tom -- did his contract giving -- a soccer. No I don't think he did not a -- -- given up more money they would add more Welker are. There's the old -- yeah. I hope that you just the currently he didn't do what he did. You know we don't know we do it -- fall where they mail where you know you better decision not puree can live with I don't know. You know up until about four months sort of boot drive of form a decent Girl Scout Cookies is lateral -- polished mark can you -- ally well. Well I think you know on this people they'll take good care -- and see and I don't -- -- have nearly the fireworks may be we will Russians between you guys that. I I agree Greg. Your your patriots column. Yesterday. I agree I mean it's I agree Bill Belichick if he didn't have Tom Brady. We all talk -- his steadfastness. Is stubborn as his style it's got an arrogant. But it works and you point out it works because he has. Arguably the greatest quarterback ever it's easy to be stubborn and steadfast when you have Tom Brady. Yeah he's walking across that tightrope every single year syncing will -- -- I -- in this tight -- on the -- from here -- there. And there's a huge safety net three feet all of Maine Tom Brady. Only he doesn't even seem to get it does understand he doesn't have a bright actually hold liberal complaint form by. There's no -- isn't -- an opposite opinion there's no way to there's no way to know for sure I'm right and bring it up I'll bring -- out to dismiss that. I thought because the Cleveland I'll locally it would not publicly -- this just. You know he's got the greatest quarterback. Of this generation and has had a partner it will -- years and hit three dollars and mean it's up and down on the NFL history shows. Greg quarterbacks win period of great quarterbacks do not lose they do win and so my feeling is the coach pretty -- get too much credit. You asked the question in the third paragraph -- you make the statement because -- always -- everything he does is always right but does he know why he's right. Just because you think in a lot of people think. Brady made Belichick giving Belichick might not be aware of that I mean do you think that he would not be a different guy if he had. I don't know David -- -- is Corbett quarterback. Yes you know that that I don't know and I tried to make the few times wrote. That I you know what I try to assume I know ability to act think and I pulled out of away and actually wrote that's what I think. Because I don't know I don't maoists -- are possibly go to bed every night. -- destroyed Tom Brady yeah possibly understand very well. That he would say. Mediocre to slightly above average football coach -- I'm not saying he's that I'm saying you might think he has but that he knows Tom Brady makes them great I don't know what he thinks. But the but the way he. Just jettisoned everybody in the -- shows no really oil -- anybody being pupil ballistic patriot he's just cut loose. Or franchise and it may take about a town or whatever you know from Welker all the back up that annual book before. The arrogance of that suggests to me that that he not arrogant because he knows I'm ready let's stipulate that -- there because he thinks he gets way. But is the arrogance not a that's the success that he's had endorsed his way or his style of doing business I mean he lets people go you we've gone. Chapter and verse and it's not -- it's not heard -- I understand it may be because of Tom Brady but does that his success endorses his methods. A -- how to present does it may get what does it works. But but my question is does he understand. And in the opinion but does he understand that the -- he doesn't work not because when he got -- But he it works because anyway you can do it anyway you can do it gonna work because Tom Brady's got a purple -- ball. You know any chemical came the patriot capital to think -- what the patriots -- go begging to go play there I -- play at the ballot check error. You can't tell me and again hospitable if -- an opinion out of this troop and get help me I'll never believe. These receivers or the patriots because bill bought second got called plays or not called plays that you hold headphones. And it just the top -- bonds that are. Another example might endorse manager saying is -- Bill Belichick the defensive genius is in charge of this defense which has been twenty reporting that the thirtieth last couple years doesn't that indicate that that he doesn't have the stud on the defense I mean Vince is Vincent males male but he doesn't have a Tom Brady -- carry that defense if you were such a great defensive coach -- they've improved over the last couple of years. It seemed that way you know I. People have a radio shows -- those cities took you to believe that side effects Nebraska quite a bit and we always talk about I'll talk about just what you set out bring a ball police -- And I'm just not sure how good he -- as a head coach because he's a defensive guy and Nebraska defense -- Belichick is a defensive guy and I realized that he did the last time that -- quote -- about the cold spell check out brought about how great he -- In other media reports over the years that said. He could be a -- and scored that if you wanted to you know he's that good now you don't offense that well maybe he does I know ideally note but yeah -- -- it -- at ending win. Defensive guy like they'll -- As three years agro defense that is 25 2831. One -- York while. I just say two things grate year your column you mentioned that you mentioned eleven to five year with Cassel and I think that's a big check in Belichick's. David at 2001 Super Bowl to I think it's fair you may or may not agree the Brady of now. Was up the Brady in 2001 I mean that was a hell of a suitable for Belichick went as equally against that rams team. -- -- batter armies of the and maybe you know I've made what appears he's not quite good he was four years I don't know but. Clearly that the Brady evolved after a lot better than not want to players do get better and the castle -- -- there is a veteran and got six -- and I mentioned it could I mention that to. To dismiss that but I knew I didn't mention it. People play this city had gotten out Cassel know the city those Mike -- to doubtless I realize that. But about away. You know I think the patriot has appeared talent on both sides of the ball but on defense to in large market players go where Brady is but it is no one. -- Brady what the Brady is now he's still Brady and they're competent intangibles he has. Better than distorting better than anything he does I think physically. Intangibles he has players like we believe Q I don't know what it is and you can't quantify it but you've got it in any had a -- want. -- and you know what and Brady hasn't had an off year. -- check in Cleveland exit five years in one winning record he was eight given five years in Cleveland because. Guess what no Tom Brady. Check out gotten better as braves got better as well we don't do -- about a -- it was in Cleveland Brady aside -- right. I'm sure that he had -- -- This is not least thank -- -- can't coach and his blue is lucky to have -- Group -- will be under 500 or you might be five harder and maybe build a better meet. Well cattle like I'm making very clear I'm not a I don't think -- you guys know either you know that -- -- most people's about -- look battled Alabama football coach I don't know what these guys know. Most people -- pretend yeah I know what I know I don't you guys don't know. At shepherd but no we don't just -- play -- role on TV or radio or whatever. The thought that I believe politics good I don't believe he's great. I apple I know Tom Brady's great and I think one made the other one I think Brady's chicken became. Four -- -- great. In your opinion among football coaches college or pro. Horrible -- -- -- agree I I think Jim Harbaugh specifically -- you know he went to vote Jim Harbaugh is the greatest football coach. In the world. You know what is it. I would I don't -- agree with that now but just give and -- time I -- I think next year is the favorite to win at all and with this quarterback in this coach in that amount young players the most that and that all the draft picks. They're gonna win in the next 578. Years they gonna win at least a couple. And when I say that about Harbaugh but it -- yeah it's about what now but everywhere means everywhere he went to San Diego not sending -- -- and Diego. Terrible program and they want to know what he left they kept winning because he whatever he got. He put this culture of winning the continued after he was gonna go to Stanford can't win they win barely keep -- entries called the culture continues and there's got to mean. There's something about -- that's just really really special and you know he's solid nice to -- -- tell you what your thought I'd like -- not at all like and that much I just know how good. We're talking with us CBS sports dot com national -- Greg oil a question for if a great quarterback is a coach maker. Then why has Payton and Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers only won one title. Well you know like every no not now have never won one you know I'm out to be much better question. Right it is true but that same time what Belichick at the one pupil in it once every year they won three yet. Right it would vary but what -- years they've averaged terror level went probably eleven wins a year. Sometimes -- want to circle you know it it accord put some that sometimes you don't look at where nobody won the great correct salt on -- clearly. No Super Bowl ring because -- it didn't work out but over the course -- career at the dolphins -- about eighty gains over 500 so they want. They want huge Aaron Rodgers was huge Drew Brees has one huge. Quote like you mentioned. That what -- duke Rogers. He's got what they have the range or not they -- -- every year. They they make their coaches look good every year that rate doesn't. I you're one of those guys itself immersing yourself in the tournament -- we're not quite doing that just yet and I -- you -- This is no not only does and I'll start teens I -- no star plays but they'll start teams know where those. We're on the periphery here in this just nobody know there's no sizzle no sexy -- sexy players would you agree with that. I would you don't think that you write out my bracket they all or if they weren't worth paying attention to now. Is what I've done in my bracket to mock bracket as I've got but they didn't -- -- for. How big of a way to get it done. But this -- -- scary because in years past we have Kentucky and and and before that we will all -- there every year for both Carolinas clearly -- you know old boys William winter auto popular that you're what they're they're years were you know who's gonna win. And that kind of makes it is like Kevin Brady injured quarterback like I don't know about what happened on and get the final four a couple of teams right this year can be anybody who knows. Like you had a name that team that North Carolina that do whatever the case may be would not be global. We've gotten nine expert that the loose term someone -- we got nine expert is you've got to have brackets up eight up at little went in the hole but yeah I guess with bullet but I -- but it doesn't. But little on paper. The closest thing we have to Kentucky but look. This little team it played like Kentucky team lacks is targeting what they did play in the file for -- -- in dominated. Like oh yeah. Do you like Kentucky in the ninety. -- I know they are -- an ideal fit into the heart. Yet Kentucky has that they got I like cal Perry actually that they've got their team hasn't picked on it. And you know I don't they're not gonna do anything that they can put the the CPI what what are the worst -- the -- to win that battle for you to put it into urban America the Indiana State -- -- they're not waiting -- they -- optics. I he has Greg Doyle the national columnist from CBS sports dot com one of our new best friends wants a little more fired up -- more angry like the last time Greg you're just a little bit -- calm water here. Kyra greater Peoria. -- -- sounds good we'll talk down the road Greg. Good thank you -- -- with -- -- -- on the AT&T forgy. LTE stop them totally on the -- -- when -- in ninety you do yeah blog or seamless yeah Bobby doors they played the role they'll play like that tonight. It's tonight's -- out. 500 people at it and then. Pic of that they get kicked out of their own arena because look up. This is not a new high for food caliber and knew I mean I've from a Latino -- a low for cal Perry kicked out of was on radical plan that little high school GM in the nineteenth. And people like Greg -- don't think you can win we'll see you know. Motivation caliber can be seeping in his eyes of the -- back your phone calls and -- himself discussions while from a great great basketball game last night next.

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